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First Time With My Cousin

MF oral inc cousin
Summary: Well, his dad had just fucked me for the first time a couple of days before so why not the son? The only potential complication was that the dad was my uncle and his son was my cousin!
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 i****t in My family
Chapter 2 Seeking My Mom?s Advice
Chapter 3 My Mom?s Puts Our Plan Into Action
Chapter 4 Sucking My Cousin?s Dick
Chapter 5 Paul Eats My Pussy
Chapter 6 Paul Finally Fucks Me
Chapter 7 My Mom Surprises Paul
Chapter 8 Paul Fucks Me Again
I am a twenty year-old college junior studying to be a teacher.

After losing my virginity at the age of f******n, I have spent the next six years engaged in what could be euphemistically phrased a “sexually active” lifestyle. During that period I’ve had over thirty different partners which to me is really not that many when you consider it averages to only five per year. For the first couple of years I only had sex with boys although I have always masturbated a lot with my girlfriends and especially my cousin.

My first true sexual experience with a girl was actually with my mother. I was sixteen at the time and about a week earlier I had sex with my dad for the first time so it was only natural to extend that relationship to my mother. While she and her sister had a similar relationship with their father, it never included her mother which was something she always regretted. My mom’s sister, Aunt Linda.

I got together shortly afterwards and for the next two years they were the only females I had sex with until I started college. Brenda, my freshman roomie, turned out to be bisexual and for the first time I had sex with a girl outside my family. She was a lifesaver for me and to this day remains one of my closest and most intimate friends. Unbeknownst to me my cousin Kristi, daughter of my aunt that I was having sex with for the past couple of years, started fucking my dad while I was away for college.

It wasn’t until I had returned home for summer break that I found out and on a July Fourth weekend we were finally all together as a family. All of this was restricted to my mom’s side of the family as my dad’s wasn’t into the family stuff. My dad is the middle of three sons with Uncle Jim being the youngest and Uncle Paul the eldest. According to my mom they’d been a pretty wild trio as teens.

I found it fascinating to learn that my mother and aunt had fucked all three brothers a number of time before they got married, once with all five of them together at the same time! Unlike my Aunt Linda, who stayed involved with my parents during her short marriage, my uncles never even brought up the subject of their past relationships with my mom let alone do anything once they had tied the knot.

Now each has two daughters and a son and to all outward appearances appear to lead fairly “normal” lives. Although looks can be deceiving, after all people who know my family would probably say the same thing about us, my dad is convinced they have never cheated despite both marriages having become rather stale over the years, particularly in the sex department. Both of my uncles have been looking at me in ways an uncle “shouldn’t” for years, even when I was not yet technically a teenager.

It would have been hard not to have noticed their wandering eyes (and sometimes hands) when I was with them but there was never anything more forward than that ? at least until this past week. Last week after church my parents and I were at my Uncle Jim’s house for a pool party. My youngest cousin Tammy had just turned thirteen not long before and was looking pretty hot in her new bikini.

She has always been the “wild” one of the two sisters and my dad gets an instant erection whenever she is around. Once in the hot tub I had reached down under the bubbles to find him stroking his hard cock with her right there in the tub with us! Well, before the day was over a dream of mine was finally realized when I had a sexual encounter with Tammy. First I introduced her to cyber sex by chatting with and watching a cam of one of the guys who likes to masturbate for me.

She had never actually seen an erect cock before let alone watch guy do that before so while she was all hot and horny I helped her masturbate. Technically you could say it wasn’t masturbation since it wasn’t only her hand on her clit but you get the picture! One thing led to another and before it was over I taught her to lick my pussy. Of course I used hers as an example and in doing so I tasted my first young pussy.

I had dreamed many times of doing this with some of the girls I baby sit for or see in church but never thought it would be right to actually do anything with them. Tammy was my cousin though and so I felt it was OK for us to have a more intimate, even if she was seven years younger than me. Later when we got home I told my parents all about it, thinking they would be proud of me.

As I figured, my dad was insanely jealous when I told him about it later but I was a bit taken by surprise that my mom was not quite so pleased. In fact, she made both of us promise not to push Tammy any further until she indicated beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wanted to. I really can’t complain as my parents used the same principle for me, waiting until I made a firm decision to have sex with them rather than forcing it on me.

Even if my mother wasn’t thrilled about what happened, she wasn’t opposed to using it as an icebreaker for me so far as my dad’s side of the family went. With her reluctant approval I fucked my uncle for the first time a week later, right in front of my dad. While he was fucking me I sucked my dad’s cock at the same time so now Uncle Jim knows about me and my dad.

It should be interesting to see where this leads to in the upcoming days before I go back to school. As for the rest of the family, there is no chance of anything happening with Aunt Shari. She is the world’s biggest prude having been raised in a super- strict family and was constantly preaching to my mother about how she let me get away with everything and that it was sinful the way she allowed me to dress.

