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Cuckold Excitment

My wife has cuckolded me our entire marrage. I enjoy when she allows me to watch but to be honest I enjoy hearing her tell me about one of her encounters even more. This story is one she and I had a few days ago. We where invited to the company she works for Christmas party. It was semiformal , I wore a tie and jacket and she wore a little black dress. She has great legs and she really loves to show them off every chance she gets.

The dress had short sleaves and was low cut in the front , just low enough that with her pushup bra she had two beautiful round 34 B tits on display. But what really set off the dress was the hem line. it came just below her ass cheeks and her legs where covered in what I thought at first was black pantyhose. I helped her put on her long coat and while holding the door open so she could set down in the car I saw her legs where in fact covered in stockings and they where held up by black garter straps.

I didn’t let on that I had noticed , I got in and started the car , we where in the garage and the overhead light lit up the inside well enough for me to see a stocking top of her crossed legs. I told her I’d get the heat going as quickly as I could. Then I said I bet you are cold arent you? She said yes my ass is freezing setting naked on this leather seat.

As I backed out of the garage I asked if she was wearing anything under the dress. She said just a garter belt and bra. I said arent you afraid some one will see your naked ass? She said no I’m betting on it. I asked who she had in mind to see her uncovered charms? She said she had told Tommy ( one of her co workers)that she would allow him easy acess to her pussy tonight.

Oh so you have something lined up I said. Yes she said Tommy has hit on her every day since he came to that office. Then she told me to not hover around her that he didn’t know she was married. We pulled up in front of the ballroom they had rented for the party, they offered valet parking. As soon as I put the car in park the door on my wife’s side was opened by the valet , I got out and went around to her side so I could watch her get out.

She offered a grand pussy and leg show to the young man holding her door. He played it cool and handed me the claim ticket. I took my wife’s arm and as she pushed her dress hem down to cover her ass we walked into the party. We where greeted by the coat check lady and as soon as we shed our over coats we where handed a drink but a server with a tray of mixed drinks.

A live band was playing on the stage, I asked my wife what she wanted me to do now? She said lets find a table and set down , I took her arm and we made our way through a few hundred well dressed folks. I saw a table right near the dance floor and ask if that was ok ? She said that would be fine. I pulled a chair out for her to set down that would have her back to the dance floor.

She said no I’ll set on this side facing the dance floor. I moved around and pulled that seat out , as she sat down she crossed her legs and I could see why she wanted to set on that side. All the men dancing could see her sexy legs on display. She told me now set off to that side and don’t block the view. I knew what she ment but I asked anyway.

Your view of the dance floor or their view of your leg show. She gave me a half assed smile and said you know what I mean. We where there only about five minutes and a tall black man came to the table and introduced himself as Tommy , I stood and shook his hand , before I could say anything my wife said Tommy this is my friend. I caught on what she was doing and I thought I’d play my hand , I said OH so this is the Tommy you where telling me about.

Well Tommy ol boy I added I hope you two have a good time tonight , She is expecting sex I think because she isnt wearing anything under that dress. His face went from a smile to blank in a half a second , my wife’s face went pale. I went over to pull her chair out so she could get up. As I did I turned it so that he had a perfect shot of her as she stood up.

He put out his hand to help her up and as she stood up her stocking tops where visable. As they walked toward the dance floor my wife turned her head and gave a mean look my way. I smiled and waved to her. I sat down and watched all the folks dancing. After four songs the band anounced they where taking a thirty minute break. The floor empted but there was no sign of my wife or Tommy.

Umm I thought I bet he has taken her to his room to fuck. I sat and waited , after an hour and a half I called my wife’s cell to see where she was. She answered on the first ring. Where are you I asked her? She said I’m in Tommy’s room and he is fucking me from behind right now. I asked why he took so long to start fucking ? She asked what I ment by that.

I said you have been gone almost two hours. She said we came straight to his room and started fucking. Then she said they had just got out of the shower to clean up and he wanted to fuck more. I asked are you dressed? She said yes that she had bent over to fasten her shoe strap and he grabbed her hips and started working his cock into her. No one around me could hear me talking so I asked if he had a big cock.

She said yes it’s nice and thick and it feels great. My cock was getting hard hearing her tell me this. I told her my cock was hard , she said well when he finishes I’ll be right down. I told her I wish she would save the pie for me. She said she brought a pair of panties just for that reason and that she would pull them up nice and tight to hold it in.

Oh baby you are so nasty I told her , she said no where as nasty as my pussy is right this second. It was another half hour before she came up to the table and said she was ready to go. We hurried home and as I ate her very well used pussy she told me that Tommy was so fucked out that she left him asleep in his room. She was still wearing the garter and stockings when I ate her.

After I finished she told me to fuck her. I pushed my skinny cock in her and she was hot wet and most of all loose. I hammered her as hard as I could. she told me she couldn’t feel a thing. I just couldn’t get a nut due to how loose she was. I said baby I can’t cum…she stuck one of her fingers in my mouth and I sucked it for a second then she pulled it out of my mouth and shoved it up my asshole.

I blew right away.. and fell to her side. She said that works everytime. I said you haven’t ever done that to me before what do you mean everytime? She smiled and said when my dates wont hurry up sometimes I have to help them. After cleaning her of my mess we fell asleep. the next morning I was cooking breakfast when she walked into the kitchen wearing her shortest bathrobe and still wearing those black stockings.

As we ate I could see her legs through the glass table top , I told her I had another hard on. She spread her legs so I could see her pretty shaved pussy. well dear she said as she ran a finger right between the lips of her pussy , you aint getting any of this. She added she had a date with Tommy to go downtown shopping, he told her he wanted to buy he sexy things to wear every time they fucked.

She showered and dressed to go meet him. Just before she left the house she opened her long coat to show me all she had on was a garter belt and tan stockings…Life is good.

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