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I list my main (former) friends – in order of the number of our many mutual messages

This is not a sex story – although I do mention at all the sexy sides of our situation
The dirty details are already in the stories I earlier wrote about all of them but one
This is an alternative introduction to the real personalities inspiring my 200 stories
The stories sometimes originate from our mutual messages, often with original quotes!

The majority of my girlfriends are just twenty plus – all slender smart sexy and sweet
The biggest bunch of them I first met when they were still slim shy tender tasty teens
They almost all accepted dearly my challenge to come, just from reading my many messages
The words I whisper in their ears, while they play with themselves, always worked well!

Linker leads by a lot – she is so far ahead of all others at 15.

000+ now!

In fact her lead is overwhelming, as I lost count of all our communications
In two other media where we chat a lot – and often for a few hours each day
I can say that Linker leads by at least 50. 000+ – probably even over 60
It is almost incredible, as we started to talk less than twenty months back!

Inspiring muse for many of my stories – under about a dozen different names
I know she leads as well in the list of my tributes by stories – at least 100+
I know she loves me at a least much as I love her, although she is lesbian!
I know Alessandra so wel by now – she slowly told me all her sexy secrets!

Let me try to mention most of the dozen or so nicks for her in my sweet stories
Lots of it in English, but as a Dutch dyke she seduced me to a special service
Loads of stories I wrote in our common mother tongue after her repeated request
Lots of her names start with the letter L – in fact most of them Alessandra!

Less, Lisa or Louisa in English – in Dutch Loesje, Lisje is in fact three girls
Lots of that character is Alessandra as well – Let me continue with a more L-names
Liesje, Liefje and Luusje – she is also Alex and Malina or anonimous in some poem
Lots of her in the personae of Petra my live-in virtual uninhibited grandaughter

Next is the category of those few with under 7.

000 – but still well above 4. 000:

sexysarah is first with well over 6. 500 with me – we share some very sexy secrets
so rare I can’t mention any of them here – the tight teen fell silent – really too bad
Sarah masturbated every day for her virtual granddad – often secretly at school
Sarah let me be witness by mutual messages when she lost her maidenhood so young to dad

She wrote slang with me – as if she was texting a friend from class in a fast hurry
Sarah sometimes got permission to use the lap-top of her dad as her mom didn’t let her
Sarah sported proudly her budding breasts – eagerly awaiting her first pubic red hair
Sarah suddenly silenceed – I hope nothing went wrong waiting 2 years for her come-back!

We have xjanis at 5.

000+ – we two only talk big business and world politics
With only twenty, her small shoulders burden billions worth of responsibilities
We never talk sexy or even flirt a bit, her alter ego is not in any of my tales
We know much more from her private housekeeper and help Rosa of Janis’ life

We know how Janis stays a virgin – engaged to the brod of her best girlfriend
We know the engagement is mainly for mutual businesses – the interests are too big
We know as well how next something terribly went wrong – still our sexy secret!
We know the deal broke off after her girlfriend switched to live with him from her

Between 4.

000 and 2. 000 we can list lots more – like Leaflee at almost 3. 850

Let me mention here her many comments to my stories, at least for last few years
Leslee is her real name – together with her s1s she threw a party this Summer
Leslee inspired me to write the sexy short series of my s1ster Leah recently
Leah lost her virginity at both her hot holes to her big brod by ballet spanks

Leah learned to love spanking during the days I tried to discipline the headstrong
Leah whom I had under permanent watch from my adjacent bedroom – right from the start
Leah loved to practise ballet at home, so I covered our common wall wide with mirror
Leah didn’t realise at first that part of it was see through – I caught her rubbing!

Later I had to leave Leah for most of the time – as a student abroad in Amsterdam
Leah found a fresh friend in Alex – a boyish blonde her age from ballet class
Leah and Alex practised together – secretly captured on camera for me to see
Leah seduced Alex according my intructions to prepare her for my hot holiday visit!

Anna – 3.

