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My wife and I had a great sex life. We made love at least once a day, often more than that. We have been together for almost 10 years and married for six. Since we met we had not been with anyone else, but sometime during foreplay we talked about how it would be to have sex with someone else. It was normally my wife who said she would like to try a big cock and feel two cocks at once.

She often talked about how it would feel to have a large cock fucking her pussy, while she sucked my cock. My wife has always had an easy time to reach orgasm. when we talked about this she was always extra horny. Sometimes she would take her biggest dildo and fuck herself with it while she sucked my cock. She would cum strong and then urge me to cum in her mouth. She loved when she felt my cock grow right before I erupted in her mouth.

She would swallow every single drop and tell me how sexy and naughty she felt doing that.

My wife had started to talk about us having a baby, which meant she would have to get off the pill. I was on board and told her that she should stop the next cycle.

My wife had a friend from college and that she often talked to. One day my wife told me that her friend’s b*****r was coming to town for work for a couple of days.

She had offered her friend that he could stay with us. We had plenty of room and two spare bedrooms.

That night when my wife and I watched some TV and she told me about our visitor, she seemed a bit horny. We started to make out right after she told me about this guy coming to stay.
She said she had only met him once, but he was a nice guy.

She told me that he was a big black guy. She proceeded to tell me that she heard that black guys had big cocks and she wondered if he had one. She started to kiss me and touch me in a way that I know she does when she is really horny.
She kept talking about how she wanted to find out if it was true that black guys have big cocks. I told her jokingly that she should just ask to see his cock to see if it was true.

She almost jumped my cock when I said that. I have always been told that I have a large cock, so I don’t know what she really had in mind when she thought about a bigger cock. When we met, she always said that I had the biggest cock she ever had fucked or even seen. But that was before the Internet and porn sites.
We fucked good that night and more intense than usual.

Afterwards we talked before falling asl**p, my wife said it was nice a nice fantasy, but she didn’t think she could ever sl**p with this guy or any other guy. I agreed that it was great to role play and have fun. I also told her it turned me on thinking about her fucking a huge cock and to watch her pussy getting stretched over the cock.

The following Thursday was when Charles was coming to stay.

He would arrive after work and have dinner with us. When I got home from work he had not arrived yet. My wife was cooking dinner and was dressed pretty sexy in a dress with enough cleavage to turn me on. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck. She kept working on whatever she was prepping for dinner. My hands went around her waist and I pressed myself into her ass. My cock was half erected and she could feel it.

She said, – I guess someone is horny today. I told her it was her dress and the way she moved at the counter. I reached down and lifted her skirt and massaged her pussy through her panties. I let one finger side in under the side and found her pussy wet. I made a comment on my own that someone else was horny too.
I asked if she were turned on by our visitor and if she had thought about seducing him.

She laughed and said she had masturbated earlier thinking about it, but again it was not more than that.
I leaned down and pulled off her panties. I put them in my pocket and unzipped my pants. My cock was rock hard now and she spread her legs to give me access. I ran my cock over her wet slit and slowly entered her pussy. We started a slow fuck and it felt great.

I reached around and rubbed her clit. Before either of us had a chance to reach climax, even if I think my wife was very close. The doorbell rang. I quickly pulled out of her pussy and zipped up my pants. My wife corrected her dress and told me we would have to finish that later..

My wife opened the door, while I sat down at the kitchen table to hid my hard on.

Charles came in and was introduced by my wife. He was a tall good looking guy, younger than my wife. Charles was about six years younger than my wife’s friend. He had a couple of bottles of wine and said it was for the hospitality for letting him stay with us.
My wife was all giggle and talked a lot of his s****r and how great it was to see him. They talked about his f****y and what was going on with them.

We had a nice dinner with lots of wine. My wife and I don’t drink very often, so it hit us pretty hard. We cleaned the kitchen and talked at the same time. My wife suggested that we took dessert in the living room. Charles said he had a bottle of some kind of drink and brought it out to have with dessert.
We hit it off and had a great time.

My wife sat next to Charles on the couch while I sat across from them in an armchair. We enjoyed our dessert and started to drink the drinks that Charles had made. I could see that my wife was pretty tipsy by then. Knowing my wife, she was probably getting more than a little bit horny. Alcohol always got her going.
In a bold move, I told Charles that my wife had asked me if black guys all have big dicks.

I told him that maybe if she asked nicely she could see his to satisfy her curiosity.
Charles smiled, being a big d***k too, and said he would be happy to show her but that he had two conditions for that.
My wife asked what they would be. Charles said it would only be fair if she should her private parts if he showed his. He said he wanted to see both her big tits and get a look at her pussy.

My wife looked over at me, I told her it was up to her if she wanted to see his cock, then she had to decide if she wanted to expose herself to him as he would to her. She asked if I was OK with that. I told her I was fine with her flaunting her perfect body for him. At least he wasn’t a stranger….

She asked what the second part was.

Charles said she could see his cock in its current soft stage, or if she wanted to see him fully erected she would have to make him hard by touching him. My wife blushed and said that might not be such a good idea. I told her that wanking him hard would not hurt anyone, since they both approved of it.
Charles said that maybe they should started to show off their private parts before deciding on if she wanted to see him hard.

