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Escort Agency Cologne – we cheer business customers

A large insurance company has invited representatives to a sex party with prostitutes. What was very common with big companies every day. Businesses are connected with the sale of sex to keep the business experts in a good mood. How this works you can discover in the following in the form of a fictional story, because the Agency Victoria Models has informed us in details about the process. Victoria Models is an escort agency from Cologne which specializes in business escorts with attractive women.

Actually, the man was a completely narrow-minded and conservative character. He looked very unsure, but he was a good customer and therefore one has to look after him very well. For this reason, he was invited to a visit to a distinguished company and then talked about potential business at a nice dinner.

During the meal one noticed immediately that the more wine has flown the relaxed he became and that he wanted to experience more than his square solitary life in the family terrace house.

After the meal he went with the company boss and a few other colleagues to a very well-known strip bar in the city.

At the beginning, he felt somewhat out of place here and excused his presence with the one or another cocktail at the bar.

After some alcohol, however, he became more accessible and open, and suddenly he started to dance. The happenings took its course and suddenly he undressed himself to battle with the strippers.

Another man of the evening even rumored that he had left with one of the ladies from Escort Agency Cologne and went to a room later. You can be sure: this, the company is going to pay.

The costs of this delicate evening were around 13,000 euros. But the thing has worth it: It was hailing deals over deals.

You now imagine a really dubious figure among the manager, who has made this business experience possible. But it is not like this. It comes from the heart of the economy and is considered reliable and competent.

For not a few top managers, adult amusements are an ordinary part of business life and therefore they are offered to customers over and over again. These happenings usually take place in a very discrete manner and can be claimed for tax purposes. This results in a reduced profit and therefore a low tax burden. You may hardly believe, but the country also decently for this pleasure.

Many business men know about their great trips and actually see them as a pure motivation. The program does not start even at night, but often women of the Escort Agency Cologne take care of the upmarket clientele already at noon.

These include, for example, topless waitresses who take care of every customer’s well-being. The ladies receive the men in sparse, sexy outfits and provide directly the right atmosphere. As a rule, about 20 different ladies are hired by the company, so that every guest gets his money’s worth and feels well serviced.

Over the course of the day, they are walking through the room as pretty extras and watch the business customers subsist on high-class food and champagne. Who thinks that it is, for example, too strenuous for them, he can gladly take a seat alone or with one of the ladies from the Escort Agency Cologne on the provided sunbathing area. These are beds spread on the boat. Some public and some hidden as a private room, if something more is going to happen and you don’t want to be seen.

Live music also keeps the customers entertained and often rounds off such a business experience.

But also organizers, i.e. the big companies, have to keep an eye on the budget. If the sum is getting higher the trickier is the hiding.  When they have organized an event agency, they usually put rough descriptions and no individual positions on the invoices. This has the advantage that the company does not land as a scandal in the press.

Also so-called offsetting is possible, where the CEO pre-finances the money and then reclaims it over various other positions in the day-to-day business. The business with the pleasure is still in a legal grey area and can lead – when discovered – to a serious damage of the company’s image. The companies are aware of this, but profit from the positive aspects of such events.


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