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English Teacher

Hi, my name is Tim Donehy. I discovered my special gift when I was 10 and
I measured my cock at eleven inches erect! I’m now eighteen years-old and
my dong has expanded to over fifteen inches in length and nearly 10 inches
in girth (that’s a little over three inches wides, ie : larger than a can
of Coke). Not only is my dick massive, but, through an intense
bodybuilding programme I started when I was ten-years old in order to
build up my muscular mass, it is absolutely rock-hard when erect, unlike
most hung men whose smaller cocks never really harden.

To top it off, I
have enormous testicles that can produce huge amounts of sperm in no time.
I am therefore able to ejaculate over 200 ml of cum, that’s around one
hundred times the average amount for a normal guy. Plus, the speed at
which my jewels produce semen allows me to sustain an erection that never
softens the slightest even after having ejaculated three times in a row.

Even soft, my cock is a sight to behold. It now hungs eleven inches, and I
need to wear custom-made underpants in order to keep the monster from
suffocating or piercing a hole through the fabric. When I wear boxer
shorts, I just let my oversized tube of flesh rest on the inner side of my
left thigh. It reaches halfway to my knees, so I can’t wear tight jeans
over it.

On the other hand, if I wear brief, I am able to fold it such
that the huge plum-sized head reaches the very end of my left hip side. My
balls are the size of large lemons, so my mum either enlarges the pouch of
regular XXL briefs herself, or we buy custom-made ones from a special
company. The specifications are that the pouch should be quadruple-sized.

I had lost my cherry to my beautiful, big-busted blond mother a year ago
and our i****tual relationship had gained an extra dimension when I fucked
my older sister Kate a few months later.

But despite having two stunning
women to fuck on a regular basis, my sexual curiosity was leading me to
seek further horizons.

When Mrs. Harrison joined our school as the new English teacher the
following fall, I was immediately enthralled by her sexual appeal. The
fact that she was married was by no means discouraging me. If anything,
the extra challenge of trying to sleep with a married woman was an added

I’m not the brightest student, but my grades were good and, for
the first time in my life, I sat in the front row in Mrs. Harrison’s
classes. Obviously, this was not due to a sudden interest in English
literature, but rather to the fact that Mrs Harrison always dressed up
seductively and I enjoyed ogling her ample cleavage at close range. I had
to fight hard not to pop a gigantic boner everytime she turned round to
write on the blackboard and I saw her narrow hips swaying sexily.

usually wore a knee-length skirt, but its tightness embraced her delicious
curvy legs and ass like a second skin. I kept fantasizing about what kind
of panties she was wearing.

Tim. TIM. Mr DONEHY! I woke up from my daze to see my sexy teacher
looking down at me with a frown on her lovely face. Are you with us, Mr
Donehy?, she asked sarcastically. Oh shit, she always called students by
their surname when she was pissed off with them.

Yes, Mrs Harrison. I stuttered. A couple of girls giggled at the

Then you won’t mind reading on the chapter of your textbook to us, I
hope? Damn, I had no idea where to start. I looked at the open book in
front of me, desperately seeking the passage I was supposed to read. Mrs
Harisson finally pointed at the right spot on my page with her index

I couldn’t help but notice that it was trembling slightly.

When the bell finally rang for lunchbreak, Mrs Harisson called me to her
desk as all the other students were leaving.

Tim, you seem to be rather unfocused on your work lately. I think we
need to discuss this further this afternoon after sports practice. I’ll
see you in my office at 4 pm sharp, she snapped.

I saw her glance a
couple of times at my crotch as she spoke, and I was glad that I was back
to being Tim to her. Usually, other students get the Mr treatment
for a couple of days or more.

That afternoon, we had football practice, at which I excel. My massive,
over-muscled, body allows me to push my way through a wall of opponents
with ease and all the girls were cheering me on.

I think they were more
interested in the size of my jockstrap than on the game. I have to use a
specially-designed jockstrap that will hold my huge package in place
without too much discomfort. Needless to say, you can spot the bulge it
creates from the other side of the field. At one stage, I noticed Mrs
Harisson wandering around the football grounds. It was the first time I
had seen her at sports practice and it intrigued me.

She also seemed to be
watching me intently, eventhough it could have just been a figment of my
over-eager imagination.

After showering, I was pondering what to wear for my appointment with Mrs
Harisson. Fortunately, I had a spare set of gym clothes in my locker room
for when I use the school’s gym. I decided to wear some black spandex
shorts and a tight blue workout tank top that shows my muscular frame in
all its glory.

