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Enjoying Priyanka In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband

I always had fantasies of fucking others wife in front of their husbands with their mutual consent and so I decided once to share this in few online sites. Luckily I got a few responses and the one that actually tempted me a lot was from a couple in Bangalore as I was about to visit Bangalore after a month. The husband (named Anurag) was 28 years old and the wife (named Priyanka) was 25 years old.

Both were married for about 2 years and wanted to try something new. Anurag wanted to share his wife’s body and though Priyanka had agreed but was a little concerned. We exchanged a lot of emails where I told them about my plans to visit Bangalore and they thought it was safe to fulfill their fantasies with me.

I asked for a few pics of Priyanka which Anurag mailed me (Priyanka’s face was hidden in the pics).

I liked the pics and shared all my (dirty) fantasies that came to my mind on seeing her pics. I think this made them hot and then they started sharing some real hot pics of Priyanka in some tight skimpy clothes, nightdresses and lingerie and I kept passing on words of praise as well as dirty comments about all her pics. Let me describe her at this point of time. Priyanka looked super hot much like a modern day hot college girls except for the fact that her boobs and ass were definitely bigger and looked much more juicer.

She was extremely fair and her stats must be something around 34-26-34. Finally we exchanged numbers. I talked more with Priyanka rather than Anurag and she had a very sweet voice. We discussed how we can all three satisfy our fantasies. While talking to her she told me that was not very sure of whether to go ahead or not but she was definitely ready for some fondling and pampering. She was not interested to take the risk of sex to which I respected cause somewhere even I had some fears and concerns that whether all of this is correct or not.

Two / Three were left for my visit to Bangalore when I suggested them that we three could go for any flop movie and meet in a cinema hall. Nobody would doubt also, and we can do whatever we want in the darkness of the cinema hall, that is fondling, touching and feeling. They agreed and Anurag further wanted that I should massage Priyanka’s body atleast in front of him. It was a thumbs up from me but Priyanka was hesitant so I told her that she could take her final decision in the movie hall itself that whether she wanted the massage or not.

Of course all three of us understood that if I went back home with them after the movies for the massage then it would end up in sex but none choose to speak about it.

Finally the day came. Anurag had booked the tickets online. As planned, we met outside the mall and there I saw both of them for the first time. I was struck looking at Priyanka, she was definitely hotter than what could be seen in her pics and she had such a pretty face.

Any guy would fall for her. She was dressed in a red dress that came up to her knees and her milky white legs were in full display. I approached to both of them, a little nervous and very excited. As I reached closer I saw that she was really gifted with an inviting and voluptuous body. In addition, her assets were pink lips, black wide-open eyes with dark kajal, black long soft & silky hair, a milky white physique, which can drive any perfect man crazy sexually.

Everybody was looking at her. I felt myself lucky. I came near them for the first time, already sporting a hardon and we introduced each other.

I was nervous and I was talking to them, my mind was continuously scanning her body. Her body was tight and firm. She was not fat, but medium built. The size of her breasts were huge that would not fit in ones hand. They were neatly covered.

She was not showing her tummy and the navel area. We went inside the cinema hall and took our seats, which were corner side seats in the second last row of the hall. I was in the extreme left, Priyanka in middle and Anurag in right. As she sat I could see her dress rose up a further bit revealing her sexy thighs. All this while we three were having friendly chat. We waited for the lights to be put off.

After sometime it was dark in the hall and the movie got started. My hands were trembling and shivering with the feeling of things I was going to feel and get. I kept my hands in her thighs feeling her skin for the first time and that too with her husband sitting besides us. She stopped me. I thought she wasn’t ready but then she opened her handbag and took out a dupatta.

She had brought an extra Dupatta with her to cover up her body. She had done a sensible job. She carefully put the Dupatta on her body. in such way that they covered her breasts and as if that she was wearing it. One little end portion of Dupatta she gave it to me. Now I understood that why she brought it. So that no one can understand what was going on inside the covered area and I can also do my job very finely.

She came close to me and sat in such a way that I could feel her left soft breasts on my right elbow. I pressed the left boob hard with my right elbow and kept it there for few minutes. They were indeed really huge and like a soft pillow. In between I circled my right elbow to give the left boob a good massage. She was getting excited now and enjoying.

Slowly she took my left hand and put inside the dupatta. She placed my hand on her left boobs, which were still covered. She was not wearing a bra, which was again an intelligent thinking. I cupped them and began squeezing them first softly and then slowly I increased the speed and pressed them harder. My erection was at its full enjoyment. She had closed her eyes and enjoying the feeling of her boobs crushed.

The boobs were so big that they were not coming in my palm. I pressed them for few minutes. Then I moved my hand and got hold of the right boobs and also squeezed and pinched them, pressed them in circles and gave it a good massage for few minutes. I whispered to her “you really possess a pair of luxurious, fleshy and spongy boobs” She just smiled seductively.

Meanwhile Anurag too got hot watching all of this and he started putting his hands from her thighs to her pussy.

I wanted to savour her all alone and I told him that I wanted to enjoy her all alone and all he could do is to see his sexy wife getting enjoyed and used by me. He agreed to this. Meanwhile Priyanka silently crept her hands on my cock that had become real hard by that time. She was caressing my stiff cock with her soft hands from over my pant. I had taken her both the boobs in my hands and was busy in fondling and pressing her juicy boobs arrested in her tight dress.

