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First Time Experience With My Hot Aunty Pavitra

Hi this is Raj. I am from Chennai. I have a normal physique and well attractive body. I am studying engineering in a private college. This story is about my sexual encounter with my neighbor house aunty Pavitra.

Let me introduce her. Her name is Pavitra. She is working as a teacher in a high school in Chennai. Her husband is a doctor. She will come home after her work at 5pm.

But her husband used to come around 10pm after finishing all his clinical appointments. She has a perfect body, boobs and fleshy ass. I used to watch her ass whenever I get a chance to see. She has two children with ages four and seven. Since she is alone at home till the arrival of her husband, she used to call me to take care of her children. I, normally spend time with her from 6.

30pm to 9. 30pm by chatting with her and playing with her kids. She is so friendly to me. We were good friends. But I used to see her cleavage and ass whenever I get a chance. Sometimes I used to help her in kitchen, at that time we will sometimes touch accidentally and sometimes I do touch her intentionally her ass, hands, thighs, fingers. She doesn’t care about that. Once during summer vacation, her kids went to their granny home.

This left her alone whole day till the arrival of her husband from clinic. Therefore I get a solid time to spend time with her. And I started my seducing encounters too.

At that time I have my private classes till 1pm daily. So I used to spend time with her from 2. 30pm to 9. 30pm. And we became good and close friends. She used to wear nighty at home and sari for work.

Once while watching TV she lay on my lap and watched and I took some courage and caress her cheek and hairs. She smiled for that and didn’t oppose me. Then I caress her arms and after sometime, she slept. I silently opened her nighty buttons one by one and I opened all the three buttons in five minutes and widened the nighty neck. I am surprised to see her in black bra with a lot of cleavage.

But I am scared of touching those cleavages. So I just watched and later I buttoned her nighty carefully. Still I was caressing her arms. Then I gained courage caressed her hips. She started moving and in minutes, she woke up and went to wash face. I am worried for not having a solid chance to admire her beauty. So I waited for the next day to see her cleavage. When I knocked the door she came with the violet color sari instead of nighty.

She was looking tired and worried. I asked her why she was tired. She told that she felt from the scooty while returning from the shop and by grace she didn’t have any injury. She told me that she is having hip pain and told that she came just now from the shop.

I inquired about her health and asked whether I need to do any help. She told to apply coconut oil on her hip.

She asked me sorry and said that she would ask her husband to do so, but as he is not in home she asked my help. I said that’s ok and felt very happy of touching her hip and to commence my seducing activities with her permission itself. We went to the bedroom and I asked her to lie on the bed upside down. She too lay upside down and I sat beside her on the bed and started applying oil on the right hip.

Wow that was so soft and she giggled for touching her hip. Then I said her that it is not comfortable to apply oil and asked her permission whether to sit on her and apply oil. She nodded and I sat on her ass which is spongy than the bed and applied oil on the hip and told her that the blouse and pallu is getting dirty by oil and asked her to remove that.

This aroused her and she asked me to step down of her ass and she removed her pallu and started removing her blouse hooks one by one. My heart was beating faster and I got a glimpse of her sandal colored bra. She removed her violet blouse completely and lay upside down. Her whole back with bra is visible to me. This time I gained courage and sat on her ass by forcing my hard penis on her ass crack.

She turned and smiled and closed her eyes. I started massaging her whole hip and I rubbed my penis on her ass. Then I asked to remove the sari as oil is going down her sari and it may spoil her sari.

She again asked me to get down and removed her sari. Now she is in violet petticoat and sandal bra exposing her cleavage and navel. I saw lust in her eyes but I don’t want to have her in sudden so I let the massage game play.

She again came back and lay upside down. This time I gained courage and removed my shirt and vest. Since she is closing her eyes she is unaware of my topless. While sitting on the ass I pressed and caressed her ass a number of times. And I massaged her whole back and told her that I am going to remove her bra hooks as it may get spoiled. Without her permission I unhook her bra and widened that.

Her whole broad back is now visible without any clothes. While massaging her back I slightly untied her petticoat knot and her petticoat loosened and exposed her creamy sky blue colored panty strap. I asked her to remove her petticoat as it too getting dirty. She laughed aloud. I got up from her ass and lowered her petticoat all the way through her legs. What a bright and fleshy thigh she has. She is still closing her eyes.

I removed all my clothes and caressed her whole thighs and sat on her panty by inserting my penis in her ass crack. She sensed my penis and turned back and smiled and I broke my massage game and turned her and started kissing her lips. She kissed passionately and I bite her lips and we exchanged saliva. She holds my dick and was stroking it. Then I went down and removed her bra and sucked her hard nipples.

She was caressing my hair at that time. Then I licked her whole stomach and her navel and I moaned ‘Pavi! Pavi! You are so damn sexy. Come on show me your vagina. I wanna tear that with my dick. ’ She said to move on to the next level.
Then I went down and smelled her vagina through panty and licked and kissed it. She moaned and breathed heavily. I pulled down her panty through her legs.

Her pussy was clean shaven and filled with pre cum. I licked and entered my finger into her pussy and finger fucked her. She was getting hotter and hotter. She ordered me to insert my rod into her vagina. I too did so. First in a gentle manner I entered my dick into her pussy. Then a bit faster and then bit faster and then bit faster and ride in full pace. She hugged me tightly and started screaming and bites my shoulder.

Then we changed our position to doggy style and fucked for a while and tried anal too. At last we get into the former position and fucked and I cum’d inside her and took my dick and entered into her mouth. She sucked my dick and tasted the remaining fluid and exhausted. We slept till 7pm and then I got dressed and went back to my home. Before that I kissed and licked her whole body and told that this will continue daily.

She too nodded for whatever I told and told that I am her husband.
Now we are fucking daily and once her cousin sister Raji came to her house for a stay. She was damn too sexy than Pavitra.

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