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Eric’s Problem, Adult Friends, 1/1

Eric and I had worked for the same company for 10 years and had
survived several retrenchments, down-sizings, and reductions in f***e,
probably because we were very good at our jobs. Company politics being
what they were, only our competence kept us employed, because we weren’t
attached to any of the power cliques that seemed to determine company
policy. In short, we were too low on the totem pole to be chummy with the
executives who decided the future of the company.

We were both field engineers who went out regularly to visit
customers and help maintain their sophisticated computer systems. Our
company’s computers had many problems, which was another reason we
remained employed. These machines were really inferior to those made by
the competition because of poor quality control. The reason many
companies and government agencies had had them installed was that our
sales department obtained orders by bribing purchasing agents and
executives involved in buying decisions.

Another way of putting it is
that, unofficially, our company had people on the payroll who weren’t on
the books.
Eric and I often were sent to fix a problem together because we worked
well as a team and our skills complemented each other’s. Eric was the
software engineer and I worked with the hardware. This trip sent us to
Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, where a government agency had one of its
departments in this affluent Washington suburb.

One rumor had it that a
certain Congressman had affiliations with the company we were to visit
the next day.
“I wonder what we’ll find when we open up this piece of shit?”
Eric asked rhetorically during the flight east. I had no answer, of
course, because if we knew we could have fixed the problem with a phone
call. We checked into our hotel, ate dinner, and braced ourselves for the
next morning’s ordeal.

As a matter of policy, our employer was cheap with the hired help,
which included Eric and me. We always flew coach, not wanting to pay for
an upgrade out of our pockets, and we always had to share a single room.
Sometimes the single room had only one bed, but this didn’t bother us at
all, as we enjoyed sleeping snuggled up against each other.

I loved the
feel of Eric’s warm body against mine, and he felt the same way.
We were both in our early 30s, divorced, and Bisexual. Neither
marriage had resulted in children, which was just as well, given the
nature of the world in which we would have had to raise them. We were
about the same height, six feet, but Eric was more muscular than I.

as we got undressed, our eyes were on each others’ bodies, as always.
Eric’s prick was handsome. It arced down from his pubic bone,
displaying a big blunt-nosed glans at the end. The thick rim stood out
above the shaft, and flared upward delightfully at the top. I saw that
like my heavy-ended prick, it swung from side to side as he walked. It
was pinkish-gray in color, with a dry, leathery texture, the result of
its protective foreskin having been removed at birth.

A thick brown scar
ring an inch behind the rim was all that was left of his foreskin.
“I always like to look at your cock,” Eric said as we shed the
last of our clothing. “I like the way the big head shows through that
skin. I like the way the skin hangs down an inch beyond the end. ” Eric
envied my long, pendulous foreskin, fervently wishing he hadn’t been
deprived of his.

“That’s okay, Eric,” I said. “I’m happy to share it with
you. ” I had shared it many times, letting him play with it, stroke it,
lick it, and even slide it over his glans when we docked, nestling his
helmet inside my warm hood to bring both of us to shuddering orgasms that
left us weak and drained.
“I’m glad you’re like that, Jack.

I’m really turned on by a
guy with skin. ” I understood his feeling. Having been without a foreskin
since infancy, he was fascinated and strongly turned on by a penis
equipped with one. This affected our sexual relationship, because
although his prick was less sensitive than mine, the turn-on of handling
my natural one was very powerful, driving his excitement so that he often
came not long after I did. He’d told me that solitary masturbation was
often very frustrating for him because he had to rub hard to attain

However, the psychic stimulation he derived from my prick, with
its generous foreskin, enhanced his arousal when we were together. Even
now, he was becoming hard simply from gazing at my foreskin.
Of course, my foreskin loves attention, and my prick was
responding even before we got to the touching stage. His hot eyes made my
foreskin tingle in an intangible way, and I felt the rush of bleed in my

We were almost hard even before we touched each other. I felt his
warm fingers close around the end of my prick, gently sliding my foreskin
back and forth, and this completed my arousal. Within seconds I was hard.
Reciprocating, I reached down to squeeze his big helmet between thumb and
forefinger, and I felt his prick throb in response as his crotch muscles
tightened with each squeeze.
We were both “growers,” not “showers.

” Our pricks were small
when soft, about three inches most of the time. Of course, my long
foreskin nipple added about an inch to my length. Hard, they doubled in
size to about six inches, just average. The core of my prick expanded to
fill most of my foreskin.
His touch had its effect on me. Not only did it immediately firm
up my erection, it produced a light tingle in the helmet through the

I felt a slight spasm deep in the root of my prick, and knew
that a drop of lubricant had begun crawling up my tube. I pulled Eric to
me and kissed him on the lips.
“It’s so good to be with you,” I said as I pulled him down to
sit on the bed. “I never felt this good with my wife. “
“I feel the same way,” he replied as he nuzzled my neck.

not just physical, Jack. I really feel comfortable with you. I never felt
this comfortable with Marie. ” Our fingers were still wrapped around each
others’ pricks, adding to our excitement. The mutual confession of
emotional intimacy made our physical arousal more vivid and intense.
Luckily for Eric, his circumcision hadn’t been tight. I’d seen
some tightly-cut pricks that I could describe only as “****d” or
“plundered,” with absolutely no slackness in the shaft skin.

