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“Coyote and the Wolf” part 4

“Coyote and the Wolf” Part 4

It was still quite dark when Lucious returned to the camp. As he approached, he noticed the fire was getting low. Unconcerned by the thought, he hollered toward the camp “Hay, one of you idiots bring a torch over here!” He stopped for a moment as the ox continued on. “Alright you stupid shits, one of you get over here with a torch on the double!” Stepping aside to avoid the cart following the ox, he roared once again “Off your asses NOW, or there will be hell to pay!” Lucious, in his anger, marched toward the fire.

Drawing closer, he could now see the empty torture rack, and a large form crumpled by the fire. Reaching for the two swords at his waist, he thought “What the FUCK…. ” he never finished the thought. The sound of branches moving, and the singing of ropes being pulled across wood all around him, caught his attention. In the blink of an eye, several ropes were wrapped around him, as he was flung toward the panicking ox.

With his arms at his sides, he found himself tightly bound to the ox, who was now running headlong through the forest. Struggling to free himself, he didn’t see the oncoming low branch. It caught him in the head and shoulder, knocking him cold.

Waking to the light of predawn and the sounds of the wilderness preparing for a new day, Ku’o opened his eyes slowly.

He could hear and feel the steady breathing of the wolf beside him in bed. Looking over at Lupo, he saw that he was curled up in a ball, the tip of his tail nearly touching his nose. Rolling smoothly out of the bed, so as not to disturb the wolf, he turned to look at his sleeping friend. “Friend?” Ku’o thought “Yes certainly, but maybe more. How can I even think like this? His kind has always been an enemy of the Free Peoples.

Yet I just risked my neck to save him, even though I was pissed at him. Now here I stand above him, and all I want to do is put my arms around him. ” Putting his hand to his chest, he could feel his heart pound heavily. “Is it just physical or something more? I have never felt this way toward another person. Sure, there were plenty of women and a couple of guys that I said I loved, but this is somehow different.

” Turning from the wolf, he rubbed the back of his neck and headed for the stairs.

Down in the kitchen, Ku’o lit the fire in the stove, and added more wood when it began burning steadily. He walked to the front door and dismantled the alarm he placed earlier, stood up and walked out the doorway. Watching the sunrise, he moved to the clothes line and striped off his dark outfit, hanging it on the line to air out in the breeze.

Looking to the chicken coop he thought “There better be a lot of eggs, because I’m starving!” Inside, Ku’o discovered a good dozen eggs. “You hens are lucky that there are eggs here, or I would have one of you for breakfast!” Cradling the eggs in the front flap of his loin cloth, Ku’o walked back to the inn.

Back in the kitchen, he placed the eggs in a bowl, put an iron pan on the stove, and prepared a pot of chicory.

Stepping to the pantry, he grabbed some salted pork and vegetables, then cut them up into small pieces. Checking the pan for temperature, he added a lump of lard. Cracking and beating the eggs in a bowl, he waited for the lard to melt. Once the pan was ready, he tossed a portion of each ingredient sizzling into the pan, stirring until they were nearly cooked. He poured half of the beaten eggs into the pan, the smell making his stomach rumble.

Up stairs in the bed, Lupo was drawn awake by the smell of food and chicory. Rolling on his back with a big smile. “What luck to find someone who can cook so well. ” Lupo mused “Sneaky types like him were usually so creepy and vile. ” The smile faded from his face “Or is it just a ruse? He is deadly, there is no doubt of that, he took out five of his best men in total silence!” Rising up, he winced at the burn in his crotch.

Holding himself gently, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and slowly stood to his feet. Waddling carefully down the stairs, He arrived just in time to see Ku’o fork the last bit of breakfast into his mouth. Gingerly walking to the table with a grimace on his face, he saw a slight smile form on the coyote’s lips.

“Good morning sleepy head, a little sore from last nights grilling are we?” Ku’o said, getting up from the table and collecting his plate.

“Hang on a minute and I will get you a hot drink. ” Depositing his plate in the wash bin, he poured two chicory drinks, and returned to the table. After setting the cups down, he reached into his apron and produced a jar of salve. “Here, rub this into your burn, use it all and I’ll make a better batch later this morning. Would you like some breakfast? Oh, that stuff is going to hurt like hell at first, but it will quickly numb the burn once you rub it in.

