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Confessions #5: Nice niece Nunia -1

Nunia is the sexy exotic nice niece of my girlfriend – we meet first when is a young teen
Nunia comes along with us every Summer on holiday trips through Europe – first time is at me
Soon I get some secret chances to peek or hear her moan in masturbation longing for her love
She is shy towards men, only f1fteen at our first erotic experience shared, she doesn’t know

Soon she starts to live with us as a student of Law in Warsaw where I get better chances
She lives in the only bedroom downstairs – with a window to the gallery of our apartment
The only other window is small – the bathroom opposite her door – where I can watch her!
The trick is to pretend the luxaflex is completely closed but leave it just a bit open 😛

Nunia softly strokes herself – plays with her pussy – she whispers his name and moans
Next sexy Summer we take her on a long holiday – with short stays at Brussels and Paris
Nunia attends a wedding party with us right in the middle on nowhere in frivolous France
Next we three attend a Summer School in the Ardeche at the border of the Central Plateau
Nunia is a great swimmer and wins the competition the pool – faster than that tall dude!

Nunia develops a crush for Coco the youngest son of my friend from long time – Véro
Normal life is impossible there – as the French friends party all day and all night long
No-one below the age of seventy or older than seven is allowed to go their beds at night
Nunia loves to dance all nights long – finally can completely outlive her African roots!

Normal healthy people dance there till just before sunrise, when we sit at the top of the hill
Nunia likes the local habit of applauding to Mother Nature for letting the Sun rise again
No obligations: you just take a nap when you feel like, tasty teen Nunia loves her fresh freedom
Nunia feels like taking a little break after lunch at the terrace for a sweet sexy siesta!

No-one notices I follow her after a few minutes to the Chatainerie – our quiet camp site
Nunia is in her tent – she does not hear me sneak up there through the soft grass to our tent
No-one else around it seems this time – it is very quiet and quite hot weather, which explains
Nunia seems to play with her pussy, pleasing herself as she fantasizes about her hot Coco

No-one else seems to listen to her – only I hear her moan and whisper his name in her longing
Nunia is still a virgin, I wonder whether she already saw some sex in real ever or in the net?
No-one notices how I stroke my mighty member while I listen to naughty niece Nunia in her tent
Nunia sighs and softly lets her thoughts go public in private as she moans to me “Oh Coco!”

I watch her shower and shave her tasty tiny twat at least ten times at erotic evenings
Nunia moves in with us a few years later – soon my closest erotic encounter with her happens
Nunia comes home from classes one afternoon, after only a few weeks living at our apartment
Nunia arrives in the company of a class-mate, a girl who takes the same bus home as she does
Nunia has her period, she is in such a terrible pain she can hardly walk home, hence the help

I wonder whether Nunia remembers the name of that shy slender sexy small cute blond beauty?
I only met her that one time, when I tried my best to help sooth the pain of my nice niece
I only know two tricks to do that – the sexiest one I did not dare to propose in company:
I learned from my second steady girlfriend how to help her handle period by a hot number!

I know one other way to help her ease her pain in the company of that teen more discretely
I ask Nunia to lay down at her bed on her belly and untie her jeans for me, for my therapy
I pull her jeans down a bit to bare the lower of her back for my massage, indirect intimacy
I feel she feels safe with my proposition as the other tasty teen watches us two carefully!

Nunia slowly relaxes as I massage her beautiful black back and the beginning of her firm bums
I am in full control – I do not even get a hard-on, only between my ears I’m almost exploding
Nunia slowly feels a bit better with my helping hands – as well some water with pain-killers
I let go of her, my mighty fine touch of her lovely lustful body – to thank the blond beauty

Nunia and I didn’t get more bodily contacts in the following five years she lives in our place
I only get some chances to be close to her by secret looks at her getting undressed for shower
Nunia never knew I was sometimes watching her unnoticed, when she shaved her tasty tight twat
I enjoy the peeping pleasure only a few minutes each time as soon condens water blurrs my view.

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