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Dairy Farm

A femcan story by dmb
The following fictional story is intended only for mature adults. All characters are over 18.

He was surprised the job interview was in a wine bar. ‘Medical Research Subject’ doesn’t usually involve meeting in a secluded romantic restaurant, but the miserable job market left Daryl no choice. After several weeks of online questionnaires and background checks, plus medical checks at a clinic, he had been approved for the final phase in the interview for a vague research company new in town.

A beautiful woman’s silky voice over the phone specifically told him to take public transit and tell no one.
The wine bar in question was a windowless building with dark red ambient mood lighting and the circular tables were each inside a red curved alcove that allowed total privacy. Small white lights gave each alcove an intimate feel. A muscular lesbian bouncer at the front checked him in and he found his way to alcove 12, where 3 mysterious women were waiting for him.

Two tall and powerful blondes -clearly former athletes- greeted Daryl and bookended him inside the alcove opposite the table from Dominique, a shapely 40-something English woman with a proper accent and black silk and leather bustier outfit that displayed her generous bosom and tight legs with a flawless porcelain white skin tone. Dominique had pouty red lips perfect for nibbling a man’s ear, her black hair pulled back in a tight ponytail and her feet clicked in classic black heels.

Her eyes were huge, commanding and perfectly dressed in mascara with pencil thin black eyebrows. The two female bodyguards were equally beautiful in an amazon sort of way, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Dominique.

“Thank you for meeting us under these unusual circumstances, Daryl,” Dominique began, “Due to the highly sensitive nature of our work at D. E. E. , we operate like this when recruiting new personnel. This wine bar is an ideal place to discuss my company’s product and how you will contribute to our business in a safe and private setting.

First, please have a complimentary drink on me. Drink it all down in one gulp, please. It’s part of your interview. “

The gorgeous British dominatrix offered Daryl a cold glass of what appeared to be strawberry flavored skim milk with a slight medicine aftertaste. She smiled seductively and watched while he drank it all up. While she spoke, he felt the mysterious milk produce a ferocious erection in his pants that seemed to paralyze him physically and mentally.

The powerful hard-on was magnified by his sexy interviewer and her athletic entourage. Dominique placed a sleek new tablet computer in front of him, propped up on the romantic candle holder, and the bright screen began a silent video presentation of young women in white lab coats in a research lab while she gave her speech.

“Our company is called D. E. E. , which stands for Dairy Extraction and Enrichment. In this case, the Dairy stands for human male semen, and the Extraction and Enrichment is a proprietary process by which we harvest male sperm for commercial use.

Advanced Stem Cell Research and Genetic Programming have enabled our company to enrich human semen into a wide variety of successful, practical products ranging from food additives to replacement tissues. Food Additives from Sperm, for example, have helped manipulate the pleasure centers in the female brain to better respond to food and beverages marketed exclusively towards women. A new brand of Strawberry Vodka called ‘Catnip’, for example, is very popular among women, and the active ingredient is a genetically modified human sperm.

As women are the new growing consumer market and have eclipsed men in every category, it’s crucial to produce addictive products that are like catnip for women, and genetically modified semen is the key, due to a new hormone chemistry. Of course, there’s also a huge market for genetically modified semen for single women, lesbians and infertile couples who want the perfect child -a we;;-behaved overachieving girl- and our company has cornered the market on sperm scientifically proven to give a single mother the ideal daughter.

Market demand for boys has evaporated, but genetically modified baby girls are a booming business. Our company has perfected a production model to leverage the most from a healthy heterosexual male like yourself…”

The computer screen showed a video of what appeared to be a futuristic factory floor. There were clean white tiled floors, bright lighting and stainless steel stalls full of futuristic machinery. The machines were operated by teams of young women in tight skimpy uniforms that revealed gorgeous physiques, but most of all Daryl noticed naked men locked up inside the stalls, where machines ruthlessly stroked and handled their sweaty bodies while the women monitored their progress or performed maintenance on the men.

