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Research Document A:
UCSI University Department of Theological Studies

A Brief Summary of the Monotheistic Structure of Rezendria

As a historian and theologian I have spent much of my time traveling around the world translating documents pertaining to the histories of all of the major religions of the world. One of the more interesting sects of monotheism that I have happened upon would have to be the Rezendrians. As most people know Christianity has gone through many tumultuous times and the Christian churches have been spit up into small groups with varying interpretations of holy text.

The Rezendrians had a fairly unique view of the holy text. The Rezendrians viewed the text as a means for humans to make sense of phenomena that they found unexplainable. The centerpiece of the Rezendrian monotheistic sect is the unexplainable singular deity. Unlike the other major religions of the world god or the deity or the creator is not anthropomorphically interpreted. For lack of a better explanation god is not a man, woman, a****l or human in any sense that we can understand.

God does not require these qualities as the creator is beyond human understanding. The entity is conscious and consciously makes decisions but instead of being a puppet master and meddler in the daily lives of humans the entity is more playful, childlike and creative. The universe is simply a large canvas that is being constantly filled in and erased. Though these are qualities that seem very humanlike it is the best terminology that can be used to translate something that is generally untranslatable.

Rezendrian Views on Divinity

Some of the views of the Rezendrians include Moses meditating and carving the Ten Commandments himself after what one could only describe as telepathically connecting with the energy of god and as translated “feeling the moods of the universe”. Another unique view is that of Christ as a man. Though Jesus Christ is revered by the Rezendrians for his message of peace he is revered in the way that people pay homage to Gandhi or Martin Luther King for their messages of peace and love.

The story of Adam and Eve or the origin of humans is actually documented in their historical texts to be an allegory for shame which the Rezendrians feel separates man from beast and it was at the moment that Adam and Eve felt shame that the human race stepped out of the a****l kingdom and became the masters of the earth so to say.

Rezendrian Customs

Rezendrian customs are also fairly unique but not completely foreign.

The Rezendrians have a few translations of holy text that from the records I have found indicate that they are originally of Greek origin while others are from documents originally in Aramaic. Some of the texts that I have found written in the 12th Century AD make references to original documents and state that they are translations of documents that were originally housed in the Library of Alexandria. In one of the translations I found that the Rezendrians lived their lives without ever showing their face.

One of the translated works that I have found makes reference to ancient Hebrew scripture translated from Greek that discusses hiding the face (in a way similar to the women of Islam) but this is not only practiced by Rezendrian women the act was practiced by Rezendrian men as well. Translated the practice is termed as “showing only the soul”. The hiding of the face is not meant as a way to hide the person but rather to hide the external person so the internal person; the spirit, the soul or the good will of the individual would show through.

This practice is not one that would be considered cloistered or conservative. The practice was actually very liberal by today’s means in that though the people wore hoods to hide their faces most of the time the rest of their bodies were left uncovered. In order to show reverence to god the Rezendrians would “put on their best face” and simply put the wealthy would wear hoods made of silks and rarer fabrics that had great shine to them while people of more modest means wore simple leather hoods that were polished as best they could.

These hoods from images that I have found look very similar to the hijabs worn by contemporary conservative Islamic women that reveal only the eyes. At first it seemed the practice of the head garb off as a mere ceremonial practice such as a person of the Jewish faith wearing a yamaka for Shabat or religious holidays. After further research I have found that all members of the Rezendrians wore their hoods from birth until death.

Husbands never saw the faces of their wives and mothers never saw the faces of their children. To people living in a contemporary society these social phenomena might seem outrageous, absurd and slightly depressing. But when viewed in context the Rezendrians believed they had a greater connection with each other, as they were not concerned with the external details only the internal. One can imagine that this hiding of the face resulted in communities that were of a stronger bond due to the nature of relationships.

