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Earning My Education

Earning My Education – The Party

I hated coming here but I needed the money. I always felt that nervous
tension in my large stomach as I walked the 10 minute journey from my dorm
to his place. It was hot today, the hottest all summer so I was sweating.
Fuck it, he’d make me shower anyway, always did. I couldn’t be unclean for
him and his so called friends.

Friends that wanted to fuck a 20 year old
chub like he was meat.

I got to the door and rang the bell. He made me wait at the door, same shit
every time. he thought he was letting me know he was the one with the power.
I didn’t care as long as I got paid and could pay my University fees. No way
would I end up on all fours for the rest of my life, which is the only thing
that paid enough at the moment.

I was gonna get my degree and earn more
money than this arsehole.

He answered the door wearing his business suit, which was immaculate. He
didn’t know my name, I didn’t know his, so I knew him as ‘the suit’, the
only thing I ever saw him wear besides a rubber. I met him through another
client, and kinda wished I hadn’t. He was a bastard, but I needed his money.

“Come in”

I went in and was grateful for the air conditioning. I wiped my brow clear
of sweat and followed him through to the kitchen. We said nothing, we had
both done this enough times to know the routine by know. He got two cold
beers from the fridge and handed me one. I gulped it down my dry throat and
gave a satisfied ‘ahhh’. He took the bottle and put it in the bin.

The suit was a older guy, maybe 40, with broad shoulders and his hair was
thinning. He had a muscular physique, but more like a runner than a football
player. His friends varied all the time however. Some big, some small.
Either way, I got fucked and took my £500 home with me. We did this once
every two weeks but I had other guys to see me through in between.

All of
them, like the suit, liked my large belly, fat butt and wide thighs. My tits
always got appreciated too.

“Go shower and get the sweat off you, the others will be here soon”

“Others? How many?”

“Three, but one just wants to watch. “

I went upstairs and got stripped. I showered, taking care to clean under my
arms and tits, as well as my crack.

I heard the door bell go followed by
voices of men as they came in. I finished showering, then dried myself off.
I put on a bath robe he always left out for me. No point getting dressed
after all, I would only be getting naked again anyway.

I went down to the kitchen and saw the guys who were to treat me like a
piece of meat.

One was familiar and been to this little ‘party’, as the suit
called it, before. He was also in his 40’s like the suit, but was heavy set,
with a pot belly and nice bit of fat pubic fat. He was good looking, with
red hair and would get my dick hard under different circumstances. The
second guy was new. He was tall, slim and in his mid 20’s. He had the body
of a swimmer.

I could tell as he had already stripped to his boxers, which
looked to contain quite a package. The third guy, who would be the voyeur,
was short, fat, bald and sweating profusely.

“Oh, he is nice. Big chunky lad ready for fucking” said the red head with a
creepy smile.

“Mmmmmm, nice. ” Added the swimmer.

“Here” said the suit, “go in to the garage and get ready” and he handed me a
fresh tube of KY jelly.

I went past the guys and through the door joining the kitchen to the garage.
The garage did not house a car. There was small bed in the corner and a
naked bulb, that was it. Getting ready involved me getting naked, putting
the grease on my hole and getting on all fours on the bed. No foreplay for

The guys came in, all naked by this point, even the suit.

I heard foil being
ripped as a johnny was produced and slipped over the suit’s cock. He walked
up behind me and put his cock to my hole. From past experience, I knew this
was gonna hurt, so I started biting my lip to stifle the scream. He rammed
his 7 inch hard, cut cock in to my hole as far as it would go. He pulled out
and pushed straight back in.

I bit down hard, breaking the skin. I didn’t
care, my arse was in agony.

“Yeah, take that cock” shouted the swimmer, “Fuck that sweet arse”

The suit put his hands on my waist and pumped into me. My arse began to
loosen and take him in more comfortably. Thank god.

“You enjoying that, you fat fucking whore?” asked the suit. I didn’t bother

The voyeur walked around the side of the bed to watch the suit’s cock go in
and out of me.

The other’s seemed satisfied watching the suit’s arse. He
started slapping my arse, leaving red marks. The skin stung for a second.

Unfortunately, nature took over my disgust at the suit and I started
enjoying my humiliation. His slender cock moved in and out of my hole
easily, making a squelching noise each time. My prostate was being brushed
and my balls got pulled tight to my body as my cock got hard.

noises could be heard as my large arse cheeks were hit by the suit’s pelvis.

I looked at the voyeur. His cock was short like he was. Cut and almost
swallowed by his pubic fat. His thighs were large and hairy; his belly
hanged low and had stretch marks. At this point, his dick was hard and he
was slowly stroking it. I couldn’t see the other two, but guessed they were
doing the same.

The suit slapped my arse cheeks again. Hard.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out and I heard his rubber come off too. I felt
empty. He stroked his cock a few times, using his free hand to support
himself by leaning on my back.

“Nhhhh ehhh ahhh” and with that his stringy cum landed on my lower back and
between my shoulder blades. He caught his breath, then rubbed the cum in to
my skin.

