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first group/first cuckold

My girlfriend Kortny and I had been dating a couple years and didn’t want to break up when we had to leave for college. We knew the chances of us staying faithful living 6 hours apart was slim so we made a pack that if it happened we would tell the other and they couldn’t get mad. After about 3 months of school she finally broke down and fucked a guy. She hesitated in telling me but I told her it’s ok and that was the deal.

She told me every detail, it was so hot. I jerked off the whole time she was telling me. She asked me if I had sex with another girl yet and I told her no. Truth was I had been trying every weekend. She is the only girl I had been with and hoped to get a new girl. She had been with a few guys before we got together. The closest I came to sex was jerking off with my roommate.

That’s another story for another day. I did not realize that once she did it once it would unleash her in slut. True to her word she told me everything. I loved hearing about my slut girlfriend. She had a regular fuck buddy and from time to time a different guy. Every time I would hear the details either by text phone or skype. Finally I got to go for a visit. We were both really excited.

My first night there we spent in bed. It was so fun making out touching her body. She is 5’5” light brown hair, a little thick but not fat. Still looks hot in a bikini but has a little muffin top. Has a b cup but she will tell you they are C’s. Her nipples look dark around her pale breasts. One of my favorites is when she’s bent over playing with her chubby stomach and hanging tits.

The whole time I ate her I couldn’t help but think what a slut she has been at school, Her pussy was dripping just like I remembered it. I came in like 2 minutes. Thankfully I recover quickly and had a couple more rounds in me. She loves cum in her so she didn’t care. I just got my own sloppy seconds and thirds. When we were done I got to watch her play with her sloppy loose, cum filled pussy from behind.

I couldn’t help myself when she pulled her ass cheeks apart I slid 4 fingers and my thumb in her. She was so open she came one last time before we fell asleep.
The next night we went to a party, nothing big maybe 5 or 6 couples, a few single guys and girls. We drank like crazy, played cards and watched movies. By night’s end two guys, one couple and us were left.

The other couple called it a night right before she stripped losing at poker. All we got was a titty flash. Kortny felt bad for us horny guys before I know it she’s pulling her top off. Her perky B cup tits pop out. I got an instant hard on. To my surprise she walks over and lets the guys touch them. The one guy Cory started to move his leg up her inner thigh she stopped him right before his hand disappeared under her short jean skirt.

She backed away asking if they wanted to see the whole show. Of course Cory and Brett said yes. I was too d***k to say no. I watched in awe as she reached to her button sucking in that sexy little belly to open her skirt. She turned towards me back to Cory and Brett and bent shook her plump ass out of that skirt giving me a little wink as she bent over touching the floor exposing her uncovered pussy to the guys.

She stood up walked to the guys and whispered in their ears. The guys laughed and smiled. I asked what she said to them and she said its bed time and dragged me to the spare room of the house.
When we got to the room she was so horny, soaking wet and wanted to 69. She laid on top of me and I licked her dripping pussy and she sucked taking breaks while telling me she loves being slutty and asked if it was ok to be a slut tonight.

I was d***k and horny so I said yes I love you being a slut. She yelled to the guys to come in, they were standing just outside the door. When they walked in she didn’t even hesitate, telling them to pick and end. As I tried to get up from under her so I could watch she stopped and held me down. Telling me I can watch from there. Before I know it Cory has his cock right over my forehead, he slid his rock hard dick right in her loose pussy.

He grabbed her hips thrusting in her as I heard her start choking on Brett’s dick. Brett started moaning telling Cory how good she sucks. Cory said her pussy was on fire, “it’s so loose and wet, can you her pussy making noise Brett” she stopped sucking to scream, telling Cory to fuck her harder and how slutty she is. Mean while I am laying there her pussy juice dripping in my face watching Cory’s bare dick slam her pussy, his balls slapping my forehead.

Kortny is gobbling on Brett’s dick when she starts cumming. Her pussy pushing out all kinds of juice all over my face, Cory couldn’t hold back any longer. I tried to move when he said he was going to cum but Kortny wouldn’t let me move while she begged him to fill her pussy. I had to lay there as he pumped her pussy full of cum. I watched his hard dick pulse inside her.

It was so hot. Then he pulled out slowly, his semi hard cum covered dick slapped me in the face, right across the nose. Kortny knew I liked it. She hadn’t touched my dick in 10 minutes yet I was rock hard. She pulled Brett’s dick out of her mouth to point out my erection. The guys laughed when Kortny sat up pushing her loose cum filled pussy right in my face. I couldn’t move while she rubbed it all over my face.

She even made me lick her clit. I had cum juice ear to ear. I loved it but didn’t want them to know. I thought we were done when she lifted her pussy off my face but as soon as she did Brett stuck his dick in my face slapping me with it before he slid his bare dick in her. Brett said oh my god this slut is loose Cory. Kortny responded saying she is a loose slut.

Cory asked how many dicks she has sucked, I knew the answer was 7 including these guys but when kortny said 12 plus you two I was shocked. I lifted my head and went to say something but all I got was Brett’s balls in my mouth. He told me to keep sucking and he will fill my girl friend with cum. Kortny told me to suck his balls, she needed more cum. So I did and sure enough Brett tried pumping more cum in her.

I swear it all leaked on over my face. When he pulled out he shoved it right in my mouth. Kortny turned around to see the dick in my mouth. The all laughed when she made me lick it clean. He pulled out and Kortny made me lick her clean. By the time I was done sucking out the cum from her pussy, the guys were gone. She told me she loved me and started to suck my dick.

It took seconds for me to fill her mouth, she took all my cum in her mouth before kissing me and making me swallow my own cum.
This was just the start, Hope you liked my first story.

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