Now I
grasped the shaft behind the head, and pulled the slack skin up to bump
against his sexy rim. This light stroke gave him friction on the many
nerve endings in his thick flaring corona, but it also compressed the rim
to stimulate the deep-seated nerve endings inside it. I knew that the rim
was the most sensitive part of his penis, and that the thick strip of
tissue under the head, the gee-string, was second.

Fortunately, the
doctor who’d clipped him hadn’t removed the gee-string, as some do. Now
I lightly flicked my forefinger over his gee-string as I continued to
stroke his shaft skin.
I felt Eric’s finger probing into the opening of my foreskin,
which still covered the head even though I was hard. His fingertip
touched my slit, and I felt my prick jerk. Eric always enjoyed slipping
his finger inside my hood to feel the wet and slippery helmet.

Now I felt a tightness as Eric’s warm fingers drew my foreskin
down. The narrow orifice pressed against the blunt nose of my glans,
before stretching to fit over the contours. The sliding friction added to
the pressure to heighten my excitement.
“I love to watch the skin stretch when I pull it down over the
head,” Eric said as he stroked my foreskin up and then down again, this
time pulling it farther to bare my helmet to the rim.

“It’s really
stretched now,” he added as he held the ring of foreskin poised on the
edge of my corona. Now he released it and my hood began sliding forward
down the taper of my glans, pulled forward by my gee-string.
“You’ve got a nice rim,” I said as I changed my grip to run a
finger lightly around his corona, and I felt Eric’s body tense against

He grasped my penis again, firmly around the head, and pulled my
foreskin all the way back, so that it crested the ridge and snapped down
into the deep groove behind it.
“There,” he said. “Now your cock looks exactly like mine. “
Both our helmets were fully exposed, the similarity in their contours
striking, but the groove behind my flaring rim was filled with the thick
fleshy ring of foreskin.

“Your rim doesn’t look as big as mine, but when I do this^Å. “
he trailed off as he pulled my foreskin down farther to bare the groove
completely. “See, without the skin against it your rim is just like
mine, just as high. ” My foreskin was now partly inverted on the shaft
behind the head, held firmly by Eric’s strong fingers.
“Your prick’s really nice,” I said as I now began to twist his
shaft-skin lightly as I bumped it against his flaring rim.

`Your balls
are getting tight. ” Both of us had average, medium scrotums, and we both
responded to excitement by our balls pulling up tightly against our
“I know you’re very sensitive right here on the rim, with all
those little bumps,” Eric said as he ran the forefinger of his other
hand lightly around my wet and lubricated corona. “Those little bumps
contain the nerve endings.

” Hot sparks of sensation stabbed deeply into
my glans, fueling my fire.
“Yes, you’re right,” I whispered as Eric’s insistent caresses
around my corona brought me to a new level of excitement. I felt the rush
of new bleed in my helmet, stretching the thin mucus membrane tightly.
“Your tip’s getting harder and swelling more. It’s turning
darker purple too,” he said.

“I know I can make you come this way. “
His fingertip traced the outline of my high flaring rim, first down the
right side until he reached the triangular groove under the head. Now he
strummed my gee-string, flicking his fingertip back and forth across it,
knowing that each stroke sent fresh hot sensations into the nerve
“Ohhhhh,” I whispered, captivated by the intense sensations.

leaned against Eric as he worked his magic with my prick, hitting all the
sensitive spots. Now he worked his way up the other side until he came to
the flare on top. Now I felt his finger touching the teardrop shaped
orifice at the top of my helmet, finding a drop of lubricant and
spreading it in small circles around the front dome. With his other hand,
he began to pump my foreskin up and down in short strokes, just enough to
bump my rim and stretch it tightly back on the down-stroke.

“You’re going to send me over the edge,” I moaned.
“Just relax and enjoy it,” he urged. “I want to watch the cream
pumping out of your helmet. ” He continued his rhythmic pumping, keeping
a steady pace that pushed me relentlessly toward the brink.
“You tip’s so dark now, I know it’s going to be only seconds,”
he added.

As he spoke, I clamped my fingers tightly around the base of
his straight shaft, compressing the veins to make his prick larger and
more rigid. I knew that my concentration would be focused on the
thrilling sensations in my prick, and that clamping it tightly was the
only thing I could do right then. I slumped against Eric as my eyes
closed, knowing that he’d f***e the load from my body within the next
few moments.

My breathing was shallow and ragged with my excitement. Now I felt
a pleasant, intense tickle begin where his fingertip kept circling my
front dome. The tickle grew more intense and spread to my rim, where he
was compressing the many nerve endings with the thick ring of my
foreskin. I began moaning as my excitement built, and now I was moaning
loudly because I was coming right to the edge.

Clear fluid continued to seep from my tear-drop shaped orifice,
lubricating Eric’s fingertip, the excess running down to the base of my
glans to make my corona slippery as he continued to rub and bump my
foreskin against it. The tickle grew more intense as it filled my glans,
and now it changed to a hot tingle. My entire body tensed, and then the
storm broke.

“HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” I grunted as a sudden jolt of sensation shot
down my shaft to the root, triggering the heavy pounding of my orgasm. I
felt the first torrent of hot liquid searing its way up my shaft to slam
though the lips of my gaping slit. My hot, tingling glans throbbed with
the pulse of orgasm, and now another contraction seized my cock-root to
f***e another jet up my tube.

I cried out helplessly as my prick throbbed in release, sending
another spurt of cream into the air. My entire world was in my prick as
it throbbed and spurted, giving me joyous release. Another heavy pulse
shot through the base of my shaft as the third stream of cream surged up
my urethra, making me cry out again.
Now I felt Eric remove his fingertip from my glans, and his fist
drew my foreskin down tightly, keeping the nerve endings inside the
fleshy sleeve stretched to maintain my sensations.

He knew my tip became
overly sensitive during orgasm, and he stopped the friction as the fourth
contraction coursed through my groin. I felt the throb through my entire
glans and shaft as the fiery liquid burned its way up my tube on its way
The next throb was weaker and the following one weaker yet, as my
orgasm began to fade. I was still in a state of bliss, although my pulses
were not as intense.

Now they stopped, but I could still feel hot liquid
seeping up my tube and out my gaping slit. Eric’s fingertip pressed into
my urethra behind my scrotum, pushing the remaining liquid up my tube.
Now he began milking the bottom of my shaft to f***e the residue out my
slit. I opened my eyes to see him licking it off my front dome.
My body began to relax as the tension left me, and I found myself
torpid, sinking into the daze that overtakes me following ejaculation.

stayed that way for a minute or so, until I was fully conscious again. I
remembered that my fingers were still clamped around his shaft, and that
he was waiting for me to bring on his climax.
I reached for the jar of Albolene, Eric’s favorite lube because
it’s thin and doesn’t dry out. Scooping up a coating on my fingertips,
I began working it into his shaft and glans.

Now that I had him well
lubricated, I began stroking his prick in long, loving strokes that hit
every surface and every nerve ending.
“That was great, Jack, feeling your cock throbbing in my fingers
while the cream poured out of you. That was so hot that if you’d been
stroking me like you are now I would have shot right then. ” I continued
to stroke him, now adding a slight twist as I massaged his rim because I
knew that the sideways friction added to his excitement.

“Now your helmet’s getting harder between my fingers,” I
commented. “It’s getting darker too. ” Eric had a glazed look in his
eyes as my stimulation was taking effect, and I knew all of his attention
was drawn to his rigid helmet and shaft. A drop of his lube parted the
lips of his long slit, and I knew he was close to the point of no return,
when he’d be moaning and crying with the intensity of the sensations.

I felt Eric’s body tense against mine as his sensations mounted.
More drops of lube poured from his slit, running down his glans as my
fist slid over it. I gave his helmet a hard twist as my other fist
gripped his shaft, delivering a “snake-bite” effect that we both knew
was intense. He began to grunt with each stroke, and I knew the magic
moment was only seconds away.

He was already primed from bringing on and
watching my orgasm, and ready for his own release.
Now I pumped his shaft with my left hand while continuing the
rotating motion around his glans with my right. The friction added to the
heat, and his helmet was hot in my hand as I worked on it. His grunting
became louder, and now his body began to tremble.

“HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” came from his lips as I felt his prick throb
in my hands. An instant later a thick white stream erupted from his long
slit to arc onto my thigh. Eric’s hips bucked as a second gush shot from
his tip, this time landing on my groin. I heard him cry out again as
another hot ejaculation poured from his straining purple tip.

I didn’t
relent, because I knew his circumcised tip wouldn’t be getting overly
sensitive the way mine did. I twisted my fist harder, also squeezing his
overheated glans, to give him more sensations, and was rewarded by
another loud cry as his throbbing tip spit another load.
Now his jets began to diminish, and I knew he was on the long,
downhill slide as he drained himself.

The throbs faded, but fluid still
seeped from his long slit. I leaned forward to lick it off as I slipped a
finger behind his scrotum to f***e out the residue as he’d done for me.
His prick began to soften as I milked it down, and he slumped against me
as he relaxed. I grabbed some tissues and wiped the cream from our
When he opened his eyes he kissed me on the lips.

I hugged him to
me and kissed his neck before I spoke:
“It was great making you come,” I began. “I get the same thrill
out of making you come that you do from it. I felt your prick throb with
each load, and I heard you grunting, just like I do. “
“Every time you touch me you make me tingle,” he said.

“You make me tingle too,” I replied. “Now let’s take a shower
and get ready for bed. “
The following morning we went to work. The computer system we were
supposed to repair was in a dilapidated building, and seemed to be in a
similar state of disrepair. Some of the screens and printers were not
working, and many workstations could not communicate with each other.

hardware was my problem, and I set about replacing the defective
components. The communications problem was another matter. Eric said some
of the software must have become corrupted, causing an interface
breakdown. That was his problem, and he set about getting into the system
through a “back door” password to gain access to all components. He set
about the laborious task of examining the files in each work station to
find the problems.

I’d ordered out several cases of replacements, and as I
identified each piece of malfunctioning hardware, I either repaired it
or, most of the time, replaced it. Our products were so junky that they
usually couldn’t be repaired, so we replaced them and charged the costs
to the customer. Our warranty had so many loopholes and exceptions that
it really covered very little.
By the end of the day I’d almost completed my part of the work,
and we left, intending to come back the next day.