These men were crawling on their hands and knees, collared and guided on leashes by their female overseers while huge oversized cocks and balls hung from their waists or were plugged into milking machinery receptacles. All these genetically modified men wore specialty rubber diapers for protecting their sagging, oversized genitals.

“What you see onscreen,” Dominique explained to Daryl, “is a milking parlor. This is a dairy factory normally used for harvesting fresh milk from cattle, except it’s been adapted for milking men on a constant 24/7 basis, and our own secret cocktail of genetic therapy, hormone supplements, physical conditioning and medications convert each human male into an industrial sperm cow.

Our men each produce between one and two liters of fresh semen ejaculate each day, spread over 40 separate orgasms controlled by our milking system. Each of our males will father as many as 1,500 genetically modified daughters in his career, though our product quality control insures these girls have no resemblance to him and only share DNA with their mothers. Their semen is also used in food sweeteners, pharmaceuticals and food additives for everything from dieting, low-cholesterol and even low sodium foods.

Semen can be adapted for thousands of uses and products just like processed corn or rice. In fact, business is booming and we have received so many orders for our sperm products that we need to expand rapidly. We’re building a new milking factory in your town, which will be a collecting point and regional hub for this market. We’re a global company with milking factories in 17 different countries and counting, so we need more livestock like you, Daryl.

We need to purchase and process 10,000 men in the next 12 months to meet demand just for this year, and we’ll likely need to liquidate the entire male population of this state in the next two years to meet market growth, though we’ll have to spread that out over the region to avoid attention. And our men never complain about the sexual enhancements or pampered lifestyle we provide. In fact, the sexual processing of a man into a sperm cow has been described as an addictive narcotic, but I’ll describe the effects later.

In this computer video presentation, I want you to meet some of the staff who will manage you should you be accepted into our program. “

The computer screen changed to an image of a lightly-tanned, late 20’s woman in a tight swimsuit -redhead, pear-shaped body and very cheerful- clutching a clipboard and supervising naked men chained by their hands over their heads in a large white tiled shower chamber where other women were scrubbing and shaving them with handheld shower sprayers and electric shavers.

She walked up close to a naked and recently washed man laid out on an examination table, breathing slowly, and she laid down her clipboard to massage his feet tenderly while interacting with the other women. This supervisor turned to the camera and smiled, explaining introducing herself to the camera while foot-rubbing her subdued man.

“Hello, and welcome to D. E. E. My name is Heather, and when you first arrive at our Milking Facility, my girls and I will be processing you into our system.

Our full-capacity milking parlor requires each male to be cleaned, body-shaved, checked for health, tagged with a barcode tattoo and micro-chipped with a tracking system before receiving his first hormone-enhancement treatment and assigned to a milking stall. Here at the cleaning room, my girls and I will give you a relaxing hot shower and rub down while you’re entered into our livestock database. It only takes us 30 minutes to get you cleaned up, injected with our in-house behavior control and restrained for your next stage in the system.

And since D. E. E. is an employee-owned company, every woman here gets commissions from your orgasms and we all have a vested interest in keeping you cumming and happy. If you have any problems, feel free to ask when you’re not muzzled. “

Heather smiled a bright toothy grin for the camera and then helped her staff restrain the ankles, knees, arms and mouth and then lift the naked male unto a nearby motorized conveyor belt that carried him off to another room.

“Welcome to the Dairy Center, we’re happy to have you cream for us. ” Heather said to the camera.

The camera switched to the next room where a small team of black rubber and leather corset-clad brunette ladies were strapping men just received from the cleaning room into elaborate restraining devices and cages. While the ladies were dangerously gorgeous -same demeanor as Dominique- their men were submissive, catatonic and either suspended from the ceiling in bondage rope arrangements or clamped into small metal cages on the floor.

All the men were muzzled and peacefully watching video goggles full of obedience training videos. A few lucky males were laid out on tables receiving blow jobs for good behavior, while a few unlucky ones in their cages were getting shocked with low-intensity tazers. The lead Dominatrix paused from her inspection of the slave training to talk to the camera.