Of course my mother couldn’t care less what Aunt Shari says or thinks and if anything I she encourages me to dress naughty just to piss her off! Unfortunately Tammy’s older sister, Kate, is a complete mommy’s girl and is growing up like a clone of her mother. She’ll be a virgin probably AFTER she gets married at the rate she’s going although other than being more uptight than a guitar string she is actually quite a sweet girl.

My cousin Paul is another story entirely. As I mentioned, he is s*******n and quite handsome for his age. A star in practically every sport in school, he has the physique to show for it. According to my cousin Kristi, the girls in school all think that Paul is one of the hottest guys there and they all have their sights set on him. Although he dates regularly, she has never heard anyone claim to have had sex with him leaving me to wonder if he is still a virgin although one look at him and it’s hard to believe.

The key question for me was how to go about approaching Paul. I knew that no matter how much I teased him or flirted, he would never make a first move since after all, I WAS his first cousin and in today’s society you aren’t suppose to fuck your closest cousins. These silly rules were developed centuries ago when birth control was non-existent and although people may not have known the reason why, they did now that having babies with your family members just didn’t work.

Today such aberrations can be prevented, or at least fixed, so I don’t understand why i****t is not only allowed but encouraged. In my case I am closer to my parents than any other girl I know and I can claim them to be my best friends. There are so many families with problems and with the divorce rate so high you would think maybe the idea would get across that more love in a family would only help, not hurt! But things are as they are so my dilemma was figuring out how to overcome Paul’s cultural programming.

Given the number of guys I’ve had sex with and the ease with which I could go out at this moment and get laid if I wanted to, someone might wonder why go through all the hassle and potential problems of trying to seduce my cousin. For me it is more than just Paul but rather the idea of bringing our families closer together. I know how wonderful it is to have my Aunt Linda and Kristi over and now I was looking forward to seeing Uncle Jim joining in so my mom could have someone else to fuck.

With Tammy now at least on her way to a more sexual lifestyle, one which I hoped to encourage and develop with her, having Paul in the mix would make it really erotic. Chapter 2 ? Seeking My Mom?s Advice =================================== I’d been masturbating all the past week over the possibilities, especially when it came to Tammy being with her father and brother. I wanted so bad to give them the gift I had, to help them become close as a family.

But it was one step at a time and for now Paul was the next bPaul to be laid in my plan ? literally as well as figuratively! As usual whenever I had a problem or question I went to my mother to get her advice. Over the years we have shared everything in my life and our relationship today goes far beyond that of a typical mother and daughter. I knew if anyone could help me figure this out that my mother was the one.

One morning after my dad had woken me in his special way and left for work, instead of going back to bed for a while (or chatting on-line for a few minutes to let myself settle down), I went to their bedroom where my mother was still asleep. I crawled in bed with her and slipped under the blankets. My mother loved heavy comforters and she kept the room pretty cool so it felt good to snuggle under them.

She was laying on her side, facing her edge of the bed so I slipped up against her and fit my body next to hers. The warmth of her smooth bare skin felt so good against mine. My naked breasts pressed against her back and her ass was cupped in my crotch. I put my arm around her and held her large breast in my hand. Her nipple was hard and I wondered what she was dreaming about! I buried my face in her hair and just laid there, enjoying the comfort and security of being close to my mom.

I fell asleep this way only to wake up to find my mother on top of me, kissing my breasts and running her hands all over me. “Good morning sleepy eyes,” she said in a cheerful voice. “I woke up to find a surprise in bed with me. What’s the matter, didn’t your dad take care of you this morning?” We both giggled at that. She knew better than that ? my dad hadn’t missed a morning with me since I got home from school.

I played along though, knowing what she really wanted. “Why don’t you check for yourself?” I said coyly My mom grinned and hummed a “Mmmmmmm” after which she moved her head to between my legs. I spread them apart for her and she started to lick me while I laid my head back on the pillow and enjoyed it. Nobody knows how to lick my pussy better than my mom, not even my dad.

I don’t know if it?s because she is just damn good at it or if somehow as my mother she just knows what is best for me. It doesn’t matter, all I know is that my mom licks pussy better than any other girl I have ever known! My mom’s also a darn good teacher when it comes to sucking cocks and I owe much of my reputation to her teachings over the years.

It doesn’t hurt either to have a father who provides plenty of feedback and instruction to go along with it! We spent the next couple of hours in bed together loving one another. I will always be my dad’s little girl, his only daughter who strives to please her father in every way she can. With my mom it is more mutual, more like the intimacy shared between two lovers. It’s almost how I envision it will be with my husband someday, the only man to whom I will ever “make love” too.

