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east london Hijabi-

“not my story but i like it”

Thought i would share a true story which happened to me about a year ago!!


Im a electrician and i mainly do jobs in north or east london. Anyway i was called to a job in a part of eas London it was a small block of flats, i arrived to have a look at the job it was an old english lady about 55ish , she told me what neded to be done and i said ok no problem its gna take me a few days at least she said ok and also told me that she wouldnt be in and gave me spare keys, she also said that if her neighbour comes out and starts bothering me to ignore her, i laughed and said ok.

Anyway next morning i arrive at the flat at 830 and let myself in with the keys and started to get on with the job, about midday i was working near the door with the dor open doing some wiring and i could hear movement in the flat directly opposite which was very close as it was a small block of flats and it looked like someone was peaking out the curtains, i carried on working and was working my way back into the house when i heard a voice say excuse me it was a ladys voice, i turned around and it was a lady in full niqaab, she said excuse me and i went to the door to see what she wanted , ive always fancied hijabi and niqaabi babes and i could tell this one was about 25- 30 ish she was about 5ft 7 and wearing sexy heels, she said sorry to bother me and waanted to ask me if i did painting ,i told her yes i do.

she sais she wanted her bathroom painted and if i could have a look and give her a price, i said ok and followed her into her flat, i was getting excited i could feel my cock going hard, she was wearing full niqaab and had a really sey pair of heels on, her eyes were very alluring and beautiful and it looke like she had taken hours to do her eye makeup!!
I was getting so hard now just by being in her presence she was very sexy and had a sweet voice, she looked asian to me from what i could gather! while i was having a look at her bathroom i noticed her looking at me in that way and and i thought damn this niqabi babe wants it, my cock was at full rock hardness now and was poking out my jogging bottoms i felt embaressed and tried to hide it but i could tell she noticed, what happened next i still think about to this day , she then jsut cloded the bathroom door and came right up to me and started rubbing my cock throug my jogging bottoms!! wow i couldnt believe it, this sexy niqabi babe fully covered and shes rubbing my cock and then puts her hand inside and grabs it, she pulls my jogging bottoms down and goes on her knees and pulls up her niqaab and starts licking my cock and sucking on it slowly,wow it felt sooo good, her sweer soft lips going to work on my throbbing cock, my cock was at its biggest now and she was really going to work on it, i told her that she is soo sexy and she said that she had been spying on me for a few hours and had planned it, oh man the way she was sucking me was the best she must have done it a 100o times, the sight of her on her knees with her lips wrapped over my cock was too much after about 5mins i said im gna cum she kept it in her mouth and swallowed it all!! mmmmmm one of the best experiences of my life , ive met many hijabis but this was the first time stranger let alone a hijabi/niqab had done this! i guess i was in the right place at the right time, after she swalloed she licked it all up and pulled her niqaab back down , i told her how fucking good that felt she just giggled and said she loved my cock and nowi had to go as she needed to take a bath and her husband was coming home soon!! wtf anwyay i got out still not being able to take in what just happened, i did the old ladys job extra quick and the next day i didnt see or hear anything from the niqaabi babe.

I know most people wont think this is true but it is and im only telling you what happened.

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