“Welcome to the D. E. E. Training Room, I’m Diane your trainer.

” she said with a bubbly smile that contrasted with her stern surroundings, “Here at Dairy Extraction and Enrichment, you will need to be trained and conditioned before we can put you to work in the milking parlor. Your sexual enhancements will have side effects such as sexual aggression, increased muscle mass and a slowing of your mental capabilities, all of which require you to be restrained and conditioned until you’re adequately obedient for the safety of all the woman who will be working on you.

Here at D. E. E. , we specialize in harvesting the full sexual output of your body and will keep you productive throughout your stay with us. And if you see a woman here you like enough to be your personal penis handler, don’t hesitate to ask. Just remember that good sperm cows get blow jobs and bad sperm cows get anal prostate electric probes. “

With a kindly smile, Diane the dominatrix walked toward a male now complete in his domestication, who sat naked on the floor with muzzle, collar and leash attached.

Diane took him by his leash and e****ted him to the next room. The camera followed them into a large beige massage lounge where naked males were laid out on rub down tables and scantily clad women were tenderizing their flesh after the dominatrix boot camp session earlier. A busty young lady with her thick dark hair tied in a bun came by pushing a cart and collecting sperm sample jars from those women finished giving a happy ending to their males, then deposited the jars in her cart and scanned the males’ barcode tattoos and under-skin microchips with an electronic gun.

Soft mood lighting and new age music complimented the scene of erotic massage and introductory cock milking. A few attractive ladies could be seen in the background giving head to their males with professional purpose, while one lady was sucking toes. The lady with the cart paused next to one of her men, began massaging his feet while speaking to the camera.

“Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m your senior massage therapeut here at D.

E. E. Before you can begin working in the milking parlor, we need to collect your first semen sample for genetic testing. You won’t receive your first really heavy dose of testicle enhancement until you’re locked in your first milking stall. Also, all that confinement in a milking machine means your muscles and nerves need a proper de-stressing, which my massage staff also provides. Here we keep our males flexible and healthy during the intense physical and sexual changes in a man becoming a sperm cow…”

Daryl’s intense erection at this point was throbbing enough for Dominique’s two blonde attendants to remove his pants and attach an electronic cock rick under his ball sac.

His was caught off guard, but relented to their f***eful erotic power. Dominique herself unpackaged a portable blowjob device and with the help of her two friends mounted it on Daryls’ thighs. A beige feminine mouth with ruby red lips, pearl white teeth, warm saliva and a raspy tongue all crafted in sophisticated latex that perfectly imitated the appearance and feel of a woman’s mouth was attached at the front end of a shoebox-sized device that clamped itself to his thighs using two powerful rubber claws built exactly like two female hands, right down to the french nails manicure.

Dominique and her two associates clamped it to his legs and mounted his rigid penis the erotic cyborg mouth. A second machine mouth emerged from the device to swallow up his balls.

“Relax, Daryl,” Dominique said while fastening the machine to him, “we’re just measuring you for your rubber diaper and milking stall. The cock ring and this machine will run a few tests on you once the video is complete. Until then, we’re going to keep you in a frozen erection as part of your obedience training.

Please enjoy the video. “

The video screen on the table now showed the massage therapeuts moving their males -already showing signs of massive cock and ball growth- from the beige rub down room to the vast milking parlor -full of thousands of milking stalls- where another team of women in skimpy blue-denim cowgirl outfits were waiting. These young women in western attire took the men one at a time and assigned them to milking stalls, where each male was made to kneel down doggy-style on a cushioned bench containing a milking machine similar to the one now clamped to Daryl, only larger and much more powerful.

Rubber padded restraints were locked unto his body by the cowgirls, who also f***e-fed a length of hosing down his throat from a feeding machine full of the mysterious strawberry milk, attached and primed his penis shaft and ball sac into the milker’s mouths, plugged breathing tubes into his nose and a small video screen positioned for his viewing pleasure. The feeding machine immediately began filling his throat with f***e-feed, and he looked like a goose being made into foi gras.