After a light dinner,
we went to our motel. Again, we stripped down, intent on dissipating the
tensions of the day with intense orgasms to relax our minds and bodies.
This time, after we’d undressed Eric pushed me flat on the bed and bent
over my crotch. I felt his fingers lifting my prick to vertical and a
moment later his hot tongue-tip was probing into the nipple of my
foreskin. I pulled him down next to me in a ?” position and clasped
his prick.

We rarely did the same thing twice in a row. This evening it
would be oral sex.
I held his big glans between to fingers, stabilizing it while my
tongue-tip probed his long slit. I felt his tongue-tip tracing circles
around my slit under the foreskin, sending shock waves of sensation into
my glans. It didn’t take long until we were fully erect, and I locked my
lips in the deep groove behind his corona while my tongue worked
systematically around his helmet.

I tasted the salty flavor of his lube
as it seeped from his slit, lubricating my tongue.
I felt his tongue probing deeper into my hood, stretching the
nerve endings as it distended it. His tongue-tip caressed my high flaring
rim and then worked down to the underside, lapping at my gee-string. His
scrotum tightened in front of my eyes, and I felt mine contracting too.

The sweaty odor of his groin filled the air, adding to my excitement.
Now Eric’s warm lips pushed my foreskin back, easing it over my
corona until it snapped down into the groove behind it. He pushed my
foreskin back even farther until his lips locked tightly into the groove,
caressing its nerve endings while his tongue worked over every contour of
my helmet.
Meanwhile, I twisted my lips around his corona, and then worked
back along the taper of his glans until my lips were puckered over the
front dome and around his slit.

I pushed my tongue-tip into his slit,
against tasting the saltiness of his natural secretion. Now I engulfed
his helmet again, right to the groove, and worked my tongue sideways
across the broad upper surface of his helmet.
I felt Eric’s fingers clamping around the base of my shaft, and
the bleed that surged into my prick was unable to escape. I felt my shaft
harden further and my helmet swell with excitement as he caressed the
corona with his tongue.

With his glans filling my mouth, I began moaning.
So did he, the vibrations titillating the nerve endings in my helmet and
inducing a hot tingle. Now I felt his teeth lightly scr****g the top of
my glans and the gee-string underneath, hitting the deep-seated nerve
endings. This sent hard shock waves of sensation piercing my helmet and
triggering my orgasm.
With his glans filling my mouth, I was breathing hard and grunting
through my nose as my prick responded to his stimulation.

A hard
contraction deep inside me sent the first wave of cream hurtling up my
tube to erupt into his mouth. I felt the squeezing around my helmet as he
struggled to swallow my ejaculation, and this triggered another eruption
of hot juice that seared its way up my straining urethra and slammed
through the slips of my orifice. I’d stopped trying to stimulate Eric,
as my mind was paralyzed by the intensity of my sensations.

I grunted again as another spasm gripped me and another load of
hot lava gushed up my prick. My hips bucked as I tried to thrust my prick
deeper into his mouth, the sensitive and swollen helmet pushing into the
back of his throat. More spasms followed, until I was drained and spent.
When my awareness of my surroundings returned I heard Eric’s
“I loved the way your cock was throbbing in my mouth.

You almost
drowned me with your come. ” My prick was rapidly softening, and Eric was
using his fingertip to f***e the residual cream up my urethra, licking
away each drop as it emerged. His prick was still in my mouth, and now I
resumed working on it. I clamped my fist around his shaft to constrict
the veins as he’d done to me. I felt his glans lose its spongy feel and
become harder.

Now I twisted my head to give him the benefit of the delicious
sideways friction that I knew was very stimulating to him, and felt a
responsive throb in his prick. I heard him start to moan as the intense
sensations washed over him, driving him toward the brink. Now after a
minute of friction around his flaring corona, I used my teeth to sc****
the surface of his helmet and his gee-string lightly, and this triggered
his climax.

He grunted loudly as I felt his hot hard helmet throb hard in my
mouth. The thick gush that poured from his slit shot into the back of my
mouth, the salty taste filling my taste buds and the odor of chlorine
filling my nostrils. I swallowed hard just as his glans throbbed again,
sending another torrent of hot cream pouring into my throat. His helmet
hammered against my tongue and palate as he shot again, grunting in
joyful agony at the intensity of his sensations.

Now I sucked hard on his throbbing helmet, adding suction as well
as friction to draw the juice from his straining body. Another heavy
stream of cream filled my mouth as his glans throbbed in response. The
fingers I had clamping his veins felt each pulse in his urethra as he
The next jet was weaker, and the following one weaker yet.

I kept up the suction and the friction because I knew his circumcised tip
didn’t become overly sensitive the way mine did. When the pulses had
stopped, there was still a slight seepage from his slit, which I
carefully licked before removing my mouth. Now I used my fingertip to
push the residue up his shaft, pursing my lips on the shrinking front
dome of his helmet to catch it all and not waste a drop.

