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Cum Tribute Videos, Camming, and Powerful Orgasms

Hello and thanks for being our naughty xhamster friends. Many of you have made sexy cum tribute photos and videos for my wife Rebecca. She very much enjoys receiving them when the person making them gets horny for her. Last week, she masturbated while watching these tribute videos and she came several times, and even squirted a big puddle on the floor after fucking herself with a huge dildo that hits her gspot. She likes to use the Hitachi Magic Wand on her clit, and then when the other person’s video really gets her mind going, she hits her gspot with her large dildo.

That makes her have three types of orgasms simultaneously: her clit, her vagina, and her gspot. It blows her mind when it happens.

It got me so excited that I asked her to go on cam with other men so I could watch her from a distance and enjoy her having even more of these powerful triple orgasms. She did, and she came several more times while watching one man after another cum for her on cam.

Some men were not as exciting because they kept silent and simply jacked off. The ones that made her cum and spasm uncontrollably were the ones who knew how to get in her head – who spoke to her, told her a story, seduced her in ways that “stole her away from me”, and who made advances that were both aggressive and respectful to her. The way something is said can really drive her crazy with excitement, especially if it is a foreign accent or a confident and aggressive man who knows how to f***e a woman’s body to build up excitement steadily and explode when he is finally ready for her.

The hottest video was from a guy who spent 15 minutes slowly jacking off and telling her a story about how much he wanted to fuck her. How he was going to tease her nipples and clit with his fingertips, palm and knead her breasts and ass with his palms, kiss her passionately, awaken her senses with his mouth, and finally quench her pussy fire with his rock hard and now throbbing cock, which was holding back an orgasm for so long.

He told her he wanted her to fuck him until she had an explosive orgasm, and to squeeze his cum out of him into her thirsty pussy. He then described how she was going to make me give her over-excited pussy oral pleasures and clean her throbbing pussy into yet another orgasm, gushing out their cum and proof of how naughty and excited he made her. His story excited both of us tremendously, but it was not over yet.

After that, she went on her webcam with other men and I watched her play with herself while they jacked off for her. She had a series of strong orgasms as several men showed her their spasming cocks and powerful orgasms. She loves when a cock stands straight up because I am not as hard as I used to be. She likes to see a cock being waved for her, leaking precum, furiously and even painfully holding back an orgasm until they can’t bear to wait any longer.

Some of them zoom in their camera at the right moment and cum on a dark surface so that she can see all their cum clearly – to give her the full visual effect of how much cum they were holding back and storing just for her hungry “mommy pussy”. After they came, she mischievously told me how much she wanted to show off the creampies and body cumshots they had made for her, knowing it would drive me wild.

She told me that she wishes they were standing right there with her, with me watching, cumming all over her breasts and down to her pussy, and cumming inside her pussy with huge creampies.

As she described her nasty fantasy, I finally exploded in a huge orgasm of my own, having held back for several hours now. It was a really amazing night.

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