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d**gged Mother In Law

d**gged Mother in Law

“Goodnight Christopher!” I watched my mother in law as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom and I heard the door close behind her as she went off to bed, carrying the mug of hot milk her considerate son in law had made her as a nightcap. She always said coffee kept her awake. I smiled to myself – this particular mug of milk was intended to have the opposite effect.

If my contact with the chemistry degree was telling the truth my old bitch of a mother in law was soon to be in a very deep sleep indeed.

I’d been waiting for this opportunity for years and had planned tonight from the moment my wife told me that she would be away overnight as she had to work a night shift. Her mother had been staying with us as it was Christmas and was due to go home the following day.

This was my only chance to be alone overnight with the old witch.

The secret ingredient I had added to her nightcap was the latest evolution of what was known as rohypnol but Roger, my chemist friend, assured me that it was much more predictable and, as he put it, “pervert friendly”.

“You just need to know their approximate weight to get the dosage right – don’t want them waking up at a crucial moment or sleeping for 24 hours! The beauty of it is that this stuff is liquid, completely undetectable in any drink and doesn’t make them feel d***k – just sends them gently to sleep.

And once they’re under they stay that way for six hours and wake up feeling fine – no hangover. They never suspect anything. “

He told me he’d used it on scores of females – all sizes, all ages. As he said, “I always say lots of women have slept with me – they just don’t realise!”

My only concern was trying to find my mother in laws weight but Roger gave me a chart.

All I needed to know was her dress size – a good enough indication of how heavy she was – and that would give me an accurate enough start point. Then I just needed to decide how long I wanted her “out” for. I’d had a sneaky peek around her room when she was out of the house and read a few dress labels. Then I consulted the chart. A woman who took a size 20 dress needed 20ml to put her to sleep for six hours.

The liquid came in 10ml vials so that was how many vials of the clear, odourless liquid I added to mother in law’s bedtime milk.

Now all I had to do was wait for mother in law to drink her milk and go to sleep. I was so impatient as I heard her visit the bathroom and clatter round in her pre-bed routine. Finally it all went quiet. I imagined her drinking her milk, setting the mug down on the bedside table.

I knew it took the d**g 10 minutes to take effect and it was agonising watching the clock tick round. I’d decided to wait 30 minutes – just to be on the safe side.

Finally I reckoned the d**g should have had more than enough time to work. I climbed the stairs and knocked on her bedroom door. There was always the chance she hadn’t d***k her milk and was sitting up in bed wide awake but there was no reply to my knock.

I opened the door slowly, still ultra-cautious, terrified she was awake, but I needn’t have worried. The old cow must have dropped off reading a book because the paperback was on the floor where she had dropped it and she was on her side with her right arm dangling off the bed.

Still cautious, I shook her shoulder – gently at first but then really roughly but, to my delight, I realised that she was completely “out”.

I knelt beside her on the bed and grabbed her arm and hauled her over onto her back. God, she was heavy! A big woman (remember her dress size) and a dead weight, it took quite an effort but eventually I had her propped up against her pillows. Her head was resting against the headrest, slumped to one side with her mouth open, snoring gently. She’d removed her false teeth and I could see them on the bedside table beside the empty mug.

She’d have been so embarrassed to be seen like this but I was just starting on her humiliation – my revenge for the years of snide comments and barely disguised contempt I’d had from her.

I took out my camera to record the scene and then set up a small video camera at the side. of the bed. I wanted to be able to relive this night over and over. The old cow was wearing her usual flannelette nightdress, high-necked and unflattering although her nipples could just be discerned making two bumps in the material.

I pinched them gently and then, reminding myself that she was not going to wake up, I increased the pressure. If she’d been awake she’d have been squealing by now but except for a stiffening of her fat teats in my grasp there was no reaction. She was braless beneath her nightdress and I could feel her soft 42D tits (I had been checking her bra size for years) through the material. Time to see them in the flesh.

It wasn’t easy pulling her nightdress up. I had to roll her one way and then the other to free it from under her but finally I had it bunched under her breasts. It was like working with a sleepy child as I pulled the garment up over her head and then down along her arms before finally throwing it behind me. And there she was – my 75 year old bitch of a mother in law – totally naked and exposed from the waist up (I’d left the duvet covering her lower half for the moment – I had all night and I wanted to concentrate on her tits before exploring her lower regions).

And what a pair of tits! I’d managed a few glimpses of them in the past by spying on her through carelessly closed doors and seen their shape as they rolled as she hurried to the bathroom some mornings but now I could study them at my leisure, touch them, play with them – and she was powerless to stop me.

My cock was hard as hell and straining to be free.