We lay together for a couple of minutes before he revived, and
when he did he pulled the foreskin forward on my prick to blanket my
helmet once more. In our mutual excitement we’d forgotten about this.
We didn’t speak, or need to speak, as we went into the bathroom
to shower. We’d hardly said anything during our ?” session, mainly
because our mouths were full, but we were so in tune with each other that
often words were unnecessary.

Actually, most of the time when we
described our sensations to each other, it was because we knew that
dialog added to our excitement. We knew that we could sit across from one
another and that without touching, bring each other to full excitement
just by describing our feelings and observations.
After we’d showered and dried ourselves, we returned to bed and
fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, after a quick
breakfast, we returned to the work site. I performed a final check on the
hardware while Eric continued to labor through the software. Near the end
of the day the director of the facility approached Eric and asked him to
come with him to his office. When Eric returned to me his face was pale.
I asked him what had happened.
“He told me I’d been going into a classified area where I
wasn’t allowed.

He’d seen my activity on his work station, which
monitored the activity of the entire facility. He said he was going to
report me to my company. You know what pricks the bosses are. They’d
fire me in a heartbeat out of sheer expediency. “
“What was classified?” I asked, in pure disbelief. This wasn’t
a branch of a military or intelligence agency.
“You know the Congressman we’ve heard about.

Well, he comes to
this department every week, supposedly on an inspection trip. Actually,
one of the terminals here is for his exclusive use, and it’s kept in a
locked office. He’s got the only key. I was checking the files in his
terminal remotely through the back door to see if any were corrupted.
Guess what? He uses it to send e-mails to boy prostitutes, and sometimes
gets together with them in his car or a motel room.

” This sudden
revelation answered a lot of questions about how and why our company had
received large orders for our products. The Congressman was a main
stockholder. He sat on the Appropriations Committee. The government
agency depended on his good will for funding. Providing him with a
computer terminal bought his good will. It also provided the agency
director with the prospect of blackmail. I was sure that the department
director kept a copy of all his e-mails.

If the Congressman failed to play ball, the director might well call a
press conference and announce that a routine inspection had revealed a
substantial quantity of child porn and e-mails to minor boys on a
terminal to which only the Congressman had access. Delivered with a
properly sanctimonious note in the director’s voice, the scandalous
announcement would send the Congressman’s career crashing into the
flames. Prison time would surely follow.
Now, however, Eric’s probing of the software had uncovered this,
and the director had decided he was a loose end.

His job was in jeopardy,
and possibly his life. We had no idea how far some government people
would go to protect their guilty secrets, and I might get caught in the
hassle as well. Shit!
“Get those files here,” I told Eric. “I’ve got to see them, or
at least duplicate them. “
I felt I had to take out some insurance, so when Eric brought up
the files containing the Congressman’s messages on the screen, I plugged
a “jump-drive” into the USB port on the back of the computer.

I took
over the keyboard and downloaded all of the incriminating messages,
feeling that they might be lifesavers one day soon. I slipped the jump
drive, which was about the size of a cigarette lighter, into my pocket
just as the director came storming over to us.
“Goddamn it! I told you to stay out of those fucking files! I was
monitoring the Congressman’s terminal and I saw you sneaking in there!
You guys get the fuck out of here! I’m going to have your fucking asses
hung!” His dismissal was compelling, and we got the fuck out of there.

We were both angry and confused, as well as scared. It was clear
that our work at this address was finished, and possibly our work
everywhere as well, so we made reservations to fly out the next day.
Meanwhile, we decided that we’d eat a substantial dinner, a sort of
condemned man’s last meal. After the meal and a lot of drinks, we drove
back to the motel and collapsed into bed, too exhausted and d***k to do
anything but sleep.

I was the first awake the next morning, and went quietly about my
work. I’d had an idea during the night, something that would enhance my
insurance policy. I copied the contents of the jump drive onto several
CDs, and placed them in envelopes I addressed to a trusted friend with a
note asking him to mail the CDs to the FBI and to several major news
outlets if anything happened to me.

Then I woke Eric and told him what
I’d done.
“Don’t you think you’re going a little too far?” he asked.
“You’re starting to think paranoid. “
“Oh, yeah?” I responded. “Just think about some of the
mysterious deaths that have happened during the last few years. Remember
that lawyer in the Clinton administration the cops found shot dead in
Rock Creek Park? The official word was suicide, but who knows? Maybe he
knew too much.

” Eric shook his head.
“You might be right,” he replied. “I hate to think it might be
so, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hell, we might be
both safe and sorry anyway. “
“Now our problem is to make sure that the people who make the
important decisions know that I’ve taken out an insurance policy.

What’s the use of having one if we keep it a secret?”
“How are we going to do that?” he asked.
“I don’t know yet, Eric. I hope I think of something on the
flight home. “
“Speaking of the flight home, it doesn’t leave until two
o’clock. We’ve got a little time to kill until then.

“That dinner last night was pretty heavy. I’m not hungry. Are
you?” I asked.
“No, I’m not either, so there’s no point in going out for
breakfast. There’s something else we can do,” he suggested. We were
both still naked and he came to the couch where I was sitting and began
rolling the nipple of my long foreskin between two fingers.