I say “man” because I firmly believe I already have that relationship with my mom. I have a hard enough time writing about my sexual experiences as it is but I find it almost impossible to put into words how I feel about her and how it feels when we make love. As a result I really don’t even like to put in down as when I read it back it just seems to somehow cheapen the experience.

Suffice it to say for those couple of hours a mother and daughter transcended their traditional roles and became lovers in every sense of the word. When we were done, I laid there in bed with her arms around me, feeling a glow that comes from being fully satisfied ? emotionally and physically in a way that has never happened with any man yet in my life, not even my father. As we laid there we started talking about the events of the past week, particularly with Tammy and Uncle Paul.

My mom was still concerned about what I had done with Tammy, worried that she was too young for me to go any farther with. Showing her how to cyber on the Internet and hooking her up with some guys that liked to masturbate for her wasn’t a problem for her since she could have found that out for herself. It didn’t hurt that my mom liked it when guys sent me pics of them cumming her so she couldn’t really say anything about them doing it with Tammy’s.

If anything she was glad I had helped her learn about it so she wouldn’t get caught up with some pervert. In case you haven’t figured it out by now from all my diary stories, my mother is the main reason I don’t meet people from the Internet. She is positively terrified of what might happen to me and she has made me promise on a stack of bibles never to meet anyone I chat with.

Given how easy it is for me to fill my sexual needs locally I haven’t resisted her in this although there have more than a few golden opportunities I think might have been a lot of fun. It’s hard because guys and couples pressure me hard to meet them and even though I have tried to be as up front as possible with everyone, some of them get so insistent that I just go along with them rather than keep pushing them off.

I feel bad because this eventually pisses them off but I figure they asked for it. So anyway, back from that tangent… My mom was intrigued by my dreams for what amounted to a sexual family unification, even if it didn’t include Aunt Shari and Kate although that would have made it so much better. Normally I would have thought this to be wrong since I feel that either the entire family must be involved in i****t or none at all simply because I think that the strain of maintaining such secrets would be too much for most people to bear.

In this situation, though, there was the help of a strong support structure most families new to i****t don’t have, namely my family and Aunt Linda’s. I know that I would have been thankful to anyone who would have helped me get started with my dad sooner than I did. I look at the years before I first had sex with my dad and can’t help but feel remorse at all the lost opportunities, not to mention the guilt I will always have for not giving my dad what would have been the greatest gift as a daughter I could have given to my father ? my virginity.

I have dreamed many times of how it would have been if I had first given myself to him, the love and tenderness he would have shown, the patience to make sure every was perfect for me, that incredible moment when I felt a cock entering me for the first time, knowing it was my father’s and realizing how much he must truly me to want to do this to me. Together my mom and I came up with a plan.

I wanted to be clever and give it some sort of code name like a spy novel but nothing came to mind so we just referred to it as The Plan. The basic element of The Plan was simple and direct ? throw myself at Paul! We debated the pros and cons of more subtle approaches but figured all of them had the same basic flaw in that they gave him too much time to think about it and thus the opportunity to chicken out.

We concluded that a full frontal assault (pun intended of course) was the best strategy and then it was on to how to get the job done. We thought about waiting for another pool party or something like the TV ball game episode the other day with my Uncle Jim but decided against this. I had pushed my luck pretty far and barely escaped getting caught the last time so to do it again might bring on disaster.

One thing we agreed upon and that was that Aunt Shari could not know ANYTHING about all of this or she would probably go postal. Listening to my dad tell me the things his brother had confided in him about their sex lives, it was amazing they had been able to reproduce! The safest approach was to get to Paul away from their house in a location that was completely private. That pretty much left just one place ? our house.

With the logistics in place we spent the next hour or so debating how I was to seduce Paul. When we finished we were giggling like two schoolgirls, each of us talking about how we dreamed the day would go. Well, there was no time better than the present to see if it would work so why not go for it! Chapter 3 ? My Mom?s Puts Our Plan Into Action ============================================== My mom picked up the phone and called Aunt Shari.

They chatted about nothing for a while and I teased my mom, running my fingers over her and between her legs. She slapped at me playfully and I giggled, thinking about how shocked Aunt Shari would be if she had any idea of what was going on at the other end of the line. Eventually my mom brought up the subject of some lawn work that my dad was way behind on because of his heavy work schedule of late.

She sighed as she told Aunt Shari that she had signed up for some of the boys in the church youth group but apparently they were overwhelmed with requests and never even called us back. I could hear my aunt’s loud obnoxious voice through the earpiece as she ranted about how poorly the program was bring run by the new youth pastor and how someone should do something about it. After her rant though she asked my mom if Paul could help out in any way.

