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Cuckold Part 2

Part 2

A couple of months after my wife started fucking the other men, I lay in bed next to her, staring at her naked breasts. My heart started pounding as a thought occurred to me.
Her breasts had always been big, but now they were massive. Really full and her nipples had grown and were much darker. I pulled the sheet down over her belly, and yes, there was a definite pronounced bump there.

‘I think you’re pregnant,’ I said to her.
‘Of course I am, you idiot. I thought you’d have noticed sooner. ‘ She replied.
‘I haven’t had a period for two months!’
‘Who’s is it?’ I asked.
‘How the fuck should I know,’ she grinned back at me.
‘It could be any of the hundreds of men that have fucked me over the last few months. ‘
‘And don’t get to thinking it might be yours.

Your sperm would never stand a chance against the proper cum that’s been slopping inside my cunt. ‘
‘Are you going to have it?’ I asked.
‘Of course I am, stupid. Just think how many more men are going to want to fuck me when I’m really showing. Massive breasts and nipples and a big bump in front, making my ass look tiny are really going to get them hard!’
‘And you’re gonna look after the bastard too.

I don’t want my hands full with all those big cocks out there waiting for me. ‘
And sure enough, the more pregnant she looked the longer the queue became outside our bedroom.
She’d gone online ,posted and blog with a massive portfolio of pics and videos of her being fucked before and after she became pregnant for everyone to see.
Lots of close up anal shots, and of course hundreds of her covered in cum.

The pregnant shots got thousands of comments.
And there was just one line at the bottom of the blog which read:-
If you want to fuck this pregnant slut in all her holes contact me on……. And here she gave her private mobile number.
A couple of times I watched her set up a meet while she had a cock in her cunt and one in her ass as she wanked a third guy off, her phone cradled in her shoulder, talking between grunts and moans.

I bet the guys on the other end came in their pants just setting the meeting up!
It was an amazing 7 months! She kept track of each and every man who fucked her in a special black diary. By the time she went into labour, she had 1027 entries. That’s nearly four a day!!
Although there were numerous weekends were she got through 20 to 30 cocks. She couldn’t get enough!
One night she said to me ‘I wish I could have saved all the cum I’ve had in or on me.

Just think of the bath I could have!’
And I did, regularly and it always gave me a raging hard-on.

With all the squeezing and abuse her tits were getting, she was lactating very soon. I loved to sit and watch her being fucked, on top of one guy, his cock in her cunt, another behind her slamming his big tool into her ass as a stream of milk poured out of one or both of her long dark nipples.

The guys loved it!
On a couple of occasions she got the guys to fill a glass with their cum, then shed squeeze her full breasts and add her milk to the cloudy contents, mix it all around with her fingers, lick them clean and she’d hand me the glass and say ‘Drink!’
It was a wonderful treat for me! And I’d swallow it all greedily.
And so to the day she went into labour!
It was a Saturday, so needless to say there was a queue all the way down our stairs.

She was in the middle of taking a massive cock in her cunt, her ass had already had four loads dumped in it, when her waters broke, covered the bed, but she took it all in her stride and just kept pace with the guy until he filled her soaked cunt with his cum. She took three more before I persuaded her it was time to get to the hospital!
I don’t think the maternity ward had seen anything like it.

When the doctor came in to examine her and she opened her legs for him, he was greeted by a stream of creamy thick cum pouring out of her cunt.
He gave me a little smile, then spent more time than necessary probing her cummy hole with his latex covered fingers. She’d pulled her gown up over her breasts, and he pulled his fingers out and let the cum dribble off them over her nipples.

I could see in his eyes how much he wanted to lick them clean, and he had a pronounced bulge in his pants!
I whispered in his ear, ‘You can fuck her if you want doc. ‘
He looked at me, then at my wife, who was smiling coyly back at him, as she slowly lifted her legs high, and own over her shoulders.
He looked at us open mouthed, then quickly locked the door to the room and pulled the blinds.

He dropped his pants and stood there for a moment, his impressive cock sticking straight out, as my wife pulled her cheeks wide for him, a little cum oozing out of her asshole.
I wondered which hole he’d choose, as he climbed on to the bed between her legs.
I walked around the bedside and stood next to my wife, placed a hand over her mouth as he slid into her ass.

A stifled scream came from under my hand as he started to fuck her.
And then her contractions started, coming very quickly together, as his cock slid in and out of her ass. I could see her pushing hard, cum oozing out of her ass as he fucked it.
Her cunt was gaping wide, and suddenly the baby’s head appeared poking out as the doctor continued to fuck her ass.
He pulled out, and a stream of cum shot out over her belly and the baby streaking the black face and dark curly hair.

My wife continued pushing, a stream of cum spurting from her asshole with each one.
By the time the baby was properly out, my wife was sitting in a big pool of creamy spunk, her dark belly and tits streaked with the doctors cum.
The doctor cut the cord and tied it, then told my wife to turn over. She did as she was told, squirming her belly in the pool of cum.

He pulled her thighs towards him, so she was kneeling, long strands of cum dangling off her belly and tits, then started to fuck her ass all over again.
I stood with the tiny black baby in my arms as I watched my wife being fucked, the umbilical cord swaying back and forth dangling from her cunt, with each of his thrusts.
I bent forward and started to lick the cum off his little face.


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