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Escort Service Dusseldorf – what you learn about men as an escort

I lived in Dusseldorf and was actually working in a bank. I wasn’t even done with my studies, but I insanely had high expenses which exceeded my earnings so far. My parents were very wealthy and financed my life in part, but somehow it should end soon. Certainly, my father told me about this at the last family meeting in Munich.

A bit desperately, I sat after my return on the computer and thought about how I could make quick and good money. In my job it was not an option. I was indeed highly qualified, but everyone starts small. I was therefore more than far away from a substantial salary increase.

That evening, I sat very frustrated in front of my desk and surfed through the net. After hours of research I stumbled over the website of High Class Escorts. At that time I thought that there was also an Escort Service Dusseldorf, which offer really pure accompaniment without sex. I had to give up this hope relatively quickly. So I looked for the aesthetically most appealing website, hoping to earn at least a lot as I was supposed to get into bed with strangers. No sooner said than done, I quickly made a find and fixed an appointment with the responsible man of the agency.

In our conversation he already told me at the beginning what was expected of an escort lady in his agency: You should speak several languages, especially English, have elegant clothes, know how to behave in restaurants and be an interesting dialog partner. You should be educated, changeable and able to convey the feeling to a man that he is the center of the world. Since I came from a very prosperous home and had to shine as a child at the business meetings of my father or at charity events of my mother, so that was no problem for me. In addition, all requirements were very common to me. That pleased the man immediately. I noticed it.

After the nice conversation he sent me to his colleague in the side room. Here I got a contract submitted, which I should read and bring back signed. In addition I received 1000 euros in cash, with which I could go to the hairdresser and I could by elegant underwear and clothes. The last step was a photo shoot. My online profile was created relatively quickly and now I had to wait for orders from the Escort Service Dusseldorf.

The money which I could earn was great. For two hours the customer had to pay 500 euros. 30 percent of it the agency received. Contrariwise, that means that 350 euros are for me. Great job!

Only few days passed until I had my first job at the Escort Service Dusseldorf. I didn’t even have to do anything great with him. He was totally keen on combing and braiding hair. He was a real hair fetishist. After making the wildest hairstyles with my hair for two hours, he was completely happy and as it seemed also very pleased. WOW, I thought. Usually I spend a lot of money on something like that. Now I got even paid for it.

In my entire career as an escort girl, I have never met a disrespectful or violent man. And I have really met with a lot of men. Sure, some are nicer than others, but disrespectful or approaching from the top down, no one has ever treated me like this. By the way, I would also not let that happen.

I am infinitely happy that I had such money problems at that time and that my parents turned off the money supply. Under no other circumstances I would ever had the idea to look for an additional job and then also find one. Per month I earn 3 times more than in my main job (which, of course, I still have). I am very happy, my boss and I don’t know what to do with all the money and the expensive bags.

Recently, one of my regular customers brought me a new bag of my favorite brand. With joy, I fell into his arms. He has so much money and just wanted to do me a favor or give me a treat.  Of course, nevertheless he paid me completely normal. After all, I had not asked him for the bag.

My customers are all very grateful and attentive. I am glad to do this job and will not give it up in the near future either.

Maybe when I have a firm family, I am married and have children. But currently I enjoy my life and the luxury that I have thanks to this job.








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