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Consummation With A Massage Included

So, after the first time with Riya, we were both hot and horny for each other and we used to just have sex whenever we get a chance. So finally choice of college and we both chose the same college and course and mainly out of our hometown so we could be free and enjoy life. The college was in Chennai, and was very cool to be out of home and roaming around the new city took up most of the time, but we also spent time with each other.

She took an apartment for her to stay and we used it mainly to be intimate and just hangout. Since the metro and buses used to be so crowded in evenings, we usually stand together and Riya the devil usually stands with her back against my cock and start to grind her ass. Due to heavy crowd, no one would notice anything and this constant rubbing, would give me a raging boner and she would still continue and rub some more to see me excited for her.

From time to time, we reach our classes early mornings just to cuddle or grope or just make out before anyone comes just for the thrill of it. Plus, I would just push her against the door and start to finger her and bet to make her cum before anyone shows up. Just the excitement would make her cum a lot and it spices things up for the whole day. She has a thing for my ass; she just grabs it or smacks it even in public just like that.

One time when we had to travel back home, we chose an evening bus and were seated side by side. Since it was weekday it wasn’t much crowded and we were in the back. So as it was also dark, I asked her to jerk me off and she started and started blowing me too; it was a different feeling on the whole and I came soon enough due to the excitement, and we drifted to sl**p.

I woke up sometime around midnight and decided to play a game of my own. Usually she wears a skirt during travel, so I just put my hands between her thighs and started massaging and pushed aside her panty and started finger, she was just closing her eyes and trying to suppress her moans, and she came in my hands. This was one adventurous travel we had. Although we were doing all sort of naughty stuff, we hadn’t had sex in a while due to hectic schedules and classes, so we decided to do something new, adding a sensual part to our usual romp.

So we planned for a weekend together at her place. I told her that I could give her a massage and then proceed further. She agreed and I laid her on the bed and started to undress her slowly. I read somewhere that a sensual massage now and then will be good for the girl and also the sex will be better. So I started with her back and started to rub from her neck to her abdomen and gradually slide my fingers on her side boobs and then I massaged her hips and ass and she started to moan and wiggle her legs.

I flipped her over and told her to wear a blindfold and started to massage her. I started with her neck and moved to her breasts. Gradually squeezing and rubbing her nipples and areola and she was going crazy and I rubbed around her breasts and she was moaning loud. I moved to her belly and then to her inner thighs and finally started massaging her pussy from out to in and took my time to rub her clit and fingered her slow and finally she came a lot with a load moan and was panting and gasping for air.

She took off the blindfold and started to kiss me hard and pushed on the bed and brought some Chocó syrup and poured it all over me and my cock and started to lick me fully. She licked my cock from tip to balls and she did it very slowly and I was rock solid and was about to come with the constant licking and deep throat. I came in her mouth and she drank it with a sexy grin.

And she started stroking me and was hard in no time and she took my cock and guided it into her pussy and started to slowly ride me. And we pick up the pace and she was riding hard. I held her by the hips and flipped her to the bed and rammed my dick in her hole and did her in doggy style and I squeezed her breast from behind. We were both moaning and came together.

We just lay they for a while and we decided to take a steamy shower together. I carried her to the bathroom and placed her under the shower and turned it on. Cold water started to fall and she hugged me tightly and I started to get hard again. I started the warm water and faced her towards the wall and entered her and started pumping her, slowly this time to and fro while I rubbed her clit and she arched back and kissed me.

Then I lifted her up against the wall and pounded her fast and she had an orgasm and in a while she and I came together again. It was definitely spicy this time with the massage, Syrup licking and finally shower sex.

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