My mom gave me the thumbs up sign when Aunt Shari said he was even free today if we needed him. Paul must have been in the same room because we could barely make out someone protesting in the background about having plans with friends. Aunt Shari told him to shut up and get working if he wanted a car which evidently motivated him. He would be over in an hour which left us little time to get prepared.

We wouldn’t want him to catch us in bed together but then again?.. The truth was that my dad kept up with the yard work pretty well but my mother remembered that the deck needed some dirty sections cleaned. We usually had it professionally cleaned and sealed every year but there always seemed to be patches where it needed touchup work throughout the summer. My dad had been planning to do the work soon and so the cleaning supplies were already laid out meaning everything was ready to go.

So much for the setup work – now for the bait. As part of The Plan this was of course – me. Just like when fishing, the tPaul was to put the bait where the fish would take it which in this case meant the hot tub. I had the perfect bikini for the occasion, one which normally I would’ve never worn in public but this wasn’t a public pool by any means. My mom of course wanted to watch so she set up a chair by my bedroom window, making sure the shade for the other window in my room was pulled to keep the room dark and thus difficult to see into from the sunny outdoors.

It was rather ironic that she would be watching me (or at least hopefully would be) fuck my cousin for the first time from the very same window I first watched her and my dad making love in the hot tub, a moment in my life which changed everything for me forever. There wasn’t too much else to do as we waited for Paul to show up. We had decided that the best course of action would be for me to stay out of sight at the outset and let my mom handle things so I went up to my room and started chatting, something I typically did whenever I needed to pass some time away.

Before long the doorbell rang and I could hear my mom answering it and then heard Paul’s voice. She thanked him for being so prompt in helping out and led him through the house to the deck off the back of the kitchen. I moved over to the window in my room and watched as my mom showed him what had to be done. My mom, who wanted Paul just as badly as I did, had dressed up in a pair of cutoffs and a bikini top with no shoes.

Although not as revealing as mine, they still showed off her assets (sorry, another pun I couldn’t resist) and with her boobs being so much larger she didn’t need her bikini top to be as small as mine to flaunt them. Several times she bent over to pick up something from the deck and I almost laughed as she blatantly kept her legs straight so her ass stuck out as much as possible when she leaned over.

Paul was s*******n and thus horny 100% of the time and he didn’t let us down. His eyes never left her ass and when she would lean over to show him how to do something his eyes went straight to her ample bosom which she made sure left plenty of cleavage in view. The funny thing was that here he was getting teased by my mom but in the end it was going to be me he was going to fuck.

Well, it wouldn’t be long before he found that out for himself. My mom left him to get to work and went inside. I had to give him credit, he was an industrious boy and went straight to work, probably hoping to get finished faster so he could get to whatever party he was missing. A few minutes later and my mom was at my side, watching him with me out the window through the shades.

Paul was wearing cutoff jeans which went almost to his knees and a muscle-shirt from school. He looked so handsome and strong not to mention positively fuckable. “Mmmmmmm, nice buns,” she murmured, “You don’t think I over-did it do you?” I laughed together with her, “No way, he was soaking it all up. I loved the way he stared at your ass whenever your back was to him. ” My mom smiled at that.

She may be almost forty but she still has a great ass and knows it. “You know I was tempted to just take him myself and do the Aunt- nephew thing myself,” she said. “I bet he would have gone for it too. ” I pretended to be horrified at the prospect of not having him first and then we both broke down and laughed together. My mother was just as horny as I was so once I started playing with myself as we watched Paul it didn’t take long for her to join in.

For the next fifteen minutes or so we both played with ourselves as we shared the view. It was mid-afternoon and sweltering outside so it wasn’t long before he stripped off his shirt and revealed his tanned muscular frame. We both moaned simultaneously and then giggled at our joint reaction.
Chapter 4 Sucking My Cousins Dick ====================================
It was time for the next phase of The Plan. I already had my bikini on so it was just a matter of wrapping a towel around me and heading downstairs.

When I opened the door to the deck and stepped out, Paul look over to see who it was and when he recognized it was me he grinned and greeted me. “Hey cousin, how’s it going?” he said. I just said something it being OK and all and then moved over to the hot tub. “You don’t mind if I use the hot tub while you’re working out here, do you Paul?” “Heck no Sasha,” he replied quickly.

“You can do whatever. I shouldn’t be too much longer anyway This wasn’t very hard, I’m actually surprised your dad couldn’t get to it by now. ” I asked Paul to help me with the cover and we placed it off to the side where it was out of the way. I started the pump and jets and the water quickly turned into a frothy cauldron. From this point on the plan was simple – get straight to the point as quickly as possible and simply overwhelm him.

