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Fun in an Eighteen Wheeler

I had just finished eating a midnight breakfast in the “Chicken Deluxe” restaurant and had consumed more coffee than I ever care to remember. Just then the most rugged “Big Bear” trucker that I’m sure I’ve ever seen, came in and sat down right next to me. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if THIS sucker would cruise ME?” Plenty of stools and where does he sit, but right next to me.

He was a BIG, daddy-type; from his red cap with the blue bill with Top Gun” blazoned boldly across the front to his chocolate-brown hiking boots.

I noticed he had big legs; thick calves, Weightlifter? Or experienced fucker?

Hmmm, this guy was more my type the longer I looked at him. I only gazed, at him occasionally; I didn’t want him to think I was comin’ on too fast.

Salt and pepper gray beard and hair. A little older tan myself. Maybe forty-five. I like my “daddies” a little older than me. Just my type.

He had beefy, hairy hands. Huge sausage fingers. You know what they say about beg hands. I could only hope. I thought I would make the first move. My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding and my voice was quivering as I said:

“Hi,” I said. Great, bold beginning right?

“Hi, Names Norm. ” When he turned his gaze on me, it was like the steady, penetrating, stare of a Leo.

He thrust that big, beefy hairy Bear’s paw at me. He engulfed mine. He smiled broadly into my face. It washed over you and captures you. You then become irrevocably theirs. “Buy you a cup of coffee?” He asked with a rich, husky voice filled to the brim with invitation. I was already enraptured in his presence. I think I’d do ANYTHING he asked.

“Sure,” I said, Even though my bladder was screaming “OVERLOAD” on the coffee and begging me to say “No,” I heard myself say, “Yeah, sure.

hit it. “

I sipped on the coffee while he wolfed down a couple of burgers and fries. I watched him closely. He noticed, but, didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I’m sure it was turning him on. I watched those beg, heavy forearms lift those fries and burgers and coffee till I was beginning to breath heavily. thick, chestnut hair combed his arms. I’d love to–No, I mustn’t think about that..

We exchanged a few more details about each other and his last run from Denver to St.


The waitress kept trying to fill my cup. I finally said, “No more, thanks. ” My bladder was screaming, “You and me got some business to take care of, bud. And I mean NOW , BOY!!”

I excused myself. I saw the sign at the end of the restaurant that said “Gentlemen”, and found the john downstairs. I kept hoping he would follow, Man, I’d love to get that big boy.

After draining my “Mister Lizard”, and carefully returning him to my pants with a promise that I would try to get the big boy, I washed my hands and face, taking as much time as I could; still hoping he would show up.

Just then he strolled in and went straight to the urinal to the right of me. I wish I could describe the way this six-foot plus man swaggered confidently into the bathroom, but, words fail me.

Confident?? His stroll was damn dangerous. I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was standing back far enough that I had a full view of his cock. When he unraveled that dick out a big tuft of bush of black hair followed. What would it be like to bury my face in all that hair?? He had a huge sausage ripe with brown hair and veins. I could tell it was only semi-soft.

I HAD gotten him excited! My heart was beginning to beat stronger. Maybe I had a change with the Big Boy, after all.

He made sure that I saw it all. It was heavy with bl**d and he was playing with it before it started squirting long blasts of yellow gold. He took his time getting rid of all that coffee. I quickly joined him and pulled out my cock and pretended to be taking a piss now.

By the time I pulled mine out he had finished. He didn’t put his well-hung dick away but stood there staring at the wall and slowly pulling on his meat. I watched the cored muscles in his forearm flex as he pulled back and forth on his wang. It was beginning to stand up all by itself. It was a good eight inches so far. What was it going to become besides becoming “mine”?

I kept watching.

It kept growing and growing. I know he could tell I was watching. This big boy really was a big boy. I know it was a thick nine inches of hot meat now.

“Could I help you take care of that?” I said with a slight, trembling hesitation in my voice.

“Maybe” He said. “If,” He Paused. “You’re a good boy. ” With that he wrangled that nearly erect cock and danced it back and forth till he managed to wrestle it back into those big blue jeans.

