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Fun at the beach pt7

"I’ve been waiting for this a long time Angel. I’ve been following you career for several years. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "

"Thank you Mrs. Whitman, that is very kind of you. "

Angel stood still as she felt the woman’s hands lightly touching the diamonds on the front of the panties. Her fingers spread across the front and were gently massaging just above Angel’s pussy.

"Omigod," Angel thought, "this is going to be good. "

Angel put her hands on the woman’s shoulders as she began to feel some warmth within herself. The gentle massaging so close to her pussy was beginning to get her aroused.

The woman stood from her chair and backed Angel up to a sturdy table that was nearby. She steered the girl so that she was almost sitting on the edge of the table and then gently pushed on Angel’s shoulders so that she was leaning back.

Angel put her hands on the table behind her to hold herself. Because of this, her breasts pushed up and out towards the old woman.

"Mrs. Whitman, what are you doing to me?" Angel asked.

"Why c***d, I am going to have you for myself," she said as her hands began to massage Angel’s bare midriff. Angel watched as the boney hands played over her tanned stomach and rose upwards to just under her breasts.

The woman worked slowly and was careful to let her fingers slide just under the edge of the panties and then just under the bottom edge of the top.

"What do you mean have me?" Angel asked, playing the part of a girl being taken advantage of. "I thought we were going to talk about my modeling career and I was going to show this outfit to you. "

"First things first my dear.

Right now, I want to taste your delicious body. "

The old woman reached up to the clasp at the front center of the diamond top. She released it quickly and pushed it open, allowing Angel’s perfect round breasts to spill out. Angel let out a small cry as her breasts were released and then reached up with one hand to cover them.

"Mrs. Whitman, please don’t do this. This isn’t right.

" Angel pleaded.

But Mrs. Whitman ignored her. She pushed Angel’s arm away and made her put both hands back on the table The old woman wrapped her hands around Angel’s waist and held the girl firmly.

"Now listen my sweet little girl. I’m going to have your body now and if you are smart, you will just go along and enjoy it. I think you might just find this pleasurable.

And if I enjoy myself as I hope, then perhaps the outfit you’re wearing will be your reward. "

Angel squirmed in the woman’s grasp so that her breasts shook from side to side. She let herself whimper slightly as she wriggled on the table. The woman laughed slightly and held the girl tighter.

"Ummmm, when you squirm it just makes me want you even more," the woman said as she lowered her head to Angel’s bare breasts.

The woman’s lips closed over one of Angel’s pink nipples and she sucked it into her mouth. Her arms closed around the girls slim waist and held her tightly. Angel grasped the woman’s shoulders again as if to push her away.

"No…please…. don’t suck my breasts…..please don’t do this to me," Angel begged, playing her part perfectly.

The woman did not stop. Her mouth moved from one delicious breast to the other, licking, sucking, biting each nipple.

Angel was getting very aroused now. Her breasts, so sensitive on their own, were now tingling very hard at the intense stimulation they were getting. Her pussy was now very wet and tingling as if it knew what was coming.

As Angel kept her hands on the table and her chest arched out to the woman, the woman was reveling in her domination of this girl. As she licked and sucked, her drool was running down the girl’s breasts and over her stomach.

Angel felt it and it only aroused her more. She continued to squirm in the woman’s grasp as if she was trying to make her stop.

"Mrs Whitman, I’m begging you. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do whatever you want me to do," Angel whimpered.

"Yes. You will do as I command," the woman replied as she pulled away from Angel’s swollen and sensitive breasts.

The woman reached up with one hand and began to massage her drool over Angel’s bare chest and midriff.

Angel continued to wriggle under the woman’s hand as it passed over her breasts and down to the edge of the panties. Angel was so hot now that she could hardly stand it. It was really exciting to her to watch this woman rub her slobber over her skin.

"I think I’m ready to really taste you now. I want you to lay back on your elbows. "

Angel did as she was told, easing herself back until she was almost flat on the table.

The woman hooked her fingers under each side of Angel’s panties and began to slowly remove them. As Angel’s shaven pussy was exposed, the woman couldn’t help but to pause a moment to take a good look.

"Why Angel, you’re just a nasty girl after all," she said as she continued removing the panties.

The woman took her time pulling the panties over Angel’s slender legs. In fact, she paused for almost a full minute as she ran her hands over each tanned thigh.

As she did, Angel continued to play the part of the "unwilling" participant by wriggling her hips and ass. All this did though was though was to further arouse the old woman.

"Oh Angel, I’m afraid you’re going to have to stop fighting it. You are mine now and I’m going to taste you. "

The woman finished removing the panties and then put her hands on top of Angel’s thighs to hold her.

She pulled herself up between the lovely girl’s legs and lowered her head. Her tongue reached out and she began to lick Angel’s inner thighs.

