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Enjoyment with two friends neetu and soni

At present Soni is married & has a beautiful daughter like her. We had sex after her marriage also, but the frequency has reduced. Anyway this time I will tell you my sex experience which took place because of Soni. She dint help me by purpose. But her act ended in helping me eventually. Soni still now have no idea about this. Because I feel that such relations are better when they are kept a secret.

This is about having sex with a friend Neetu who had introduced me & Soni at her party. Many of our friends knew that I & Soni have turned out to be best of friends. So they use to always doubt us. But we have always denied about our relationship as sex partners. Such relations are better when not been spoken with other friends. When Soni got married I was not in India.

She had informed me about it over telephone. I was stuck with my work abroad so didn’t attend. During this period Neetu had repeatedly asked Soni about both of us. One day before Soni’s marriage she told Neetu that we both were having sex for the last three years & that she will be more than happy to continue having sex after marriage. Neetu was surprised, but not so much as she knew something was definitely cooking between us.

Soni dint tell her anything in details. She just told her that we use to have sex whenever anyone of the two was feeling the need for it.

When I returned back I went to Soni’s place to meet her & also to give her a gift which I had got for her from Singapore. She told me that she has told about our relationship to Neetu but has not told anything in details.

I wondered why she had done this, but I had full faith on Soni, so dint bother much. We had a great talk & I left after giving her a long smooch. Soni loved it.

We all friends use to meet as usual. I even met Neetu on many occasion, but dint gave any hint that I knew that she knew about me & Soni. Nor did she ask me. Days passed & then we all decided to for a trek to Lonavala; nine of us; five guys & four girls.

Plan was to travel to Lonavala by train from Pune & then trek across the mountain to Kamshet & return back by bus from Kamshet. Neetu was one of the girls. We left Pune in the afternoon. First night we camped just on a small hill near by the Lonavala dam. While walking we were walking in group of three. Neetu was with me. After crossing the expressway as we were walking & talking Neetu said “I know everything about you & Soni”.

But I remembered Soni had told me that she has not told anything in details. I kept my cool. She insisted on the topic. I asked her “why she is so curious to know about it”. Then a shock, Neetu said “can we have the same open relationship as you had with Neetu?” I said “we will talk about this once we are in Pune”. She was not happy with this. Anyway we continued walking.

She was walking in front of me. Now I was seeing her with a different set of mind. It was getting dark now. We all grouped again & started walking at short range. At around 7pm we decided to camp. We erected the one tent we were carrying. Cooked food had bon fire, played anakshari & decided to sl**p at 11pm. As next day early we had planned to move. Tent had entrance from both side.

So we decided to make girls sl**p at the centre of the tent. Three guys will sl**p at one entrance & two on the other entrance. Neetu adjusted her so that she was now going to be on one of my side. I just could not sl**p thinking that Neetu was sl**ping next to me.

At around 1 am I felt Neetu’s hand on my chest. I opened my eyes & saw that Neetu was looking at me for my reaction.

I signaled her without speaking to wait for sometime as some of other friends were not sl**ping due to mosquito bites. I kept my hand on her boobs & she gave me a smile. She replied by putting her hand on my dick, which was rock hard. I pulled her t-shirt up & was enjoying her beautiful round shape firm boobs by pressing it. She also put her hand inside my short & was holding my dick.

She was ribbing my dick head with her thumb. This continued till around 2. 30. She then turned around with her back to me. I hugged her from behind. My dick was pressing between her ass crack & I was rubbing her pussy lips through her track pant. After sometime I whispered “are you ready for a fuck now”. She looked behind at me & smiled. I told her to lower her track pant till her knee.

She did so. I got my dick out of my short & hugged her again. Now we were both naked from our waist till our knee only. My dick was pressing against her ass now. I applied my saliva on my dick & tried my best to enter her. But due to restriction in movement it was difficult to enter. So I told her to turn more on her stomach & bend her right leg.

She was on my left hand side. This made her pussy a bit opened up. I again applied some saliva on my dick & placed on dick on her pussy lips. She was breathing heavily by now. I was rock hard. She moved behind & I also gave a push to my dick. She gave a sexy sound like “oooooooooooaaaaa”. As all the other were in fast sl**p because of walking. I knew that she was been fucked earlier also that there will not be a problem to enter once in good position.

I kept my hand on her mouth & kept on fucking her fast & hard. Neetu was sucking my thumb from the hand which I had kept on her mouth. She was enjoying & so was I.

I fucked her about 20 minutes in the same position. We had no other alternative. After nearly 20 minutes I whispered in her right ear “Neetu I am cumming”. She said “you can cum inside me”.

As we were going to trek for the next two days I dint like the idea, as this would have put her on a risk on getting pregnant. So I pulled my dick out of her lovely pussy well in time & came on her palm as she was stroking after I pulled out of her. Neetu cleaned her palm with a napkin which was below her head & kept it aside. We then went to sl**p & were last to wake up.


Next day while walking I said “Neetu it was a different experience all together yesterday night”. She said “was it different from Soni?” I said “Neetu we had a great sex, but nor did I see your pussy nor did you saw my dick & still we enjoyed very much”. She said “yes, very true”. Then in the entire trek we dint had sex as the sl**ping position were changed. Next night I slept on the extreme one end of the tent.

