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First wife

To begin with my first wife, Donna, and I got married way too young, I was 17, she was 15, but being young also means being adventuresome. I should have known that the family was disfunctional because when we first got married we lived with her sister, who shared a bedroom, but not a bed, with her uncle. Her uncle and his girlfriend were living there too. the second or third night we stayed there we had gotten in a little late, walked into the living room and found her sister on the couch, passed out hard, with a flimsy nighty on, no panties, with one foot on the floor and the other leg up over the back of the couch.

Since we were to be sleeping on the couch, my wife tries to wake her up, which took almost half an hour. Plus the fact that my wife insisted on sleeping nude even while we were staying there on the couch. Though we didn’t know anything about “alternate lifestyles” back then, she explored most of them.
When we got our first place, we let a couple of my friends, Keith and Don, move in (for financial reasons.

) She had become quite the exhibitionist while we lived there. We had no AC, and it was summertime, and we lived in an old trailer, so it stated hot, even at night. Donna would get up in the morning, take a shower an then just walk on out in the kitchen, nude of course. It didn’t matter who was setting in the living room. Since one of them, Don, had to sleep on the couch, they had a morning wake up call of Donna.

Though Donna didn’t like Keith very well she still let him see her naked. I say this because one day, while I was at work, Keith and several male friends, Don was not wit them as he had to work too. went down into the city to look for some weed. They let Donna ride along with them. Long story short, on the way back, she was in the back seat fucking every guy in the car, there were four, other than Keith.

But she didn’t give Keith any, her excuse to him was it was because he was driving. That pissed him off and that’s how I found out about what happened. We broke up for a bit because of it. But within a month Donna and I were back together, But She, Don and I moved to another place, another trailer park, go figure, and still without AC. In the month that we were separated I had met a girl that had opened my eyes to the erotic fun of an “alternate lifestyle,” and things were a lot different when Donna and I got back together.

She still went around the trailer nude most of the time, would put on clothes when Don’s girlfriend came over, she would not have liked that at all. The ironic part about that is the fact that this whole time Donna and Pam, Don’s girlfriend, Were becoming best friends. Since this was a much smaller trailer park, only eight trailers and much closer, plus the fact that we could see way down the road, in case Pam was coming to visit Don, Donna would keep the curtains open.

Even after dark when you could easily see in. One night after some heavy partying Donna and I were in the bedroom fooling around when we hear Don getting into the shower. So, on a whim, I dared her to get in the shower with him. We had discussed where our boundaries when we got back together, so I was testing the waters. Plus I was pretty d***k. Now in the whole time Donna has went around nude, Don has never laid a hand on her, not that she hadn’t taunted and teased him, but I was still surprised when she grinned, said OK, jumped up from the bed and went in the bathroom.

I followed her to the door as she went in, she peeked her head around the curtain and asked if she could join him. After a few moments of silence she says I’ll take that as a yes and climbed on in the shower. I could hear her tell him that I had fallen asleep and when she heard the water she felt dirty and wanted to join him. After listening to a few minutes of small talk, I go back in the bedroom and wait.

A little while later she comes back into the bedroom and back to bed. I asked her if she had fun but she said she was a bit disappointed. She said that when she stuck her head in the curtain that she had caught him jacking off, and that when she got in he would barely touch her. She said that he let her play with his cock for a little bit but that was it.

So I asked her if she liked what she saw, this was the first time she had seen him naked, she said it was a lot skinnier than mine but several inches longer. So I asked her why she was disappointed, what was she expecting? She told me that she was hoping for sex. Thinking I was helping a brother out, because she said he was jacking off in the shower, and the fact that Don and I were close, I told her that she should hurry up and climb in bed with him before he shoots his load.

She got up real fast and went trotting into his room. You could hear the moaning and the bed noise, after a while I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, Donna was asleep beside me but when I got up Don said he wanted to talk to me. He sat and told me all about the night before and how he felt bad, when I told him that I knew all about it he told me he felt guilty about Pam, and the age thing, he was almost twenty and she was still fifteen.

So he said he’d hang out for a little bit so it doesn’t look obvious to Pam and he’d move out. That happened about a week later. Donna was never told why he was moving out so she still went around naked.
I’d became fiends with the guy who lived next door, I would go over and do odd jobs for him. He was sixty-four years old, with seven sisters. His sisters were all nuns who never visited, and he was the epitome of a dirty old man.

One time when Donna went over to help me with something, he kept telling her that he wanted her to show him her body, that he had seen it out the window and he wanted to see it up close. Which he had as Donna had been nude sunbathing in the yard between the trailers. She laughed it off and told him he couldn’t handle it and things like that. She went over to clean his place the next day and she came home telling me that he kept on trying to get her clothes off.

Not long after she went back over to clean his place again, and told me that when she came back out of the bedroom from cleaning it, he was sitting at the kitchen table with his cock in his hand stroking it. She said she told him to put it away and finished up and left. She said that from what she could see of it though his cock was huge. I guess seeing it fascinated her or something but I do know what happened the next time she went to clean his place.

I was told in advance of what she wanted to do and she wanted me there to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. So we go over to his place, you could tell he wasn’t expecting me because he already had his dick out playing with it. Donna hollers at him to put it away and she grabs a towel from the kitchen and throws it to him so he can cover it up, which he did.

She started cleaning as he was talking to me, suddenly he yells at her to show him her body. Since all she wore over there was an extra long tank top, but she kept telling him that he’d go blind. When all she had left to do was the dishes, he had said something again about seeing her body, that’s when she turns to me and says see what I mean. So I told her that she needed to shut him up.

