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fantasy role play that came true

me and mary have been married 14 years and are 34 and me 36 we love clubbing and getting high and when we get home we fuck like rabbits talking of who we want to fuck and one night we invited liz back to ours liz was a mates ex wife she was 5ft 4 black bopped hair to her shoulders curvy size 12 with great tits liz was quiet and me and mary often fantasised about her even mary got horny saying she wanted to see her cunt
as we sat smoking joints mary said to liz that i usually watch porn and liz said it was ok as she liked it also saying put it on
as i put one on about a guy seducing his wifes friend as mary asked me if i had the chance to fuck a woman we knew who would you fuck she asked laughing i said a few saying but could they handle my 8 half inch cock as mary joked saying liz could as she wispered to liz as they giggled
liz would not be dirty enough i said saying to liz i was so dirty and talked dirty during sex
liz asked how big is 8 half inches so i went to the kitchen got paper and drew round my cock which was semi hard and went in giving liz the paper she looked saying if thats it its huge asking mary if it was correct mary said it was soft still as liz looked at the paper her face looking exited i then got a pipe out giving them a few puffs as mary said to liz how horny it gets her asking liz if she was the same liz said she was very horny as mary said she was going to change and went upstairs hearing her move about i looked at liz giving her a pipe as i sat on the floor looking up her skirt seeing her white panties and her dark hairy pussy that was sticking out the side of her panties
she saw me looking saying how dirty i was i replied saying i saw her exitment at my cock size and asked her if mary said it was ok would she like to try it liz looked smiling saying mary would never agree as she walked in asking agree to what so i told her as we had a pipe saying to her imagine me up liz as she moaned at this point mary said to liz it sounded so horny asking her if she agreed liz said it did asking mary if she ever seen me with another woman
liz looked surprised and exited when mary said yes and said she would love to see me make a porn
liz asked what like as she told her a story about me forcing a friend of hers to fuck and her reluctant at first then up for it as they kiss and touch
liz said most woman like that so i said laughing so you like that liz if i kissed you and groped you as we had a pipe mary said she had to lay down going upstairs
i gave liz a pipe as i sat next to her on the sofa saying to her how sexy she was asking if she was a good kisser telling me she was i asked her for a kiss saying it was only a kiss as she said no at first as i said to her just one little kiss wont harm she said ok a little one
i leaned over kissing her licking her lips as i put my arms round her as we kissed our tongues probing each others mouth as she held me as my hands stroked her body as we fell back on the sofa my leg between hers wispering to her i wanted to fuck her as she asked me to get a cover as i did i said i was going to the loo and turned the lights off with just the tv for light returning i kissed liz and as i put my hand under the cover to discover she was undressed as i said to her her body was so sexy and natural as she said her tits sagged as i looked at her tits they where very saggy with big dark nipples and her pussy so hairy as i kissed her tits playing with her clit she moaned just then mary came in i said to her to come over as she did saying what where we doing i kissed her as i rubbed the nipples of liz feeling them go hard as mary said how liz had a sexy body and her tits looked great liz said to mary hers looked better as mary opened her top showing her pert tits as liz stared at them pulling mary beside liz i put lizs hand onto marys tits moving it over them as liz sighed as mary started to feel them saying they feel good as she rubbed her nipple as liz stroked her thigh i said to them to kiss as they did as mary lay beside her rubbing her tits as liz rubbed marys cunt as mary moved her hips moaning i told mary to feel her pussy saying to liz she really fancies you as liz wispered to mary oh baby rub my cunt as mary fingered her liz moved onto the floor pulling mary as i got behind liz easing my cock up her fucking her till i filled her hole with cum then went to bed.

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