What a beautiful, full box he had. Stuffed tight.

“Yes, sir. ” I said nervously. “I can be that. “

I quickly followed, not wanting to lose contact. I was not quite quick enough. I momentarily lost him. Those big, thick legs could really move him around in a hurry. then I spotted him heading for the truck parking lot. I followed. I had never been to any of the trucks.

What the hell! You only live once, right?

He was parked in the second row of trucks and five or six from the end. It was a Dark-red Peter-bilt truck with a reefer on the back. It looked like he had parked for the night. There was no company emblem on the cab, which meant that it was his rig and that he was not just a company driver.

I followed twenty to thirty feed behind him.

He unlocked the driver’s door and climbed in, leaving the door slightly kicked open. I knew this was an invitation for me to have a few more words with him. Just then he closed the door, turned off the cab lights, but then rolled down the window and looked down at me.

“Wanna come up here and sit on Teddy’s lap. little boy?” He grinned as big Bear grin, Perfect, white “Tiger’s” teeth.

His voice was low and thick and hot.

“Yeah,” I said. Damn. Why couldn’t I get that quiver out of my voice? He noticed and chuckled. I almost had tears in my eyes. You know that feeling when you know you’re going to get something that hyou at first thought was unattainable? That’s how I felt.

“Go around to the other side and I’ll unlock the door, Watch your step.

” He said.

I walked around, climbed up and opened the door.

“Damn. That’s a climb. I’ll bet you have a hard time doing that in tight jeans. ” I said, closing the door behind me.

“I always make it worth there while<;>” He said, grinning.

As I sat down Norm flipped the cab lights on low. My heart nearly stopped. His hand was resting on a.

45 lying between the seats.

“Oh, Shit. ” I whispered.

“Don’t worry. ” He said. I just keep it for self-defense. So far I’ve never had to use it. But on the road you never know what kind of guys you’ll run into.

I was still speechless. He reached over and popped in some kind of “Torch and Twang” country tape. I guess to help calm me down.

He then put his hand on my leg, confirming it was okay.

I reached over and tried to cover the bulge in his pants with one hand; which was a hopeless attempt. I could feel the huge snake in his pants quivering under my palm. He didn’t mind. This guy glowed with self-confidence. “Nice. ” I said. “What a box. “

“Yeah, it’s nice, ain’t it? I still like givin’ myself blow jobs every once in a while.

Me and old teddy” are all we got sometimes, you know? Care for a beer, or pop?” He said.

“Yeah, Why not? A beer. ” I said with a little more ease in my voice.

Norm stood up and crawled through the opening into the sl**per compartment. “Come on up. ” He said, as he turned on the color TV. “If you want to take your boots off down there, it’ll be easier.

And more fun. ” He stuck his tongue out and growled. I think the guy had a built-in sub-woofer that golden, bearded throat of his.

“We’re gonna get along just fine, boy. Just fine. ” He was breathing heavy again.

“| By the way,” He said. “If you’re into clean, I can tell you this; I took a shower right before I ate at that ‘dive’ back there.

Clean feet; clean butt; clean dick. Soapy clean, ya’know?” As I climbed up into the bunk, he was peeling off his shirt. He had a bear’s chest. Completely covered with smoky, black hair that ran wild all over his barrel chest. It was so hairy that his nipples were lost in there somewhere; you couldn’t see them. He had a little bit of a overhanging gut. I could eat him alive. All that hair.

“Boy, there’s more room in one of these sl**per than I thought. ” I said. Never had been in one before.

He reached over and closed the d****s. He left the dim overhead lights on. I was glad for that. I wanted to see it all. AS he leaned away from me, I saw his back. Whoa!! It was thickly coated with huge masses of black hair. A great pattern ran all over his brad, muscular back.

“Man, if ;your butt is anywhere near as hairy as your back, I’m gonna pass out. ” I couldn’t resist the temptation to run my hands all over that pretty back. I could feel it bristle like a little wires under my touch.

“Looks like I’m gonna have to get the smellin’ salts out again. ” Never missed a beat in his concentration. “There. That’s a little better. ” He said.