She walks over and stands right in front of him, just out of arms reach and pulls her tank top off. He never says a word, his mouth dropped wide open. Donna told him now will you shut up about it, and went over and finished the dishes. As she was doing the dishes he was sitting there watching her ass and telling her what he’d do to her if he ever got his hands on her and shit like that.

She just kept telling him to keep talking. Apparently the dirty talk must have turned her on because when we got home we fucked like rabbits. After that Donna would just clean his whole trailer nude. She told me that in all the times she cleaned it she never let him touch her, she said his age and wrinkles grossed her out, but she didn’t mind looking at his cock. She said that on the days that I didn’t go over with her that he would play with his cock the whole time and tell her how hot she was and what he’d do to her if he got the chance.

I know the trash talk got to her because she’d want to fuck every time she got done with his trailer. She said that she masturbated for him while sitting on the couch but that was as far as anything went.
Meanwhile during this time Donna had gotten pregnant, and also a couple of friends of mine had moved into the trailer on the other side of us. I’d known them for a long time but Donna absolutely did not like the one guy, Henry.

She thought he was gross and perverted. The other guy Robert she had no problem with. If they both or Henry came over if she was nude she would go and put something on. But if just Robert came over she didn’t care, she would stay nude. In fact several times I had come home to see her and Robert sitting in the living room, with her nude as could be. Then she started to clean Robert’s and Henry’s trailer too, for the extra money.

At first she would clean it while Henry was there but she told me that she didn’t like the way he stared at her so she would only go over there if no one was home or of Robert was there. What I didn’t know was that she was cleaning their place nude, but only when Robert was there. When I found out about it and confronted her about it she said that she had told him about cleaning the old man’s place while nude so he wanted her to do it at his place as well.

That’s when she had also confessed to me that she had been having sex with Robert too. Needless to say I was upset, but with her showing as much as she was I figured that I’d wait. About then is when Donna’s sister Cathy had moved in with us. The same one that we had lived with in the beginning. At this point I must say that Donna is a dead slipper, you can kick her in the face and you are still not waking her up, and she passes out when cumming.

That being said There was a night when I saw a great chance to get even. Cathy was staying the weekend with their mom and Donna had drank some moonshine and passed out hard on the couch, nude, yes the bitch drank while she was pregnant, and stayed nude while her sister lived with us. Anyhow, I went over to Henry’s,Robert was out of town or something, and told him that I needed some help, You could tell that he’d been drinking a good bit but was more than happy to come and help.

He had made a comment as we were leaving his trailer about he hoped he would get a chance to see Donna naked, all I would say was you might get lucky. When we went inside he about shit himself, I had moved Donna around on the couch so one leg was over the back of the couch and the other on the floor, like Cathy was that time we walked in on her, and facing the door so that is the first thing you see as you walk in.

I told Henry that I was gonna need his help putting her to bed, but I wanted to sit and burn one first. I had him sit right in front of her pussy and I sat up by her head. We were passing the joint back and forth while I was rubbing her titties. He was staring between her legs the whole time. I thought he was going to jump out of his skin when I told him that he could stick his finger in her pussy if her wanted to.

He wasted no time in doing what he was told. We finished the joint and I told him that I had to go and use the bathroom, and got up and left the room. I stayed gone for a little while to let Henry have his way with her. Henry had a reputation for fucking anything, even a****ls. As I figured, when I had came out of the bathroom, there he was on top of her on the couch fucking her.

It wasn’t very long and he was done, he pulled his pants up and sat down where he had been sitting. We talked for a little while, the whole time he was rubbing his hand on her lower belly, watching his load ooze out of her pussy. After he helped me put her to bed he went on home. I let Henry fuck Donna like that several more times after that, after she was asleep of course, and even while Cathy was there in her room sleeping too.

A few times he would be fucking Donna while I was in Cathy’s room fucking her, while she was sleeping also. Donna had felt guilty about fucking Robert so she had Cathy do some things to “try and make it OK” She had me walk into the kitchen nude while Cathy was fixing dinner, loved the reaction of that one, it was the first time she had seen me naked. Donna also had Cathy climb in the shower with me like I had her do Don.

The difference was the fact that I fucked the shit out of her in that shower. Donna thought that that made us even, she wasn’t even close. Before too long we had moved to an apartment, it was an old motel that had been converted and everything was on the ground floor. It wasn’t long after we had moved in before Donna had the baby, this was in May. The apartments had an old pool that was empty but the area around the pool was still nice, and away from the view of most of the apartments.

It wasn’t long before Donna was there, sunbathing, usually nude. Plus the apartments had taken up two motel rooms so one of the old doors was right in our bedroom, it was next to and looked right out onto the main highway, so most nights we would keep that door open, The bed was positioned so that if you were walking down the road or even if you were driving a little slow, you could look in and see everything we were doing.

Also the small walkway that was at that door faced east so many mornings Donna would take her coffee out there and soak up the morning sun, nude of course. We shared the walkway with one other apartment, none of the other apartments could see it either, but it was about thirty foot from the main road and right at the entrance to our two buildings on our side. So if you pulled in you couldn’t miss seeing Donna.

Who was always out there waving , especially to the men that lived there. It was when I had went to a day shift job that Donna started fucking around with one of the maintenance men. When I found out about it she tried to tell me that he had ****d her, but couldn’t explain why the **** took place in his apartment, in his shower. It wasn’t long after that that she ran off to South Carolina with the maintenance man, she took the baby too, but I eventually got him back.

There were many, many other things that had happened during those times, I just wanted to touch on the highlights.

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