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Paul had been fucked out of the work place at the ripe age of 53. He had
been with the company for thirteen years. His company was sold to a larger
conglomerate and suddenly his position was eliminated. It was clear there
was no place for the old employees in the new upcoming company. Management
knew they could not just fire the company’s old employees with out having
legal repercussion. The solution was to move them into menial and or
degrading tasks so they would quit on their own.

Paul was offered a janitorial job, cleaning the restrooms and the offices
at night. It was humiliating, but it was still a job and he took home a
check even it was smaller. When it became evident Paul was not going to
quit, they moved him to a company owned warehouse. He would assume the
janitorial duties there instead of the offices. It was not at all what Paul
expected as he entered the office of Ray Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton was a large black man in his late forties. He was the
superintendent of the warehouse. The general manager was Mr. Washington,
another black man around the same age as Paul.

“Well ain’t this a switch? A white man as our janitor. You have any idea
why corporate put you here?

Paul nodded.

“Yes. They’re hoping I’ll quit”

Mr. Hamilton laughed.

“I sure hope not.

I like having a white janitor. How you gonna like working
for a black boss?”

“It doesn’t bother me. I’ll do my job whatever it is. “

Mr. Washington smiled at Paul.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. I think you’ll like your job here. “

Paul was not sure what he meant by that. It sounded like it might have
another meaning.

That night, Paul told his wife he had been transferred from the office to a

He told her his new bosses were black.

“I’ve made up my mind! If they give me any crap on this job. I’ll walk
right out the door. “

Helen shook her head.

“Bullshit! You’ll stay there and take whatever crap they throw at you. You
know why? Because you’re a gutless WIMP! You’ve always been and you’ll
always be.

Paul hung his head. Helen was right.

She knew it and Paul knew it. He had
been a doormat all his life. Helen ran the house, not Paul. Helen slapped
him on top the head.

“Get in there and start the laundry. “

Paul stood up and stripped his clothes off and walked into the laundry room

“I want all the clothes done tonight!”

Paul walked into the warehouse locker room. It was small, 20 lockers in
all, 10 against each wall and 3 small wooden benches down the center
between the lockers.

Two black men were changing into their uniforms. Paul
looked at his key, number 26.

“You must be the new janitor. “

Paul nodded as he opened his locker.

“Yes, I’m Paul. Paul Ballard. “

One of the black men was only wearing boxers. He walked over to Paul.

“Did anyone tell you what the janitor does around here?”

Paul was only five foot 10, he meekly stared up at him.

“It’s sweeping and mopping and basic cleaning up. “

“That’s exactly right! Cleaning up black COCK!”

The man dropped his boxers, relieving his huge, thick black cock.

Paul never seen a black man’s penis before, his eyes got wide.

The other black man laughed, pulling his pants off.

“Get on your knees janitor boy! Get your mouth around that black cock and
clean it off!”

“Please! Please, guys.

I don’t want to have to report this. Let’s just
forget it happened, OK?”

“You ain’t gonna report SHIT!”

The black man grabbed Paul by the shirt and yanked him close.

“You gonna keep your white mouth shut! You hear me?”

The other black man stepped up behind Paul.

“You better get on your knees and start sucking COCK! Unless they find your
naked ass stuffed into one of these lockers!”

Paul looked up at the black man holding his shirt with his fist.

“Please, please. I don’t want trouble. “

The black man ripped Paul’s shirt open as he shoved him back.

“Get them fucking clothes off and get on your KNEES!”

Paul quickly undressed and knelt on the locker room floor. The black man
slapped Paul across the face with his long stiff cock.

“Put your hands behind your back and open your mouth!”

Paul obeyed. The black man pushed the head of his cock into Paul’s mouth.

“Suck that big head! OH YEAH! If you do a good job, I’ll let you do it
again soon. “

The other black man was standing next to Paul, quickly stroking his hard
cock. All of a sudden his sperm shot out onto Paul’s face. On his forehead,
nose and lips. Paul was still licking the black cock in his mouth when the
black man pulled back and shot his load directly into Paul face.

Both men

“That’s the way a cunt is suppose to look. Go on! Lick it off your lips!”