I gave his
helmet several firm squeezes and soon we were hard. I clasped him to me
and kissed him on the lips.
“I know you’re still tense over what happened yesterday, and I
know just how to relieve that tension,” I suggested. Eric nodded and I
walked him over to the bed.
“You’re going to dock me,” he guessed shrewdly.

I kissed him on
the neck and said:
“Yes, that’s just what I had in mind. I know you did too. “
“How did you know that?”
“By now I know you pretty well, just as you know me. ” We lay
facing each other, still clasping each other’s pricks. I worked the
slack skin of his shaft to bump against his prominent ridge, and he
lovingly slid my long foreskin back and forth in short strokes, never
uncovering my glans but stimulating its full length.

“I measured my tip once, and I know it’s 1 7/8″ long,” he
said. “That’s pretty long compared to a lot of guys and I know yours is
about the same size. I still don’t understand how you can get the heads
of both our cocks inside your skin. “
“You’re right,” I answered. “We’ve got pretty long heads, but
I’ve got a pretty long foreskin, and anyway it stretches a lot.

done it before, so you know it works. ” Eric snuggled up closer to me so
that the front dome of his helmet touched my foreskin’s pucker. Now he
pushed my hood back and his glans kissed mine.
“This is what I love,” he breathed heavily. “I love going head
to head with you. ” He thrust forward slightly and his hard head
compressed the front dome of my helmet.

Now I clasped my foreskin and
began slipping it over his helmet, blanketing his glans until my foreskin
covered his prick down to the neck of his shaft. He began to thrust
gently, sliding his glans inside my hood and pressing the two front domes
“Maybe we can come together this time,” I said. “I’ve already
peed, so I don’t have a full bladder. You haven’t yet, so that added
tension might make your prick more sensitive.

“If you keep squeezing my rim the way you’re doing, I might be
able to keep up with you,” he answered.
“You do the thrusting,” I urged. That increases your muscular tension
and speeds up your orgasm. ” I remained still, maintaining my grip on my
foreskin and compressing his corona as he thrust. Our excitement
increased and my attention increasingly focused on our pricks, connected
at the heads.

“Our balls are getting tight,” he observed. “We’re getting there.
“That’s the way it should be, Eric. I love being head to head with you.
It feels so intimate. “
“I love it too. The best part is being inside your skin. It’s almost
like being a part of you. ” He kept thrusting with a steady rhythm,
fueling our mutual passion. Each thrust compressed my front dome, and I
felt the sensations building there as I kept the pressure on his corona
moving under my fingers inside my foreskin.

“I can feel your helmet getting harder,” I said to him.
“I think yours is too, Jack. Are you getting a tickle yet?”
“It`s just starting. Every time your helmet presses against mine
it’s a little more intense. “
“I’m getting a tickle in the rim, where your fingers are
squeezing it,” he said.

Now the tickle I was feeling had spread all over
my glans, because although I was lying still, his thrusts were moving my
foreskin slightly, stretching it and sliding it over my entire helmet.
“I’ve got it all over now,” I informed him.
“I think you’re ahead of me,” he said. “We might not come
together. “
“I think we can,” I replied.

“I’m going to twist my foreskin
over your rim. That’s going to make it hotter for you. ” As I spoke I
began twisting my foreskin, delivering the delicious sideways friction
that he craved. His eyes widened, telling me that it was working. “I can
feel your rim’s getting harder and really swollen. “
“Oh, Jack, the tickle’s starting right in my rim,” he said.
“Even if you come first now, the first shot of your hot juice against my
tip will make me come.

” I was so focused on the feelings in my helmet
that I could only whisper:
“When my glans starts tingling, I’ll be only a second away. ” My
breathing had become shallow and rapid, as had his. He kept thrusting,
but slowed his pace, and I felt he wanted the feeling of anticipation to
last. I kept the same pressure on his corona as I twisted my hood because
I truly wanted us to share the magic moment, climbing the peak together
and exploding simultaneously.

Now we were both grunting as our excitement neared the brink, the
point of no return. I felt that Eric was slipping over the edge when he
began thrusting harder and faster, his body on automatic, driving towards
his climax.
“I’m tingling,” I grunted as I felt my glans swelling
impossibly, aching for release. Eric grunted hard and I felt his hot hard
helmet throb against mine, giving me the final jolt of sensation to send
me flying over the edge.

The shock wave of sensation shot down my shaft
to the root, and my first hot jet met his as he discharged simultaneously
with me.
We were both crying out joyously as our juice flooded my foreskin,
swirling hotly around our throbbing helmets and adding to our sensations.
I felt another throb in his tip as my second discharge erupted from
between the lips of my slit, and our juices spread over the front domes
of our helmets.

He thrust into me again, shooting his third hot load as
my prick throbbed in response and released another torrent, inflating my
foreskin further.
Now the hot juices had begun leaking around the edge of my
distended hood, spilling onto his shaft and the sheet. My fleshy hood
slipped out from under my fingers, baring his rim, and now I had direct
contact between my fingers and his corona.

I gave it a twist, making him
cry out loudly in joyful agony as he blasted another hot stream against
my glans and into my foreskin.
We each shot several more loads, each weaker than the last, until
we were exhausted. Our pricks began to soften as we clung to each other
tenderly and lovingly. His tip was still inside my hood as our combined
loads continued to leak from around the edge of my foreskin.

