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Ephemeral Rapture

A crisp jolt of utter pleasure shot through Monica’s slender naked body, her ashen skin illuminated by the light of the hollow moon,

“More, please…. ” She moaned sensually as Ruby drove her petite fingers further inside her
moist vagina. Monica jerked strongly in response allowing another seductive moan to casually escape from in between her sinful lips.

Ruby smiled greatly, she was beside herself with purest joy at being able to pleasure her lover in such a flawless fashion.

placing her hand over her mouth Monica tried valiantly to muffle her vigorous groans. She gasped strongly as a second finger found

itself inserted securely inside.

Her body trembled in elation the feeling of pleasure was consuming and more potent than anything she had experienced before.
“Ruby…You have to sto…” A particularly powerful thrust brought Monica’s sharp tongue to silence. Leisurely withdrawing her fingers,

Ruby gazed longingly at her digits which were now saturated in her partners juices”

” Look at that, I’m covered in your pussy juices”

Raising her fingers Ruby inserted them into her mouth gently and commenced sucking, she breathed heavily being sure to lick and

suck every last ounce of the pussy juice until nothing remained.

Monica watched warmly a beaming smirk etched steadfast on her face.

” You like what you see?’ Ruby purred tenderly quickly closing the distance between the two, Monica nodded softly as the pair came

together for an intimate embrace. Inching closer Ruby tilted Monica’s neck placing her opened mouth on it’s surface began sucking


An exasperated Monica trembled as shivers ran the lengths of her supple body, Without thinking she pulled Ruby closer still, locking her in another tightly sealed hug of sorts.

Ruby’s succulent lips relinquished mildly.

” Christ stop teasing me like that,. you dolt” Monica barked frightfully insisting that the two hurry towards the delectable climax,

consenting to her lovers pleas, Ruby pushed hard against her bare chest groping her buxom breasts in the process.

Her carmine haired partner leered intensely her lascivious eyes fixated squarely upon Monica’s vagina, which with the aide of a little

repositioning was now on full display.

In stark contrast to her strict, sophisticated demeanour Monica was blessed with an abundance

of pubic hair. Said pubic hair was as one might expect dusty brown in appearance it complimented her radiant hair to perfection.

” How indecent of an heiress to be, I half expected you to be fully shaven down there”

The words of her lustful lover caused her to feel both proud and abashed in equal measure “A dignified heiress is altogether

comfortable and proud of her natural body…there is nothing at all wrong with a little pubic hair”

Her dirty brown hair clashed gently with the lighter tones of her pale complexion resulting in the vivid reddish pink lips of her

drenched succulent pussy becoming further pronounced, Ruby was caught unashamed gazing at that soaking wet pleasure centre, no

longer could she deny herself such bliss.

“It’s dinner time” said Ruby dashing forward forcing her face deep into that wet pussy.

Monica jerked in surprise releasing of moans from with in puckering mouth, spreading the lips ever so gently Ruby began to lick and

suck getting the pussy juices all over her mouth, lips and upper neck. the juices glistened vibrantly illuminated in the streaks of

gleaming moonlight that crept ever so quietly into the room.

“Oh god, Ruby…keep…eating……me”

She begged urgently in between heavy bouts of hefty panting and triumphal moaning, granting her request the tongue of Ruby found

itself plunged deeper inside that watery cave of nirvana.

Monica clenched the white bed sheets with her left hand whilst biting down weakly on her right wrist all of this in fruitless endeavor

to soften her roaring moans. Showing no concern Ruby nonchalantly pressed onward with her oral onslaught, being certain to attend to each sensitive area in the process.

By this point Monica’s pussy juice was flowing in abundance she was wet, soaking wet. Ruby pulled back for a moment before

spreading the lips of that lush pussy as far as humanly possible, then without hesitation pushed herself face first and started eating

with fierce, furious ferocity delving in with her tongue.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me with…your…mouth”

“You’re having a rather dandy time there, aren’t you?” Ruby blurted her squealing voice muffled and malformed, Monica trembled in

majestic nirvana once more as Ruby promptly found her way to the clitoris.

Throwing aside her previous attempts at decorum,

Monica gulped, and began to breath lengthy and shallow breaths.

“ Didn’t you ever learn not to talk with your mouths full,You little dullard’

Monica whispered her voice hoarse, Ruby halted and returned to an upright position, her face wholly coated in her lovers liquid.

“Tastes like Monica” she teased licking trace amounts of the juice from her cherry red lips.

“Aw, shoot…” Ruby growled a look of intense disappointment clear upon face. Monica sat up and placed her elegant arms on each

respective shoulder. ” What’s…. wrong…Ru…. ” Those silver eyes swelled with the remnants of trickling tears.

“ I…. i couldn’t make you cum”

This had clearly caught Monica of guard as she jolted back “That’s what you’re disappointed about, seriously?’ Ruby gestured frantically to signify her agreement.

Sighing with vexation Monica placed her hand finely under her disheartened dearests chin.

“Ruby…I want you to look at me”

She decreed shifting her voice to one of the more domineering variety. Ruby failed to listen far to absorbed with her overreacting

foolishness. “Ruby Rose! I said look at me” A connection was promptly made as Ruby ceased her c***dish antics within an instant,

with all attention now on her Monica lent back resting her tiny shoulders and back upon the broad frame of the bed.

Displaying not so much as a splinter of shame the albescent heiress parted the thick pinkish lips of her lush hairy pussy showcasing

the lustrous juices forming inside. In fact it was so full that it started flowing, trailing down and landing in a tiny tasteful little puddle

on the linen bed sheets.

“ See, my vagina is sopping wet and it’s entirely your fault”

Monica grumbled somewhat teasingly though whether she felt genuine irritation or not wasn’t clear, then again that’s always the case

with her, Those steely eyes were shooting fearsome daggers.

Ruby clamored for a subtle reply in hapless hope of quelling the heiress’s

insatiable wrath.

“ So pray tell, how precisely do you mean to take responsibility for your actions?”

A devious smile resurfaced after a brief moments indecision, Ruby leap head-first tackling Monica and entangling those juice covered

lips with hers, Monica vehemently accepted the answer warping her dainty arms around the silky smooth bare waist of her loved one.

They ferociously fucked each other with their mouths the vaginal juices that glazed Ruby lips were now evenly shared by their

original owner, swirling red tongues rolling over one another like an intimate massage.

Interlacing tongues preforming like a meticulously engineered dance routine twirling and overlapping seamlessly, all the while

exchanging ample quantities of saliva. As the two played lovingly with the lips of their better half Monica wordlessly contemplated

that this was only the first of many lustful encounters that were certain to follow.

It was in this momentary instant of exuberant ecstasy that she started reflecting on the more engrossing aspects of life, in particular

the ever ungodly nature of existence and the myriad of ephemeral delights that it has on offer.

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