Once he has completely attached to his new home, the cowgirls closed up the steel walls of the milking stall, creating a metal veal box with only his head sticking out, supported by a special headrest. He looked like a stuffed and mounted a****l head hanging on a hunter’s wall, but in reality he was now a sperm cow. Inside the box, the milking machine roared to life and pounded against his meat in a relentless blow-job-on-steroids motion and his eyes bulged from the overwhelming pleasure.

A computer screen on the box front next to his head displayed all his life support data and semen milking information.
There were thousands of men in identical milking stalls in the milking parlor warehouse space, and they all groaned during routine extraction from genitals now grown to the size of cow udders. Kneeling next to a new male just recently locked in his milking box was a beautiful cowgirl resplendent in her denim miniskirt, cowgirl boots and skimpy blouse that housed a massive bosom.

She was gently and affectionately scratching his head where all traces of hair had been shaven away. Her high cheekbones held a gorgeous smile and tucked under her hat were elegant pigtails. She looked at the camera with a sweet yet devilish grin and twinkle in her eye when she spoke in a soft Oklahoma accent.

“Welcome to the Milking Parlor, I’m Janine and this will be your new home at D.

E. E. When you are in your milking box and producing our product, you report to me, and you will live in this milking box for 6 1/2 days out of the week around the clock to meet production. My cowgirls and I keep our men safe, comfortable and focused on producing as much semen as possible. While each of our sperm-cows currently produces an average of 1. 5 liters of semen per day, our goal is to reach 2 liters per day by the end of this year.

That means our cowgirls use many different techniques in farming our men. In addition to the scientifically formulated diet you see in this feeding tube here and the milking machine inside this milking box, my girls and I also provide erotic motivation in the form of themed costumes like this cowgirl outfit and personal sexual therapy, as well as our own in-house produced pornographic productions shown on these personal video screens and goggles you see positioned for each man-cow here.

We alternate our cowgirl costumes with Cheerleader, Lifeguard, Nurse, Hooter Girl, Belly Dancer, Schoolgirl and Playboy Bunny costumes to provide our men with maximum stimulation and motivation to put out product. In addition, those males who meet or exceed their quotas for semen production will receive personal sexual rewards from myself or a member of my staff. That reward includes a special supplement to your diet…”

Janine turned to her male in the milking box, removed his feeding tube, lowered his neck supports and opened up her skimpy blouse to reveal her massive and perky breasts.

They were easily Double-G cups, tanned and warm, which she fed one nipple at a time to her man, breast-feeding him with her own hot milk. His mouth drooled with spilled milk from her large nipple, but he moaned with joy from her donation. She glanced back at the camera.

“Working here for an extended period of time has some side effects on a woman, and I take personal responsibility to keep my cows fat and juicy.

Welcome to the farm. “

The camera’s image on the tablet computer screen next showed Daryl the milking stalls getting hosed down and cleaned after a few man-cows had been taken out for scrub-downs and massages. The women herding the men around were a very diverse group of races, ethnicities, ages, hair colors and body types, though they all were chosen for their beauty and sexual prowess with the men who were now reduced to stud cattle.

Many of these women had the svelte bodies and graceful moves of ballet dancers and swimsuit models, but equally applied themselves to care-taking half-men on an indoor dairy farm. A handful of men in the milking parlor were muzzled, collared and leashed before being e****ted to a kitchen at the far end of the milking facilities, where a 40-something southern woman in white capri pants, clog shoes and look-at-me tight shirt bursting with huge cleavage was waiting for them.

She had platinum blonde curls, a plump and perky ass and huge expressive eyes that handled naked men just as aggressively as her manicured hands. With a giant smile, she e****ted a few men into her large and brightly lit kitchen where she was developing mixed drinks, yogurt deserts and other sweet confections. She smiled very brightly at the camera with her heavily makeup-covered face as she explained her work.

“Well, hi, sweetie! Come on in and make yourself comfortable.