After saying goodbye to a disappointed Kate who had been
waiting for me outside the men’s room, I headed off for Mrs Harrison’s

As I was about to knock on the door, I heard what sounded like a moan
emanating from Mrs Harisson’s office. Leaning my ear against the door, I
could definitely make out some grunts. I waited a bit longer, not sure
what to do at that stage.

Was she making out with her husband or was she
just frigging herself?

Oooh, Tim, yyyeeaahhh! I heard her moan softly. I nearly gasped at
those words. What? Either her husband’s called Tim or she was referring to

After a while, she became more quiet, so I knocked on the door.

Come in!, a clear voice announced. I stepped in, with my gymbag around
my shoulder.

Her eyes nearly bugged out and her mouth fell open when she
saw what I was wearing. I grinned slightly as her gaze followed my crotch
as I stepped in and walked slowly to her desk. I stood in front her, the
massive lump in my shorts clearly defined, the huge knob nearly poking at
the hem. Being so tall, my crotch was directy at her eye level and she had
to lift her head up high to speak to me.

Hmm, please sit down Tim, she said softly, the last word was
followed by an audible sigh. I called you in because I find that you
seem rather absent-minded lately. As your teacher, I’d like to know what
seems to be bothering you. Is everything alright at home? Or do you have
sentimental problems?, she asked with a wide smile.

I don’t have a girlfriend, I answered gingerly.

Really? I’m surprised, you’re such a strapping young man!, she
commented as she clutched her hands together and leaned forward. Her large
tits pressed against each other and balloned out even further. So,
what’s the matter?

Well, I hesistated, It’s just that I’ve never had such a good looking teacher like
you before!

Oooh, so I’m responsible for your lack of concentration, she purred.
So what should I do to help you focus on your work more?

Maybe if I saw what I’ve been fantasizing about, I would be able to be
more attentive, I tried.

Ummh! And what would that be?, she cooed.

I want to see what kind of panties you’re wearing!, I blurted out.

Oh, Tim! You are so bold! You know that teachers can’t have sexual
contacts with their pupils! She hesitated and carried on. But maybe,
if you promise not to tell anyone, I could show you my panties. I wouldn’t
want my most handsome student to fall behind because of me.

I was
speechless, as she stood up and slowly unfastened her lady’s suit skirt.
She let it fall down to her ankles in one sway of her luscious hips. She
was wearing a white lacework thong which appeared soaked with her
cuntjuices. I started rubbing my extending shaft through my spandex shorts
as she turned round to let me admire her two perfectly-shaped asscheeks.

Fancy what you see, Tim?, she asked as she began unbuttoning her top

She bit her upper lips as she looked down my waist to see my
mammoth cock expand further. My God, I didn’t know they came in such
sizes!, she exclaimed. Please let me see it, Tim, I NEED TO! You are
so manly!

I don’t know, as you said, no sexual contact between teachers and
students, I teased as I pressed down the fabric surrounding my huge
balls to emphasize their immense size.

By now, she had removed her blouse
and her barely concealed knockers swelled with each panting moan. Maybe,
if you removed my shorts with your mouth, it would be acceptable.
Remember, no touching! I opened my legs wide, letting her admire my
well-defined quads and, more to the point, my fast-rising thick manmeat.
The giant knob had now risen well past waistlevel and was stretching the
fabric so much that I could feel my cum-swollen balls being squeezed by
the underside of the garment.

I turned the chair round to give her space
and she fell to her knees, mesmerized by the growing log in my shorts.

Geeezzuusss! It’s HUGE! She leaned forward, drool forming at the
corners of her mouth. She planted wet kisses along the covered length of
my semi-hard rod as it stiffened further with the feel of her teeth
gnawing at the spandex fabric. Her eyes looked up to me in admiration as
her nose lightly brushed against the rim of my swollen cockhead.

licking along the length of one my sculpted inner thigh, she bit the hem
of my shorts and tried to pull back. But the upward pressure exerted by my
lengthening dong was proving too strong for her efforts to succeed.

Please, Tim, I can’t take off your shorts with my mouth! , she almost

Maybe if you took off your bra and let me see those big tits of yours, I
would be willing to let you use your hands.

She jumped to her feet and
reached for her bra strap, unsnapping it quickly and letting the satiny
cups slowly uncover her bare brests. They were huge and firm and her
nipples stood proudly erect. She smiled at me and let her massive tits
sway for my enjoyment.

Very nice , I hissed. Now, how about taking your thong off, Mrs

Ooh, you’re so naughty.