We had a good trek.

Once in Pune Neetu & I became more close friends. We started going out for long drive in the evening. Or for dinner but we dint had sex for nearly a month. Once my parents went to my s****r’s place in Mumbai; I was going to be alone home for two days. I told Neetu about this. She was more than willing to join me for the two nights.

She told her parents that she will be going to Goa with her friends & came to my place with her baggage.

When she came home with her luggage it was evening. We ordered for food by home delivery. We dint wanted to go out for dinner so as to avoid Neetu being seen by any of her other friends. Till the time food arrived we watched television. She was sitting on my laps.

My rock hard erected dick was poking her ass hole. I was teasing her with my fingers. She was also moving her ass. After sometime she went to bathroom to get a quick shower. In the meantime food arrived. Then I went out of the house & locked the main door with a lock from outside & entered the house from the back door which I had kept open. I told Neetu that the food has arrived.

She came out wearing only a t-shirt without a bra & sexy black satin panty. She was looking awesome. I had sex with her once before but had not seen her semi nude also. Then I went for a shower. I got out of the bathroom only on my underwear. By that time she was drying & combing her wet hair.

As Neetu was bending ahead for combing, her sexy firm round ass was looking great in her black satin panty.

I went behind her & caught hold of her waist & pulled her towards me. Now my erected dick was pressing her sexy panty onto Neetu’s ass hole. The touch of her satin panty was mind blowing. I kissed on her neck & said “Neetu your ass is looking great today”. Neetu said “have you ever fucked an ass?” I said “very much, Soni use to love her ass been fucked”. Neetu said “I am willing to try ass fucking”.

Saying this we got on the bed. I removed her t shirt & sucked her breast for nearly 10 minutes for the first time. She loved it & literally went into a trance with her eyes closed. I then kissed her belly button & kissed her pussy over her sexy panty. She was still enjoying with her eyes tightly closed. I unhooked her panty. It has hooks on either side on her hips. Now her beautiful pussy lips were inches away from my hungry tongue.

Now Neetu was fully naked. I gave her an oral pleasure. After sometime she yelled “fuck me please I can’t wait anymore”.

I removed my underwear & rubbed my dick over her pussy lips. She said “please don’t try my patience. Just fuck me fast”. I was in a mood to tease her, so kept on rubbing her pussy lips with my dick head. She caught my dick in her hand & positioned it at her pussy hole.

Her eyes were still closed & said “fuck me hard now”. As I pushed my dick inside her pussy she tightly caught hold my buttock with her legs. We remained motionless for a few minutes & then I started pumping her slow & hard. I said “Neetu I am fucking you for the second time, but still you have not seen my dick”. Neetu opened her eyes & said “it’s better to feel your dick inside my pussy than looking at it”.

Fucking Neetu in doggie position was too good. Her white firm ass moving was looking great. I was about to come & told her the same. We decided to come inside her & so did I come inside her. We fucked for nearly 30 minutes with a few minutes rest while changing position.

We lay on the bed for nearly an hour. She was feeling hungry so we decided to have dinner.

We went to bathroom & had a shower together. We had dinner nude & watched television. After we finished our dinner, I, and Neetu was washing her hands when I looked at her ass & said “Neetu I want that sexy & sweet ass my sweet dish”. She laughed & after washing her hand went to the table dipped her two fingers on the bowl of Amul butter & came near me. I was sitting on the sofa.

She applied the butter to her ass hole & some to my dick. She sat on my laps facing me with her each leg on either side. I took my dick in her hand & slowly inserted it in her ass. She was definitely in some pain. I could see it due to her facial expression. I dint say anything to her. Neetu slowly lowered her & took my full dick inside her ass.

She hugged me after that. I dint move. I asked “are you comfortable Neetu?” She said “yes, but wait for sometime”. I said “let me know once you are okay”. She just nodded her head. We were sitting on the sofa for more than 5 minutes without any movement. Then she let go the hug & looked in my eyes. I then lifted her buttocks & lowered it again on my dick. I started fucking her ass.

We both kissed & I enjoyed fucking her ass. After sometime we changed the position with Neetu sitting on my laps with my dick inside her ass hole, but facing away from me. This gave me good access to finger her pussy when I was fucking her ass hole. She was enjoying this double penetration. I came inside her ass hole. We then hugged & slept till early morning. We had a morning fucking session.

In the morning I fucked her ass hole & inserted a dildo in her pussy. She was screaming with pleasure. We had sex for the next two days. Neetu was virtually nude for entire two days. I use to wear clothes when we were expecting food from the home delivery boy. We also tried inserting my dick & the dildo in her pussy at the same time. We did manage to do it. But she was in pain so we abandoned it.

Neetu & I have sex nearly every day in my car. We go for a drive on the expressway. Once there she removes her jeans/salwar or skirt & sits on my lap. We keep on proceeding slowly on the road. This has become our routine now. Once in forth night we check in a hotel room for a tension free fucking. As on road there is always tension.

Since I started fucking Neetu’s ass hole her buttocks have become truly amazing & inviting.

Soni now knows about us having sex. Soni told me that she wants to have sex with me & Neetu. I have not told this to Neetu, as I don’t want to hurt Neetu. If that happens I will write that experience on.

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