Welcome to my kitchen. You must be famished! I’m Jackie and I’m responsible for both mixing the feed for the men and also developing new recipes from sperm. I’m a pure spermavore and love eating semen any way I can, so I’ve created over 350 different dishes, drinks and treats from man semen, and these boys in the back are going to give me some fresh ejaculate for today’s cook-off. I’ve designed our company’s whole line of made-from-semen cheese, yogurt, enhanced chocolate, fruit-liquors and my own very special southern sweet tea with semen.

The boys around here love me, by the way, so you’re going to fit in just fine as one of my dairy cows…”

Jackie walked over to one of the naked men with an empty glass in her left hand. She began massaging the man’s right nipple very strongly while holding the glass close to him. After a few moments, she successfully got him him to literally squirt milk out of his tit and fill her glass half-full of man-milk.

She licked off the last few drops of milk from his sore chest udder before taking a sip from her glass and turning to the camera while holding him close.

“All the sex d**gs we feed our men have the added bonus of creating new hormones in the chest and we can harvest additional liquids like this new man milk from time to time. I also use my own breast milk in some of the feed for the men, and when you arrive I may personally breast feed you, if you’re a good boy.

” she said with a smile.

Jackie then led her man up to the kitchen counter where she positioned his penis over a bowl and stroked him to ejaculate, collecting his seed in the bowl. She took the bowl over to a prep table where she mixed it in with other ingredients while another woman e****ted the male out of the room and back to his milking stall. The screen image changed to another room filled with rows of soft-cushioned benches and a gorgeous latino woman e****ting naked men to lay down in formation on the benches.

Giant erections rose up from the benches and a small team of women were strapping men down to the benches so their erections were the only free moving body parts. All of these men were muzzled, as well. The latino turned to the camera, her heavily decorated eyes flirting under bangs of dark silky hair.

“Welcome to the Breeding Center, I’m Brianna, your director of reproductive management. 75% of our female clientele who come to us for pregnancy choose artificial insemination, which means the remaining 25% choose to become mothers the traditional way, but without a husband or father to complicate child-rearing.

Our in-house Breeding Center provides a safe and private environment for women to receive male fertilizer and a pleasant sexual experience…”

While Brianna spoke to the camera, groups of women in white bathrobes -paying customers- were entering the room and mounting the restrained male studs on the benches. A coordinated, synchronized group sex session was synchronized to the sounds of soft classical music, The Blue Danube Waltz. Most of these women were either too unattractive to get a sexual partner and thus had to resort to a sperm bank or were lesbian.

In either case, they rode their hired studs with strong hip movements without making eye contact with the men. These males were just sperm dispensers, given no personal attention by paying customers who expected a quick impregnation. Brianna led the camera to another wing of the Breeding Center: a windowless medical clinic full of comatose naked males in hospital beds, mummified in life support equipment and respirator mouth pieces while female nurses tended to them.

These men had large protruding bellies rising high above their chests, milking pumps attached to their mutated man breasts and oversized penises also strapped into milking gear. Brianna explained…

“Not all of our breeding customers want to personally give birth to their baby daughters. In fact, a growing number of women prefer surrogate pregnancies, and our breeding male studs provide for this purpose, also. Advanced new medical technology allows us to transplant a woman’s fertilized egg, womb and other necessary tissue into the sperm donor male for incubation in his midsection.

She can basically lay her egg in her male sexual partner. A healthy male like you can bring a fetus to term and deliver a newborn daughter via a c-section. This very unusual pregnancy procedure requires the surrogate male to remain comatose during the entire pregnancy, while he is also being milked daily for semen and his breast milk. It’s a very efficient alternative pregnancy program, whose only side effect is that you -the surrogate male- has to be euthanized and harvested for organs and meat after the successful child birth.

This entire pregnancy program is painless for you, the male, and allows our female customers the most flexibility and freedom while having their babies. After a long term of service as a sperm cow, the male sperm cow must be brought in for the butcher. “

Darryl could only watch on as the computer screen video presentation moved from the Breeding Center to the slaughterhouse of the D. E. E. operations. Dominique and her fellow captors salivated over this new recruit, whose fate was sealed and only a few formalities remained.