Please call me Susan. She stood closer and
pulled the front of her lace thong aside. The musky smell of her
cuntjuices filled my nose and I was riveted by the sight of her shaved
pussy, moist from her obvious excitement and the previous rubbing session
she had indulged in. She took hold of her thong on either side and slowly
pulled down, while swaying her hips sexily. She was definitely putting on
one hell of a show for me! By now, my tool had fully engorged and the a
large wet spot had appeared on the distended spandex fabric where my giant
knob was oozing globs of pre-cum.

I think you deserve a treat, Susan. I stood up, towering above her by
over half a foot. She kneeled in front of me and reached for the waistband
of my shorts. She had to first lift it up to get over the jerking,
drooling glans.

Oh, my GOD , she exclaimed in awe as my lubricated monster head came
into view. As she unrolled the spandex shorts with her trembling hands,
inches of forearm-thick veiny shaft emerged.

When the root was finally
freed form its confines, my rod stood menacingly erect, its full fifteen
and a bit inches as unyieding as seasoned oak. She looked up and down the
massive length, her eyes widely open, aghast at seeing such an enormous
human phallus. When she had finally managed to pull my shorts all the way
down to my ankles, she looked up in wonder. My smooth, lemon-sized balls
were dangling heavily, churning up excess cum for the upcoming eruptions I
would require of them.

That’s the most amazingly, HUGE, THICK cock I’ve ever seen in my life!
And you’re only eighteen!, she lifted her hand up to her mouth, as if
unable to believe that the sight before her eyes was real. How big is
this thing anyway?, she asked after a lengthy pause.

Last time I checked, it was fifteen and a quarter inches long and almost
ten inches around, I said proudly.

How does that compare with your
hubby?, I asked with a smirk.

I thought he was hung, before I saw that HUMONGOUS cock of yours. But
he’s barely half your length and width, and no way near as hard!, she
said as her hands rubbed the tense flesh of my solid shaft. Can you cum
for me, Tim, please? I wanna see how much sperm you can shoot out of that
fat schlong of yours!

Why don’t you jack me off and I’ll rub your pussy.

Oh, yeah! I love it when you talk dirty Tim, she purred as her hands
started to frantically jerk my mammoth shaft. Her left hand was holding on
to the hefty base of my rod, unable to completely encircle it, while her
right hand was caressing my pointy, apple-sized knob, sending shivers down
my spine. I reached behind her and lifted her buttocks with my large hands
to sit her on the desk.

I parted her inner thighs and aimed two fingers at
her rubbery slit, gently massaging the smooth pink flesh. She groaned in
response, and tightened her grip on my outsized rod. Its head was now
resting at the level of her tits, and she repeatedly slapped her mounds
with it, leaving thick trails of pre-cum on her large areaolas.

You’re ssoooo big!, she cooed. I inserted my thick fingers up her
dripping snatch, delighted to feel how large her inner passage was.

therefore proceeded to stick in two more fingers, inches deep and with
little resistance. Great, she’ll probably be able to take my massive
girth! I was rewarded with an outpouring of pussyjuices that coated my
fingers and ran down the inside of my palm. Uuummmhh! That feels so
good, baby! Cum for me, Tim, come on, I want to taste your cream!
Knowing I would still be hard for round two or even three, I let the
exquisite feeling of her soft massaging hands overwhelm me and grunted out
loud as the first giant wad coursed its ways from my bloated gonads up the
lengthy urethra and out of my wide open cumslit.

The powerful jet splashed
on the underside of one of her giant tits, the thick cum running down her
smooth abdomen. The volume of three more spurts was added to the first as
she continued to aim my cum-cannon at the undersides of her melons. The
copious liquid was now pooling directly onto my frigging fingers as rivers
of cum crisscrossed her flat belly.

Sooo much! Give me more! I complied as she attempted to encircle my
spasming cockhead between her huge breasts.

Giant wads of cum splattered
on the hollow of her moaning throat. She tilted her head back, while still
holding my erupting cock and a massive jet went flying past her head, only
to drop back on her countenance. Her orgasm was so loud, I thanked God her
office was in a mostly unoccupied annex of the school.

FFUUUCKKK! SSOOOO GOOODDD! Keep pumping your thick cum, don’t ever
sssttoooppp! Aaaahhh! Her whole body shook as an incredibly strong
spasm overtook her senses.