My wife agreed that would be a fair way of doing it. Not too much risk and still get to see his cock.
Charles stood up, got in front of my wife’s face. He started to unbuckle his belt and asked my wife to show him her big tits. My wife could easily do that by pulling down the top of her dress and undo her bra. She did just that as Charles started to pull out his cock.

My wife’s eyes were glued to his shorts as he started to expose his cock. Without thinking about it, my wife played and pulled on her nipples. They were already hard and erected, it must have been a reflex to touch them as she was already very horny.
Charles cock was big even if he was soft. He let it out and moved his hands away. His cock was right in front my wife’s face.

He looked at her tits and then said she had promised to let him see her pussy too. My wife did not take her eyes away from his cock when she leaned back, pulled up her dress and spread her legs wide open. I could see wetness on her pussy as she opened up her legs. She must be very horny to be that wet.
Charles said it was a beautiful sight to see this big titted woman with a tight little pussy like this.

I could see his cock starting to get harder.
Charles asked if she wanted to see him hard too. He looked ready to pull up his pants again.
This time, my wife didn’t bother looking or talking to me. She told him that she would make him hard. She sat up, reached out and started to stroke his cock as his grew bigger and bigger. When he was almost full erected, my wife said it was true that black cock was big.

She leaned forward and started to kiss his cock. Then she licked and sucked his head. Charles stood there with his hand on his hips and enjoyed my wife’s work a lot.
Charles asked if she wanted to see something awesome. She let go and said YES. Charles reached down, bent his legs and put his cock between her big tits. My wife pressed her tits together and engulfed his cock. He slowly thrust his cock between her tits.

My wife said it was such a perfect contrast with her white skin and the black cock between her tits.
I think she totally forgot that I was sitting a couple of feet away from her.

Charles told my wife that her tits was perfect for titty fucking. He agreed her white skin looked good next to his.
Charles pushed my wife back on the couch, then got down on his knees between her legs.

She spread them wide open to give him better access. He reached down and touched her pussy with his fingers. He ran his finger over her clit and slowly massaged her. He let a finger or two slide into her wetness. He smiled and told my wife he thought she was wet enough now. Without another words, he grabbed his cock and placed it at her pussy. He was ready to penetrate her pussy and looked her in her eyes and asked if she was ready.

She did not answer, but moved her hips closer to him so that his cock head started slide into her. She moan and grabbed his hips to pull him closer. Charles started to thrust his big cock into her.
They fuck like that for a long time without paying any attention to me.
I recognized the signs of my wife impending orgasm. I could see how she got closer and closer. She grunted that his big fucking cock was going to make her cum.

She started to tense up and then the orgasm hit her.
Watching from behind I could see Charles whole cock being deep in her pussy. I watched his buttocks work hard and then I thought it looked like he might be cuming too. I heard Charles moan and tell my wife that her pussy was perfect for his cock to deposit his load, he told her she was coming now..

She told him not to stop, she begged him to keep fucking him.

She did not say a word about not having any protection as he pump his fertile sperm into her fertile cervix. He grow bigger and I could see his cum running up his shaft. He pushed his cock as deep as he could, my wife jumped a little when he hit bottom and called out she felt his hot cum in her pussy. He must have cum deep, because nothing leaked out. It might have been that his cock was so huge that my wife’s tight little pussy was so stretched out that there was no room for anything to cum out!
It was a different story when Charles finally pulled out his fat cock and left the big void in her hole.

It was like a stream of cum running out of her. I had never seen anything like it. From my view I could not see their faces, only his cock hanging down and her pussy leaking with cum. It was too much for me, I gave myself a couple of strokes to my hard cock and started to cum. I must have made noise for suddenly my wife woke up from her trance and asked if I was OK.

I moaned that I was more than OK, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

Charles rolled off my wife and she sat up a little bit so she could see me. Her face was blissful and she looked very happy. She looked at me and said it was the most amazing fuck she ever had experienced. As she sat up, her body f***ed out more cum. I went over to her and used my fingers on her pussy.

Her pussy had contracted by then and felt as tight as ever, but it was slippery from Charles cum. As I played with my wife’s clit, she leaned over and took Charles cock in her mouth again. While licking his shaft, she asked if he could get hard quickly. Her answer was in her hands, his semi-hard cock started to grow again and quickly he was fully erected again.

My wife working on Charles cock while got to finger her.

She reached down and pushed away my hand and climbed up on Charles big cock. She straddled him and pointed his cock at her opening again.
I asked my wife if she shouldn’t put a condom on his cock before she fucked him again. I told her I understood the urge to take him the first time and that it happened quickly so she forgot to be protected, but this time she should use protection.

She looked over at me and told me to shut up! She was going to feel his cock in her pussy and nothing should be between his flesh and her flesh, she said she had loved the feeling of his hot cum erupting inside of her. She said she wanted plenty more of that before he left to go home.
I carefully asked what about if she got pregnant, she answered that then should get a c***d from the best fuck ever experienced….

Now eight months later with my wife is laying on the couch with a fat belly full of baby with a big smile on her face. The question now is it my c***d or Charles? I guess we will not know until the delivery….

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