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Father Of Lover’s brother

Once we were having sex- both of us were totally naked after a long foreplay, I was on top of aunty with my cock deep inside her hot pussy. I was busy pounding her pussy and all the while she was making loud noises- aah ah aah h, oh yes Aakash yet harder, push harder etc.

Unknown to us, my cousin sister Bela had come looking for her Mother as she wanted something.

As she could not find her in any room or kitchen at ground floor, she shouts her name. But both me and aunty were busy fucking and did not hear her voice calling.

On hearing noises from upstairs, she came up and was transfixed at door. The scene inside was out of this world. This was the first time she was exposed to raw sex. She had very little knowledge about sex but now she was seeing me pumping her mom’s pussy with strong deep hard pushes of my cock and the way her mom was reacting.

She started feeling something in her young pussy, which she could not understand as she was only 16 years old.

Let me again remind you that I have been staying with Bhavana aunty since last many years. Her husband is much elder to her. He runs small business. We have same type of business so my father help him a lot in their business, because he is alone and unable to develop business of his own.

She is my father’s real sister. Father loves her very much so he looks after all her family affairs including financial matters.

I have been very close to aunty since my birth. I have been a great support to my aunt as the only male member in her house. I am well built athletic body and can shoulder responsibilities in a right way. This was the additional responsibility which Bhavana aunty added to my shoulder before a year or two.

Bela was very confident with me from her child hood. We went along so nice just like a real brother and sister. She is younger to me so she was always dependant upon me for all her chores of outdoor as well as indoor like her studies and other things. I was good at her baby sitting. Aunty always used to thank me a lot after every baby sitting session during her childhood.

Aunty didn’t know that we were caught fucking by Bela, but I saw her and the mere sight that someone is watching, made me go all out and I started pumping harder and deeper. About another twenty minutes later aunty shouted- yes Aakash harder, come harder on me. I am about to cum. I am feeling great, please keep it up. I am cumming, I am cumming, oh yes, yes, I am about to be out, am feeling so great, please keep it my nice son, come harder, give me a son like you, give me, give me, push, push.

Soon she grunted loudly, caught me hard with her legs and started cumming, all her juices started flowing. I kept on pounding hard till I felt that I had reached my last stage and I will not be able to hold out much longer. And then I filled aunt’s pussy with my juice.

Our juices mixed and started flowing out from her pussy. We disengaged, then aunty saw Bela standing at the door.

She was ashamed and immediately covered herself and left for her room. Bela also went to her room. There was total silence in the house. For the next few days Aunty did not come to my room. I asked her about it, she said Aakash; it’s not good that Bela has seen us, what she must be thinking about me.

I told her that after seeing us doing like this, she must also be wishing to have similar pleasure.

She was shocked and scolded me for my thinking saying that she is like a k**. You should be ashamed of your thoughts. I said time will tell you the truth. Keep quiet till than. A week passed and I could not take it any more. I decided that no matter what happens, I am going to fuck Bela too. I planned and planned and planned. I thought to keep watch over her and if find the chance not to let it go.

I studied Bela’s approach to me for few days. I found that she wanted to be around me more, but she was very cautious, she never discussed the happening, but her normal behaviour also changed a lot.

From a teenage girl’s attitude she started acting like a matured young girl. But some how she uses to find time to be with me. She showed me more of her outdoor work.

She uses to come with me on my bike as usual. Her touch was sending me shiver, but she use to back up immediately after every touch, this never happened before.

One day, Aunty left for a party with her friend in afternoon and were to come back late in the night. I was in my room, not knowing what to do; even my mind was not in studies.

I then got up and went to Bela’s room.

I looked inside and saw Bela reading a book. I just stood near the door, not knowing what to do further. Few minutes passed and I noticed that Bela was not turning the pages at all. She was in some other world- day dreaming or thinking about something. I got enough courage and walked inside very silently so that I do not disturb her at all. But she noticed me and looked at me with surprise.

I was looking directly into her eyes. She didn’t say a word nor did I. I touched her on her face. Her body shook a bit and she took a deep breath. As I moved my face near her to plant a kiss on her, she closed her eyes. Only at that moment I returned to my senses and moved both my hands off her. She remained still expecting a kiss on her eager lips.

