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Fun at the Part

He hated being dragged to things like reunions and picnics but she always
seemed to manage to convince him to come through greatly thought out
bribes. This night was no different. The 4th of July celebration at the
community park was one of his least favorite events. He had much rather
stayed home and watched the fireworks on television between fucking
sessions. She had promised him that she would make it worth his time.

had no idea what she had in mind.

Throughout the day she teased him, rubbing up against him, kissing him
deeply, and anything else she could do to remind him just why he had agreed
to follow. She had keep an eye on the far end of the park, near the tennis
courts where the woods lined two of the court. She noticed how no one
seemed to venture out that far.

With dusk rapidly approaching, she took
his hand, leading him on a walk around the park, moving further and further
from the densely packed crowd that hovered at the park’s center. He
figured she had planned to tease him more, which nearly made him refuse.
She had taken joy in giving him blue balls all day, and he was ready to

The first test firework exploded in the sky, but it was still not quite
dark enough for them to set off the rest.

The crowd’s attention remained
focused the other way as they followed along the chain link fence around
the court. Once they got to the far side of it, she stopped, flashing a
salacious smile at him before her hands slipped under the short pink
sundress she wore. She shimmied her panties down, leaving them laying in
the grass around her feet.

He was quite impressed with her choice of spot.

He grabbed the back of
her neck, pulling her in and kissing her hard before turning her around,
facing the fence. His foot moved between hers as he pushed them apart. He
gently shoved her upper body toward the fence, watching her grab it. He
slipped two fingers under her skirt, rubbing them along her pussy lips,
feeling their wetness. As he pulled his fingers away, he stuck them in
front of her mouth.

She quickly parted her lips and took his fingers in,
sucking them clean. He hitched the thin cottony dress up over her hips
before unzipping his shorts and pulling his thick cock free.

She let out a loud grunt as he pushed his cock deep inside her. Her
hands gripped the chainlink tightly as he pulled almost completely out and
fucked back inside her once again. His hips thrust hard into her again and
again, making her moan with delight.

Another shot went up, lighting up the
darkened sky and making the crowd ooh and aah. In that brief flash of
light, he noticed a length of tree branch leaning near the fence. He
pulled out slowly, moving to get the branch. The wood was still green and
very flexible. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

-œI think you’ve been a very bad girl and need to be punished for
teasing me all day.

- He said, rubbing the wood against her outer thigh.

He pulled his hand back until only an inch or two of the switch was now
between her legs. He gave his wrist a quick switch up and let the wood
slap lightly against her wet cunt. She gasped softly, turning to look over
her shoulder at him. He did it again, this time harder, forcing a whimper
from her parted lips.

Three more strikes followed before he slid it from
between her legs and turned his attention to her ass. He ran the thin
branch over her soft flesh.

-œMaybe instead of your ass, I should spank those tits of yours. I know
you would like it wouldn’t you? - He said softly.

She nodded, and he grabbed her shoulder turning her to face him.

stared into her eyes as he said -œPull the top of your dress down and show
me those tits. - A sultry smile crossed her lips as she pushed the straps
of her dress off her shoulders. Her dress slid down exposing her creamy
white breasts and perfectly erect nipples. He dragged the tip of the
branch over her left breast, circling her nipple as he kept his eyes locked
on hers. Several strikes landed in quick succession on each breast,
leaving thin red streaks on her flawless skin.

Her chest heaved as he then
continued to whip her tits. Her fingers interwined with the metal as she
held on. The look of blissful agony on her face told him all he needed to
know. He traced down her body with the end of the branch, until once again
it was between her legs. The point of it jabbed her clit gently. The look
on her face showed she wanted to beg for more.

He dropped the branch, grabbing her and lifting her legs, which she
quickly wrapped around him. He lined the head of his cock up with her
tight cunt, shoving it in deep with a single thrust. She held on to the
fence as he pushed her back against it hard. She didn’t care how loud she
screamed in the throws of ecstacy because the fireworks were in full swing
and no one seemed to notice the two.