I quickly undressed and climbed back on the bed naked, kneeling astride the u*********s old woman. I took one pendulous breast in each hand and gave them a squeeze. She had fed three kids with these in her younger days and this past milking had left her with a fine, if sagging, set of udders. Her areolas were some two inches across, a dark reddish brown in colour with a sort of pimpled texture and her teats were the width of my little finger.

They had softened slightly since my initial pulling at them but they stiffened again as I milked each one between thumb and forefinger. Evidently the d**g robbed her of consciousness but left her u*********s reflexes untouched.

Confident now that there was nothing I couldn’t do to her plump old body I gripped each erect nipple hard and pulled up, lifting her heavy breasts away from her chest, smiling as the heavy titflesh was pulled out of shape.

I let go of one nipple and her elderly udder flopped back against her body. I gave the other teat a final tug before releasing it. She was semi-sitting, slumped against the pillows and her heavy breasts fell slightly to either side of her body. I was straddling her with my cock standing proud and oozing pre-cum. My mother in laws mouth was hanging open. It was an opportunity too good to miss. I knelt up and pushed my cock down until the purple head was lined up with her open mouth.

I had one hand on my shaft as I pushed my hips forward and guided my glistening cockhead between those thin lips that had so often been pursed in sour disapproval of something I’d said or done. I could feel her toothless gums against the sensitive underside of my glans. I knew she considered oral sex to be a perversion (she’d said as much to my wife) so I was confident that this was the first time she’d ever had a cock in her mouth.

It was all I could do to stop myself grabbing her hair and ramming my cock down her throat until my balls rested on her chin but I managed to restrain myself. I was so aroused that I was dribbling a large amount of precum and as I pulled out of her mouth a drop escaped from my pisshole and dropped down to form a gleaming strand between my cockhead and her chin.

The sight was so pleasing that I started to “paint” her face with my cock – rubbing my glans across her cheeks until her face was covered in glistening streaks of slime.

I even matted her plucked eyebrows with it. One hand was directing my cock while the other held the camera to get the scene captured on video. I had never produced so much precum in my life. I squeezed along my rigid shaft and produced yet another drop which I deposited right onto her tongue.

“Taste my jizz, you old cunt!” I whispered, turned on beyond belief by the thought that the first taste of cockjuice she’d had in all her 75 years had come from my cock and knowing that she”d have been disgusted by the very thought.

I looked down at her, panning the camera to capture her naked torso. Like most old women her skin was thin and blue veins were visible on the white flesh of her tits. I imagined them in the days many years before when I could have made them squirt milk. I took one rubbery nipple between my lips and sucked harder and harder. I took the udder in both hands and squeezed from chest to tip as if milking a cow.

I could see the tiny openings at the end of each teat where the milk would have escaped in the past but, of course, no milk had come from them for many years. The fact that these soft heavy tits had been untouched and unused for at least 20 years seemed a criminal waste.

There was something even more important that had been untouched and unused in the 20 years she had been widowed and it was time to uncover it.

I got off the bed, stood alongside her and pulled the duvet completely off the bed. There in front of me was something I had dreamed of seeing for many years – my sour-faced, prudish miserable old bitch of a mother in law completely naked and, best of all, totally at my mercy and unable to prevent me doing whatever I wanted to her.

I ran my eyes over her elderly body – from her jism smeared face, down over the sagging udders, their ends gleaming with my saliva, down over her soft wrinkled belly which still carried the stretchmarks from her three long ago pregnancies.

I saw her wide hips and the slightly parted and surprisingly slim legs and there, at the junction of her slightly wrinkled thighs and slightly hidden beneath the crease of her saggy belly, I saw her elderly cunt. Her mound was plump and the hairs on it hinted at the full bush she must have had before the ageing process had started to diminish the hairiness of her sex. I was sure that area had never seen a razor and although the hairs covered an area from just under her belly and the top of her hairy triangle was wide the actual coverage was sparse.

As with most women her age what her pubes lacked in number they made up for in length as they were no longer as tightly curled as in her teenage years but were long and straggly. Sparse though they were on her mound there was a strong tuft of greying hairs at the top of her slit.

I rested my hand on her mound, feeling her hairs against my palm. It seemed only right to lean forward and push my tongue into her mouth.

I traced her gums with my tongue and tasted my own juices. It was incredibly erotic. My middle finger rested on the start of her slit. I moved it slowly down, parting the plump outer lips. I felt the small bump of her unaroused clitoris (did she play with it sometimes? When was the last time?) and on down between her legs until my fingertip found her elderly hole. She was unaroused and my finger could just enter a tiny amount before it felt too dry.

Of course, I could have just fucked it up her but I was in no hurry.

