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After last Summer I listed my main friends in order of the number of our mutual messages
After half a year nothing much has changed in the top of about two thousend and many more
After waiting till Winter it is the highest time to mention some of my new other heroines
After all, writing with a friend is the best tribute one can get: all are worth a mention

This is not a sex story – although I do mention at all the sexy sides of our situation
The dirty details are already in the stories I earlier wrote about all of them but one
This is an alternative introduction to the real personalities inspiring my 300 stories
The stories sometimes originate from our mutual messages, often with original quotes!

The majority of my girlfriends are just twenty plus – all slender smart sexy and sweet
The biggest bunch of them I first met when they were still slim shy tender tasty teens
They almost all accepted dearly my challenge to come, just from reading my many messages
The words I whisper in their ears, while they play with themselves, always worked well!

Fresh friends in the two thousands bracket: lovely Lisa, great Gina and cute Crissy

I am puzzled by my love Lisa as she can go silent for more than a year before being back
I am wondering how serious she is in her plans to move to me in Amsterdam, I welcome her
I am glad I recently talked a lot with my Gina for whom I will write another story soon
I am proud to be the virtual father of sexy submissive cute Kristinoszka from Lithuania

Lovely looking Lisa lives in Georgia now, where she was born some twenty years back only
Looks like she has hard problems with internet, she seems out of reach again for so long
Little Gina has the prettiest vagina I’ve ever seen: her love lips are like a tiny tulip
Little titties she has It all went into my ass! she said me recently in her message

I already wrote several stories for each three for my love Lisa only recently a sweet series
I already write with her and my Gina for three years, also Gina got her series some time ago
I wonder what will happen to horny hot slutty sub cute Crissy in her Winter holiday back home
I wonder whether she will get indeed into a gang-bang there, like she did last year for free?

Beautiful booby sexy student in Chili cute Camila speedy Sara (NL) and Olla-love from the US

Love the look of the firm big boobs of beautiful cara Camila in Chili who is still only twenty
Love her for saving my life when she found me shipwrecked at the beach where she was with mom!
Love how she with her mom Laura and her hot s1s also named Laura all three got me hot together
Love how she inspired a short sexy series of verses well over a year ago, now she hardly answers

Sara wrote exactly the same number of messages with me as Camila, she does answer me frequently
Sara got two poems by my hand to memorise her love for Belgian blond beauty yummy young Kimberly
Sara has a great hart for me for being as helpful as honest in our communications and friendship
Sara is halfway her twenties, calmed down a bit from her fast track ambitions in life high speed

Olive is the one who indirectly stimulated me to continue to write in verses although it’s harder
Olive is not often reading me but she wrote me once two years ago Looks like songs you sing
Olla-love – as I often call her privately – pointed out to me my verse has the right rythm for it
Olive made me into a bit of a singer-songwriter although I do not add musical scores to my verse

Fifteen hundred mutual messages with famous Filmhond yummy young Polka Penelopa and my Jennifer

Spankingjenny is my first friend here – she teaches me everything about proper spanking for pleasure
Spankingjenny is the one who got me into writing my stories publicly – after she devoted two for me!
Spankingjenny got her reward with my first ever series on the visit of Jennifer and Tanya to Amsterdam
Spankingjenny got many more stories and series with her in the title – I wait for her come-back here

Penelopa lives in Poland up North, she is a beutiful blonde as yummy as young sexy student of spanking
Penelopa likes that I treat her as my nice naughty niece – so she calls me uncle in our conversations
Penelope loves my mix of Polish and English in our funny fabulating and we send each others nice links
Penelope loves to be a bad brat at times hoping her hips will land again on my lap for some correction

Filmhond is famous, so famous that paparazzi follow her and her love Lilian at every step they take
Filmhond is famous as Ariel in many lesbian love scenes and luxury shoots all over the world she was
Filmhond is now living in a small mountain village in Japan, after living long time near me in A’dam
Filmhond is one of my best friends and she treats me with equal attention and respect for helping her

Less than thousand mutual messages with cutie Kate, daring Danielle and my blonde beauty Belle

Kate is a cute brunette beauty in Prague where Fimhond started her career but she is only twenty plus
Kate is proud of how often I made her orgasm during our private talks – leading 6-0 I stop my service
Kate is more hot for her girlfriend who went with her on a horny holiday at the Adriatic Sea in Summer
Kate is keeping the score (as with me) and reported over a dozen orgasms for both every day that week

Danielle is a very special sexy submissive from Holland, a professional for rent to abuse as the best
Danielle is knowing what she is doing as she demands three weeks her fee – for serving someone a week
Danielle is enjoying those two weeks to recover and often chats with me in her free time tries to fool
Danielle is a fan of very brutal behaviour by her luxury lovers – she says that women are worst to her

Belle is blonde booby beauty in her late thirties – she also loves to write stories, just like I do!
Belle is a bit submissive – not enough yet to me to obey to my wish to write something together here
Belle is up in the plus fivehundred bracket with me, runner-up is Susan also in the US at almost 400
Belle is the last one in this list, although I like to mention Matilda (Chili, 33) and Tamara (NL, 19).

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