Paul went about his duties that morning, sweeping and emptying the
trash. He was aware he was being watched by some of the black men in the
warehouse. He could only imagine what the two black men in the locker room
had told the other guys. He heard the snickering and laughing by the the

On his way home that evening, Paul debated weather to tell his wife
or not. There was no way she would ever find out so Paul kept silent.

Paul was busy cleaning the restrooms in the warehouse when three black me
walked in. Two of them he recognized as the ones in the locker room.

“There’s the white bitch! Your white mouth ready for some black cock?”

Paul started to protest, but was grabbed by the big black man and shoved
against the wall.

“I like my white slaves to be naked when they service me. STRIP BITCH!”

Frightened, Paul quickly undressed in front of them. The three black men
were now naked from the waist down. Each of them stroking his huge
erection. One of the men grabbed an electric cord and tied Paul’s hands
behind his back. Another black man slapped Paul across the face.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth!”

He slapped Paul across the face again.

“That’s your service position! Remember it! I don’t wanna have to tell you

He grabbed Paul’s head and rammed his cock into Paul’s mouth. He gagged and
coughed up as the others laughed out loud.

“Get it good and wet! I want it slippery when I slide it up your white

Two of the black men ****d him while the third one ejaculated in his

Paul was left in a naked heap on the restroom floor.

The next day Paul decided to give his notice, he was quiting. The corporate
giants had won. He was broken and humiliated into quiting. Mr. Hamilton
stood up from behind his desk.

“What the hell is this?”

“It’s my resignation, sir. “

“You sure this is what you wanna do?”

Paul nodded.

“Yes, sir.

“Now, if it’s your pay. I can do something about that. I can’t get you back
to where you were in corporate, but I could do better than what you get
now. I can also put you in for annual raises. “

Paul took a deep sigh.

“No, sir. I would like to leave. “

Mr. Hamilton stared at him.

“You realize this company will see you never get work around here again?”

“Yes, sir.

“Then get you ass outta here! We’ll send you final check. “

Paul drove home, wondering what he was going to tell Helen.

Helen sold real estate on a part time basis for a large local firm. Mostly
commercial, but occasionally she would sell a house or two. Her sister,
Karen was also in real estate sales. Helen turned around as Paul walked
into the kitchen.

“What the hell are you doing home so early?”

“I quit my job.

I couldn’t take it anymore. They broke me. They finally
humiliated me into quitting. “

Helen stared at him for a moment.

“So now you’re just going to lay around and do nothing?”

“Well, I…I don’t know right now. I’ll help around the house for now. “

“Damn right you will! Without you working I’ll have to spend more time at
the agency. Thank God we didn’t have any kids.

You’re a big enough

Helen gave Paul a list of things she wanted done every day. Make the bed,
clean the bathroom and bedroom. Clean the kitchen, living room, study and
family room. Do the laundry and vacuum everything.

“I’ll get Karen to come over and cook because you can’t cook!”

Helen took off her robe and laid down on the sofa naked.

“Come over here and give me an orgasm with your tongue.

I know your little
cock can’t do it!”

Paul had been pleasing Helen orally for several years. She preferred it to
having sex with him. She save the real sex for her boss at the agency. John
was big man and well endowed. John’s cock felt like a big log going in and
out of her pussy. Paul knew about it as did everyone else. Paul was as
Helen said, a gutless wimp.

He was raised with two older sisters and they
taught him how to behave around women.

One morning Helen found dust balls under the bed.

“Do you see those? Are you saving them for something?”

“No. I must have forgotten them. I’ll clean them immediately, dear. “

“Not before your punishment! I want you naked and in the living room. NOW!”

Paul quickly undressed and stood in the living room naked.

Helen had a pair of leather cuffs she liked to use. She cuffed his hands
behind his back.

“Bend over!”

Paul obeyed. Helen approached his naked ass with a leather paddle in her

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The room was filled with the sound of the
paddle against Paul’s bare ass.


“How does that feel, wimp?”

Paul quickly replied.

“It burns!”

Helen spun him around.

“Get on your knees!”

Helen pulled her skirt up, she was not wearing any underwear.


Paul slid his tongue into her pussy, pressing hard against her clit. She
wiggled and moaned, holding his head tightly to her pussy.

“Make me cum NOW!”