I didn’t want to leave her wanting like that so I planted a small kiss on her lips and moved off.

She opened her eyes slowly to look at me. Not being sure of anything as to what I wanted, I tried to leave out of the room walking backward but ended up hitting my head on the door. She rushed to me to see if I was hurt. She tried to move her hand in my hair to feel and see if I was hurt.

I embraced her and she was back in my arms. I headed back to her lips. This time she replied my kiss with a tentative kiss.

For the first time I felt the taste of her lips. I felt nearly satisfied with the kiss but wasn’t sure of the happenings and looked at her. She landed her head on my broad strong chest and was nearly hugging me. We stood there hugging each other in the room, for a long time.

I tried to move my hands along her back. She was silent. I lifted her head and planted kisses on her closed eyelids, nose and cheeks.

I was kissing her pretty petal shape lower lips when she moved back. Now nothing was going to stop me; now not even she can stop me anymore. She looked innocent with her head facing down near her beautiful bed. I headed next to her and lifted her head and planted a wet kiss on her sweet lower lip.

It did taste very sweet. All this time her eyes were shut. Her arms were on my strong arms. I laid her in her bed. She was very shy as she covered her face with her palms.

I sat on the edge and placed my hand on her shoulder, she moaned lightly. I removed one of her hand from her face a planted a kiss on her closed eyelid. She opened her eyes and slowly hugged me.

My right hand had now moved to her fresh boobs. They looked small but felt good. My fingers were playing all over her shirt. As I finished my small play I started opening the shirt buttons one by one. I then started taking off her shirt. She was wearing nothing underneath.

Her fresh small boobs stood proudly moving up down with her heavy breathing. Even my breathing had accelerated seeing this. I lead my tongue to her pink nipple.

With the other hand I felt her boobs and caressed her nipples very slowly and softly. She shivered as my tongue touched her nipple. I continued sucking her fresh pink tits and massaging the other one.

I tried to make her comfortable sucking softly; she started responding with light moans.

I took a pause and took off my tee-shirt. As soon as she saw me what I was doing she closed her face as usual.

I took her hands and placed them on my strong chest. She smiled with shyness and turned her face away from me. This gave me the right opportunity to suck her ear lobes, to make her more friendly and comfortable in what was to follow in her bed. She gave a kind of lazy smile as she turned back her face towards me and kissed me all over my face and ended with a passionate smooch.

She was learning fast. Our tongues played the game.

Now my fingers took a step below and found the pant buttons. I started opening the buttons all the while kissing her sweet lips and one hand massaging the nipples. Inside I could see a white panty. Suddenly she held my hands and in soft words she told me, Aakash, what are you doing? I am afraid of doing it. I told her Bela, why you should worry, when I am here for you.

I tried to console her softly.

Then I took off my pants. We were both in under wears only. I touch her thighs; they were very soft and lovely. But I was not able to part her legs. I then decided to go slow and started from her toes. I started my journey from her toes. It wasn’t a long journey, she moaned all the way. Now both her flawless thighs were on my shoulders like a garland and her panty was in front of my face.

It had a wet spot near my nose.

Slowly kissing over it, I removed her panty and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

In all its grace there she was with a small growth of brownish tendril like hair and her wet labia oozing out. The clit wasn’t visible. It looked as if even she hasn’t disturbed it. My cock was in its highest peak and was struggling inside my underwear.

I planted kisses all over her small bushes and the adjacent region and headed for the wet lips. As my lips touched her pussy lips electrical waves were transmitted in both the bodies.

Her legs crashed over my neck, pushing my face in to her flooded plains. My head was still locked between her thighs. My tongue was trying to probe deeper and deeper. My fingers were twitching the clit. She moaned- aah Aakash feeling so good.

My sweet brother go on keeping I am enjoying your doings. I continued tongue fucking her. She slowly loosened the grip and only then I came to know of the fact that my face was covered with her cum.

I looked at her face; she looked puzzled and was unsure of what exactly had happened. Tears ran down her face and she said Aakash, I don’t know what was going through my whole body, but I was feeling great.

