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fishing story (fictional) but hope it comes true p

it was a nice warm day, i had just gotten up and decided to hit the lake for fishing and skinny dipping, as i got out the door, Sean the the delivery boy from the grocery store came up to me, and said what are you doing, going fishing i said, kool can i come, now Sean was really nice for a boy heading into collage, he was about two inches taller, but slim build like me, i said u off today he yeah for the weekend, mom says i can spend the weekend with you if it’s okay, sure why not i said and called his mom to confirm, she said yes it’s okay.

okay i said hop in the car and lets go, we talked about sports and school, and then Sean came out and said, is it okay to be gay, i stopped the car and said are you, well yes i think so, i have seen the guys naked in the showers and i get hard every time and they make fun of me calling me names and then taking my panties, so u are a cross dresser i asked, and he said yes and your gay MR.

page, how do you know that, i peeked in your window every chance and see you having sex with a guy, yes he is a good friend, you kiss and suck, and enter him, and play dress up and role play, yes i do i replied, why are you asking me all of this, because i want to be taught by you and learn to love you as my father is a crack head and mom is also d**gging all the time i can’t take it anymore.

okay i said giving him a hug, then he grabbed for my crotch in which i backed away and said wait here i already have a friend, but Sean begged to live with me promised me all these things, okay that’s how you want to play, here’s the deal. do what your told and what i say, yes sir, very good.
so now we arrived and got out the stuff and set it up, the lake was really hidden from the town and was really great to strip naked, and that’s what i did, Sean looked at me and i said what, your naked and hard, and you should be too i said, then he did and he was so hot looking nice and smoothed and he to was getting hard, i told him to put the poles over here since we weren’t getting any bites, then he said can we go for a walk, sure why not, he led the way and i followed behind and was admiring his ass, we walked about 30 minutes and found a nice spot to rest, he turned to me and asked if he could touch my hard on, go for it i said, and with that he started stroking me, god it as great, and i could see his pre cum dripping out, and then he stood up and said please mr.

page can i suck it, okay now why do u want to suck it, i really like cock okay i said, and got on his knees open his mouth and i slid my hard penis inside of his mouth, he must have know what to do because after about 5 minutes i blew my load into his mouth, he swallowed it all, i was amazed and he don’t worry i do half the football team before big games, that’s why they call me all those names, but i also need a home to feel less stressed out and want to learn from an older man, then just as i was bout to answer, he stood up naked and radiant in the hot sun and stroked himself off in a fury his load shot all over me, i was covered in cum, then he went down and cleaned me up and swallowed his own, he asked was that good i said yes, lets work on getting you to live with me, he was so happy and we went back got dressed but he gave me a pair of of silk satin panties, mine was blue his was pink and we put on our shorts and headed for the clerk of the courts, but as we went by his house, the cops and ems were there, i walked up and asked what happened, both parents shot each other in a d**g rage, and he had no family at all, so after all the mess he was now living with me since he was 18 i couldn’t by law adopt him, but he could live with me.

part 2 later.

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