“Oh, Fuck! It’s like acid! Shit That Hurts! Are you sure you gave me the right stuff?” Looking at the foul smelling paste. “OH!…..That’s nice!……Now it feels cold. Thank you, and yes, I would love to have something to eat!” replied Lupo. Receiving a kind smile from Ku’o, the coyote went back to the stove to make another omelet. Watching Ku’o work, he removed his pants and loin cloth, so he could apply more of the numbing paste.

Looking back at the coyote, he thought “How kind and generous Ku’o is, so different from how it was with the wolves. In Federation society, everything was for the pack, and what ever was left over, went to the strongest. Only mothers were kind to their pups, everyone else was out for themselves. How do such people survive with out being crushed or used for others ends? He is not as strong as I am, but if he ever got the drop on me, I would be in serious trouble.

The way he moves, even when making breakfast, is so intoxicating. ” Despite the pain and numbness, he could feel his loins stir. Seeing he had been caught staring, he quickly looked away picking up his cup and taking a slow sip. Setting the omelet in front of Lupo, Ku’o sat and sipped at his cup as well.

“While you finish breakfast, I’ll go and collect the herbs I need to make a new salve for you.

” Ku’o started “Do you think you can handle butchering those elk in the mean time?”

“Huh? Sh…. sure,…no problem. But I would like to go back to that camp, and make sure we don’t have any farther visits from those wolves. ” Lupo said.

“Yeah, me too. It would be best if you keep a couple weapons nearby, just in case.

I’ll remain within ear shot, to be on the safe side. But we must get that meat cured before it goes bad, I don’t want to take anymore game than we need to. ”

“Great, I’ll get on it as quick as I can. Did you make any biscuits?” Lupo responded.

No, sorry, we only have a little flour left and I wanted to save it for dinner.

” Ku’o answered “Do you want help with the salt barrel?”

“No, I can manage, but don’t take too long getting the stuff you need. I want to be sure Lucious is dead!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be very far away. ” Getting up from the table, Ku’o went to the pile of clothing that was gathered the night before.

Selecting a gray tunic, he slipped it on, grabbed his knapsack and left the wolf to his breakfast.

Lupo sat there for a long moment staring into his mug. “I don’t know what to think about this. He performs duties like my personal servant would, but he is as much a predator as any high born wolf. Self sufficient, yet willing to help others.

I wonder, is there room for this in wolf society?” Pushing his thoughts aside, he finished his meal, then went down to the seller to fetch a barrel of salt. It was a bit heavier than he expected, but managed to balance it on his shoulder and climb back up to the main floor. Squinting at the bright sunlight as he walked out the door, he carried the barrel to a spot between the two elk and set it on the ground.

Gathering the tools and knives he needed, Lupo set about the task of skinning and preserving the meat from the two elk.

Just about at high noon, Ku’o returned to the clearing with a pack full of herbs. Finding a large assortment of herbs, spices, and other medicinal plants, Ku’o was quite pleased with what he had gathered. Stopping near Lupo he said “Good, looks like you’re almost done.

I’ll go and prepare another batch of balm for your burn, and then we can set off for that camp when your ready. I imagine what you applied this morning is already wearing off by now. ”

“Yes, I had to wash it off an hour ago when the pain started coming back again. ” Lupo answered.

“Sorry, I hoped it would last a little longer, I’ll get the new batch started right away” Ku’o said and went inside the inn.

Finishing his task, Lupo stood and stretched his aching back muscles. Standing there, he admired the view that the small clearing offered. Looking at the various apparatus around the work area, he imagined that much of it could be used as an obstacle course and workout area. “This would be a good idea, besides, I would like to know how that coyote handles himself in a straight up fight.

” Turning to the stream, he walked over and washed off the morning grime from his fur. “Damn this cold water, I want to have a hot bath once in awhile!”

“I agree with that!”

Shocked by Ku’o’s voice, Lupo nearly stumbled over a rock. “Damn Ku’o! Must you sneak up like that?” Turning to look at the coyote, who had a small green jar in his outstretched hand.

“I’m sorry, f***e of habit, used to give the Generals the willies all the and time. ” he said with a grin “Here, this salve should be more comfortable, and last longer than the other. Just use a little at a time, and you don’t need to rub it in. ”

Stepping to the stream bank and taking the offered jar from Ku’o, he said “Care to show me how to apply it doctor?”

“Perhaps latter this evening” Ku’o said with a smirk on his muzzle.

“Besides, we need to check out that camp while there is still daylight” The Wolf nodded in agreement and crouched down to apply the ointment to his burned crotch. “I also brought you something to wear and a descent sword, hopefully there will be something better at the camp. ”

Standing, Lupo took the offered clothing, and began to dress. “How much more leather are we likely to need, I’d like to make a new set of armor for myself.