I mailed the CDs at the airport post office and then we boarded
our flight. We didn’t say much on the way home, and I hadn’t come up
with an idea to protect our jobs and our safety.
We reported to the office the following morning, and found that
the manager of our section had left work with my secretary that he wanted
to see us both, pronto.

His secretary ushered us in immediately, without
the ten-minute wait he usually imposed on us as if to prove how busy and
important he was.
“I got a call the other day,” he began, but he didn’t appear
angry or upset.
“Yes, sir?” I said when he paused. He laughed and continued:
“You boys really did a job where you went, didn’t you? What
happened?” I explained the events to him, and he didn’t seem at all

He asked Eric a few perfunctory questions and then slapped his
hand on the desk.
“I thought that was it,” he said. “The director who phoned me
was really torqued out of shape, and what I already knew of the
Congressman’s proclivities rounded out the picture. You have a copy of
the e-mails?” I’d brought them with me as I knew I’d need them, and I
took the jump drive out of my pocket and placed it in his hand.

slipped it into the USB port on the back of his desktop and began
scanning the files, occasionally chuckling. I was puzzled by his
reaction, but didn’t say anything.
“Well, this is about what I’d expected,” he said after a few
minutes. “There have been rumors about the old bastard for years, but
nothing concrete. You know this guy has a wife and family, and that he’s
also a deacon of his church?” I nodded that I didn’t.

Eric also nodded.
“This incident is nasty, but it’s one we can handle. In fact, it
couldn’t have worked out better,” he continued. “You know that our
business is based on a certain degree of say, mutual cooperation between
the government, the Congressman, and the vendor, that’s us. ” He was
alluding to the mutual corruption that kept our company afloat. He went
“I think that now that we have real evidence against the old
fucker the future of our company is assured for the foreseeable future.

In fact, this evidence also reflects on the department where you were the
last few days. The director would be in deep doo-doo if it came out that
a member of Congress was regularly making unauthorized use of his
facilities, especially for stuff like this. ” I was surprised the meeting
was working out so well, and that we hadn’t been summarily fired.
“This is the only copy?” he asked.

This was the moment of truth,
the opportunity to make it clear that we’d taken steps to protect
“No, sir,” I replied.
“Where are the other copies?” he asked. I remained silent at
this point.
“Eric? Where are they?” Eric also declined to answer.
“They’re for our protection,” I interjected.

“Okay, I get the picture,” he said. “You did stumble onto a hot
potato and you’re worried about your jobs and your futures. Well, you
don’t have to worry. You dropped a priceless piece of information into
my hands. Anyway, since we’ve now got a lock on the contract, you’ll be
going back there many times in the future to service their equipment.
Meanwhile, take the rest of the week off.

” He stood, and we left the
Eric came with me to my apartment as it was closer to our
workplace than his. Inside, he turned to me. His face was still pale.
“I can’t believe what just happened!” he said.
“It’s hard to believe, I know, but I guess we just lucked out.

thought we were going to get shit-canned,” I replied.
“You really think there’s nothing to worry about?” he
“No, I didn’t say that,” I responded. “There’s still some
danger. That Congressman might still want to shut us up, although that
would be pointless at this stage. The problem is that there are those
copies floating around, and he doesn’t know where they are.

He might
figure we’d left them with a friend, which we have, and that tracing our
friends would lead him to the copies. This is stretching it a bit, but I
think we ought to leave copies with someone else, someone who doesn’t
know us. “
“But you already mailed off the copies yesterday at the
airport,” Eric said.
“Not quite.

I kept one disc for myself. It’s in my briefcase,
and I’m going to make more copies. Then we’ll visit a lawyer we’ve
never had any dealings with, and leave the copies with him, with suitable
instructions. ” Eric seemed relieved at my explanation.
“Oh, yeah, one more thing,” I went on. “We’ll pay the
lawyer’s retainer in cash so there won’t be a paper trail back to us.

Eric slumped against me and hugged me hard. I hugged him back, my body
tense from the last couple of days’ anxieties. Suddenly we were taking
each others’ clothes off, eager to get naked and feel flesh against
flesh. I felt the rush of bleed into my prick.
Within 30 seconds we were nude and I saw that your pricks were
already half hard. We held each other tightly, our pricks pressed
together between us, as they filled out completely.

We kissed and then
backed off slightly. I looked down and saw Eric’s helmet pointed up at
me, his long slit already seeping clear fluid. I reached down and dipped
my finger into the large drop that had formed and brought it to my lips,
savoring its slippery, salty taste. Eric pushed his fingertip into the
wrinkled, end of my foreskin, which was still covering the head with a
puckered overhang. His other hand stabilized the end of my prick while
his fingertip drove deeper into the wet, slippery tube.

I felt the rough
end of his finger touch my orifice and my prick jerked in response.
“I love your cock, I just love your cock,” he murmured as his
finger probed deeper, now working around my helmet inside my foreskin. I
squeezed the head of his prick and said:
“I love yours too, Eric. I want to make it shoot and give you

“I want to be close to you when we come, Jack,” he said, a note
of urgency in his voice.
“Let’s get a condom on you and we will,” I replied. We were
going to do “Princeton” this time, which allowed us to come
simultaneously. I squirted a few drops of Astroglide into a magnum sized
condom and unrolled it down his glans and shaft.