What I mean by the nature of the relationship would be the primary focus on the individual as a person rather than as a face. In modern society we place such extreme importance on beauty and appearance that men will marry women for their looks rather than who they are and some people will use their natural attractiveness as an excuse for poor or rude behavior. The Rezendrians did not have these problems.

Modern Rezendrian Practice:

Modern Rezendrians can be divided into two groups based upon classification.

Many Rezendrians in Northern Europe living in Russia, Scandinavia, Norway and Finland have taken the practice of Rezendria to two extremes. The Rezendrians tend to identify as non-denominationally Christian. They attend a Rezendrian service that is held within their own private Rezendrian community. The ceremonies are closed to the public but one of the more odd portions of modern Rezendria is the incorporation of modern rubber fetishes. For Rezendrian ceremonies Rezendrians wear an outfit that consists of one piece from head to toe and made of latex with nothing showing but their eyes, nostrils and mouth.

As you can imagine the outfits are shiny and rather revealing and not what most people would consider appropriate in polite company, which would most likely be the primary reason behind their secrecy. The second group of modern Rezendrians is not as devout as the traditional Rezendrians. Traditional Rezendrians dress in these latex catsuits as a means of showing their bodies while having their bodies politely covered and while hiding their faces. The less traditional group focuses on the fetishistic appeal of Rezendria, these are modern fetishists that have taken up Rezendria because they find the religious views to be unobtrusive and it gives these individuals the opportunity to publicly dress in a way that gives them some sort of sexual pleasure.

The more devout Rezendrians are very accepting and do not seem to mind the presence of this second group.
From what I have learned from modern Rezendrians the ceremonies are conducted in candle lit outdoor temple gardens that are gated in by large white silk sheets that hang from stone pillars. The Rezendrians sit in silence for ten minutes and listen to the wind, smell the smells of the earth and simply appreciate the beauty around them.

The people will then hum meeting the tones of the wind as a way to unify with the earth.

Rezendrian Revival

The Rezendrian practice has always been a private one. In almost every historical Epoch a singular religious sect governed a monarch or governing body and thus the Rezendrians have had to keep their activities private. The United States has been predominantly Christian with many of the more conservative religious groups demonstrating an intolerance for outside religious groups, which explains why they have gone relatively unnoticed in the United States.

Rezendrians in the United States tend to be rather closeted in their beliefs and practices, which is why many wealthy Rezendrian have gotten together to attempt to bring the revival of Rezendria to the United States. The Rezendrians have provided a mission statement for the American groups in which they will help to start a traditional revival by the year 2015. By a traditional revival the Rezendrians are going to attempt to bring the American Rezendrians out of hiding and attempt to curb America’s path towards external physical values back to the more traditional values of loving the individual.

Their attempt at creating a public awareness for the Rezendrian religion is tentatively slated to take place on New Years Eve 2016. At this time the Rezendrians will meet at a specific location (most likely in California to avoid decency laws) in their latex suits and most likely don their hoods permanently starting at midnight of the New Year. From the individuals and church leaders that I have spoken to about this America is going to be the first step back to traditional Rezendria.

On midnight of the New Year all Rezendrians around the world will don their latex suits and their faces will be hidden from each other so their souls can shine forever.

Potential Problems Resulting from Rezendrian Revival

One of the potential problems resulting from the Rezendrian Revival will be the treatment of these individuals when seen in public. Rezendrian groups which are surprisingly large in number have generated support from groups that feel the movement could potentially be beneficial in eliminating racism in the United States.

By seeing individuals as (for lack of a better explanation) colorful rubber people they are no longer allocated to being identified by a race. Many of these groups are working on legislation to allow Rezendrians access to schools, parks, restaurants and other establishments without discrimination based upon religion.

Subjectively I feel the Rezendrian movement in the United States will only present a temporary problem. The Rezendrians will simply announce their presence, make themselves known and eventually due to the impracticality of their outfits they will return to wearing them only in religious ceremonies instead of as a permanent part of their daily lives.


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