I glanced up at my bedroom window where I knew my mom would be watching but as we hoped it was too dark to see her inside. In one quick motion I dropped my towel to the deck revealing my skimpy bikini to him. It was nice to see his eyes widen and his mouth involuntarily drop open just a bit as he looked me up and down before realizing what he was doing and diverting his eyes away.

While he was trying to look like he was not trying to look at me, I stripped off my suit and stepped into the tub. As I slowly lowered myself into the steaming hot water I smiled at him and said, “Oh! hope you don’t mind Paul, but my dad has a strict rule here ? no swimming suits in the hot tub. Something about soap residue or something contaminating the water. Besides, it’s not all that much different between this and that little bikini anyway don’t you think?” I was fully under the water by then and the bubbles kept my body from view but not before I am sure he was able to take in a good view of my naked body.

He didn’t answer my question and was about to turn away when I knew I needed to keep up the pressure. “Hey Paul, why don’t you take a break and join me?” I asked him. “I know you always like to go swimming with me in your pool so it’s time for me to repay the favor. ” He stammered for a second and then lamely said, “Love to but I can’t, I didn’t bring a swimming suit.

” I pouted at him and shook my finger at him saying. “Didn’t I just say that my dad didn’t allow swim suits in here? Come on, we do this all the time so it’s no big deal – really. After all, it’s not like I haven’t seen a naked guy before or anything. ” He was still hesitating so I kept up the pressure by standing up in the tub and letting the water and bubbles drip from me.

I put one hand on my hip and the other reached out to him seductively. “Now tell me Paul, don’t you want to get in here with me? C’mon, let’s have some fun. ” I pulled my hand in and cupped my breasts with both hands, lifting them up for him. That was enough as finally he quickly lowered his shorts and underwear which was all he had left on by then. I smiled when I looked at his crotch and saw he was sporting a huge erection.

He started to cover himself with his hand and his face reddened but it was exactly what I had hoped to see. For a moment I thought of my mother watching from above and I knew where her eyes were fixed now. He may be just s*******n but Paul was already the man of the house. His cock was easily and inch or two bigger than his dad’s (or my dad for that matter) and considerably thicker as well.

It was all I could do to keep from jumping out and sucking it as he stood there but that would have been too much even for The Plan. “Don’t hide it for heaven’s sake,” I said in exasperation, “I’ve been waiting for a long time to get a view of that dick and it looks like it was well worth the wait! Now get in here with me so I can get a closer view.

” Paul pulled his hand reluctantly from his crock, freeing his dick which immediately stuck straight up in the air. God he was hard! Even as he walked it just trembled like a tall tree in the wind. He lowered himself into the churning water slowly, gasping at the heat. Well, time to keep up the pressure so I maneuvered myself over to him and spread his legs apart so I could slide between them.

I reached down under the water and ran my hands under the backs of his legs until they were under his firm butt and lifted him up. His head almost slipped backwards into the water before he put his arms out and held onto the sides as I kept raising his hips until his cock stuck out of the water like a fleshy periscope. It looked so inviting I didn’t hesitate another second and moved forward until my mouth was over his cock.

“Ever have a girl suck this before?” I asked him. Paul was just staring at me and he vigorously shook his head. I smiled at him seductively and took his cock into my mouth as far as I could right off the bat. He was big enough that he didn’t fit in my mouth but I didn’t take him down my throat right away and instead held onto the bottom quarter of his rigid cock with one of my hands as I held him up with my free one.

He was helping me now, arching his back to keep his hips up out of the water so it didn’t take as much effort on my part to keep his cock exposed. I started to stroke his cock in and out of my mouth and he groaned even louder. “Oh Sasha!” was all he could say, repeating it over and over as I sucked his beautiful dick. I looked him in the eye and held his cock in my hand as I licked my lips seductively in preparation.

“Watch me,” was all I said as I took a deep breath and went down on him. I felt hic cock pressing against the back of my throat but I kept going down, another couple inches to go. I kept my eyes locked on his as I pushed his dick down my throat. No matter how many times I do this I still can’t get over having a moment where I think I am going to gag but when you know what to expect it makes it easier to take and I kept pushing my head down on him.

His cock filled my throat and I felt it slide downwards. Finally my lips were tight against the thick base of his cock and my nose was pressed into his wet pubic hair. I turned my head from side to side to rub his cock in my mouth as he stared at me, not even blinking. I needed to breath so I pulled up and then took another deep breath and did it again.

This time he put one hand on my head and pushed me down. I felt myself getting lightheaded and I pulled my head up against his hand and sucked in a deep breath of air. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, “I can’t believe you took it all in your mouth!! That was amazing!” “So you’ve never had a girl suck you before?” I asked. “No!” he said quickly, “I never thought one ever would, just a porn thing.