300, a sweet sexy tasty lovely looking lesbian, came from reading me!
annabanana69 is one of my most dear lesbian friends here at horny hot hamster
Anna writes me usually once a week – she is in several sexy stories by my Petra
Anna is less responsive last couple of month, no idea why she has no time for me

Anna knows my sweet secret – Petra is only so hot ‘cos I educated her that manner
Anna got several sexy stories from her, offering her main role in foxy fornication
Anna, very pretty redhead, reads history in a small town up North-East in America
Anna was the second lesbian ever to come – from my massages by my sexy messages!

Love to write with lilianvrom – 3150+ formally from Holland, now resident in Japan
Let me postpone to next issue, how I unexpectedly got to know her by a dear friend here
Let us try to keep my secret: I love Lilian more than her life-time love partner
Lilian’s looks – only a vague idea, but I have seen her hot love 100s of times on screen!

Lots about her shady past – especially her teen times – is still a secret for me!
Looks like she was first experimenting with teen girls – in the town I went to school
Looks like she is still a bit ashamed about the next few years in America as a slave
Lilian learned a lot from her mighty Mistress which helped her to seduce her love

Lovely Los Angelos hosts hottie anamikasexybitch who sports very sexy good looks
Lilly is her real name, she is my heroine in several stories and even some series
Like a sweet sexy series seducing her shy teen tight nice niece into lesbian sex
Look it up dear reader – see my only story with a picture, a very pretty redhead

Lilly 3.

100 and her best girlfriend are into men, but she seduced her into lesbian sex
Lilly and I wrote a story about that first time – which set her off to write some more
Lilly and I made a deal – after we couldn’t agree on a common version of her seduction:
Lilly published her one first as she thought best – I think mine was much better though!

Martina is a very special installment in my list – I quote everything from memory
Martina was still a virgin when we became friends but not for very long it was
Martina got rid of it with a cab driver in a shabby hotel, next she tried everything
Martina found her parish priest too curious, soon she prefered me for her confessions

Martina and I exchanged at least well over 3000 mutual messages, which were deleted
Martina left an impression on my memory – a few photos of her and a few girlfriends
Martina inspired me to write her hot Confessions in several installments of my blogs
Martina blocked me and disappeared forever, her come-back will be in my stories soon!

At just 2400+ 34a Anna closes this list – her short nick is her chest size
Anna and I share the fascination for boyish beauties: breasts small and hardly hips
Anna uploaded some pretty pictures of her and few girlfriends with similar looks
Anna is bi-sexual – she contributed several stories about her sexy experiments at home!

Anna inspired a very sexy story almost like a dream come true after I had invited her
Anna was inspired by the details I wrote her about nice things we could do by bicycle
Anna’s dream next night had all those details, her sexy additions: short skirt, no slip
Anna rode my racer wetting the saddle with her twat – turning me on for love outside!

Anna lives at the former small farm of her granddad at the end of a road out of town
Anna still keeps his collection of peacocks and some other birds for her household
Anna was unfortunately often out of touch for cures in hospital – no internet allowed
Anna was able to sneak out a few times to stay in contact with her best virtual friend

She calls herself THEDARKPRINCESS, at almost 2.

000 with our writings
She prefers to write at walls though – which we did a lot, all the time!
She started as KITTYKATEUK[ – when we wrote so much more at our walls
She answered my poems with long love lyrics what a love, she got deleted

She was exactly a fortnight short of her eighteenth birthday, that strange day!
She made a new profile next day and kept contributing her sexy self shoots
She’s still a teen, got back 1st profile recently, Kate made me very happy
She has 700 more mutual messages with me, so she totals a bit below Lilian

All the girls above live in Northern America, in fact only 34a in Canada
All others in the United States with the few European exceptions I mentioned
Also sexysarah, she is in the United Kingdom in a small town in England
And of course also Martina is an exception as the only Asian in this list

Highest time for first overview of my messaging with the top ten in numbers:
How many messages is that together – I count about 48.

000 of them so far!
How many in total we will see in the next two installments about my main friends
How about one with friends from 2. 000 on to 1. 000 and a final one 1. 000 to 500?.

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