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Defloration Of Pooja In Lucknow

My gf Pooja is 24 year old n studying in college. She is 5 foot 5 inches tall, with awesome figure of 34-26-34. She has nice slim waist with large round n soft boobs. Her cleavage is deep n any1 can get crazy to lick it. Her nipples r pink n invites when get hard n erected. She has flat waist with deep navel. Her hip is soft n round. She is fair like milk.

Her round fair milky boobs can make any1 crazy to drink her milk. Her lips r as soft as rose petals. Sexiest part is her pussy with large chewable clit n a light pink color vagina and her armpit which r always ready to get licked.

She is virgin. We planned a trip of Lucknow. It was our first trip. I booked a hotel for us. She was v excited about it.

We arrived at Lucknow n checked in hotel. She was staying first time in hotel. She was nervous n excited both. When we entered in room she was v happy to see king size bed n v dim light in room. As soon as we entered in room we hugged each other v tight. It was months since we kissed each other I took her pink lips n started eating it. I was v hard n wanted to feel her lips around my hard penis.

I said Poooja plz mere land ko chuso suck it baby. She become horny she opened my jeans n pulled my penis. It was v hard n big. She took it in mouth n started sucking it. She pulled my skin n started rolling her tongue.

I was moaning in joy aaaaaj babby aur chuso plz ise pura andar lo. She took it full inside n started giving me a deep throat blowjob.

She put her finger inside my anus. I was enjoying n moaning. I felt her saliva all over my penis n her licking each cm of my monster. It was d wildest blowjob she gave to me. After 5 min I was unable to control n burst in her mouth. She d***k all of my semen n licked each drop of it. Then she told me to take a shower.

I took shower then she went after half n hr when she came she was wearing just a one piece above her knees with panty n bra inside.

She was wearing nose ring. Pendant n putted lipstick. Her cleavage was fully visible her smooth legs were making me crazy. She was fresh but her body odor was making me hard n horny. I took in her my arm n started licking her neck her raw flesh was waking a****l of my inside. I pushed her into d wall. I rolled her n pushed her boobs hard on d wall. I started licking her back of neck n pushing n crushing her v hard on wall she was moaning aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah mmmmmm babbby aaaaah.

I was exploring her raw beauty.

Then I took her in my arm n through on d bed. N started chewing her shoulder. I pulled her strips down. I kept eating her body. N pulled her dress. She was looking damn sexy in her bra. I was licking her cleavage n half visible boobs. I licked them completely. Room was full of her moan. I pulled her dress completely. N put my tongue in her navel.

I licked her inner thighs navel waist n cleavage. Her body is completely wet by my saliva. Then I pulled her bra. My god her sexy boobs were waiting for me; her pink nipples r hard n waiting to get chewed. I started chewing them. N rubbing my penis on her pussy above her panty I told her I wanna fuck her. She was speechless. I took her panty out. N started rubbing my penis on her pussy.

While licking her neck n kissing her I felt her pussy is wet. I pushed my penis in her pussy. She shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh in pain n jumped; I held her tight. Tip of my penis was in her tight pussy. I can feel her pussy tightness around my hard penis. I started moving my penis slowly. She was in pain. I slowly started pushing my dick in her tight pussy. I saw her pain was slowly converting in moan.

She was scratching my shoulder n back by her nail in excitement. It was painful but making me horny. I slowly inserted my half penis in her pussy. Her body started moving with my rhythm. She was shouting aaaaahhhh mmmm babby yessss I’m yours. Her pussy started flowing. I started fucking her faster. Suddenly she shivered n orgasm first time. I didn’t leave her. N kept fucking her. Then I took her over me.

Her boobs were hanging over me. She was moaning babby piyo ise main tumhari hoon. N I was saying babby main tumhe hameaha chodunga tumhara badan mere liye hai tumhari bur mere liye hai. She was getting hornier n hornier. I held her n crushed her boobs on my shoulder while fucking her pussy like mad.

I rubbed my chest on her boobs while I smooch her. She started moving her pussy in my fucking rhythm.

I can feel her warm n wet pussy. Her juice flowing. She was enjoying it on her fullest. Our moan was getting high n high. She was fucking me like a mad lover. She kept orgasm for many time. Now I want to give her full pleasure. I increased my speed. With every jerk she was moaning more n more. N my penis going deeper n deeper. Her full body continues shivering n she started taking my big n thick penis completely in her tight pussy.

I was fucking her like a dog we both r fully sweating. Room was full of our odor. Her lips were shivering n making her sexier. I was taking my gf in a new world of passion n pleasure. She wanted to hide but her young body betraying her. I deflowered my gf n making her a horny lady from a sweet girl. My pressure was getting built n I burst in her pussy.

We both got exhausted. N she lied over me. After 10 min I saw my penis was soaked with her bleed; as well as bed has bleeding spot. I took her virginity n took her in the new world of pleasure. In next story I will continue our pleasure of 3 days.

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