I comforted her that it was nothing but a sheer pleasure; kissed her on her cheeks and caressed her forehead to head, and said that we will have great time everyday if you keep co-operating me like this.

She was silent, unaware of the fact that her brother is going to take her cherry.

I have to do something to get her back. I started kissing and smooching. Now her legs were back together.

I placed my hands on her thighs and tried to work my way kissing and licking to her pussy. She was silently moaning and didn’t say a word. I parted her legs kissed and tongued her pussy. Her pussy tasted great due to her love juices. I licked it clean and started trying to make her hot again.

The clit was now visible and her thighs were back on my shoulders. She was still silent with fear but her lust was at its peak as she gripped her thighs across my shoulder.

I got my right hand to her pussy and started playing with her pussy lips while I was tonguing her clit. I entered my index finger in her narrow small vagina. It wasn’t an easy penetration; I felt her right hand on my shoulder holding tight, trying to get the maximum and bear the pain with pleasure.

My middle finger reached in; her hands grip on my shoulder tightened while I was passively tonguing her clit.

As I moved my finger to and fro, accelerating my tonguing. She started shouting loud in pleasure. I lowered my underwear and my cock came out standing firm and relieved at being set free. She looked at my cock in terror. In fear she tried to move off but I insisted by holding her thighs and arms and kissed on her lips and I told her not to worry, and that I won’t hurt her.

I pushed her legs high on her shoulders and placed my throbbing cock on her pussy opening. I pushed my cock in her but it just won’t go in as her pussy was still very tight. I found oil bottle on bed side took a little and applied it on my cock.

I headed slowly in the narrow passage with help of my hand. It was difficult going. I applied more pressure and just the cock head entered.

She started crying and said, Aakash please leave me, I am in pain. I was in no mood to listen. I again applied pressure and a little more went in. She screamed very loud. I got scared and asked her to bear it and soon you will enjoy. She pleaded with me to leave her. She struggled to get free.

I said ok we don’t do anything, let us stay like this for long.

I started kissing her and massaging her boobs. Shortly, she forgot about the pain and started moaning. I saw my chance and pulled my cock out a little bit and prepared to push very hard.

I covered her mouth with my lips and gave a strong push. In a single small push I broke her hymen. She was in pain and started crying and shouting leave me, leave me. Please Aakash it’s enough.

I just lay on her, feeling the tightness of her young virgin pussy on my cock. I started kissing and caressing her face, her shoulder her boobs, her waist, her thighs, her hips and everywhere.

I also said, Bela, you know how much I love you. Bela, you are very darling to me. I can’t see you in pain. Be sure, you will have best of time little while after. Darling you will love it.

This all made her confidence increase and her body reacting to our love union and sending more lubricants at our union. She also aroused a little and wanted me to make little movement.

I slowly took out my cock and rammed it in again. I did this few times and soon she stopped crying and felt little less pain. I then increased the pace and started pumping her pussy with strong, hard pushes.

In-out motion continued for some time and I saw her face- she was enjoying now. Still a little painful but she felt a new kind of sensation in her body which she had never felt before; which is one of supreme bliss and very heavenly. I continued fucking her tight pussy till I found that I am about to cum.

She said, now I like it very much, I am getting pleasure out of it.

Then she gripped the bed sheet and her body gave few jerks and then she was silent. She had her second orgasm. I continued fucking and then I felt my cock muscles tightening and felt the known sensation taking grip over me. Soon I started cumming in her small pussy. I remained like that for some time and then I took my cock out of her pussy. It was covered with cum and bleed.

She started to cry on seeing the bleed. I tried to reason with her and comforted her and told her that it’s normal for the first time. I wiped off her face with the fresh end of my tee-shirt and comforted her with kisses. I looked at her. She had stopped crying and her pussy had stopped bleeding. She was silent as she lay on my shoulder expecting that sex was over.

We were silent for some time till our breathing came to normal. Bela darling, how did you feel? I asked her

It was painful in the beginning, but later on it was so sweet. She told. It was painful in the beginning because it was your first time, now every time you will lover everything we do. I said. So you will do it again? She asked. What? I asked. The same thing you did just now.

