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Finnaly I fuck my mother

It was Monday night, I was watching Monday Night football,I received a call from hospital informing my dad has died from his long battle with cancer.

Tuesday I went to the to the airport and flew back home for his creamtion.

My mom very happy to see me. After creamation, few off closed family gathering at home eat and drinks.

I wasn’t in the mood for drinks, and so did my mom.

After all our relatives departed, my mom take a bath. I went pass the bathroom, the door was half open. I stopped and stick my head inside and saw my mom beautiful body soaked with soap. She look good for 67 yrs old women.

My cock solid rock hard watching her shower. I left quickly to the living room as she turn the water off,and turn the TV on.

Mom went to the living room wearing long old fashion night gown, and joined me watching TV in the living room. The movie wasn’t to interesting, we than talks.

It was raining hard outside,and sound of thunders vibrated and rattled the living room glass windows.

Mom hugged me, and I can feel her firm breast pressed against my chest. Mom kiss me in the cheech. ” I am so happy you here,son.

Your dad have left you all his estate according to our attorney and a briefcase that need to be open in my present. ”

Mom reach her hand under the couch and pulled the briefcase. Inside the briefcase there were 2 videos. 1 with the label How to eat pussy, and the other my father video, with he videotaped himself before he died.

Mom face red, and feel embaressed. My dad instructed to watch the video: ” How to eat pussy,” and instruced my mom to watch with me.

Mom told me, well. Your dad is dead and he is crazy. He can do nothing with me if I refused to watch.

As mom finnished her sentence, I big thunder sounding follow with lightnings brightning the sky,contiusnesly.

I look at my mom,” I think dad mad at you mom. !

Oh, cut it. It just co-incident.

Boooooommmmmmm, big thunder sounding and ratlled the house, knocked down several items in the living room.

Okeeeyyyy, mom look at the ceilig and said. I will watching it, if it make you happy.

Go ahead son play the video.

We played the video, mom wasn’t too interesting.

Finnished watching, we go back watching dad instruction video.

Son, since we’ve been married and until I died, I have not yet full fill your mom request to eat her pussy. And I will not eat her pussy until the day I died.

I have been promissing and lied to your mom that I will going too.

Ooooohhh you bastard. Mom replied…..

Now that you have been watching the video, my last request for you is to eat your mom pussy.

Mom eyes were wide open……,aaawwwhhh. Your dad must be really sick when he made this video.

Mom get up, and kiss me good night and went to her bedroom.

I continued watching my dad final video. In the video show role play my dad as me fucking my mom. I was supprised, and more suprised when my dad asked my mom If she enjoyed the role game, and mom answer was Yessssss.

The next morning, I heard mom talking to her mother over the speaker phone about last night video. Grandma said, well I guess karma will reveal it self,grandma said.

Your brother Sammy has been fucking me when your father still alive..

Moooom, my mom scream. Are you serious……

Yes,honey. Your brother ****d me, I told your dad about it. I kicked him out of the house. Dad missed him, he is the only son we have. I missed him too, but he is my son.

Your brother was gone over 3 months, we don’t know where he was.

One Sunday evening, your brother showed up.

Dad was so happy, so did I. He told us, especialy me, and said that he was sorry.

That night we drinks, celebrated his return in our bedroom. I wore see through short night gown per you dad request. your brother did not know that he is goin to fuck me tonight. We have this agrrement to when or if your brother return, I shall
give him my pussy to him to fuck.

Dad ask your brother stupid questions, if he enjoyed fucking/r****g me. Your brother blushing and silent.

Well, dad said…. and laugh.

Yes, I enjoyed it very much. I was suprised to hear your brother comments.

Well, so did your mother… said. I look at your dad and this belief.

Yes, I did told dad that I enjoyed it. You made me cumms and cumms.

Your faher than wink his left eyes, sign for me to lay down.

I laid down, your father than lift my nightie exposing my bold pussy. Your dad told your brother to take off his short and have his dick in mouth.

Your brother was shocked. He take off his short and revealing his big cock and shaved it in my mouth. More shocking when I shock his cock.

Ohhhh mom.

Your father than began eating my pussy. I was so excited to have 2 cocks that will soon going to fucks and fill my pussy.

I stopped sucking your well hung brother cock, and your father stopped eatin my pussy and pave the way for your brother cock to fuck my pussy.