"Mrs. Whitman, please, don’t do this to me. You have to let me go," Angel pleaded.

But the woman did not respond. Her licking continued and Angel felt it getting closer and closer to her exposed pussy. she laid her head all the way back now and let her legs be spread at the woman’s will.

The woman let her tongue trace the outline of the girl’s steaming sex. She could tell that the girl was very, very aroused. She was proud of herself — a sixty-five year old woman who was pleasuring a beautiful 22-year-old girl. A girl who was obviously enjoying every minute.

Finally, the woman lowered her tongue and drew it directly over the girl’s outer lips causing Angel to arch her back and let out a moan of pleasure.

The woman smiled to herself as she knew the girl was hers for the taking. She licked over the girl’s pussy again, and a third time, and a fourth, as Angel moaned and pushed herself against the woman’s mouth.

The woman got a good grip around Angel’s hips and then plunged her tongue into the girl. Angel saw stars for a moment as she felt the old woman’s tongue penetrate deeply into her.

She reached forward and gripped the woman’s head to hold it tightly against her pussy. Angel was crying out now with pleasure. The fucking she was getting from the woman’s tongue was driving her into a frenzy. Her body was almost bouncing on the table as she responded to each push of the woman’s expert tongue.

As she was pushing her tongue, the woman had closed her mouth over the girl’s exposed lips.

Suddenly she sucked in hard, drawing some of the girl’s tender flesh into her mouth. She began to "chew" with her lips giving the girl something of an oral massage. The girl responded with a whole new set of screams. Angel was being pushed to the absolute limit now as her pussy was being ravished from inside and out.

Finally, to her mercy, she felt her orgasm building and when it came, it shook her from head to toe with waves of pleasure.

She felt relief only for a moment though because Mrs. Whitman had not stopped. Her attack on Angel’s vulnerable sex continued. The tongue shoved deep into her and the mouth sucked over her tender lips. It did not take long for a second and then a third orgasm to rack the lovely girl.

But still the woman did not stop. Angel could hardly breathe she was so exhausted. The tongue was still fucking her, shoving so deep into her and moving in just the right way.

She could feel it as it would withdraw slightly and then shove back into her — over and over again. Angel’s poor body was covered with sweat and the remainder of the woman’s drool as she writhed in pleasure on the table top.

The woman heard the girl scream again as another orgasm hit her. She was smiling to herself as she thought about what she was doing to this girl. She was going to have to get this girl under contract with her modeling firm so that she can keep her close by.

Finally, the woman began to ease off. She pulled back slightly and let her tongue play over the girl’s steaming lips. Angel began to get her breath back and tried to relax on the table. The woman stood back and walked to a small telephone that was on a desk. She picked it up and said something quitely. Angel was only mildly aware of this but was to spent to pay much attention.

After a few minutes, as Angel rested on the table, a knock came on the door. Mrs. Whitman went to open it and Mrs. Beecham and her young maid came in. The maid went straight to Angel and began to towel the beautiful girl and clean her up. The maid was very happy about this as she had been wanting to get her hands on Angel all night.

Mrs. Beecham came over to look over the maid’s shoulder at the the beautiful model.

She smiled as she took in the sight of Angel lying on the table totally spent. She watched a few moments as the young maid toweled Angel gently. The girl was being attentive, perhaps too attentive.

"Estelle, I think that Miss Enriquez is clean now. You can stop toweling her now. "

The maid look up with disappointment, "Mrs. Beecham, might I have just one kiss. "

The old woman smiled at the pretty young maid.

"Of course my dear. You’ve been a good girl. "

The maid turned back towards Angel and lowered her lips to Angel’s. The girl kissed softly as first and then pushed her tongue into Angel’s mouth. Angel was still so aroused that she could not help but to respond. Her back arched up slightly and the maid passed her hand over Angel’s breasts.

Mrs. Beecham stepped in.

"Estelle, that’s enough now.

You may go. "

The maid quietly collected the towels she had brought in and left the room and also took the diamond outfit with her. She left behind a Japanese silk robe which Mrs. Beecham picked up as she walked over to Angel. She helped Angel to sit up and then stand.

"Miss Enriquez, I must say that you have been a wonderful guest here this evening. I do hope you will consider coming back.


Angel extended her arms as the woman helped her put the silk robe on. She looked over at Mrs. Whitman and smiled at her.

"I would be very happy to come back… long as my modeling career stays on track. "

"My dear Angel, I don’t think you have a thing to worry about. Now, why don’t we rejoin the party. "

The two elderly women e****ted Angel back to the main room.

When they entered, Angel looked around the room. Not to much to her surprise, virtually every maid was being taken by one of the guests if not 2 or 3. She could see several maids laying across some tables with one woman licking her pussy, one sucking her breasts, and a third kissing her mouth. Despite the ravishing she had just experienced, Angel couldn’t help but feel aroused again.