Helen adjusted her clothes and took a deep breath.

“You’re gonna stay handcuffed and naked for the rest of the day.

Karen will
be coming over to stay until I get back from work.

Karen was Helen’s younger sister. She was 47, a very attractive woman, and
a lesbian. She had a live in girlfriend, Cindy who just turned 40.

Staring down at Paul, Karen smiled as she entered the living room.

Helen darted out the door.

“I’ll be back sometime this afternoon. I don’t know about dinner.

Karen knew where Helen kept her toys. She opened the drawer and pulled out
the black penis gag. She strapped it to Paul’s head. She placed the clamps
on Paul’s nipples and tightened them.

“My, my, what a sight you are. “

Karen poured herself a drink and lit a cigarette.

“You know I never liked you. You were never good enough for Helen. I think
I’ll spend some time punishing that worthless cock of yours.

Karen slapped Paul hard across the face.

“Stand up!”

Paul obeyed, stumbling to his feet.

“Spread your legs!”

Karen grabbed his testicles.

“Look at that little sack of balls!”

She quickly slapped his testicles, Paul quickly bent over and gave out a

“Spread you legs, I SAID!”

Paul obeyed and she slapped his testicles again, this time a bid

Paul doubled over again with a loud groan.

“This is fun. I could do it all day. How about you?”

Paul shook his head NO!

Karen laughed at him, sipping her drink and taking a puff of her
cigarette. She watched his penis began to grow in size.

“I see, a little rough play makes you hot?”

Karen picked up the riding crop.

“Maybe a little cock whipping with straighten you out.

Spread you legs!”

Karen slid the crop up and down his inner thighs, poking his testicles with
the tip. Suddenly, she struck the swollen head of his cock. Paul gave out
with a deep groan as he bent forward.

“I see I’m going to have to tie you to something so you won’t be moving
around. “

She sat Paul down in a large wooden chair, tying his arms to the back of
the chair and his ankles to the chair legs.

In that position, Paul’s legs
were wide open and his genitals unprotected. Helen slapped his cock up and
down with the crop. Paul was moaning and groaning, pulling against his

“That’s a nice shade of red for your cock. Don’t you think?”

Paul heard the front door open, then he saw Cindy walk in. She had a big
smile as she walked over to Paul.

“I love the penis gag.

He should wear that all the time. “

She pulled the chain on the nipple clamps and he jumped.

“We have some tender titties, do we?”

Cindy grabbed his red cock, yanking it forward. Paul flinched and groaned
through the gag. Karen slapped him across the face again.

“You better shrink that cock of yours! I’m going to put a cock cage on it. “

Cindy laughed as Karen clamped a plastic chastity device around Paul’s cock
and balls, snapped a padlock on it.

Cindy grabbed Paul’s chin and lifted his head up.

“Let’s play the the STRAP ON game. “

Karen pulled Paul up from the chair as Cindy and Cindy buckled the black
dildo harness around her waist. The big dildo reminded Paul of the black
men down at the warehouse.

“Get on your knees! Put your head down on the floor!”

Paul’s ass was sticking straight up in the air.

Cindy smeared some jelly
into his ass so the dildo would slide in easy. His whole body contorted as
she shoved the large black dildo deep into his ass. She heard him
whimpering as it entered. Cindy humped his ass for several minutes, then
pulled out. Karen had removed the penis gag from Paul’s mouth.

“Open up! Lick that dildo clean!”

Paul gagged several times as Cindy fucked the dildo deep in his mouth.

“That’s it PIG! Suck that dildo that was up your ass!”

Karen couldn’t resist spanking his bare ass as he sucked the dildo.


It was then that Cindy and Karen noticed the semen dripping from the
chastity device. He had ejaculated in the plastic cage.

“You fucking slut! Helen is going to be mad when she finds out you shot
your milk!”

Karen slapped his face hard.

“SLUT! She didn’t give you permission to empty your load!”

Karen shoved the penis gag back into his mouth and yanked him to his feet.

“You’re going to the garage, slut!”

Paul’s arms were stretched high above his head, tied to a large steel
pole. His legs were fucked open with a spreader bar.

“You’ll hand there until Helen gets home! She’ll take of you, SLUT!”.

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