I covered my pussy as your brother ready to have his cock inside me, and ask your dad again.

Honey are you sure you ok for Sammy to fuck and cumms inside me.

Yes, baby.

And you promise you too fucking me, and not just watching my son fucking his mother?

Yes, I will do.

I look at your brother eyes as I uncovered my pussy, and closed my eyes as your brother cock slowly and surely inside me and fucks me.

God, you brother fucks me better than your father was.

Your dad fall in sleep afther he load his cumm inside me.

your brother continued on fucking me till noon, went to sleep have dinner,and fucks again.

Your brother sleep with us,he is my second husband.

I have gotten pregnant many times by him, but abort the baby.

Mom, he is married now. Yes,I know and he still wont stop. As a matter a fzct we just fucking a few minutes before you call and I am naked ready for him again, and his wife joined.

Mom, I call you latter. My mom than hanged up the phone.

I went to my mom room after eased dropping her conversation, and pretend I just woke up.

Mom was suprised to see, and I was suppried to see her naked and catcher play with her pussy.

Mom quickly covered her pussy with pillow, her brearts /nipples were fully.

” Don’t you believe knocking first, before you goin to my room?”

I sat on her her bed.

What can I help you, my son?

“Yes, I want to eat your pussy mom!”

Mom was shocked, and lift her body up ready to get up.

I grabbed both of her ankles. pulled them closer to me and reoved the pillow from her pussy. Mom hit me on my head and pulled my hairs as I eat her pussy out.

Mom, screams for help.

I let mom go as I take off my underwear. Mom get up and took off running toward the living room, heading to the door,but she trip over the brief case on the living room carpet.

I grabbed both of her leggs again, and pulled it closer to my awaiting hard cock. The tip of my cock now inside her pussy lip. I hold both of her hand from htting me and told her to stop resisitng, but to no avail.

I was so mad and so horny. I shaved my 9 inchis cock all the way inside her thight pussy and fuck her madly.

Mom Stop fighting, screaming and crying after 2 minutes of fucking,and finnaly cumms.

I continued fucking her and make her cums repeteadly.

I get up and went to the refrigertors and brought her cold drinks. I placed the drink next to her, she still lying on floor , saying nothing,

I sat on the cough watching her. Within a minutes my cocks hard again waiing her naked. I asked her if she is ok, but still quiet.

I spread her legs wide open and began eating her pussy,and to my supprise She played with my hairs and began moaning until she finnaly reach her orgasm.

I moved her body to the side and fuck her side way. She moan and and licking my fingers, but still nor saying anything.

Finnish fucking, I went to take a shower and went to the store.

I came back home, and found her bedroom locked. I knocked and calling her name, but she wont answered.

I went to my room and laid down on my bed, until I fall in sleep.

I woke up in the morning and found my mom in the kitchen cooking breakfast with only towel wrapped around her.

Good morning mom, I said.

Good morning, son.

We sat on the table and have breakfast.

Finnish eating , mom ckean the table,and Sit back with a cup of coffee and cigarate.

I told her how sorry I am about last night.

And about eased dropping her conversations.

I knew it was my conversation with your grandma about your uncle fucking, mom said.

So, you enjoyed fucking your mother?

Yes, very much.

Can, I fuck you again mom?

I would loves to , but I wont because I dont want to miss it while you going back to New York.

Your dad leave evrything for you here, and he event let you eat my pussy, but you decide you wanted more, and you ****d me.

But, if you decide to move back in and leave with me. I will let you have me.

Ok, I will stay here with you mom. Lets fuck…..

Not so fast son, mom need prove.

I went to kitchen phone, and called my roomate Rudy. I talked to Rudy over the speaker phone so my mom can hear, and told him to pack all my stuff and ship it to my house.

My mom was so happy to hear it.

Finnish talking, mom took me to her room and turn on her lap top and webcam on and we chat with her mom,my grandma.

Mom, told her mom, my grandma that she has suprised for her. Mom put the lap top on the table with the loud speaker on, and where the webcam saw us in bed naked.

Ohhhhhhh my god, grandma screams.

We than start fucking while grandma watching. As I was just to pulled out my cock and cumm on her stomach.

Stop, mom said.

You don’t need to pulled out when you are ready to cumm, son. Now you can cumm inside me.

I was disbelieve to what my mom said, but yes, I came inside her and she enjoyed to feel the hotness of my juice.


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