” I gave him a few more good strokes with my mouth and then looked up at him again, my hand running up and down his shaft in a twisting motion. “I want you to cum in my mouth now. ” “You sure?” he asked but I could tell he wanted it from the lustful look in his eyes. No need for a reply, I went down on him again and felt his ass tightening up under my hand.

He moaned loudly and I held his cock an inch or so from my open mouth, waiting for his cum. I stroked his cock with my hand and aimed it best as I could for my mouth. Just then a huge stream of cum emerged from the tip of his cock and I felt it pooling on my tongue. The next load missed and hit me on the cheek while the third one was back in my mouth again.

I took him in my mouth then and sucked his dick as he spurted several more smaller loads of his sperm into my hungry mouth. When he was finished I kept sucking on him, feeling him quiver as my tongue ran circles around the head of his cock, savoring the flavor of him. I knew some of his cum was on my face, I could feel it dripping down but I left it there for him to see.

It must be something like a male dog marking a tree because guys seem to love seeing their cum on me. I prefer it go somewhere a bit more useful like my mouth where at least I get to taste it or my pussy where I get to feel it entering me and then keep it in me for a while. This time though I wanted Paul to enjoy the moment as much as possible so if that meant leaving his cum on my face then I was more than happy to do so.

Chapter 5 Paul Eats My Pussy
“My turn,” I said as I took his hand and pulled him up as I moved to the opposite side of the tub. Essentially we swapped places with me laying back and letting my hips float up to the surface. My bald pussy was surrounded by bubbles of air and I spread my legs wide for him. Paul looked a little apprehensive so I helped him along a bit.

“Get on your knees and hold my butt up unless you want to do this underwater,” I told him. He did and I loved the feel of his large hands as they cupped my ass and lifted me up until he had practically my entire butt clear of the water! “Just lick it,” I instructed, “Don’t worry about where for now, just lick it up and down. ” Paul tentatively reached out with his tongue and I felt a twinge as the tip of his tongue touched me.

He licked me more like a dog, just lapping me up and down without any penetration. I reached down with one hand and spread myself apart for him. He took the hint and soon his tongue was running between my pussy lips and up and over my clit. I jumped each time he went over where my clit was growing harder by the second. I noticed he must have assumed my response meant he was doing something bad because he started avoiding it.

Wrong! “Feel that under your tongue?” I asked, “Lick under the hood where you feel that bump sticking out. Mmmmmmm, that’s it, that’s my clit Paul and it loves your attention. ” Paul was a fast learner, I had to give him that. Before long he was sucking on my clit and trying to poke his tongue up my pussy. I glanced upwards and even though I couldn’t see her I knew my mom was watching.

I could imagine her playing with herself as she watched Paul eating my pussy, wishing it was hers I am sure! As horny as I was it was no surprise that even with his rather amateur oral abilities he was bringing me to a climax. I wrapped my legs around his head, crossing my feet on top of his back with his head clamped between my thighs. I groaned as I felt myself cumming, that familiar yet never repetitious feeling of the most purest of pleasures.

I arched my back further to drive myself deeper into his face and I could feel myself cumming. God it felt so good! I could feel my pussy cum gushing which evidently surprised Paul as he started to pull his head back away from me. I tightened my grip with my legs and stopped him. “Fuck no!” I cried, “don’t stop now, I’m just cumming!” Paul seemed to understand that it was ok; hell it was a LOT more than OK, and renewed his tonguing of my pussy.

I wondered what he thought about it, the taste of a girl’s pussy for the first time, the taste of her cum. I loved the taste of a horny pussy, especially my own. There was something delicious and naughty about reaching under my skirt to wet my finger and then smelling and tasting it, especially when I was somewhere where I “shouldn’t”. Just like I had never sucked two cocks that tasted and smelled exactly the same, so it was with pussies.

My mom and aunt may be sisters but I could tell the difference between them blindfolded if you let me smell their pussies. I remembered my petite cousin Tammy a couple of weeks before and how sweet she tasted and the light odor that came from her when she was hot. It was so different compared to the stronger muskier smell of my mom. From the way he was licking me I figured Paul must be enjoying my pussy as well!
Chapter 6 Paul Finally Fucks Me =================================
Once my orgasm had finally settled down enough for me to think more coherently, I unwrapped my legs from being around him and lifted his head from my crotch with my hand.

I stood up and turned around. Leaning forward, I put my hands on the side of the tub and spread my legs for him to get a close-up view of my ass and pussy. I wiggled it suggestively for him and invited him over. “Fuck me Paul,” I said loudly over the din of the hot tub, “Enter me from behind. ” Paul clearly wanted to if his still erect cock was any indicator but for just a moment he seemed to panic.

I knew then it was more than just fucking his cousin that he was thinking about, he was indeed a virgin! It was a long time ago that I had my first virgin and since his mother was obviously never going to take it who better than his cousin to give it to? Well, maybe Tammy would have been a better choice but I admit to being a bit selfish, I wanted him! Paul put on hand on my hip to steady himself and I looked over my shoulder to see how he was doing.