Pens and piles of paper were falling off the
jittery wooden desk. She release my oversized rod, as if unable to command
her limbs anymore, so I took hold of it and aimed my fountaining sperm at
her massive jugs. Five of six long, thick ribbons of sperm coated her
upper body, leaving her gasping for hair as she felt the f***eful
splatters. Finally, my overbloated dickhead stopped spewing its potent

I milked the still plentiful post-orgasmic syrup directly on her
distended, upward facing, nipples. She looked down to admire my handiwork.

TIM! How can you cum so much! I’m completely covered with your stuff.
It’s incredible, I never knew a boy your age could produce so much of that
sweet cream, Huumm!, she said as she scooped long finger-thick strands
off her upswelling bosom. How am I going to clean up all this mess?

I’ll help you , I answered as I pulled my tongue out to lap at her
coated fingers.

I licked her index clean of my cream. I’ve always loved
the taste of my own semen.

Wow, I’ve never seen a guy eat his own cum!, she exclaimed. She joined
me in licking her glistening milk glands, lifting her large tits and
helping herself to a bellyful of my virile seed. I leaned forward and our
tongues met as she was slurping up cum form her left nipple.

We engaged in
a deep tongue-twisting French-kiss as I pushed my still engorged head to
her pussylips.

Wait, what are you doing?, she tried to push me back but was unable to
move my bulky frame the slightest. Her hands clasped at my hard pecs as
her will melted away. Please, Tim, put on a condom and fuck me like the
stud that you are!

Sorry, Susan, but I don’t have any and anyway, they don’t fit.

gonna have to take me bare-back.

But, I’m not on the pill. We can’t do that, Tim, please! She looked
down to see my angry knob pressed against her labia.

I’ll pull out in time. So it’s a yes or a no?, I asked impatiently.

She hesitated a moment and then begged me to shove it in as hard as I
could. She took hold of my shaft at mid-point with both hands, just barely
able to encircle the stone-hard huge pillar of manmeat as I pushed my
giant head past her hungry cuntlips.

She screamed as the wide- flaring
knob dragged her labia inwards with each passing inch of my red- hot
glans. When the rim finally managed to pierce through her overstretched
lips, I paused to let her accomodate my huge girth and to let her juices
lubricate my invading rod.

Oh, Tim, Oh, uummh! Fuck me with that huge cock! Give me MORE!, she
yelled. I urged her to continue to verbally worship my genitalia as I
pushed a few more inches of my thick pussy-stretcher inside of her.

ssooo fucking HUGE! I’ve never been so full in my life! Your cock is the
UUMMPPPHHHH! I conitnue to ramrod her overstuffed vagina until I hit
her cervix. It felt warm and velvety to my glans and I couldn’t resist the
urge of pressing further. She was obviously not hurt as her orgasms kept
coming in successive waves, her filthy swearing and moans of pleasure
intensifying by the minute.

I watched in bliss and amazement as over a
foot of my fifteen-inch long hard cock disappeared inside her tunnel of
love. Even mum had never been able to take that much! To allow for the
insertion of such a massive piece of meat, she had layed down on her back,
spread-eagled on the desk as I held her thighs apart and pounded that hot
pussy of hers.

Where do you want my cream?, I asked her as I felt the first tinges of
my impending explosion spread to my overheated shaft.

It took a while for
her to register my question as she kept cumming and cumming.

ALL OVER ME! DROWN ME IN YOUR CCCUUMMM!, she managed to blurt out. I
had to step back to completely pull out the twelve or more inches of my
giant log from her clasping tunnel. As soon as the massive knob plopped
out, I release my first voluminous wad with a loud grunt of satisfaction.

It splashed against her shaved labia, some globs bouncing back on my
exploding glans. A pool of semen had already formed at the meeting point
between the desk and upturned buttcheeks by the time that first
geyser-like eruption was over. That wad alone must have contained
nearly an ounce of life-giving nectar! It was, nevertheless, followed by
three more foot-long streamer that arched up in the air, sailed clear of
my big-busted teacher’s huge rack and hit the wall directly over her head,
a few globs landing on her blond hair.

The next few shots were less
powerful but still reached her huge firm knockers, adding more cream to
her already thickly-coated bosom. I stepped forward to aim my spurting
knob towards her head. Pressing my thighs againsts her, My tip reached
over her chest, allowing me to better aim my salvos of jism. I drenched
her face in layers of my gunk by the time my climax was over.

After nearly
a full minute of continuous ejaculations, I slumped down in the chair in
exhaustion. We remained speechless and motionless for a few minutes,
before Susan sat up and looked down at her cum-drenched body.