“Enjoy that fat boy?” asked the swimmer, “Wait til you get me”

The suit got off me and the red head got behind me. The suit sat next to us
on the bed. He liked to watch his ‘friends’ use me from close up.

At this point my hole was sore and I was sure it was bleeding. It stinged as
the red head put his rubber-covered cock to my hole and tried to push it in.

He missed. He tried again and succeeded.

“Ohhhh yeah. Nice and warm pussy.

He started fucking me slowly to get his rhythm. I could feel him inside me
and I he felt no more bigger than I knew he was from other parties. Just 4
inches long. He never lasted long, which I saw as a bonus. He also liked to
slap me as he fucked.

However, he didn’t call me a fat fucking whore like
the suit did. I felt no pleasure from this cock being inside me like I did
with the suit. Maybe the swimmer would be different if his cock was as big
as it seemed before in his boxers.

“His belly jiggles so nicely when you fuck him. ” The suit told the red head
and grabbed a piece of my flesh.

“Yeah, his arse too” Said the swimmer.

It was only minutes before the red head came inside me. He pulled out slowly
to prevent the johnny coming off inside me. I could see the voyeur staring
intently at my rear end during this. His cock was drooling precum and I was
sure he would cum soon if he carried on stroking. At least I did not have to
take care of him too.

It was the swimmer’s turn next.

“Get on your back tubby and hold your legs back. “

I did as instructed, feeling like shit with each insult. I hated this. Fuck
them though, I thought. Just this guy then I can go with £500 in my back

On my back, I got a look at the swimmer for the first time since the

His slim smooth body did nothing for me, I liked guys to be portly
and hairy, not a tanned twink. His cock, however, was beautiful. Long and
slim, about 8 and a half inches with a slight curve to the right. The cock
head was large and purple. The pubic hair was shaved off, like the rest of
his body hair.

“No rubber for any extra £100?”


I hated this. I knew the risks but I knew the money would help a lot.
I grudgingly agreed, but he had already decided he was gonna fuck me without
one whether I said so or not. He put is cock to my hole and rubbed his cock
head up and down against it. I felt my hole twitch and tighten with each

“Here it comes fatty” and he pushed in to me tot he hilt.

I felt a rush of
pleasure surge through me, starting in my anus and moving outwards. His cock
slipped straight in to me and just as easily back out. He was young, but
definitely experienced. He was long stroking me from the start and he knew I
was loving it. He sneered at me as I groaned. The red head watched with
jealously; the suit was grinning at the site of it just a foot from him; the
voyeur was wanking and breathing quickly.

The swimmer started corkscrewing me expertly, making my prostate tingle and
my cock twitch.

“Jerk off boy” ordered the swimmer. I did so. I grabbed my 4 inch dick and
started stroking it. The voyeur started grunting and I felt him move closer
to me. Warm cum landed on my cheek and I knew he had finished himself off.
He then smeared it on to my lips.

I tried to keep them closed, but he pushed
his finger in and I tasted his cum. It was smoky, clearly a smoker and
tasted awful.

The swimmer took hold of my right leg, which I was no longer holding and
pushed it back. My arse raised up and his angle of thrusting therefore
deepened. The pleasure was overwhelming and I started to cum. My arse
gripped his dick with each spurt of jizz, which landed on my belly.

He kept
pounding my fat arse. He came inside me before pulling out. I let my legs
and arse lower and sat up to catch my breath. The swimmer stood in front of
me, his cock at my mouth.

“Clean it” he ordered.

I looked at his dick. It looked clean, but there was some bleed, probably
mine. He pushed it between my lips and halfway down my throat.

I licked what
I could then pulled back. I grabbed his dick and licked the head and around
it. I tasted the lube and my bleed. I felt a little sick as I did so.

“OK, go shower then come back down. “

I got up and went to pick up the bath robe.

“Leave it. Don’t want all that mess on the robe. Go naked. ” More


I walked out of the garage and to the kitchen. The air conditioning hit me
immediately. I got goose bumps despite the hot day and I went to the shower
room upstairs. I showered, then checked my hole using the hand mirror. It
was red and puffy. Any bleed that was there had gone in the shower. I dried
off and got dressed and went downstairs.

The guys were all in different states of dress.

The suit was wearing the
bathrobe I had had to leave behind. He was counting out money on the kitchen

“There you go. “

I counted the money, only £500.

“It’s £600. ” I said

“Take that up with him. ” the suit said and nodded to the swimmer.

No names given. Keeps things secret so I could not tell on them to their

That is why we met every two weeks, because the suit’s wife was away
on her regular visits to head office. I only knew that from my other client
who introduced me to the suit.

I went to the swimmer, asked for my £100 and he gave it to me. He held it
tightly when I first tried to take it. More games. I got it. I am the whore,
they have the power.

Whatever. I put the money in my back pocket and left to
go put it in my bank account for the University fees.

I knew I would be back in two weeks for the usual ‘party’, but for now I
could forget about them.

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