He used his other hand to guide his cock to me but when he got to my butt he seemed to stop, probably uncertain as to what to do next. I reached between my legs and took his cock from his hand. Guiding it to the entrance to my pussy hole, I centered it on target and pressed back against him slightly. “That’s it Paul, right there. ” I encouraged him, “C’mon, you DO want to fuck me, don’t you?” “Oh yes Sasha,” he moaned, “I’ve wanted to do this soooooo badly, never thought it would happen!” With that he pressed himself into me.

At first my pussy resisted and so he pressed harder until suddenly his cock head slipped into me. Mmmmmmm, Paul was no longer a virgin! “Don’t stop,” I instructed, “Keep pushing it all the way in. ” I felt his cock sliding into me, feeling my warm pussy embrace it, welcoming it finally to the home where it belonged. He was big alright! My crotch felt like it was being split apart as he penetrated me deeper and deeper.

He was so incredibly hard it was like having a steel stake inside of me, one that throbbed and felt so warm! His crotch met with my ass and I felt his body pressing against mine. He had one hand on each hip now which let him rock me back and forth against his dick that had me impaled. Male instinct took over and he began fucking me, slowly at first and then building up speed.

Having just cum, I figured he would be a bit more lasting this time so I let him fuck me for a while before calling for a new position. “Time for something new,” I said. I pushed him back and out of me and turned around to face him. I sat on the seat in the corner of the tub and put one leg up on each side of the tub, spreading myself wide open for him in the process.

Motioning for him to move up, I grabbed his steel pole and inserted him into my anxious pussy. He started stroking himself once again in and out of me, faster than ever. His hand held my shoulders to steady us both so I put my right hand between my legs and played with my pussy while my other hand went to my breast and massaged them, squeezing my nipples between my fingers and pulling on them.

I could only imagine how this must have looked to my horny mother looking down from above! Between his monstrous cock slamming in and out of me and my finger on my clit another orgasm was building in me and I leaned my head back with my eyes closed as the raging fire engulfed me. God this was incredible! So many times I had looked at him in the pool and at family gatherings and wondered what it would be like to have him in me and now he was! My pussy clamped down on him and he pushed hard to get himself back into me all the way where he just held himself while I enjoyed the feel of him throbbing in me as my body simmered with the sensations that were running through it from head to toe.

As I eased up on him he renewed his assault on my pussy and was now stroking himself as fast as he could. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and I put mine around his waist as we pressed tightly together. He was in me deep and he stayed there for motionless for just a moment when I felt his hips lunge and he shot his cum deep inside of me. I felt a bloom of heat as his sperm emerged from his stiff cock and was propelled even deeper inside of me.

Another one was followed by yet another. I love the feeling when a man releases himself in me, mating with me and shooting his sperm deep into me in that vain attempt to impregnate me. I feel the warmth inside of me and try to imagine millions of sperm cells moving inside of me, created by someone else and now living in me. We held onto each other for several minutes that way, just our naked bodies pressed tightly against each other and we remained coupled on the ledge of the hot tub.

My mother must have realized what had happened and that we were close to finishing because I heard sounds of footsteps and looked over Paul’s shoulder to see my mother standing at the opposite side of the hot tub, hands on her hips and a huge smile on her face. Paul must not have heard her soft steps and with his back to the doorway obviously didn’t see her coming either so he just held onto me, periodically thrusting himself back in me as his cock shrunk and dried to withdraw from me.

“That’s it Paul, keep it in me,” I whispered with a wink to my mom. “I want to feel your cock pulsing inside of me. ” “Oh god that felt so good,” Paul said in a husky voice, “I mean, that was incredible! I didn’t mean to cum in you though. Damn you’re not going to get pregnant now are you?”
Chapter 7 My Mom Surprises Paul =================================
“Give me some credit Paul, I taught her better than that!” Paul’s head spun around at that to see my mom smiling at us.

I felt his body tense and it was like a deer in the headlights moment. He was simply frozen with shock and couldn’t seem to move. “Oh shit!” was all he could say as my mom walked around until she was next to us. “She’s been on the pill forever,” my mom continued, “At last ONE of you was prepared. ” She stoked my wet hair as she stood behind me and looked down between us.

“Mmmmmmm, I see you two are a bit more than just kissing cousins these days. So tell me Sasha, did he fuck you good?” I looked up at her and grinned, “Not bad for a first timer, not bad at all!” Paul was still tense but I could feel him starting to loosen up as what to him must have been a surreal situation unfolded. “You’re not mad?” he asked my mom finally. My mom laughed and took another look down to see my pussy with his cock still inside.

