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Defining Moments

You hear birds singing and people walking around a fountain in a park. Near by is a bench where a old black man sits down to rest and feed the birds while enjoying the day. He is blind but with a heart like his there is no need for eyes. He feels not just his world but others going through problems. Some good and some bad. In a way he is free to see the happiness through his heart.

When babies are born he knows and even the blooming of trees and flowers. But as the day goes on he feels the weight of another sit beside him. The old mans name is charlie and he senses that the person beside him is not from this world. Charlie says welcome stranger you are not from around here are you? The stranger was Clara’s father Caim. Caim tries to speak but Charlie says no need my friend you have a weight upon your heart you are running from something or is it that you are slowly fading away and trying to spare your family the pain.

Caim lowers his head and Charlie says I would like to say some words if you do not mind? Caim shakes his head to say he does not mind. Charlie says well have you ever thought of the words you are going to say to them because you can not run forever. Words my friend are more powerful than any weapon in any world. They can rise armies or destroy them, they can strength the weakest of hearts or soothe some ones mind before they leave or pass away leaving behind a legacy to be strong to protect others.

Even kings that kill there opposes have to surfer with the words of the people they have take and families they have ruined echoing through there minds till they die. Your body may turn to dust but your words live on in the winds and in the children you gave life to. They will be true to your name and up hold it with honor and love. Just remember words destroy walls and build bridges and cities.

They will bring people together, now my words to you my friend thank you for your time with listening to me and stand strong, stop running and use your time to face your end. You will not be alone in the end because you have family waiting for you to come home. Your past is passed and your present is now and the future is not yet written for you. So gave your last words with love and have there back to the end.

If people could see there strong words in the air or through time its self the world would be able to learn not to fight others to be a rock for others to be strong too. As charlie stops with his last sentence. He smiles and say well you have company here to see you my friend take care of your self we might meet again. Caim looks up to see a portal open and out comes Clara.

Caim looks to the bench to see the old man is gone. Caim stands up and slowly an walks towards Clara with tears in his eye trying to find the words to spoke but all he can do is say I am sorry my love for running. Clara cries and jumps in to his arms and says she does not care. That she has missed him and that he will not disappear on her watch.

She holds tight to her father and says lets go home. Caim takes a step and inside he is scared but Clara says I am here for you father you will not be alone no more. He takes a deep breath and walks through. On the other side a large family greets him with open arms and kisses.

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