I had no idea what was going on in the movie but I could see the excitement on Anurag’s face seeing his beautiful hot wife getting groped and felt by me. I wanted things to move slowly.

After around twenty minutes she asked me to remove my hands, which I did. She adjusted the dupatta again and did something inside the dupatta. She again came close to me and again my right elbow was on left her boobies.

But this time, oh my god, they were uncovered from the dress and only the soft dupatta was covering them. I pressed my right elbow on her boobies and I could feel the touch of her nipples. It was really puffy and big. I put the elbow on the nipple and began to press the boobies. She gave out a low moan.

Slowly I began to circle the pressed elbow again and went on circling for few minutes.

She was enjoying it and so was me. My erection was getting out of control. After sometime she took my left hand and put it inside the Dupatta. Oh God, my erection. She placed my hand on her left booby. I felt the huge naked left booby. My hands slowly caressed her boobs. Ohh, the touch of her boobs on my palms was simply marvelous. I was moving my palms over the roundness of her shapely boobs.

She remained unmoved, and kept her eyes closed. Rather she sighed sexily like “Uuffff ssshhh”.

I felt the softness of her boobs; at the same time I also nibbled her nipples with my fingers. Her pointed nipples had become hard in excitement. They were soft and were slipping out of my hand. I was trying to hold them in my palm, but they slipped, slipped and slipped. They were huge, fleshy and sexy.

I began to circle the boobs. I pinched her nipples and circled the aureola for about 10 minutes. In between I stretched the nipple like a rubber. I moved in closer to her face and kissed her on her cheeks. I could see the fire in her eyes now and I moved my lips toward her lips. I kissed her. It was full of passion and lust.

She came near to me and slowly said in my ears that she is not wearing any panty below and I can give her a good finger fuck.

You all can’t imagine the rock hardness I was getting at that time after listening to these words from that beautiful wife. My fingers were now searching her pussy lips and to my surprise she guided my fingers to touch her on the right spot. My fingers were easily going in and out of her chikni chut as she was already wet by this time. I was in real heaven finger fucking a married gorgeous women before her hubby.

She was now moaning more clearly and I can easily hear her saying …. yesssssss……..yessssssss……yesssssss , I am coming, yesssssss, I am loving it, more deep ………I am yours……..yesssssss. Her voice was really making me wild as I feel like fucking her fully. I suddenly noticed that she is trying to open my zipper in order to touch my hard rod. I helped her and in next second she was rubbing my 6. 5” rod in her hand.

She was excited to hold my hot thick cock in her hand. I can now listen her saying ……yessssss……. fuck me ……fuck me hard.

Anurag had already taken out his dick and was masturbating seeing the boldness of her otherwise sweet wife. The movie was going on the screen, but we were not watching it. It was time for interval. So we alerted ourselves and took our correct position. She covered everything and we sat decently.

After sometime we went out for interval. We bought some snacks. She and I then went to the washroom and came back on our seat. After sometime the hall was again dark. Now I wanted to enjoy her lovely ass.

Since the moment I saw her I had my mind set on fucking her asshole and was simply praying deep inside that she gets ready for the massage session after the movie.

Even in the mall, as we moved up to the multiplex I could see lots of guys staring her back specially the curves of her ass that could be seen to some extent from her dress.

This time I made her sit on my lap a raised her dress till her tummy. As she was standing in front of me, her lovely ass was right in front of my face. They looked so inviting and were as fair as her thighs or any other part of her body.

Kasam se kya gaand thi uski ekdum Sunny Leone jaise agar aap sab imagine karna chaho.

I kissed and licked her ass on which she blushed and sat on my lap. I could feel her juicy soft gaand on my hard lund. She told me in my ears that “ Aap jaise chahe mujhe feel kar sakte jaha chahiye pakad sakte hai but please apna wo mere andar mat daliyega (I could feel her how much I wanted but she was not prepared to put in my dick).

Neither in her pussy nor in her ass to which I assured her that I won’t do that till she herself doesn’t tell me to do so.

This increased her comfort level and also her sluttiness a level higher. Ab wo randi jaisi behave karne lagi. I opened my zip, my dick was touching the skin of her ass and pussy. Anurag, who had already released his load once got hard again.

I took out her boobs from her dress once again but this time there was no dupatta. If anyone would have turned back, they could have possibly got glimpses of her boobs and see her jumping on my lap that would give anyone the impression that she was getting fucked like a slut. But no one did as the very few people who were there were busy enjoying just like us and even if a few did see any of us we never seemed to care anymore.

Finally as the movie was approaching its climax, I caught hold of her boobs with my left hand and my right hand found its way into her fuck hole. I finger fucked her once again, she was very wet and was moaning louder and louder..ohhhhh yeesssss fuck me!fuck me harder.. I am your slut.. Fuck me in front of my husband!!Fuck me! And as her voice peaked I could once again feel my fingers getting wet with a fresh of liquid from her pussy.

Just before the lights went on before the movie ended, we dressed ourselves properly and there was a strange silence all around. I guess each one of us was trying to digest in all that had happened in this 150 mins.

I was hoping that she agrees for a body massage now at their home which would be my sure shot ticket to pussy and her asshole. To be continued..

Rush your mails with your valuable comments to me.

I really welcome your views as it encourages me and forgive me if there were any grammatical mistakes. It’s not an easy job to pen down all your emotions and your feelings in one story. There are feelings that u can never describe in words but can only relish it in your real life.

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