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Elamehs night out Pt 2

so Now it was Sat morning as i had my encounter with my first shemale as i woke up and heard some noise in the apt..i hear Nancy talking on the phone. i assume it was her by the way her heels were clicking against the floor. i just laied in the bed. and then the door opend up and ther she was, standing there with black latex boots with 8in heels and a black latex top with her breasts fully errect.

long blonde hair that was stunning. all i could do was look at her. she stood there talking on the phone and talking to someone,,{i think it was Jenny] about what she did to me last night. then sen asked me how you doin freak? and i said im all right. i was just thinking to myself what she gonna do next…Then she brung over a chair still talking on th phone and sat down.

she told me to get on my knees.. so i obeyed her and got down on all fours… she was giggling on the phone to someone and then she said she needed a shoe shine. then she stuck her left boot out and told me to lick them. and i did. she pointed to the spot where i started to lick. i licked the toe first. then she commanded me to suck on her heel..all the time i looked up at her she kept talking to the other person and kept laguhfing.

she was telling her what i was doing to her over the phone. then the door open up and in walked jenny. and jenny looked at me and smiled. and said are you ready for your second experience? i nodded yes, and continue to lick Nancy’s Other Toe. Then Jenny Went behind Me Got On her knees And Procedded to Enter my Mancunt Hole. his Time With No Lube. I Screamed Real Loud OWw!! That Hurts!!!.. But I Loved It She Shut Up
and continue to fuck me with raw passion.

grabing my hips and pumping her cock in my hole which was a little sore. Then Nancy Got On Her knees In Front Of Me. She Had Hole On The Latex So Her Cock Were Exposed And Told Me To Suck It.. And i Did..mmm I Was Sucking her And Smelling The Smell Of Latex… As She Told The Person In The Phone What They Were Doin To Me. i Could Hear The Person Lafughing.

Then They Orded Me Back On The bed On My Back Now Nancy Threw My legs In The Air And Was Fucking My Hole While Jenny Was On Top Of My face Fuckin My Mouth.. I Was Gaggin as Jenny And
Nancy Was Double Teaming My Ass And Mouth And Was Loving Every Minnute of It. I Just Laied there And Let hem Have Their Way With Me.. Not Saying A Word As They Fuck Me.

As Far As Im as Concerned They Could Fuck Me All Day. mm So Im Just Absorbing all Thier Punishment Then Jenny Would Slap Her Cock On My face While i Can feel Nancy’s Throbbin Cock All In My Hole. i Could Tell Nancy’s About To Explode, When Somebody Else Came In The Room. By This time I Thought Oh No!!!!!While Sucking On Jenny’s Cock i Could See A Tall Black Shemale Move Toward Me.

She Took Her Cock Out And Started Slappin My Face While Jenny’s Fuckin My Mouth I Moaned And Groan While Nancy’s Tearing A New Hole In My Ass Now Shes Jerking Me While She Fuckin Me.. Ooo Oooo mmmmmm Mmmmm..Is All I Can Do. Now The Black Shemale Starts To Fuck My Mouth While jenny’s Jerking off. She’s Bout To Cum I Taste Her Precum. They take Turns Fuckin My Mouth..

Im Enjoying This Then I Could feel Nancy Getting ready To Explode In My Ass As She Jerks My Cock She Told Me Dont Cum Freak Dont Cum…Then Jenny Said He Better Not Cum,, Then She Came…I Was Once Again Filled Up With Cum… Now It’s Jenny’s Turn, She’s Ready.. The Black Shemale Is Bout To Cum.. She Stands Over me And Shot her Load In My Face….

MMMMmm Ten Jenny’s Hot load Spilled In My Mouth. She really Came. I Was Gargling her Sperm She Held My Nose And Throat And Said Dont Swallow Bitch.. I Couldnt. Then The Other Shemale Was Smering All Her Cum All Over My Face And Smiling. Nancy Was Still Im My Hole But Was Not Moving. I had Cum Drooling From My Mouth As Jenny And The Other Shemale Just Kept Slappin Thier Cocks Against my face.

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