“Not much, another large elk or a couple of deer should suffice depending on what we can pick up at that camp. ” Ku’o answered “Plus I need replacements for what your friends cut off of you. That was some of my best leather work you know!”

“Yes, that was some very comfortable armor, I really liked the cut of it.

A bit small though. ” Giving the coyote an apologetic eye.

Ku’o grunted and said “Come on, lets get going!” Walking off to the east end of the clearing. Lupo followed, strapping the sword belt on as he went.

The loud clanging of a cow bell drove Lucious out of u*********sness.

Struggling once again to free his arms, he had no success. From a quick scan of the area, he could tell that he was somewhere east of the lake where he and his soldiers picked up Lupo’s trail. Had it not been for the foot print under the water, they would have followed the carefully hidden false trail to the north. He violently twisted his body to once again try to free himself, but only succeeded in frightening the ox.

Running now, the ox jarred Lucious’s body, making the ropes even tighter. Screaming ineffectively at the ox, all he could do was bounce along, strapped to the ox’s side.

Sometime during the night, he felt his bonds being cut, then fell once again into u*********sness.

Finally locating the camp, Ku’o scanned the area.

All the traps were sprung, but what was supposed to be captured, was nowhere in sight. He looked carefully around on the ground, but could make out little that would tell him what transpired. “Very strange. All my traps went off like they should have, but something went wrong. Near as I can tell, an ox set off the trigger, and your friend got yanked off his feet. I think he may have been wrapped up against the ox or cart, I can’t tell for sure.

Lupo began laughing “Oh, that would have been a sight to see, I hope he broke his neck!” Giving Lunk’s body a visious kick, he said “How do you like that pain you fat fuck?” kicking him again. Looking through the packs and other items around, he could see that their provisions were nearly used up. “It doesn’t look like could have stayed much longer, most of their supplies are gone.

Still, there is plenty of rope and other gear tat can be useful. ”

“Great! Lets grab what we can and haul it back with these back packs, we can drag a few if we need to. ”

What weapons they could find were of poor quality, and were left behind.

Ku’o found what was left of his armor, but it was of little use now, except as scrap. Some good quality canvas tarps, a large sturdy tent, and a number of nice furs and hides. The rest they burned, including the bodies of the wolves Ku’o had killed.

Before the fire consumed them, Lupo took a necklace from each of the brothers.

“A shame you had to kill these two, good soldiers they were, would have made fine officers some day. ”

“I’m sorry” Ku’o replied,looking at the wolf “Were they friends of yours?”

“Yes at one time, we grew up together, even trained together as soldiers. I doubt though, that they would have helped us, too loyal to the Federation they were.

Ku’o put an arm around Lupo’s shoulders in a one armed hug “I’m sorry friend, if it helps, know that they didn’t suffer and were gone before their bodies hit the ground. ”

Turning to the coyote, Lupo wrapped his arms around Ku’o’s waist and hugged him close. After a long while, Lupo said “I know of a way you could make it up to me.

” reaching down to grab a little ass. ”

“Yes OK, but not here, I’d like to get this stuff back to the inn. Then there is that idea you had about a hot bath, and I think I know what we can use!” Giving Lupo a lick on the cheek, he spun out of the wolf’s grasp and flicked his tail under Lupo’s groin.

Reaching down to grab his share of the load, he stared up the path to the inn, leaving the stunned wolf standing there with a silly grin on his face.

By the time Lupo made it back to the inn, Ku’o had already dropped his load of gear in the building and was busy digging what looked like a pit. From the sweat and grim on the coyote’s shirtless body, he could tell he had been working on this for some time.

Lupo quickly hauled his load into the inn, and went out to join Ku’o. “What ARE you Doing Ku’o?”

“I discovered a large ceramic ring yesterday, and I was hoppeing it might be a basin or tub, I think I’m right. Want to give a hand?”

Grabbing the second shovel nearby, they had the bath free of dirt and rocks.

Large enough for four to five people, it had a bench like step all around, and a little over three feet deep in the center. There was a small hole in the center with a wooden plug to stop the water. The two of them set up a rendering pot near the stream, filled it with water, and fired it up. Knowing it would take awhile to heat, they went to the inn for dinner and ale.

After their dinner, they filled the basin with heated water, then washed the majority of the days dirt off in the stream. Shivering from the cold stream water, they ran to the comforting water of the bath. Easing in slowly to acclimate to the heat, they each sighed with delight as the hot water took effect on their tired muscles. They sat across from one another, and looked up into the starry sky.

