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Feminized my Mother

My Mother divorced my Father when she found him in their bed fucking a neighbor girl he was eventually sent to prison, ever since then she’s been on this anti men kick. When I was 14 I came home from school and saw My Mother rinsing some dishes in the kitchen so I snuck up behind her and grabbed her boobs, she slapped me and said go to your room or else.

I awoke the next day ,took a shower, went into my room to get dressed and couldn’t find any of my clothes, I knocked on Mother’s door, she said “Come in dear” I asked where my clothes were she replied I threw them out your not going to end up like your father little pervert, “Mom what do I wear” she said nothing your sisters Jeanie and Jessica are coming over later we’ll discuss it then.

Jeanie and Jessica finally arrived and the discussing was on finally mom said I guess we’ll have to show her what’s it’s like to be a woman or girl, Jessica ran out to her car with a large box, in it was her hand me downs that her and Jeanie wore as kids, they fucked me into them training bra, pink dress and began to style my long hair, then Jessica pulled out her long black strap on dildo and Mother said me first, I was throw on my back then my sisters pulled my knees back and spread them as wide as they could,she slickened up the dildo with spit and asked if I was going to change my ways, I told her to kiss my ass, they she started pushing it in my ass, I tried to fight off her but it was useless then a funny thing happened I began to push my hips up to meet her thrusts, Jessica and Jeanie were laughing saying I think she’s a sissy Mom, I yelled “fuck my pussy Mommie” she fucked my for 10-15 minutes, then each of my sisters took their turn.

When all three women had finished I was told to go to bed and tomorrow morning we’d go shopping since it was going to be Saturday.

We all jumped in the car and went down town and pulled up to a sigh that said “Mommies and Sissies”. I was still in the sun dress and thongs, this was a full service boutique a female cashier about my moms age asked if they was any thing she could do to help us, “Yes my son needs sissy clothes and a cut, the lady laughed and I blushed,I started to scream and the lady pressed a button and a big white man came out, “Rene help this sissy find some clothes”, my mom and sisters went and picked out a bunch of clothes while me and Rene went to the dressing room in the back he took my clothes away from me and told me to wait, When Mom,Jessica and Jeanie returned I was naked in the dressing room with Rene Jessica commented that I think they like each other Mom, I looked at Rene and he had a hard on down one leg of his pants, They asked him if he’d like to fuck me , he took off his pants and his dick was rock hard mom pushed me down on my knees and fucked my head onto his big cock then something clicked inside of me I wanted to suck out his sperm in the worst way I forgot that me and Rene weren’t alone I sucked him for a good 15 minutes untill he pulled out my mouth felt to empty, then he picked me up turned me around and pushed his big cock still wet from sucking him into my ass, I screamed “fuck my pussy big boy” hew wasn’t gentle he fucked me hard and fast until he shot his cum inside of me.

Rene left and Mom,Jessica, and Jeanie dressed me in a pink mini skirt,pink blouse,pink leather boots,and gave me a pink purse. I was so confused that the ride home was like a dream.

When we entered the house with all the bags of new clothes The ladies asked if I still wanted pussy, I told them “No I just want cock from now on Mom” they all smiled and told me get un dressed and they put a pink tanga pantie on me with a pink baby doll I asked why are all these clothes pink?, I was told only girls and sissies wear pink,now go to bed you’ll need your rest for the party tonight Jenny, I said my name is jack, mom replied not any more slut your new name is Jennifer.

I slept untill Mom woke me up about six, we went into the bath room where she had me take a bubble bath, then mom shaved my body (not that there was much hair to be removed,we dried off put on make up and got dressed, I wore a pink french maid’s outfit picked out by Mom of course, went down stairs into the basement, There waiting for us were my two sisters and jimmies mom but I didn’t see him very odd, and one other girl about my age, ,she looked familar for some reason, I was given a iced tea while everyone else was drinking wine, Mother said “Jenny you remember Mrs King ” I nodded, “Jenny this is my sissy son who use to be Jimmy not her name is “Jamie”, Jamie and I blushed” The women told us to kiss so we did and Jamie pushed her tongue in my mouth my “pussy started itching, then everyone paired off, Jessica with Jeanie,Mom with Mrs King and me and Jamie,
clothes started flying off but my eyes were on Jamie as his cock came out semi erect, I went down on it like white on rice, Everyone turned to say oh how sweet two sissy boys in heat, Jamie flooded my mouth with cum and I swallowed every drop, then she fucked me over and over, when the orgy was over I asked out loud now what happens, Well dear now you go to a psychologist, then start on hormones whether you become Shemale’s or post op TG girls is up to you, me and Jamie decided to keep our male parts , then me and Jamie went up to my room.

Me and Jamie are fuck buddies. life is funny isn’t it.

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