“Let’s see what you’ve got down there, shall we?” I whispered in her ear. I wanted to have a proper examination so I needed to get her into position. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the bed. She had been partly sitting but now she was flat on her back and her heavy tits fell each side of her body.

She would be at her best on all fours with her udders dangling but I couldn’t see a way of getting her in that position. Anyway, I wanted to concentrate on her cunt now. I slid her down until her feet were just off the bed and then rolled her on her side. I put a couple if pillows near her arse and managed to manhandle her until she was on her back again but with her hips pushed up by the pillows beneath her buttocks.

I grabbed her ankles again and pushed them up towards her crotch. Her knees flexed then fell apart so she was in the classic spread position. I pulled up a chair and sat down, looking up between her wide open thighs. The view was superb! Her entire sex was on show. I could see the full length of her slit. Her pose had caused her cunt to gape slightly and I could see the dark, wrinkled inner lips.

They were together and protruded from the outer labia by about half an inch. I teased them part with my thumb and forefinger, opening her like a flower. When they were peeled right back the small bump of her old clitoris was exposed and I could see the opening to her long disused fuckhole. I used my fingers to hold her slit as wide as I could, pulling her cunt open so I could see inside.

I tested it again with my forefinger but it was still dry. No problem! I was producing enough lubrication for both of us. I transferred some c!ear cockjuice from the tip of my penis to my finger and spread a generous helping around the entrance to her cunt.

Soon my finger and her vulva were slippery and glistening. I pushed and this time my finger slid in up to the last knuckle.

For the first time in over 20 years my frigid old prude of a mother in law was being finger fucked by a man. I moved my finger in and out, forcing it as far inside her as I could with each inward thrust. I ran my thumb over her ancient clit. Was it my imagination or was it swelling?

I leant forward and did something to her that I was sure her husband had never done – I took her elderly clitoris between my lips and started to suck on it, running my tongue across it as I did so.

Now I could definitely feel it swelling with arousal.

I looked up across her belly – the old cow was completely out, to all intents and purposes sound asleep, her mouth agape and, now she was on her back, snoring quite loudly. Her conscious mind might be asleep but her body was responding automatically and becoming aroused. I sat back, my finger still gliding in and out of her and studied the effect I was having on her.

Her nipples were erect as was her clitoris – both stood out nicely. Her wrinkled pissflaps were engorged and swollen and peeled back and her ancient fuckhole was glistening with a ixture of my precum and her own cuntjuice. Her mind was asleep but her body was begging to be fucked. I foced another finger up her and pushed right up her until a fingertip found her elderly cervix. Time to do what I wanted to do for years and fuck my mother in law senseless.

I stood up and slid her, and the pillows beneath her, slightly further down the bed until the edge of the mattress was under the back of her knees. I reached down and positioned my cock so the head was just on the entrance to her cunt. I grabbed her behind each knee and bent her legs up. She was spread wide as I rammed my cock up her. Her elderly hole hadn’t had a man near it since she’d been widowed 20 years before and probably even longer (I got the impression sex stopped for him soon after the birth of their third child).

Now I was slamming into her an feeling my balls slap against her flabby old arsecheeks. Her udders quivered and jiggled, rippling with the shock of every hard thrust.

And all through this, as I pounded her elderly fuckhole, old bitch stayed sound asleep, her head being jolted from side to side, mouth open as I used her fat old body. If she’d woken up and found me r****g her she’d had died of embarrasment and horror but she was totally unaware of what was being done to her.

A shame – she would never know how much pleasure her neglected old hole was giving me. I was talking to her as I fucked her – “Take it, you old cunt! Take my cock up that hairy old hole!”

I felt myself on the verge of coming and much as I wanted to unload inside her I realised that she would be more than suspicious if she woke in the morning to find my sperm oozing from between her legs so I pulled out of her and climbed on the bed, straddling her flabby belly.

I grabbed her right hand, wrapped her unresisting fingers round my slippery shaft and moved it. I wondered when she’d last wanked a mans cock and all too soon I felt myself spurting my jism. I aimed for her chest and jet after jet of hot sperm hit her pale flesh – some between her tits, running down across the white titflesh and onto her nipple and one or two particularly strong spurts hitting her face.

I wiped my glistening knob over her lips. She would wake with an unfamiliar taste in her mouth – I was sure she’d tasted spunk before.

I spent the next quarter of an hour taking photos of her from every angle – close ups of her cunt, full length shots that would possibly by useful in the future to expose her. I rolled her over and used my fingers to part the fat cheeks of her arse.

As the tight puckered rosette of her anus was revealed I felt my slackening cock begin to stiffen again. I looked at my watch. It would be a good three hours before she was likely to wake up……I rolled her onto her front, made sure her face wasn’t pressed into the pillow and that she could breathe and prepared to continue her abuse.

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