As he laid back down near me he put his hand on my crotch. “Why don’t you slip those pants off and Ill do the same. ” I raised up to take my pants of and cracked my head on the ceiling.

Ow! I guess this sl**per’s not as roomy as I thought. ” I said, rubbing the top of my head.

“You’ll get used to it after a couple of bumps like that.

” Norm said with a little devil or two in his voice. We both were down to our boxer shorts. He reached over and suddenly started groping all over me. He was g rowing in my ear like a big cat. He was also snuffling with his tongue at my earlobes. In short, he as making. me crazy. His hands felt good running all over my body. Big strong hands that were not to be resisted.

I moaned. At the same time I started running my hands through his hairy chest.

“That’s sure is a handsome chest you have. Bears really turn me on. ” I said.

“Yeah; well, I gathered that, k**. That ain’t a bad piece of meat you have there, either. ” He said, taking my shorts off a little roughly. He nearly ripped them. He wasted no time and put his lips to my cock.

His warm mouth felt so good enveloping my dick. He was growling as he was going down on the dick. My cock was so hard it was about to explode. I was rubbing his back as he was gulping down my meat, occasionally gnawing on it. I could feel his beard a she buried it deeper and deeper between my legs. His breath was hot between my thighs. He went down on all seven inches of it and was even taking my nuts into his ;mouth at the same time.

Man, he was REALLY HOT!! And all this without hurting me at all. <:f>

He was really going down on my dick. He was growing and moaning as he sucked and moved his head up and down my cock,. It’s for sure this was not the first cock he had ever sucked. He knew what he knew!

Norm, still had his boxer shorts on. He reached over into a little cabinet and pulled out a tube of K-Y.

“Here, put some of this lube on. ” He said.

I started to put it on my ass thinking I was going to get fucked by him. “NO! Put that on you cock and then some on MY as. ” His bushy eyebrows were creased in mock anger as if the thought of him fucking me was the most ridiculous idea in the world. He pulled his shorts off.

I still couldn’t help but admire his body.

Here he had his huge engorged mega-dick,m and he probably wasn’t even going to let me suck it off. this big, butch Bear gets off gettin’ his brains fucked out.

I did as he said. Norm rolled over on his side. From this point I needed no more coaxing. My cock was throbbing hard and I only had to stroke it a couple to times and it was ready for “Penetration Time.

” He didn’t look like he had the tightest ass I ever fucked, but it was huge and hairy and I was ready to drive it home. It WAS coated with a rich, matted, black patten. I felt the whole cab shift as I nearly swooned. I r an my hands over the big round soft hairy butt. Like black velvet. I sighed.

“Here, Wait” He said. Damn! I thought. And I was so close.

“here,” He handed me two packages of rubbers.

“Both of them? I asked.

“That’s right. My old lady wouldn’t understand if I got a disease when she thinks I’m only rockin’ in the bed with her, now WOULD she?”

I took as little time AS POSSIBLE (as you can imagine) slipping the rubbers on.

I started to gently ease the swollen head of my cock into his ass.

“Don’t do it that way, guy. I’m always a top. I want to see what it feels like havin’ it rammed in me. That sweet, hairy asshole is big enough to swallow that rod of your’s alive. Rim it in!”

I did. It felt so sweet jamming my dick in this incredible sexy man’s hairy ass. I no more than barely penetrated his bushy tail and he backed up on the cock; sort of gulping it in his hole.

I could feel my hairy nuts resting on his ass.

“I’m gonna tell you something now, man, and I’m gonna tell you only once, so you better listen real good unless you want the fuckin’ shit beat outta you. ” He was scaring me now. I was listening. He went on. “I wanna get fucked ROUGH, dig? I mean I want my fuckin’ brains fucked, you dig? If you can’t pay, you better run.

I want nothin’ better than to have my ass fucked real good. I’m real horny right now, okay? You along from the ride?” I breathed a rattled “Yes”. “Then, baby, fuck that ass. And mean fuck it HARD!” He said in a low, husky voice. “Ram that hard dick in me. And I mean, Ram it hard.

