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Daddy is a cop

Sally was a wild teen. She had been raised by her dad who was a cop and very strict. Sally loved to fuck and she didn’t care who. Today she had a man in her bed that she just met at the coffee shop. Both were naked and he was eating her pussy as she sucked his cock. She loved dirty talk and did not know her dad had come home to check up on her and was outside her bedroom door listening and watching his slut daughter through the crack in the door.

Sally told the man “You like your big cock sucked by my sexy mouth don’t you? I bet you can’t wait to stick that big cock in my wet cunt and fuck me hard. You do like a young horny cunt don’t you? Now suck my clit then tongue fuck my cunt and I will let your cock fuck any hole you desire. ” He answered “You are such a sexy little whore. I can’t wait to stick my thick meat in that tight cunt then in your sexy ass.

I am going to fuck you like the slut you are. Now suck my cock down your throat and swallow my cum. Show me how nasty you like to be. You asked me to come here and fuck you and I am going to really fuck you hard. ” He then shoved three fingers in her ass as he tongue fucked her cunt deep licking her cum as she moaned and begged for more.

Sally’s dad watched just a few minutes then drew his gun and charged in. The naked man jumped off the bed and the dad told him “You are in big trouble fucking my daughter. Now I am going to show you what happens to a man that likes to fuck. ” He grabbed the man and hand cuffed his hands behind him and bent him over the end of the bed. He next grabbed Sally and began spanking her ass till it was red.

Then he took the tie off the robe at the end of the bed and tied her to her headboard. He went back to the man and this time the cop pulled his own pants down and shoved his cock in the man’s mouth. He told him “Now we are going to have some fun today just the three of us. So suck my cock till I am rock hard and leaking cum in your mouth.

I am not going to cum just yet as I have a better plan for the that. As the man sucked the cock of the cop, the cop pushed his head down so he got the whole cock down his throat and began to mouth fuck him hard. He then said “Does that long rod gag you? I am going to keep it in your throat as you suck me. ” He then reached down and grabbed the man’s cock and pulled on it and then did the same to his balls.

He twisted on the cock as he rammed his own cock in and out of the man’s throat. He then said “I am going to make you a great cock sucker like my whore of a daughter. First I am going to give your cock and balls a lesson to remember not to fuck a cop’s daughter ever again. “

The cop then took shoe laces out of the man’s shoes and tied his cock tight and the same to his balls.

Next he grabbed the duct tape and taped all around his hairy cock and balls and then down the length of his cock and across the tip of the cock and then taped his balls tight to his cock. He looked at the man and said “I sure hope that doesn’t hurt when you take the tape off. It could smart a little when you are as hairy as you are and I bet that will take some skin off the cock and balls too.

You won’t be wanting to fuck young girls for a while. ” He then pulled his cock out of the guys mouth and grabbed his daughter.

He bent her over the end of the bed next to the man and took off his belt. He then took turns whipping both asses as hard as he could. Both were screaming in pain as the cop thrashed their asses. He quit after about thirty smacks each as both asses were red and bruised.

He spread his daughters legs and gave her pussy five whacks. He said “I bet fucking is not as painful as getting your asses whipped is it?” He then went behind the man and shoved his cock in his ass deep and hard with no mercy for the pain he was causing. The cop had a long thick cock and he pounded the man’s ass hard. Then he grabbed his night stick and shoved it into the daughters cunt and as he fucked the man’s ass with his huge cock he fucked the daughters spanked cunt with the night stick.

He then said to them “I am thinking that you are not enjoying fucking so much any more. Is this a little painful? I am just starting to teach you two a lesson. ” He then kept fucking both of them as deep and hard as he could. He had both holes stretched wide open as he thrust and fucked them. He watched his cock go in and put of the man’s ass stretching wider than it was meant to be and the daughter with the night stick shoved in her cunt deeper than any cock could reach.

He meant to punish both of them severely. A couple times he grabbed the man’s taped cock and balls and squeezed them and laughed as the man screamed. Then he said “Oh, are you sore? I bet that tape does not feel good on the skin and hair of your cock does it? Are you sore?” He then squeezed them another time as the man screamed again. He then grabbed his daughters panties and shoved them in the man’s mouth and told him “Now that will keep you quiet while I fuck your ass and twist your balls.

” He then pounded his ass with his cock and grabbed his balls and twisted them hard.

He then shoved the night stick deeper in his daughters cunt and fucked her even harder as she cried. He told her “Don’t be crying. You love to fuck, remember? You like to feel something in that nasty cunt of yours. I am a good daddy and found a nice big rod for that dirty cunt.

Unlike a cock it will stay hard as long as I decide to fuck that nasty cunt of yours. How many cocks have you fucked? There is a rumor you are the town whore. Any one that wants a piece of ass just look for Sally and she will suck your cock and let your fuck her stretched cunt as much as you want. You don’t care about age you just love to fuck.

So today daddy is giving you as much fucking as you want and even more. ” The cop then pulled his cock out of the man’s ass and got some rope. He tied both of them to the bed as they were bent over with their asses in the air. He then duct taped the night stick to Sally’s leg with it shoved in as deep as he could make it go. Then he grabbed a tennis racket and shoved the handle in the mans ass and duct taped it in deep.

Now they could not move. He got his tazer gun and first shot at the man’s balls then at Sally’s clit. As they screamed and jumped he gave them each another shot. Then he did each of their asses. He used the tazer on them a few more times to watch them jump and scream even though the man could not as he still had the panties in his mouth.

The cop pulled the panties out of the guys mouth and pushed his cock in and down his throat and told him to suck or he would tazer his balls more.

The guy sucked the big cock hard as the cop held his head pushing his cock deep in his throat. As the guy sucked the big thick cock the cop finally filled him with cum and watched him swallow every drop. He told the man “You are a good cock sucker. Do you always suck cock so good? Every time I find you out I am going to take you and have you suck my cock.

I may even fuck your ass a few times. You will do as I say or get arrested and then I will let the men in jail know you like cock and are a good cock sucker. There will be a lot of guys wanting their cocks sucked as they are locked up. ” The cop finally let the man up and told him to pull the racket out of his ass. Pulling off the duct tape was painful but he made him keep his cock and balls taped till later.

He told him he could leave but could not take his clothes. He had to leave naked. The man left fast.

The cop went to his daughter and told her “I will be back for you later. I am going to teach you that acting like a slut is very painful. I have more lessons to teach you to behave. “.

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