The onscreen video advanced to a large stainless steel room full of large steel tables and sophisticated robotic butchers. In the distance, these robots were quickly and efficiently carving up male carcasses then distributing the harvested bodily materials into medical storage containers. These containers were loaded unto conveyor belts feeding into another room. A small team of young women were supervising a conveyor belt carrying half-asleep, naked males straight from the breeding center to the cutting room where the robots were warming up with huge chopping blades and other deadly implements.

The ladies here wore white aprons and shower clogs and nothing else, giving the doomed men once last glance of sexual perfection and joy. These women were injecting their men with powerful tranquilizers before they headed to the industrial chopping blocks just 20 feet away, behind a plastic curtain. One of these beautiful angels of death turned to the camera and smiled while explaining her job.

“Welcome to the meat packing center at D.

E. E. , my name is Heather. After you’ve completed your term as a sperm cow and surrogate pregnancy subject, you’ll meet me here for final processing. Our methods here are very humane and you’ll be treated with the utmost care while we process you for meat, organs, skin and other tissues. Your body will donate food for our gourmet meat line, leather for our own exclusive designer clothing and accessories and bleed and organs for medical transplants.

You are a very important commodity and resource for our company, and we provide you great compassion during your time here as our product, our merchandise and our inventory. Thank you very much for your productive time with us, and we will enjoy consuming you as much as you have enjoyed being provided for and sexually serviced by us. Please have a great day. “

Heather turned away from the camera and e****ted her naked captive male to the conveyor belt and chopping block where in a few moments he would be decapitated and butchered.

The video screen cross-dissolved to an elegant wood paneled office with a persian rug. Sitting at an antique oak desk was the same Dominique that Daryl was now sharing a booth with. The onscreen Dominique switched off the laptop computer she had been typing on and faced the camera with an elegant smile while her two tight, smooth and shapely legs crossed erotically for the screen.

“My name is Dominique, and I am a co-founder of D.

E. E. , your new employer. I hope you have enjoyed this orientation video, which explains your new career with us. Obviously, by the time you have seen this video all of your personal identity data, personal property and legal status of your custody and body-ownership have been transfered to us thru our own electronic power of attorney, and you legally belong to us. Don’t worry, you have no escape and your place has been guaranteed in our sperm production line and other operations.

Relax. As you know, the recession has eliminated the career field and industry you were hoping to work in, and D. E. E. is your only choice. In fact, the vast majority of layoffs occurred in male-dominated industries, which means women are a permanent majority of the workf***e and men are becoming redundant in most respects. Sperm production is the only role for today’s man. But first, please let me explain how we arrived at this point.

I was originally a massage therapeut in Liverpool, England, where I specialized in Ashiatsu: massaging the body with my feet. I had only a minor interest in fetish or BDSM back then. While massaging one of my clients with my bare feet, I noticed a raging erection he had for me and I decided to stroke him off with the arches of my high instep feet. To my surprise, the smell and taste of his semen was exquisite to me and I took him home where I domesticated him as my personal sex slave and husband, mostly for the purpose of refining his semen into a better beverage and using him for getting a daughter.

I discovered a whole underground market of women who were developing men as semen-beverage producers, and I locked my husband in my basement where I built a chemistry set around him and mutated his testicles for my new business. Over the years I recruited female business partners, got some financing, processed more men and grew D. E. E. into the conglomerate you see now. Women are the new and dominant power in the world economy, so it’s only natural that men are reclassified as a product to be processed and merchandised to those women.

All that’s missing is you, but not for long. And don’t worry: most of our males serve for many years as sperm cows before being processed for meat and tissues. You may very well have 20 years of never ending sperm harvesting with us, depending on how well your body responds to the d**gs. My own husband served 20 years in the dairy farm before I put him down myself. He was delicious and very tender.