“Yes, sir. ” I said. I never met a top who wanted to get fucked this badly before, Ever.

But, then why shouldn’t a Top enjoy the same things a Bottom enjoys once in a while? I had to make full use of my measly seven inches to rock his ass real good.

I started pumping his ass hard. they were long , hard thrusts; making the most of y cock. I was banging my nuts hard on his hunching ass. I watched with ecstasy as my dick slid in and out that hole.

I could smell the scent of his Gorilla-back. this just got me more excited.

I know these trucks are supposed to weigh in the tons, but , I could still swear to this day that I was pumping his butt so hard that I was shaking the cab.

He couldn’t get enough. He was moaning in that low rumble if his. His head was resting against the side of the cab and I was pumping so hard that his head was banging the wall.

He seemed to love it. He kept trying out that this was
not hard enough. “Harder,” He said. “Harder, boy. You’re startin’ to piss me off. Don’t stop, man. Fuck that ass! Fuck me hard, baby. Hurt me if you can. ” Norm commanded. “Grab my sides and grip tight so you can fuck me harder. ” I did. “Grab those love handles tighter, man. Send me through the FUCKING CEILING!!” I did.

“Yeah,” He sighed. “I can almost feel that. Now make this eighteen-wheeler tumble, fucker. “

As strong as I was; all 190 pounds; I didn’t think I COULD fuck him harder. I can fuck for hours without cummin’. I wondered how much he could take. I thought I was gonna tear his ass up.

I reached around and grabbed hold of his cock. What a thick, sweet dick that man had.

It was hard as a brick bat and nearly as big, Hot with bl**d to the touch. That nearly shot me over the threshold. I wanted to suck it SO BADD, but I knew this daddy would beat my ass if ;I didn’t fuck his brains out. I could tell by the feel of the thick dick, Because it was as hard as a blue steel pole, that he was about ready to slam it’s load against the cab wall and down my hand.

Not me, though. I could ride this Bear a while. I kept pumping his ass and jacking on his cock at the same time. My hand running the length of his huge dick and slamming against his big, furry nuts was driving me wild!!

“Fuck that ass harder, boy. And I mean, harder! I’m cummin’. ” He said in between heavy pants. “Ohhh, shit, I’m cummin. !!”

“Go ahead, man.

Let it shoot all down my hand. ” I said. “Man you’re really gonna get my load. ” He said, I pounded him harder and harder and ;harder as his pre-orgasm pushed him of the edge. He started moaning; almost crying; as his rod let fly that wad. In my hands I could feel that fluid pumping up and then saw it splatter white and wet against the side of the cab at least three for four times before it began to actually flow down my hand.

He really shot a few loads. All of a sudden I could feel a second orgasm rising in him and he shot again. He started moaning like a puppy as it flowed down my hand AGAIN. I couldn’t believe it! I GUESS he liked it. As he rode the orgasm down, he started laughing real loud. I guess he just couldn’t hold it. I never stopped pounding that hairy ass for a second; I didn’t miss a stroke.

He was still letting me pound his head against the side of the cab. Sweat was beaded all over his forehead.

“You keep fuckin’ that ass, boy. I wanna be the one to feel the hot load in MY ass for a change. Don’t stop. Ram me harder if you got the strength. You ain’t a pussy, are ya?”

“N0 sir, I ain’t,” I said as I tried to pound his head through the fucking wall.

I was grunting like a rutting bull in heat. I couldn’t get enough.

He would moan soothingly and whimper as he shot load after load and I pumped him over and over. I kept wondering if he would ever stop.. My hand was completely covered. He was humping my dick the whole time he was cuming. Crying out and shoving his ass into my throbbing dick. I thought I was going to die.

To this day, that was the sweetest piece of ass I ever humped. And to this day I never met a bigger or hairier ass, either.

Okay, Big Norm, I’m gettin’ close. ” I said. My breath was beginning to come in shorter and shorter gasps.

“Show me what you can do, pussy. I can’t even feel you now. ” He said.

I could feel the whole cab shift and swirl.

