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Confessions #5: Alessandra fools Father Peter

Father Peter of St. Johns Cathedral in Duketown has a fame for tolerance of sexual sins
His virtual girlfriends from the net flock from everywhere to do their Confessions at him
Alessandra is a local girl, attending mass at Sundays sometimes, when I lead the ceremony
Alessandra prefers private talks though, sometimes she gets a bit too friendly with Father

Alessandra plays a great girlish game with her beloved spiritual Father Peter
Alessandra has confessed earlier at me, always being very honest, trying to be discrete
Alesandra tells me that she committed sins of the flesh twice this week – with boys even!
Alessandra amazes me, I know her longing for sins of the flesh is always directed at girls
Alessandra likes those with ‘big boobs’, to use her words to her elder holy horny Father

Alessandra: Father, I let a boy do something with me – Not again, that’s the second time!
Alessandra: I’m sorry Father, I’d gotten very horny and he wanted to make a tribute to me
Alessandra, a ‘trbute’, how that happens, your Father hardly knows about such worldly things
Alessandra: I send him a picture and he makes a tribute – What’s so sinful about tributes?

Alessandra what happens to a tribute photo, how does it make you horny, Father has no idea!
Alessandra: He would shoot his load over it, Father – Waste of his semen, not your sin though!
Alessandra there are worse things than that, maybe his sin, I’ll have to look that up in the net
Alessandra: Father? – Yes, dear – It got me wet, Father! – The idea that the guy would do that?

Alessandra confesses another sin to her Father Peter – a real sin with a bad boy
Alessandra you weren’t naked at that photo, weren’t you? – I was Father, my small bottom up!
Alessandra that’s very naughty of you – but it is not a sin by my book of sins of the flesh
Alessandra: Father there is more! – I listen, my dear – I gave a guy a blow-job for 2 euros
Alessandra I can’t believe you, for 2 euros only, was it the same guy? Father doesn’t get it!

Alessandra: I needed 2 euros for the train, so I sucked him off at the toilet – What a language!
Alessandra 2 euros only, you could have walked such a short distance by train, couldn’t you?
Alessandra I can’t believe you: men cannot enter the ladies room and the other way around!
Alessandra: in the train there is only one toilet, Father – Lying in Holy Confession is sinful!

Alessandra, in the train you had your ticket, didn’t you? – No, in exchange, I was 2 euros short
Alessandra, you paid your train ticket partly in natura? – It is almost unbelievable, my dearest
Alessandra: Either that or a fine of 35 euros on top – What a mean very bad man, my poor dear!
Alessandra you should report that terrible guy – for open invite to blackmail in public function!

Alessandra makes things worse and worse with me in her holy horny got Confession
Alessandra: I found it hot my Father, he had a big dick – The language you use, my dirty dear
Alessandra you didn’t let the guy come in your mouth, did you? It’s dangerous and more sinful
Alessandra: Yes Father I let him – he just did it and he said that the train should not get dirty
Alessandra what a strange opinions this guy has about morals and the cleanliness of his train

Alessandra tell your Father first what exactly happened to that ‘tribute’ nude photo of you
Alessandra with this first ‘boy’- probably as well a perverse elder guy, like your train ‘boy’?
Alessandra: He covered all my photo with his sperm – Did he burn it next, as he should have?
Alessandra: I should lick it afterwards – How could you? Were you standing besides him then?

Alessandra: What do mean Father? – How could you lick that picture? – I did in my imagination
Alessandra, if I understand you well you sent that photo – that man wetted it with his sperm
Alessandra, I don’t understand the sin of it very well yet – Let us forget it please dear Father
Alessandra, what did exactly happen to that photo? I do not think we should leave it like that!

Alessandra continues to confess very sexy sins to her holy horny hot Father Peter
Alessandra better tell me, God knows everything already! – Yes Father, there is more to tell
Alessandra: he shot all his load over my picture and he posted it in the net – I understand
Alessandra I will have to take a look in the net, to check how sinful it is with our new Pope
Alessandra I will have to look hard to be able to calcute the proper penitention for your sins

Alessandra your debts to God are growing, first that strange tribute thing and now the train
Alessandra your Father shakes his wise, grey, grinning head in his innocent disbelief of you
Alessandra: Father, I’m wet again! – Oh, my dear! Good God’s grace, it happens in our Church
Alessandra that is less dangerous for hot horny innocent girls like you than the outside world

Alessandra let me have a look through the shutter, you aren’t with your hand inside your slip?
Alessandra like last time, are you? – No Father … not yet – What a naughty girl you are, dear
Alessandra: I thought about that prick, Father Peter – Was it bigger than your first boys one?
Alessandra of this ‘safe’ boyfriend, who had a steady girlfriend – your first ever male lover?

Alessandra confesses how horny and wet she gets from so sexy sinning with bad ‘boys’
Alessandra was this man’s member larger than the erection of your first boy, did you get hornier?
Alessandra: Yes Father, also because everyone might have heard us! – Did he moan hard then?
Alessandra: No, but you could hear it – Could cost him his job, if the chief conductor caught him!
Alessandra: It was the chief conductor, Father! – Were you excited by sex from ‘free will’, dear?

Alessandra the first and only time you did it until recently was out of curiousity, now for money?
Alessandra: Yes Father, also: Money and horny! – Alessandra, so sinful this last week you were!
Alessandra I do hope it was ‘only’ those two sins of the flesh you committed this week, my dear
Alessandra: Yes Father, that’s all for this week, can I go now please? I have to pee, my Father!

Alessandra your Father will look up soon the proper penitention for your interesting sexy sins
Alessandra your Father doesn’t know yet by heart all those rules about the newest internet sins
Alessandra: Is fine Father, I’ll be back tomorrow to pay my debts – You know my dear Alessandra
Alessandra I trust you! – You only need to tell me where I can find that ‘tribute’ picture of you?

Alessandra fools her Father – but she promises to be back for her real Confession!
Alessandra I need to measure the percentage of your photo covered to calculate penitention
Alessandra: I can’t my Father, it’s not a photo, but a filthy video, which I here can’t mention
Alessandra I do not get you my dear – please tell your spiritual Father the situation as it is!
Alessandra: I can’t tell you here in Church my Father, I will send the link in our secret contact

Alessandra such surprises in your Confessions, I still have trouble to believe you, my dearest!
Alessandra: Oh dear Father, it wasn’t real! – Well, the train story for 2 euros was very unlikely!
Alessandra: Haha, hot Papa! It wasn’t the truth! Just a horny idea of me, do you want a real sin?
Alessandra yes please! – Great my horny Father, we will do it next, I promise, do You believe me?

Alessandra your Father for holy Cinfession likes a good joke, but he really dislikes being fooled!
Alessandra: Do You want me to Confess for real, my Father? – Proper plan! – I promise: tomorrow
Alessandra tomorrow we will have a lot of time – after your finished your love work for our Church
Alessandra I do hope you will not post nude photos at the site for the priest students you work at!.

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