Think of yourself as a part of my harem. Most of all, when your time comes to be put down, we will give you the purest orgasm. It’s nothing personal, it’s only business. “

Dominique switched off and put away the tablet computer, then stared at Daryl.

“Any questions before we pack you up and ship you off to the dairy plant?” Dominique asked while her two buxom blonde associates handcuffed Daryl under the table and switched the milking machine on.

“Why me? And why did you personally interview me instead of one of your staff? And why kill and eat me?” he barely mumbled out, still overpowered by the sex d**g and the powerful machine clamped to his genitals.

Dominique uncrossed her long legs and began playing with his feet under the table with her heels.

“My daughter is finishing college and will soon start at D. E.

E. , where I’ll be her training to lead the company one day. She and I both want baby girls -doubling our family size- so we decided to share a male who met our strict requirements and lay our eggs in him. Your resume and test results show you’ll be an ideal sperm donor, sperm cow, breeder and host for us to lay our eggs in you. On the upshot, you’ll receive special personal attention from my staff, my daughter and myself.

Daryl, my daughter and I are going to sexually satisfy you in ways you never knew existed. Your genetically modified semen will be sold as an exclusive Royal Jelly, the cream from your man boobs will be a rare gourmet cheese, you will be a coveted sex slave in the company -I’ll use your sexual services as a reward for good employees- we are setting up a tenderizing and marinating room that will make your flesh a delicacy and you will be slowly steam cooked alive after you have given birth to my and my daughters’ babies, which will be long after we sexually wear you out and artificially knock you up for a 9 month c***.

As for the logic of using men as a food source, it’s the best way to maximize resources, satisfy our female customers and control the supply-and-demand logistics of our product. Besides, Daryl, the job market out there will give you nothing better than what my company offers. “

The 3 women came closer to Daryl in the booth and switched on the portable blowjob machine to vigorously domesticate his manhood. A ferocious, moist rubber orifice glided back and forth on his rigid penis while a second padded latex mouth massaged his balls and manipulated the flesh of his taint.

He was delirious from the high-powered physical joy and terrified by his new captors, who were even now preparing his manacles.

“Don’t fight it,” one of the two blonde amazons told him gently, yet with authority, “we’ve done this millions of times and we always get what we want. You’ll enjoy it more when you let the blowjob machine take control. “

His body relaxed in between the mechanical strokes and the device squeezed a powerful orgasm from deep in his hips.

The climax was intensely delirious and more satisfying than any masturbation he had ever experienced. The milking machine ceased stroking him and collected his squirt of semen into a small insulated specimen jar. His penis twitched with joy for a few moments, then relaxed in size while the sucking machine loosened its’ mechanical grasp. One of the women plucked the filled jar from the machine and gave it to Dominique, who studied it briefly and deposited the sample into a portable cooler under the table.

Dominique’s two associates detached the milker from Daryl, muzzled his mouth, attached a collar that was joined to his groin by a leash connected to a cock ring they clamped to the base of his penis, then clipped a small electronic tracking device to his right ear. His ankles were cuffed together and another cuff set held his knees close together. Satisfied he was properly restrained, they zipped up his pants and e****ted him through the back end of the booth to a secret loading dock in the back of the building where a diverse crew of women were packing up males for their trip to D.

E. E.
Each captured male was fucked to sit inside a thick reinfucked cardboard box on wheels while his beautiful female captors tightly secured his restraints to mounting brackets inside the box. A breathing device with small air tank was attached to his face and he was literally packaged together with styrofoam packing just like a piece of electronics merchandise. Once he was sealed up in the box, each man was wheeled into the cargo area of a large freight truck D.

E. E. had backed up to the rear of the building, just like sales inventory on its’ way to a store. The women in the packing area were beautifully underdressed, with plump bosoms, shapely hips, arched feet, perky butts and exquisite legs on display to sexually pacify the doomed men in the room. A few women made polite small talk with their captive males, a few others tried to comfort and reassure their men, but most ladies simply packed up their males with cold professionalism.