I knew the next thing that my senses would heighten to the point that everything would become extremely outlined and colorful and scentful. I grabbed his sides tighter and as I did, I heard him whimper which only spurred me on. I grabbed tighter and fucked and pushed and thrusted and road as I shot my load. As the orgasm body-slammed me, I could smell the sweat and see it running down his hairy hide in little rivers.

I was watching my on dick furiously pump his ass with each powerful punch. I plugged over that sweet cliff and shouted as I rocked him.

“C’mon, boy. Pump that cum. I like it. ” His voice had a distant, otherworldly quality to it. All I could think of was bangin’ that hairy hole with everything I had. I must’ve pumped my load in him with twenty or thirty thrusts and still I wasn’t stoppin’.

I rode the orgasm down like a fool, not giving in easily. After a few minutes I kept my softening cock in for awhile; I slowly pulled it out and watched as my head puckered out that huge, hairy, sweet hole.

“Ah; that was nice. ” He said. “Best time I ever had, I swar. “

We lay there for a few minutes catching our breath. “Man, that sure was nice.

” I said.

“It sure was. ” He laughed. “I’m lucky if I get to jack off once a week. And for sure it’s not easy to find someone to fuck you. “

“I’d fuck you every day if you were in town, baby. Anytime: anywhere anyway.

With that he rolled over and tossed me a towel to clean up with, and he did the same. “Not bad for a quick fuck.

Wanna stay all night?” He said with a very satisfied, if not sweaty, smile.

“Wish I could,” I said, but I need to get home. I guess I could stay for a little while longer, but not all night. “

With that he reached over and started jacking on my still semi-hard cock. “Can you get that thing up and off again?”

“Yeah, I guess. ” I said. “But it will take a few minutes before it recovers.

Not as young as I used to be, eh?”

“That’s okay. ” He said. I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck. “I don’t mind watin’. ” He said. “It WILL be.. worth.. it.

I reached over and ran my hands through his hairy chest once more. “If anything will get this dick of mine back up, this will. What a Daddy Bear you fuckin’ are, man.

A good, thick hairy chest really makes me hot. “

I felt the hair on his chest as I approached that pounding border again. I jacked on that cock really hard. I could feel the cum ready to explode. I moaned once real loud.

“Yeah, c’mon, man. Shoot me real good in the face. I want the whole load in my beard, drippin’ cum. “

I let him have it.

I unloaded my cum, showering him.

I watched him mop cum out of that pretty salt and pepper beard.

“Well, I ain’t always gota get off to get off, if you know what I mean? I like jackin’ a boy’s dick all over my face. Course ya’ gotta those your eyes, though. Protein in the eyes stings like a mother fucker.

Like a mother fucker!! But, I do lover feeling’ it squirtin’ in my beard and on my face, though, rich stuff.

wow, that was hot, son. thanks for a bitchin’ time. “

We must have laid there for another twenty minutes; trying to get some of our strengths back.

I started putting on my boxer shorts and pants.

“Sure you can’t stay for another round. ” He said, still with that appetite unfulfilled.

“Only if I wanted to be admitted to a hospital. Shit, man; don’t you EVER get full?” He laughed and shoot his head vigorously.

“I never saw an appetite like yours. You’re gonna put me in the hospital fucker. I gotta be going. It’s almost two in the morning. ” I slipped down into the cab and started putting on my boots. “Do you come through here often?”

He replied sadly. “Yeah, every month or so. But I don’t usually get to connect up with anyone after I been with’em once. “

“That doesn’t make any fuckin’ sense I’d hump your ass every day whether you needed it or not.

” I laughted.

“Maybe you see somethin’ other people don’t babe. ” He smiled those pearly whites.

“Maybe I do. I like you lots. ” I said. “You got the sweetest ass I ever humped. would you like my phone number so you could call me the next time you’re in town?” I asked.

No, but maybe I’ll see you again. ”

It had started to rain as I climbed out of the cab and walked back to the restaurant.

My thoughts were heavy with the big Boy; I sure hope I can meet up with that Daddy Bear again someday.


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