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fantasy of a mature woman

Story by rextian.

That evening was very pleasant. We visited Carlos , a friend of my husband who had failed to know before, because he lived in Canada. But that night landed in the city and gave inn for the next day could continue its transit to its destination.

We had dinner together and the three boys made me laugh a lot recalling their adventures and misadventures university. my husband is tremendous sometime caressed my thigh under the table while his friend told a hilarious anecdote.

I , as always got his hands between my legs, and I immediately pressed my wet legs. He came to my ear and whispered , “Go to the bathroom and take off your panty “.

I laughed and obeyed. As I headed to the bathroom I noticed we have a mirror on the wall Carlos interrupted his story for me to flip the rear. My last look came to distinguish an approving glance crossing between those two old adventurers.

The truth is that my 40 was more than attractive. My white , freckled skin, my big breasts and my slim silhouette used to wake the admiration of those who crossed me on the street so my long brown curls gave me a more youthful air. And I liked to dress discreetly sexy. That night I wore a short black dress, above the knee, which fit my body without being too low cut.

Something fairly revealing.

I went bathing no bra or panties and my husband continued to misbehave under the table until we finished the second bottle of wine. At some point came to introduce their fingers into my wet vagina and she gave me as spasms in the womb. Had to make an effort to eat a groan.

Carlos and showed signs of tiredness, so I invite you to go to his room leave it installed and went to clear the table and bring everything to the kitchen.

My husband turned off the lights of the living room and when we went to the kitchen. Tackle scrubbed quickly , I spent a washcloth and turned off the light to go to bed.

But my husband intercepted plantándome me a warm kiss and dipping his fingers with my juices. He hugged me , squeezed my buttocks with his strong hands and told me he wanted me.

Come to bed , that ‘s your friend and you can hear I said.

But he refused. He undid his belt dropping his pants and pulled out his divine member.

Pretending more modesty certainly felt that I stretched forth from it and went to the room, it was completely dark. There intercepted me from behind and enpujandome made ??me sit on a Ceibo is in the dining room off the living.

He opened my legs and with a kiss sank his huge cock into my pussy , already craved within.

Standing there in front of me , took me by the hips and pulled me towards him , and stealing entire clavándomela breath.

Instinctively I began to move my belly at your own pace , so that his cock to massage my whole vagina. Stroked his head , shoulders and wanted to kiss your ear excitedly. Really enjoyed how my husband gets me , her strength, her smell , her sex … It was then that the search for his ear could distinguish in the darkness , the silhouette of Carlos sitting on the living room sofa.

My immediate reaction was horror. First I thought it was a ghost , but then recognized forms without disminuyese my fear.

What was that guy there? Why are we looking at making love ?

I wanted to tell my husband, who had his back and could not see him, but feared how he would react. Much more when I saw that Carlos seemed to be playing himself.

As in the darkness , my eyes were able to better distinguish winning ways. And I could see as Carlos stroked his huge erect penis while we watched in silence.

I pressed my lips and anguish was mixed with my own curiosity. Feel my husband inside me, half dressed both against that as well endowed and willing stranger, who stroked as wanting to be the one who grabbed me , I confess I even excited.

I burst into a first orgasm that fueled my curiosity. And if until now had been demure modesty , first, and fear , then. Desinhibí and I started to moan louder and give some feedback to my husband , “Give me hard , love ! Catch me rich so .. so .. so … I’m your bitch , I fuck me ! “

The reaction was immediate on both men.

My husband his thrusts quickened and deepened to the point that I thought I would split in two. What got me and pulled like a horse trotting. Carlos , meanwhile , also accelerated their hand movements.

Sometimes my husband told me he had let me fantasy with another man. And once , at the beginning of our marriage , we enjoy imagining. I liked the idea. I was curious how it would feel to be double penetrated by two members , and the desire to feel the breath and strength of two males machando my little body.

That the two complacieran me.

Being caught by my husband and seeing that generous members that strange stroking for me, I was craving it again and plenty. I was suddenly between the two men and could not stop screaming … Would that my husband had planned without telling me ? If it had been so clear that accede , but had become a little hard , right?

“Let nothing be hard , asshole ,” I said in my mind, ” reaches out and invite him at once,” and that I wanted to make , but deep Dig my husband, knowing that I wanted that third party and the proximity of to fulfill that youthful fantasy, I produced a second delicious orgasm.

I tried to look up and stretch your hand over my husband ‘s shoulder , but suddenly he pulled away from me and pushed me gently toward the floor. I fell to my knees and I already knew what was coming … in moments I could feel his cum bathing my face, my neck and my tits.

As he likes me and excites me a lot , sank his cock into my mouth and cleaned diligently until the last drop of milk from his cock, without messing around with semen running down my chin.

After finishing my task, with much anxiety , I got up and immediately my eyes went to the couch. I wanted to give myself to the old fantasy …

But it was empty. Carlos was not there.

I felt a little disappointed. Incredulous , but quickly turned on the light only served to confirm … the couch was empty.

– “What happened ? ” Asked my husband surprised me

– “Nothing,” I replied, smiling, ” we go to sleep.

It was delicious , “he added earnestly.

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