“Of course not, a bit jealous though I must admit. ” Paul looked puzzled for a second, My mom smiled at him with a seductive look I rarely saw on her, one that made her look ultra sexy and a bit slutty actually. “Next time you’re over I guess I’ll have to show you that older women can be just as much fun as the young ones. ” Paul was s*******n and despite the shock of being “caught” by my mother the hormones kicked in at that and I felt his cock stiffening in me.

“Watch it mom, you’re getting him hard again!” I warned her with a smile. Indeed, he was almost full grown again and his slight movements in me had gradually been growing in strength. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned softly. My mom just sighed and patted me on the head. “Well, I’ll let you two finish up. Remember Paul ? next time you’re over it’s my turn. ”
Chapter 8 Paul Fucks Me Again
My mom went back in the house leaving Paul fucking me once again.

The guy was insatiable which was fine with me! I pushed him away though and he looked at me in surprise. I smiled and climbed out of the hot tub, motioning for him to get out as well. I pulled the cushion from the chaise lounge off and laid it on the deck, pointing at him to lay down. As he laid on his back his cock was so stiff it was pointing almost straight at his head as I climbed aboard.

Sitting up high above his waist I grabbed his dick and pointed it upwards to ward my lowering pussy, guiding it in me as I kept on moving downwards. I was so wet and swollen now that his cock easily slid into me and I dropped down hard on his lap, driving his dick deep into me. He gasped partly from my weight as it struck him and partly from the feel of his cock being rammed into me.

“My turn to control,” I said as I started bouncing on his cock. I loved this position because it lets me control the tempo and the depth of his penetration in me. I sat in his lap and ground my ass into his crotch, making his cock move and twist inside of me, driving me crazy with the pleasure of it. “Sit up,” I told him. I stayed in him as he raised up and then moved my legs so instead of being on my knees I was sitting in his lap with my legs out behind him.

He put his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him until my boobs were pressed into his bare chest. The he loosened his grip and lowered his head so he could suck on my boobs while I sat there on his lap with his cock up my pussy. It was like an electric shock went through my chest as he sucked on my hard nipples. We rocked on the cushion, driving his cock just a little bit in and out of me in the process.

I sighed as a third orgasm rocked me, not as intense as the previous ones but just general feeling of elation as his cock pressed up inside of me. “I want you to cum again,” I demanded. He just rolled his eyes but his cock was still stiff in me giving me hope. I enjoy being fucked by older men but there is one area where the young guys have them totally outclassed ? the ability to cum again and again! I wondered if even Paul would be able to do this again once the initial euphoria of his first fuck wore off! Oh well, I wasn’t complaining, that’s for sure! I pushed him back down and got on my knees once again, all the while keeping him firmly in place.

I worked my around on his cock until my ass was facing him. I leaned forward so he could watch himself in me and get a great view of my ass. Turning my head to my side, I looked back and saw him staring at my ass with his cock deep in my pussy. “Like the view Paul?” I said in teasing voice. “Damn it Sasha, you have such a great ass. I still can’t believe I’m fucking you!” he replied.

I rocked on his cock and bounced on it, sitting on it at times and at others raising up until he was barely in me, teasing the head of his cock and then driving it back into me. I loved being on top of him and controlling his cock in me! Paul started moaning louder and I had a feeling he was about to cum yet again! I knew what I wanted this time though and I quickly hopped off of his cock and kneeled by his side to take his cock in my mouth while I pumped it with my hand.

I felt it swelling in my hand and then the head swelled in my mouth and I took his load again in my mouth. It was only a small amount but as this was his third time I was pleased just to get it. Heck, most guys can’t do it twice without a break and for Paul to do it three times was nothing short of incredible! I stood up over Paul who just laid back on the cushion exhausted.

His cock was finally expended and it lay to the side a mere shrunken facsimile of its former greatness. It had served its purpose well though and my pussy was still feeling the afterglow of its efforts. I reached down to grab my towel and gave him a little wave and a smile. He looked up at me and returned the smile. God he looked so sexy on his back stark naked in the sun! Heading back into the kitchen my mom was waiting for me.

“Couldn’t resist one more time, you little slut!” she said with a laugh. “God, THREE times? The boy’s a fucking machine!” I reached up and kissed her. As her mouth opened I gave the cum I had been saving in my mouth to her with my tongue. She licked it from my tongue with hers and smiled at me. “Mmmmmmm, now THAT’S what I call a nice present!” she said licking her lips with a big grin on her face.

I twirled around her and called out, “I love you!” as I pranced up the stairs to take a shower. As I basked under the massaging stream of warm water I wondered what my mom and Paul had to say to each other when I left. I had a feeling Paul wouldn’t be complaining about coming over to help out anymore! THE END.

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