The men, on the other hand, were a cross-section of what D. E. E. considered edible livestock. Convicts in orange jumpsuits, unemployed men, drinks found in the streets, d**g addicts, high school dropouts and homeless men were being sent straight to the slaughterhouse with no time in the breeding program or sperm farm. Men like Daryl who were considered useful as sperm cows and sex slaves were boxed separately. Some of the men were sold off by their wives or girlfriends for cash or were sold off by female employers with plans for an all-woman workplace.

Each and every community was disposing of certain parts of the male population who were either useless or were so qualified they stood in the way of female advancement. With most of the men liquidated, the community would have a drop in crime and unemployment, a rise in property values and better conditions for affluent professional women. It only took five minutes for Dominique’s crew to stuff Daryl in a box and pack him in the truck.

Each truck carried over 40 caged men disguised as widescreen tv sets, and dozens of these trucks were roaming between collection points where D. E. E. was inhaling the male population, such as the discreet wine bar where Daryl met for a job interview. It was estimated D. E. E. could consume 80% of the male population of a small town in 2 to 3 months.
Two years later, D. E. E. threw a celebratory dinner to mark their anniversary a new batch of Royal Jelly livestock.

Over 50 female managers in the prime of their physical beauty and professional advancement were gathered for a buffet of gourmet man meats and sperm delicacies. Ladies sipped chilled glasses of bubbling sperm champagne and dined on testicle appetizers while plates of mansteak were readied in the nearby gourmet kitchen. The room was softly lit by rows of track lights, the ladies were in matching tight black mini-dresses and heels, those few men available were nude and restrained in special display boxes and a gallery of new sexual machinery was on display for demonstrating production improvements.

But the center of attention were 6 men recently removed from the breeding program -the Royal Jelly- Daryl among them. These males had served the operations as genetically enhanced premium livestock, and after providing healthy baby girls to top management, would now be publicly executed and cooked fresh for the benefit of those women on the fast track to advancement. These 6 heavily restrained men were tide to 6 nooses hanging from the ceiling and left standing where the women were gathering around with interest.

Dominique and her daughter inspected the swollen, enlarged genitals of the male cattle, who had each provided over 30 orgasms per day as bound concubines of the corporation.
These 6 slave males would receive auto-erotic-asphyxiation -oral sex while being slowly hung by the noose- from the 6 top female managers, including Dominique and her eldest daughter. Dominique and Diana both had their newborn daughters in hand and were breast-feeding while sitting on stools right at crotch level with the doomed men.

Daryl stood gagged, bound and collared by his noose, quietly watching his mistresses cuddling the baby girls grown in his belly months earlier. The women wasted no time in giving their men an erotic execution, massaging rigid erections with their voluptuous mouths while staring up into the death row males with powerful eyes. Try as they might to hold off and live a few moments longer, the men were doomed to cum in their owners’ mouth.

One by one, the males climaxed a large spurt of semen on his mistress’s tongue. One by one, each mistress pulled tightly on her male and brought his neck down on the course rope that strangled him just as his orgasm reach the most intense euphoria, multiplying the pleasure with a delirious lack of oxygen to the brain. Even after two years of sex-d**g therapy and being massaged into a piece of milk-fed veal, Daryl tried to analyze his situation and see things philosophically.

He was witnessing the rise of a new world, a new kind of woman and a new kind of man.
It was a woman’s world now, and men would have to accept their fate as domesticated servants and food in the new order. At least he had a few good years as a sex slave before going to the meat grinder. In a matter of hours he would be ground into gourmet sausage and packed in gift baskets for these women to take home.

Dominique sensed his orgasm, and she pulled him down with two powerful hands that locked his neck in the noose and blasted his brain with a powerful, enhanced climax that fired a stream of hot and fresh semen in her mouth, which she happily swallowed. Her eyes studied his face as his last sign of life vanished and he jerked one last time.

“Now, that’s how Semen is supposed to taste,” Dominique said to Diana.

“Where can we get another slave male just like that?”.

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