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The breasts of women are perfect for tits Stories. Whether large or small, they are a magnet for men. It can play nicely with the tits. They can be knead or suck on her nipples until they are hard. These are particularly sensitive, it is, so we can say, the erogenous zone of the woman. Big natural tits are inviting ever to Fuck. Leg times your cock between her tits and press them together so that your spanking of them surrounded. You feel the warmth of your breasts, your cock is getting harder. Slowly you begin to fuck, as if it were a wet cunt. The woman licking you always on your penis when your cock between the tits emerges. When you read the story tits, you’re going to your desire can not hold back long and your sperm lands on her tits. Treat her wellness and rub your cum on her breasts.

Dad’s Friend Using Me Like A Slut (Fantasy)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine that I plucked from my perverted mind. Hope you enjoy guys and gals…… Living with my dad after my mom left sure took some getting used to on both of our parts I guess since I cannot believe it is easy for dad to get up everyday and look at me a spitting image of my mom. I got her same flowing red hair and light freckles but dad always […]

creepy landlord leads group sex

I rented a room in an upstairs apartment last year. It was a 2 bedroom apartment, and I rented the smaller room. It was above another house (owned by the same guy) that was rented to someone else. Anyway the landlord said “if I ever need to move back in here, I reserve the right, but I probably won’t because I am happy living with my girlfriend at her house. “ Anyway, the landlord Mike was 72 but kind of […]

Computer Repair

I had finished 2 years of tech school and took a job with my dad fixing computers. It was easy work that paid good money, and I was good at it. I would work a lot on my own running the shop so that dad could do things he wanted to do, and I liked being there on my own. Most of the time people would bring stuff in and I could fix right then and there and send them […]

Mark & Sarah part 1

I’d just broken up with my girlfriend of four years. I was completely gutted, I was going to propose. I had come back early from work one day to hear moans and slaps coming from the bedroom… odd, I thought, so I crept quietly up the stairs. Looking through the open door I could see Tina on her hands and knees with a guy fucking her pussy and slapping her arse. She was squealing with delight. “Bitch” I thought angrily, […]

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

It was a typical Friday evening. I lay in Becca’s bed, breathing softly as I masturbated. I pressed Becca’s cheerleader panties against my stiff cock as I satisfied myself in her bed. I pumped my cock furiously into her panties as I watched a video of a threesome that I had with Becca and Amber. Becca and Amber were both in their cheerleader uniforms. Their miniskirts were pulled up while their little cheerleader panties had been pulled down and were […]

Amelie part 3

No, the 2 books didn´t offer any solutions!In fact, they gave her even more questions (plus she became awarer aware of thing she had never even thought about before). Her next day at the new job was hellish long and it was almost 6 o´clock when she could leave. There was quite a walk from her job to the bus-station, almost 15 minutes, but on most days, her colleagues offered her a lift. But not on this Thursday, they had […]

Black As Coal

Month of June. When the monsoons arrive. I enjoyed getting wet in the rain. But work was my first priority. I was Mrs. Bansal’s personal secretary,she owned a textile company. The company had deals with foreign industries also and the company was doing well. I was in my late 18 when i took up this job. I never really attended college,i worked for Mrs. Bansal. My father was a close friend of hers, he arranged me this part tym job. […]

Alexis and Amber Come To Play

Alexis from the couple of Amber and Alexis left this on my PM a while ago. She tried to post it but had no luck and asked me…. She had fun with it as of course I did as well, it is fun and well written for being int the moment for her… Check out Alexis and Amber’s site and let them know how much you like the story…. You hear the door creak open, and you look at your […]

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter VIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter VIII “Bi Follies”, with Vic (OC), Darko (OC) and Angie (from ‘Angie’ series, Chris) Non-OC Character:Angie: “So, when is your friend coming over?” asked an anxious Darko to his friend Victor. “Relax, dude. She will be here soon”, replied Victor. They were anxious for Angie, an old flame of Victor’s. The girl was supposed to meet the Brazilian for a ‘playdate’ at his mansion and he found an opportunity to call his good friend […]

When I Fucked By Servants

im Neetu. After my bsc i have married to chandra. Chandra is a s/w engineer has a weak body and aint fitness. He always have to move around clients loaction for project work. When he move he has to stay there leaving me alone for atleast 2 weeks. Im fair in color have nice round ass with toned kicky thighs. My boobs are of 34 in size having reddish nipples like bullets seducing men around me. He fucks me like […]