She said. What I did? I asked. I wanted to build her confidence by talking everything in plain words, to remove taboo from her mind, if any.

I don’t know what it’s said, what you did just now with me, and you were doing the same thing with mom. She said. What we did is called ‘fucking’, now you speak it. She shied and hid her face in my chest, caressed my chest with her soft cheek and murmured ‘fucking’.

While chatting I was caressing her fucked, dripping pussy. I asked her what is this called. She asked what?

Where my palm is moving on your body, what that part of your body called. Instead of replying she kissed my chest and looked at me and pressed her eye lids to gather closing her eyes. It’s called ‘pussy’, now you say it. ‘Pussy’, she replied and started caressing my semi hard cock. What is my thing called? I asked.

‘Cock’ she replied and kissed my chest again closing her eyes and slapping her hand on my chest lovingly.

I responded her lovingness, with repeated kisses on her face, holding her from shoulder and kissing her every where and embracing her tight every now and than. She also responded with similar things copying my doing. She was getting open up with me, and I was sure she liked what we did, and sure she will love to repeat our doings in future.

We took rest for some time, during which she asked me about me and aunty and for how long we have been doing fucking. I told her everything including her mother’s problems about her sex life. This made a soft corner for her mother in her mind.

We discussed many things about sex including how much we both love each other. We kept kissing, pressing fondling each other. I kissed her eyes, nose, fore head, ears, neck, sucked her nipples did give her love bites at many places and showed her how much beautiful my love bite on her body looks.

We both were aroused; I casually asked her whether we should have another round of love making session. She said sure if you also wish.

I then went to her pussy and tongued her till she could not bear it any more. I saw that she was ready and then I guided my cock with the help of my hand into the now wide vagina. I entered my shaft slowly. She placed her arms tightly on my shoulders and closed her eyes.

I kept the pressure, though it still pained her a little, she did not say anything.

Then with a strong push, I again entered her. By now I was deep in. But her vagina was still tight. Then I slowly started the ride and accelerating when ever possible; even I was in light pain as her pussy was very tight and a lot of effort was needed to move in out with steady rhythm Her pink pussy lips and my dark brown shaft jammed like anything.

She was both in pain and pleasure.

I felt my organ in its finest height. She was moaning as I rode her. I started nearing the climax. I accelerated my speed and fucked her with hard strokes. She was moaning loudly. The acceleration led to our climax together. I felt my sperms gushing out of my balls, to the penis and into the very tight deep end of her vagina. Her cum was oozing out of her vagina; I could feel the wetness on my sacs.

I felt very satisfied. I could sense that even she was exhausted. She still had a lot to learn, but with passage of time and more fucking she will learn everything.

I kissed her on her forehead and told her that she was my first virgin girl. She slowly opened her eyes and replied me with a soft kiss. She told me softly that she is very much afraid now, after doing everything.

I asked her why you are worrying; I will take care of you for everything. Never worry for anything. Now you are my responsibility. She hugged me tight and said, I know you love me too much.

I was really satisfied with my first two fucks with her. That evening, I fucked her once more and then we both had bath together. As it was getting late, she went to sleep. I stayed awake till Aunty came back.

Next day, aunty saw the way Bela was walking and immediately knew what had happened and that her sweet little daughter was no more a virgin. Aunty came to my room that night and confronted with me and I told her everything.

I told her that she was at fault. If she had not stopped coming to my room all these wouldn’t have happened. Any case, she started coming to my room during the night once again.

Slowly I convinced her to let Bela also enjoy otherwise; she will find some other way to satisfy herself. How I become father of my Lover (Bela’s) brother, I will be narrating in my next story.

That was just the start of our long relation. Thereafter, all three of us- aunty, Bela and I had regular sex. It opened a new chapter in my life. Readers female friends, these days my friend is all alone in his life(that is another story), he needs good friend around at Ahmedabad.

Please write to me at [email protected] com, I shall arrange to get you in touch with him. He is a nice man; he is a good lover and above all is a dependable confidant person. He knows how to keep things secret. Contact soon without worrying anything.

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