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Final Fantasies 3: Justice

Idea: Catherine Belmont
Author: Jennie Hill

Jennie was lead, barefoot and blindfolded, out of the stuffy cell block and into the Final Yard. She knew what her unfaithfulness could lead to, but she couldn’t help herself.
In accordance with the law, she was imprisoned and sentenced to death. She had no idea what punishment he had chosen, but judging from the wooden steps she climbed, it wasn’t going to be quick.
The Executioner, eagerly anticipating the show, stopped Jennie in her tracks and removed the blindfold, revealing her fate to her.

Her heart sank into her stomach and she felt faint.
„Sick bastard!“ She whispered to herself. He unfastened her dress, allowing to to drop to the floor around her bound arms. He tossed her clothes into a yellow bucket, along with his own shirt. He had chosen a very hot summer day to be Jennie’s last. He gently pushed the nude girl to her knees before unzipping his trousers. He had always bragged about the last blowjobs of the prisoner to his friends, despite how uncomfortable it made her feel.

It was the only thing he was ever grateful for. She wasn’t going to disappoint now though, she wanted to go out with a bang!
She had never particularly enjoyed giving blowjobs, but she loved the fact that she was excellent at them. She certainly wasn’t going to miss that taste though. She tried to drag it out for as possible, but she knew he had a short fuse. Before she knew it he was unloading into her, and she knew that once he had finished he wouldn’t hesitate to get her over to that steel spit.

He helped her to her feet and kissed her forehead whilst running his fingers through her hair.
„Wonderful, girl. Wonderful. “ He grinned, showing no sign of mercy. „I sure am going to miss those lips of yours. “
Jennie nervously walked to the edge of the trapdoor – her kees grew weak and she began to feel uneasy. Things were starting to feel too real for her liking.
Jennie pushed herself up onto her tiptoes and gently eased herself onto the spit.

The cold tip brushed against her moist lips before sliding up into her. As she lowered her naked body around the thick shaft, her body began to tremble, but she could feel herself becoming aroused. She led out a sigh of pleasure as she descended around the spit. Her heart began to beat faster and faster and she could feel herself become wetter and wetter.
„That’s it, girl, make sure it’s in as far as it can go.

“ The Executioner snickered, clearly enjoying Jennie’s rather perilous situation. By the time the spit felt it would go no further, her feet still were unable to lie flat on the wooden platform. The tip spiked her cervix, which was rather uncomfortable.
Once Jennie found a bearable stance, she relaxed a little and attempted to calm herself. She looked up and noticed her inmates were all watching from the cell block windows.

`This is so humiliating!´ She thought, as she stood naked in front of all of her new-found friends.

„God, I bet they all saw me suck him off too! I just want this to be over. “ She dreaded the moment the trapdoor will open for she knew she was in for a painful experience. Each minute seemed to take an eternity. Part of her wanted to stay like this, but another part of her just wanted it over and done with. She was growing impatient.
The trapdoor suddenly fell from beneath her bare feet.

Her body painfull dropped several centimetres as her cervix collapsed around the steel spit. She let out an agonising yelp as all of her body weight fell onto the spit that was deeply embedded in her womanhood.

She could feel herself very slowly sliding down the shaft, helped along by the increasing wetness between her legs – she couldn’t understand why she was so aroused but she had never felt so turned on, despite the pain and discomfort she was suffering.

Despite her best efforts, Jennie couldn’t find anything to push herself up with. Her legs flailed around in a desperate attempt to find solid ground but her attempts were futile. She began to panic as her body continued its descent – she knew deep down that there was no going back now, the damage has already been done, but she couldn’t help but struggle.
The spit advanced trough her body, easing her internal organs aside.

She knew these spits had a one-hundred-percent success rate of keeping the girls alive during spitting. She hoped the tip would puncture her heart and end it all but she knew it would never happen. She would have to ride the full length.
As the spit pushed through her stomach, Jennie began to panic again and her legs kicked wildly. She tried kicking upwards in an attempt to slow her descent, but it was no use.

Her body began to go into shock, much to her relief, so the pain was becoming more tolerable. If anything, the spit embedded in her body was nothing more than a discomfort. It surprides Jennie how aroused she still was though – her juices were still flowing heavily, lubricating the spit as she slid down it. Her movement became more limited as the spit began to straighten out her body. Her body was growing weak and her head was becoming heavy.

But despite all this, she suddenly felt an orgasm building up, much to her surprise. Maybe some good can come from this after all.
An orgasm suddenly ripped through Jennie’s dying body. Her body began to tense up, and she found herself wrapping her feet around the spit. She tried to push upwards but her bare feet kept on slipping – her feet were warm and sweaty and the spit was lubricated with her juices.

She could feel the spit in her chest, and it burnt like a bitch. `Holy shit, this hurts!´ She thought. `But at the same time it feels so good! Why is this turning me on so much? Oh God, I can feel another orgasm coming!´
Her breathing became errating and her body shook uncontrollably, but her body continued to descend. There wasn’t long left now.
Jennie felt the spit fill her throat, prompting her to throw back her head.

She began to cough and sputter and the spit advanced through her thoat and into her mouth. She could taste the warm spit as it pushed past her tongue – this spit has passed through her whole bodyand now it was in her mouth, a thought that Jennie tried to keep out of her head. She nervously opened her mouth and within seconds the spit emerged out of her body. Her mouth was now fucked open and she was unable to lick her dried up lips.

Having nothing to look at but the sky, Jennie felt even more helpless now that her head had been fucked backwards, allowing for very little movement. All of a sudden a second orgasm hit Jennie, producing even more lubrication for the spit.
Jennie’s descent down the spit continued, and she figured she must be close to the ground now. Once she reaches the ground, she thought, she’d be able to rest and take the weight of her body.

Her body was growing weaker by the minute, and the taste of bleed and steel was overwhelming. Her body began to twitch and she stopped the struggling. She finally gave in and accepted her fate, even if her punishment was close to its end. She listened as the Executioner made his way down the wooden steps, approaching her very slowly. She couldn’t quite see him, but she could feel his cold presence.
The merciless man grabbed hold of Jennie’s bare ankle, startling the now calm girl, and tugged down hard, painfully pulling her further down the spit.

If she could she would have screamed out like never before. He didn’t let go of her ankle, however; he bend her leg backwards, and bound her leg to her thigh using a piece of leather he produced from his pocket. Once her leg was securely bound he proceeded to bound her other leg. Whilst he worked, Jennie descended down the spit no further, much to her relief, but she couldn’t quite figure out why he was securing her like this.

`What is this sick bastard up to now?`Her mind raced, searching for answers desperately.
He got to his feet and stood back, admiring his work. Jennie suddenly realised the purpose of her bounds.

She soon found herself in the oven she had been fucked to clean on countless occasions. She had seen so many girls just like her roast in it, but she never thought she herself would end up in it.

The spit that ran through her naked body now caused very little pain, but the increasing heat of the oven was becoming unbearable. After only minutes she could begin to smell herself cooking. A lovely smell, she admitted to herself, but not one she particularly wanted to smell. Sweat dripped from her body as it began to dehydrate and her skin was becoming tender. She was feeling extremely light-headed and her heart was slowing down.

`You know, this wasn’t so bad. In my dreams, it was always good, but I never thought reality would be even better. ´
Soon, Jennie would be feeding her inmates, and of course, the Executioner.

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