"I don’t see my friend," Angel said.

Mrs. Beecham looked around for a moment and then nodded in the direction of a far corner.

"I think that would be her over there and she seems to be in good hands. "

Angel looked to see Emi also laying across a table with 2 women working her over. They were taking turns running their fingers over the sweet girl’s pussy, while keeping a constant massage of her breasts at the same time.

Angel felt more heat in herself at this erotic sight.

Mrs. Beecham went to her table and picked up a small bell and rang it.

"Ladies, it’s time to bring our festivities to an end. If we could have our 2 wonderful models come to the center of the room, we can wish them thank you for their participation. "

Angel walked to the center of the room as Emi joined her.

The 2 girls weren’t exactly sure what was to happen, but it became clear very quickly. One of the maids came to the girls and gave each a beautiful hand stitched bag. Inside each, there was a gift-wrapped box. Then, the guests began to approach the girls to bid them goodbye. As they did, the old ladies were taking their last opportunities to kiss each girl and perhaps one last fondle of each beautiful body.

But they were also dropping envelopes into the bags for each girl. Angel and Emi eyed at each other as they realized what was happening. They both realized that these old ladies were going to send the 2 girls away with very full pockets.

Finally, Mrs. Whitman was the last person to make her way to Angel. She took the girls into her arms and kissed her deeply. Angel couldn’t help but melt into the woman’s arms.

"I want you to be a frequent guest at our parties Angel. I do hope you enjoyed yourself. "

"Yes maam, it was wonderful. I really enjoyed the little game you like to play. It was very exciting for me too. "

"Shush now, that’s our little secret," the woman said as she put her finger over Angel’s lips.

She kissed Angel one more time and then she took her leave of the room.

The 2 girls went back into the dressing room to put their own clothes back on. As they were finishing, Mrs. Beecham came in and handed each an envelope.

"My dear girls, you both were absolutely wonderful. I do hope you will be available for our future parties. "

"Mrs. Beecham, I think I can speak for Emi, we’ve had a fantastic time. The clothes you had here for us and the attention we’ve recieved has been great.

This was the first time for Emi, but I think she enjoyed herself. "

Emi smiled and nodded at the elderly woman, who came to her and gave her a hug.

"Well girls, it’s been a long day for me and I must retire. Estelle will assist you to gather your things. Good night now. "

The girls watched as the woman left the room and the pretty maid entered.

Between them, they gathered all their things and were led to the front door. The doorman that greeted them now led them to Angel’s car and helped them get in. Angel started the car and began the drive to the front gate. As they approached, it swung open to let them out onto the quiet street.

The 2 girls looked at each other and the bags they had been given. Angel sped the car down and stopped in the first place she found to pull off.

They grabbed the bags and started to tear open the envelopes the old ladies had been giving to them. Each one was filled with money. $500. $1000. Sometimes more. They found the 2 envelopes from Mrs Beecham and almost screamed as they discovered checks for $10,000. Then they pulled out the wrapped gift boxes and tore the paper off in a frenzy. Angel opened her’s first to find the diamond outfit that Mrs. Whitman had asked her to wear.

This time Angel did scream as she saw the diamonds flashing in the light from a nearby streetlight.

Angel looked up at Emi and waved at her to open her box. Emi pulled it open slowly and screamed too. There was a matching diamond outfit for her as well. She picked up a note that was inside and read it to Angel.

"My dear Emi, I do hope you enjoyed yourself and that perhaps you might join us again.

As I knew that Mrs. Whitman had commissioned a special outfit for dear Angel, I did not wish for you to feel left out. I hope you will enjoy it. "

It was signed by Mrs. Beecham.

"Omigod Angel, do you realize how much money we’ve made tonight? I can’t believe this!" the girl exclaimed.

Angel had pulled the car out and was heading back down the road.

"I know, I know.

We’re going to have to keep some open dates for these ladies. "

The 2 rode in silence for a few minutes as Angel steered the car back towards South Beach.

"You know something?" Emi said quietly. "After all that happened tonight, I never did have an orgasm. "

Angel looked at her friend.

"Emi, I know this was your first time being with another woman. Did you like it? Did it feel good?"

The teenager nodded yes.

Angel looked at her for a second and then smiled.

"I have an idea," Angel said. "I have a friend that lets me use his condo on the beach. Why don’t we spend the night there?"

Emi looked at Angel for a second. She knew what Angel had in mind. She was quiet for a long minute before she finally spoke.

"Angel, I think I would like that. "

Angel smiled at her friend.

She put a finger to her own lips and kissed it. Then she reached over to her friend and placed her finger softly on Emi’s tender lips. Emi softly kissed back and then she laid her head over onto Angel’s shoulder as the 2 of them drove on in silence.

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