Appearing to fidget a little, Ku’o laid back farther, dr****g his arms over the edge of the tub. Feeling frisky, he pointed his toes and slid them under Lupo’s sack.

Not opening his eyes, Lupo asked “So, you want to play, now that I’m all relaxed?”

“Oh you can relax all you want, I just thought I might help you out a bit.

” Ku’o responded. The wolf just chuckled, his eyes remaining closed. Standing as stealthily as he could, Ku’o stepped over to the wolf and stood there straddling him on the bench. Calmly he asked “Would you like some dessert?”

Lupo raised his head to answer “Whammmff?!” opening his eyes, he found that he had a mouth full of coyote cock! With a sudden smile, he took a long slurp at the throbbing meat in his mouth.

Reveling to see the coyote shudder with every motion. Milking Ku’o’s nuts now, he watched as the coyote had to put both hands on the wolf’s shoulders to balance. With his other hand, he gently slipped a finger into his hole. Ku’o’s legs nearly buckled at this, and leaned harder on the wolf’s shoulders. Lupo added a second finger to the first, and caused Ku’o to start oozing precum. Lapping it up greedily, he growled in plesure, then went down on the coyote again.

Lupo could feel Ku’o’s knot grow larger as his cock began to buck in his mouth. Growling louder, Lupo tugged on the balls and slipped a third finger into the coyote hole.

Ku’o arched his back and gave a piercing howl as he shot load, causing Lupo to choke slightly. When the flow subsided, Ku’o pulled his dick from the wolf’s mouth and stroked his head lovingly.

“That was wonderful my wolfy, shall I attend to your needs now?” Ku’o bent his knees and gave Lupo a long kiss, reaching for the long shaft he knew would there, he moved it into position. Sitting down on it slowly, fully, all the while kissing the wolf. “I keep forgetting how big you are my wolf. ” Ku’o said stroking Lupo’s face. “I think I’ll just rest here a while with you in me.

“I’ll let you rest a little while, for the impressive dessert you fed me, though you never let me answer. So I think I’ll have to take you over that barrel there and give you your punishment. ”

“Punishment? Was I really that bad?” Ku’o asked with half a grin and began to pull off.

“Where are you going, we’re not finished here yet little coyote!” Grabing the coyote by the waist, Lupo began pistoning Ku’o up and down on his shaft.

Surprised at this change, Ku’o clungto the wolf’s lower arms for support. There was nothing he could do but hold on, and enjoy the bouncing ride in the ever increasing turbulence of the water.

His softening erection, now hard once again, started slapping the wolf’s stomach under the water. Both breathing raggedly, the wolf slowed to a stop, Ku’o could feel the wolf’s cock twitch inside him giving up a load of cum. Ku’o leaned over to the wolf and kissed him on the forehead.

“OK, Now it is time for your punishment!” Standing up with the coyote still
impaled on his cock, Lupo climbed out of the tub, and walked over to the large barrel turned on it’s side.

Lifting Ku’o up off his shaft, he set him standing on wobbling legs in front of him. Turning the coyote around to face the barrel, he fucked him down over it, his pink prick pointing straight down between his legs. Grabbing Ku’o’s tail with a firm tug, he lifted it up out of the way and mounted him once again. “So little coyote, should I give it to you rough?”

“Oh please Mr.

Wolf, give me what I deserve!” Ku’o said teasingly.

The wolf pulled back slightly, then rammed in hard, producing a surprised grunt from the coyote. Lupo repeated it again and again, each time with the same response. He increased his speed, barely giving the coyote time to breath. Lupo hammered away on the coyote’s butt for a good half hour, nearing exhaustion, He shoved his knot home and collapsed on top of the squirming coyote.

They both were completely out of breath, and dazed by both of their climaxes. Shaking unsteadily after catching his breath, Lupo pushed himself off Ku’o’s back. “I think it’s time for bed now. You think you can roll over, so I can carry you up stairs?”

Nodding weakly, Ku’o rolled on his side, and tried to lift his leg around the wolf. Getting a little help from Lupo, he let the wolf pull him off of the barrel and be cradled in his arms.

Lupo carried the limp and knotted coyote into the inn, and up the stairs to the bed that they shared. Lying gently on his back, with the coyote firmly attached to his knot, he drifted off to sleep. He heard Ku’o mumble into his chest “We will need to take another bath in the morning!”

End Part 4.

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