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Fantasy Stories

Chapter 1 Madonna
This ar fictional stories about fucking famous bitches….

The story of Mike and this girls stars here hope you enjoy the fantasy,Mike was one young man 5? feet tall about 200 pounds not really muscle but really strong he was tring to get in shape cause he didnt take are of himself lately.
So he goes to the closest gym and gets to work he didnt know whose gym this was ,after couple of weeks he got back in shape and life got better ,his job got him train late around 8 to 10 at night so in one of this late nights he and couple of persons were training there when all of the souden one 50 years old loking like Madonna got in the gym and start training right next to Mike he could not belive is that really here were someone who loke just like here.

He get intrestred so he ask her: Ar you Madonna or you show just like here?
She looks at him and reply:What do you think i am here or i just look like here?
Im not sure but if you ar not you definitely look like here,
Well im Madonna and this is my gym if you didnt know
Wow i really didnt know ,well is really nice to meet you sorry if i was too pushing about this and bye the way im Mike
Nice to meet you Mike welcome to my gym ,hwo long you come here its the first time i see you here
Well not that long about 2 weeks i think i was way out of shape so i got in the nearest gym
Few minutes pass without them speak but he cant stop looking at here he cant belive he is really next to here and she is pretty hot four here age she is in here mid 50 after all but the gym made miracles with her body and ofcourse the ar some plastic surgen magic but she is hot,he stops from his exircise and ask here: Excuse me if im to straight but what one famous lady like you do in like this were people come?i was expecting you to have your own gym in the house
Well i was in the mode to come to the gym my trainer is out of town so i just got out,and maybe found some hot guy to hangout she said laughing.

Wow he said in his mind is this bitch flirting with me or she just busting my balls:
So hwo ar your searching of hot guys is loking right now? he ask testing the waters
Pretty good she said ,im talking with one right now and he looks like he is in to me also,
Really you ar making me blush ofcourse im in to you, you ar hot looking women,
What about you and me go out of the gym and we get too know eachother better se said looking at his visible erection,he was getting really hard and it was hard to hide 8,5 inch erection.

OK he said and the walk out of the gym ,at the exit with no one in sight she grab his dick and started strocking him trew his pants,he exaled pretty hard and looked at here and coud not belive what is happenig,
Why dont we put this big dick of yours to good use she murmur in his ear,brathing heavy he ansewer yes and they both got in here car ,she said to here driver to get them to her house and to glose the window of the limo,now lets se this dick of yours she said puling his dick out of his gym pants:Wow she said with clear excitation in here voice you really got nice loking cock ill have fun fucking this meat pole,and without any warning she sarted sucking his cock.

OMG he was in heaven he was geting sucked bye Madonna wow and that was not all she licked his balls and started the best deepthroat in his life she was elite i mean she was devouring his dick.
Do you like hwo Madonna suck your dick Mike ,your the best he answerd well i hope you fuck me good cause im really hot and it wood be shame to not fuck me good i might not let you inside of my gym ever again you ,she said while he pushed here head in to his dick,dont worry about that he said you will not forget this night and right then the driver called that the were home.

Lets get inside she said they got strait to the shower cause she is pretty crazy about germs and that kind of shit ,they both got inside naked and started kissing he turned her around and started fucking here from behind ,she start to yell to him to fuck here hard and he did do just that he was slaming his dick in too that pussy he also started to massage her clit with his hand ,in no time she had one exploding orgasm.

They got out of the shower and whent straight too bad he put the legs on his shoulders and put his cock back in here pussy,she was impressed with his skills:
You fuck good Mike hope this last all night ,with his ego stocked he whent all in and put all of his skill in the bed to good use ,he fucked here four the next 40 minutes until she cum again.

He was sitting in the bed and she said i whant to make you cum like you never did in your life ,and she stared the best strocking deepthroat combo making him so close to cuming as it gets. after 5 minutes of wonderfull blowjob he exploded in here mouth ,she swallow all of it licking here lips,you taste good Mike what you say if we get something to eat and continuie this wonderfull night of fucking:OK That sounds great!!He was so happy he coud not belive that he just boned Madonna and that the fucking will continue until the morning at least.

This is chapter 1 hope you enjoy im gonna put chapter 2 if you like thi first one.

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