Her lower back banged hard against the fence as he hammered her cunt
harder and faster. He lifted her up and let his cock slip out, pushing it
into her ass hard. She let out a loud squeak as the head of his cock
popped through the tight ring of muscles.

-œFuck me - she purred into his ear as his cock pistoned in and out of
her puckered hole.

-œFuck me harder. -

He slid her off his cock, laying her down in the grass. He grabbed her
right ankle as he moved between her legs, lifting her leg onto his shoulder
as he began to shove his cock into her once again. He leaned over her,
forcing her knee toward her chest. He could feel himself slip deeper
inside of her as he started to fuck her brutally hard.

She was clawing the
grass, dragging her nails over his back, completely lost in the joy of
having him take her in such a way. She loved the rough side of him when he
got like this, and he definitely loved watching her in the midst of all
that pleasure. He after several minutes of hammering away at her well
fucked ass he noticed just past the edge of the woods was a large fallen

A wicked thought entered his mind.

He didn’t stop fucking her until he knew he was nearly to the point of
no return. He loved to bring himself so close and stop, because it was one
sure way to always make her beg for even more. He looked into her eyes and
grinned an evil grin. -œStand up, I have plans for you my filthy little
slut. -

As she stood up, he gripped the cotton dress and yanked it upwards,
pulling it over her head and holding on to it as he pushed her toward the

She stumbled as her sandal caught on something as he lead her
toward the log. He stopped, grabbing both her wrists with one hand and
using the dress to tie them together with the other hand. -œOn your knees.
- He said, pointing to the ground in front of the log.

She knelt, only to find herself pushed over it’s rough bark as he knelt
down behind her.

He fucked her legs apart, slapping her wet cunt several
times before slipping a couple fingers into her cunt. He used his thumb to
stimulate her clit, making her moan with glee as he drove her wild. Once
he knew she was getting close to cumming, he pulled his fingers away.

-œBeg me to fuck you. - He said, still grinning.

She quickly began to beg for his cock.

-œOh baby I need your cock
inside of me, fuck me baby please fuck me, tear my pussy and ass up with
that huge cock of yours, please baby I need it soooo bad. - He put the
tip of his cock against her cunt lips, holding it there for what felt like
an eternity before he drove it home. Her body lunged forward from the
f***e of his thrust. The bark sc****d against her skin, making her moan
louder as he started pounded her faster and faster.

One hand gripped her
hip as the other reached up and grabbed a giant handful of her hair,
yanking her head back as he kept slamming his hips into hers. Her voice
got louder and louder as he brought her closer and closer to climaxing.

His thrusts became harder and faster as he knew that she couldn’t hold
out any longer. Her muscles gripped him tightly as he banged her dripping
wet cunt with all his might.

Breathless gasps came from her as she began
to spasm around him. He held on tight as she writhed and jerked. He
didn’t stop, he just kept up his a****listic pace. Her warm juices washed
over his cock as she cried out. He smiled wickedly, allowing her orgasm to
subside before he pulled free, yanking her around to face him. He fisted
his cock fast, aiming the tip at her face. She looked up at him, dazed but
knowing exactly what he planned.

She opened her mouth wide, her tongue
sticking slightly out as she looked up at him, waiting for the first drops
to erupt from his swollen cock. His thick load shot out in blasts, landing
on her forehead and dripping down her face, the last few landing expertly
on her tongue. He shoved his cock into her mouth, allowing her to milk the
final drops from him and suck his cock clean before he gently tucked it
back into his shorts.

He helped her to her feet, smiling wickedly as he wrapped his arms
around her and untying her wrists. She used the hem of her dress to wipe
away some of the cum before he stopped her, wanting her to leave it. They
walked hand in hand back to the darkened park and the crowd that still
stared at the night sky, watching each burst of colours explode as the
finale began.

She had truly made it worth his time to come to the horribly
boring event, and gave him a night he wouldn’t soon forget.

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