The large size would
give him adequate room for thrusting and sliding after he’d placed his
prick between my thighs.
I lay on the bed on my left side, facing away from him. As I
raised my right leg to let him slide his prick between my thighs I placed
a towel in front of me to catch my cream when I let go. I felt his
hardness sliding along my perineum until the head touched my scrotum,
which was already tight, and then I lowered my leg, firmly clasping his
prick between my thighs.

“Let me get hold of you,” he said as I felt his arm come over my
body and his warm fingers wrap around my penis. Now he began thrusting
slowly as he worked my foreskin back and forth along my engorged glans.
As my foreskin and its many nerve endings stretched as it rode over my
helmet, delicious sensations filled my body and I sighed with delight.

“Take your time, Eric,” I urged. “I know you want to shoot your
load but the orgasm’s always more intense after a long build-up. ” We
both knew this, but I wanted to remind him because he seemed driven at
the moment, and I wanted him to enjoy the ride. I guessed that, at this
moment, his scrotum was as tight as mine.
I felt his body full-length against mine as he hugged me close,
steadily thrusting and withdrawing between my thighs.

A tickle deep
inside me told me that the root of my prick was releasing drops of
lubricant that slowly crawled up my urethra and emerged from my teardrop
shaped orifice to lubricate my foreskin. His gentle fingers continued to
work my foreskin, but now in longer strokes that uncapped my glans as he
drew the hood all the way back behind the flaring rim. I felt it snap as
he slid it forward, bumping over my corona, and pushed it to once more
blanket my head.

“Oh, this feels good,” he whispered into my ear. I felt his hot
hard prick sliding back and forth between my thighs, the latex-enclosed
helmet touching my scrotum with each push. His fingers skillfully worked
my foreskin in full-length strokes he knew I enjoyed. A film of sweat
formed between our bodies as his warm flesh pressed against mine.
“I can feel the head bumping against my balls,” I said to him.

“I can feel your rim scr****g against me. “
“I can feel your tip through the skin,” he said. “Your big
flare on top’s getting harder. ” The tension was suddenly overpowering,
and I knew we wouldn’t last much longer. On the other hand, our urgency
would make our orgasms deeper and more powerful.
“You’re getting close, aren’t you?” I asked.

His reply was to
thrust faster into me. His fingers tightened on my prick, delivering a
deep and satisfying friction into my engorged helmet and foreskin. I
heard his breathing becoming shallow and faster as his excitement
mounted, and the action on my prick did the same to me.
“I’m going to make you come first,” he said as his strokes grew
more rapid. He was snapping my foreskin back, riding over the rim and
down into the deep groove behind my corona, and then pushing forward to
compress the nerve endings in my rim and bringing it fully up over my

At the top of his stroke he gave it a twist, which he knew
stretched my foreskin sideways and put more tension on my gee-string.
“It’s okay, Eric. When I feel it coming on I’ll make you come
too. ” I knew I could increase the friction on his prick, particularly
the rim, by tightening the pressure of my thighs and I could also press a
couple of fingers into the triangular groove under his head to give him
friction on his gee-string.

This ensured that his orgasm would follow the
onset of mine by a couple of seconds at most.
“I’m getting a tickle in the rim,” he said as he tightened his
grip on my foreskin. Now I too felt a tickle in my rim, and when he
twisted my hood on the up-stroke a pleasant tickle began in the bulbous
front dome of my helmet.
“I’ll be feeling the tingle any second,” I muttered as my eyes

The tension in my body was such that I knew I was very close, and
I positioned my right hand on my thigh so that I could quickly reach in
and press the underside of his helmet.
“Close,” I heard him whisper as his body slammed into my rear,
driving his prick hard between my thighs. Eric snapped my foreskin back
and forth facefully, and the tickle in my glans changed into a sudden
hot tingle that shot down my shaft into the root.

I cried out as the heavy pounding of orgasm began deep inside me,
and I reached between my thighs with two fingers to press the underside
of his driving prick. The first rush of hot lava seared its way up my
urethra and spilled out, giving me the first rush of relief. I felt his
prick throb hard between my thighs as he grunted heavily, and I knew he
was also on his way, the blissful sensations overwhelming his

Our bodies strained together as another wave of orgasm broke over
us, our pricks throbbing in release. I felt the pulse in his urethra as
he shot again, at the same time as the second hot torrent erupted between
the lips of my slit. Eric drove into me, caught up in the frenzy of his
orgasm, as my prick blasted another load. This time my foreskin was all
the way forward and my jet shot through its puckered nipple before
emerging into the air.

Eric’s prick shot again on the forward thrust, and now he snapped
my foreskin back hard, completely baring my throbbing helmet as it spit
another load. He kept my foreskin back as my prick continued to throb in
release, while he continued thrusting, draining himself completely as he
grunted and sobbed behind me.
The final shock wave went through our bodies, and now we were
still, peacefully enjoying the descent into our dazed state.

After a
minute his prick had softened and I turned around, reaching between us to
slip my foreskin fully forward before hugging him fully and tightly.
That’s how we fell asleep, contented and secure in each other’s arms.

The end.

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