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Dad and Judy

I had just finished my last night shift, its in the morning as I drive into the garage. I locked up the car and walked inside. There was Mandy the sleep-over babysitter. As usual she was dressed ready to go to college for her studies. She looked nice in her runners, cut-off shorts and short button up shirt. Her red hair was tied back in a pony-tail and her green eyes sparkled with the anticipation of a new day.

I handed her twenty five bucks and walked her to the door. Her tight ass was swaying in front of me. This had happened every day for the last 4 months. Again, I felt myself getting a hard on. Her mom was waiting at the roadside for her. She turned and said “Good-bye Mr. J” and then jogged out to her mom.

I took a deep breath to calm myself, “Oh how I would like to slip into her” I thought to myself.

I waved to her and her mom as they pulled away.

I turned and walked back inside. Judy was sitting on the floor playing with some dolls. Judy was having a birthday today, WOW was it really four years since her mom had been killed in a hit and run? I brushed my hand over her head and bent over and kissed her on the nose as I walked to the bathroom.

I needed a shower before I took Judy to the bus and then went to bed for some sleep. I had tonight off and Judy was having some friends over for a birthday party.

Life really wasn’t all that bad. I had a lovely daughter and a good job. I owned the house and the car so the bills were not too high. I turned the shower on and let it warm up, humming to myself as I waited.

Soon it was ready and I stepped in, “Ohh that hot water felt good” my mind said. As I washed down my hand cupped by balls and my dick hardened, Mandy immediately came to mind. I smiled, I would have to do something about her when she had her 18th birthday. Still I had things to do today to get ready for Judy’s birthday. Singing to myself I soaped up and then rinsed off and got out of the shower.

I wrapped a towel around myself and walked out into the lounge, there was Judy still playing with her dolls, she looked so cute in her school uniform. I gave her hair a scruff as I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast ready. Mandy did not do breakfast so I needed to get some for Judy. “Judy honey, what to you want for breakfast?” I yelled to her. She answered back “Just cereal and milk dad.

” I laughed, I should have known she would say that, she always does.

I walked to the pantry to get the cereal and glanced at Judy, she was lying on the floor on her stomach, her feet in the air and her legs apart. I could see her small panties and thought how some boy was going to enjoy what was inside. The thought of that made me hard again and I wondered what sort of father I was.

I continued to the pantry and as I returned to the table Judy had turned over, she was on her back now, with her knees up and her feet wide apart. “Oh I want to have that” my mind screamed at me “Go and take her”.

I cleared the table completely, I knew what I was going to do. Dropping the towel from my waist I moved to the door, Judy had turned again and was facing away from me.

I walked up behind her and touched her on the head, she turned and my cock was about 6 inches from her face. She pulled back in surprise but I just stood there, looking at her, begging her with my eyes to do something. I gently took her head in my hands and pulled her toward me. She resisted but I held her firm. As my cock touched her lips I said “Please honey, open your mouth” and pushed a little harder.

I could feel her teeth against the end and was about to pull away when she opened her mouth. Very gently I pushed my cock inside her mouth. Oh yes. . it was so warm and so moist. . just the head was in, it seemed to fill her mouth.

I gently rocked her head back and forth pushing it in a little bit further each time. I could feel it touching at the back of her throat with each thrust and that made me more and more excited.

I couldn’t stop myself. Holding her head tightly I pulled her toward me and thrust my hips forward so that I drove into her throat. She started hitting my legs and wriggling, but I just held her there for about 5 seconds. Oh it was so good to be deep inside her for a moment.

I pulled it out of her mouth and lifted her up and hugged her to me saying “I’m sorry honey, I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to hurt you like that” but all the time I knew I was going to hurt her even more in a few minutes.

I carried her to the kitchen and placed her on the table and hugged her tight to me, her head against my chest as she sobbed softly. I rubbed her back to console her and slipped my hand inside her T Shirt, lifting it to make it easier to rub her back.

Then I moved away a little bit and lifted her T Shirt over her head. She looked at me, startled and surprised. I moved forward again and hugged her again. This time my hands roamed over all of her naked flesh and her tiny nipples were hard and inviting. I gently pushed her away from me and kissed her on the left nipple, sucking it and flicking my tongue over it and then the right one got the same treatment.

“I love you honey”, I said to her. She whispered she loved me too.

I lifted her off the table, I was trembling now, I knew there was no going back. I gently undid her school skirt and let it drop to the floor, only her panties between me and heaven. I lifted her back onto the table and kissed her tiny tits again and squeezed the nipples. Then I pushed her back onto the table with her legs hanging over the edge.

I lifted her up and removed her panties, oh what a beautiful sight. Her fresh, tiny, new pussy lying there waiting for me. I bent over and put my lips to it and licked up and down. Feeling the small button of her clit grow to the touch. I could taste her girl juices and they tasted nice. She moaned, I don’t know if it was from pleasure or if she was scared, I was beyond caring now.

I stood up, my cock was rock hard. I pulled her toward me and placed the head of my cock against her pussy and pushed trying to get it to go in, she cried a little and said that it hurt. I couldn’t get the damn thing in. I went into the bathroom and got some baby oil and rubbed it over my cock and put some over her pussy. I hoped that would make it easier.

I held her again, this time around the waist and pulled her toward me as I thrust back and forward trying to get into her. My cock was nearly boiling over with lust now. I grabbed her by the hips, pressed my cock against her hole and started to push. I could feel it entering and that made me push harder. Judy was in pain, I could see it in her eyes. Still I pushed and pushed and then POP the head was in.

I was gasping for air and Judy’s pussy was starting to twitch and squeeze my cock head. That felt so good. I just stood there and let her twitch and soon I could feel it swelling up inside her. I held on tight, digging my fingers into her hips. Then it came first a small squirt, then I knew it was going to be a big one as my balls contracted, my cock swelled and I could feel it racing along the inside of my shaft until it got to the end and seemed to explode into her, that was quickly followed by another and another.

I stood there gasping for air and feeling light headed. My cock started to soften and I told Judy “Keep it tightly closed honey, until I get your panties on you”. She squeezed it closed as my cock slipped out of her. I put her panties back onto her and lifted her off the table. I told her to open her legs and relax her pussy. When she did I gently stroked her pussy and could feel the wet through her panties as my cum leaked from her.

We quickly ate breakfast and got dressed and I took her to the bus, her panties and pussy filled with cum.

Then I went back inside and climbed into bed to sleep before going shopping for her birthday party.
What happened at the party is another story.

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