Oh, my God, I’ve never seen so much, never so much, she mumbled. She
started giggling. If my hubby saw me like that, he’d think I had just
been ****d by two football teams!

I usually come a lot but this was something else!, I answered.

Grabbing my semi-hard foot-long schlong with one hand, I stood up to help
Susan clean her drenched body of my seed. I continued tugging at my
slowly-engorging manhood as we kissed and exchanged the cream we had
collected in our mouths. Looking down, she saw my tumescing shaft and
gasped in shock.

You’re hard ALREADY??? I don’t know if I can take another pounding like
that! I can’t even feel my pussy anymore!

Well, why don’t you give me a blowjob?, I asked her eagerly.

couldn’t wait to feel her tongue sloberring all over my enormous knob. She
smiled wickedly, and pushed me back into the chair, her long glossy nails
clutching at the beefy muscles of my upper body. She then knelt in front
of my spread thighs, licking my elongated thick quads up to my dangling
monster eggs. She held them in turn in the palm of one hand, kissing and
fondling their jelly-like masses.

My cock had by then regained its
rock-hardness and was sticking fifteen inches in front of me, dripping
pre-cum on her midback as she toyed with my massive gonads.

Your balls are sssooo huge. I hope you have a lot of that sweet cum
left, I want to swallow your next big load!, she purred.

Yeah, suck my big cock, teach!, I moaned as she licked the underside
of my shaft, following the thickest protruding vein with her wet, drooling

She reached the glans and slurped up the dollops of pre-cum that
my cumslit occasionally vomited. I could tell she was an expert cocksucker
as she grabbed my fat, super-hard, shaft in both hands and began to
frantically jack off about ten inches of my maleness. Opening her mouth as
wide as she could, she engulf my giant cockhead in one slurpy move. She
held the apple-sized glans in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the
sensitive, overstretched skin of my purple helmet.

She showed no sign of
gagging as she impaled her throat on my wrist- thick rod, taking in more
inches than I had ever been able to shove down my mum or sister’s throats.
I could hardly believe it when over seven inches of thick shaft, to add to
the three inches of my giant knob, were swallowed by her gurgling mouth. I
was becoming delirious with lust and unloaded a wad of pre-cum directly in
her oesophagus.

Her gullet was spasming and contracting my glans,
stimulating the ultra-sensitive nerve endings of my bloated head. At the
same time, my shaft was being massaged vigourously by her soft hands and
the combination of both supremely pleasurable sensations was fast bringing
me over the edge. Anticipating my orgasm, I felt her hands tightly clutch
my overly thick root to delay my climax. Her expert handling of my giant
tool allowed her oral assault of my dong to last much longer than I
thought possible.

After twenty minutes of this sumptuous treatment, and
despite her attmept to delay once more my ejaculations, my balls
contracted and, no longer able to contain the volume of churning cream
they contained, spurted their virile content up my long distended shaft.

Grummmpphhh! I’m gonna come! Yeah, YEAAAHH!, I bellowed as the first
viscous streamer coated her gullet and ran directly down her stomach. She
pulled back a little to let my erupting head coat her tonsils with my
thick cream.

I unloaded six spurts in her mouth, watching the excess cum
dribble out onto her chin. The seventh wad was so powerful that I heard
her gag and, unable to breath around the massive piece of meat held
between her teeth, sperm leaked out of her nose. She attemtped to
withdrawn my giant knob from her overfilled mouth, but the wider rim was
locked in place by her jaw.

I was still spurting and sperm was now freely
leaking from her mouth, as the copious fluid had entirely filled her oral
cavity and coated her gum and teeth with its thick substance. Eventually,
she managed to open her mouth wider and to release my ejaculating knob, as
the last two wads erupted on her nose and lips. She wiggled her tongue
around her luscious lips, licking up the salty nectar as she watched my
post-orgasmic gunk leak out of the flaring cockhead.

I had not produce as
much semen as previously, bu the amount would have made any porn star

That was wonderful, Tim! You sure can deliver a load! Just promise me to
keep that our little secret and I’ll let you drench my body whenever you
want , she said matter-of-factly as she slurped up the final strand of
dangling sperm from my deflating manmeat.

Sure, Susan.

, I agreed as I comtemplated my near future, with now
three gorgeous creatures to worship my giant tool at will.

From that day on, my grades improved dramatically, so much so that even my
mother was surprised. The knowledge that I could probably seduce any woman
I wanted, and not simply my family members, was intoxicating as I pondered
what the future would hold.

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