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Confessions #1: Karie as teen

Smart slender sexy lovely looking cute Karie is a blond beauty and a friend of a good friend
She tells me enigmatic erotic bits about her – I am curious – try to tease her with my messages
Suddenly she starts to respond, as I tell her about a confession I just took from a dear friend
She slowly starts to tell me the same sexy dirty details her hot pervy pychiatrist had demanded

Karie is as shy, sexy and special in her sexuality
Karie is a cute yummy young looking lovely cute blond beauty, barely thirty plus in my opinion
Karie likes my idea she can confess to me if she likes – we soon digress into talks as equals
Karie likes my comparision of the****utic talks to any confessions of sexual sins to a superior
Karie is an intellectual like me – she easily escapes into interesting high level discussions

Karie tells me about her luxury as a smart and curious young teen to have had those sexy sessions
Karie is entitled to lay on the couch of an official psychiatrist every fortnight for three years
Karie answers his curious questions as best as she can: her first foxy thought – her hot dreams
Karie admits she sometimes pleases herself playing with her virgin slit – hoping for hot real sex

Katie gets a steady boyfriend – her pervert psych wants to know exactly how hot and far she got
Katie has to blush by every new naughty little detail she has to confess in her interview, so hot
Katie gets wet when she remembers that – her tight twat contracts as she thinks back to that time
Katie tells me more – after my questions – yes indeed, she also tried to taste pretty pussies!

Katie happily moves to another state after graduation – to feel free for further foxy fornication
Katie has finally the opportunity to carefully explore – shyly step by step – another fascination
Katie has hot hopes to eat some pretty pussy finally – she is sure girls are best at it, isn’t it?
Katie has a lot of opportunities with her bright mind and obvious bodily beauties at that college

Katie starts her first ever very sexy confession
Katie tells her tale: “just normal growing up, curious about boys, a little as well about girls Katie tells me more: ” it started with the shrink really talking about school, but it developed” Katie adds: “into talking about sex and body changes and urges and pressure from boys at that age”
Katie adds to my remark that it sounds normal to me: “I mean he did ask very personal questions”

Katie continues to confess to me: “about my first kiss and first touch and what I was thinking”
Katie continues: “his questions probed into my dating activities pressures high school girls felt”
Katie basicly agrees with me that it is very healthy for a young smart teen to reflect on all that
Karie answers: “exactly that is why he would ask about my thoughts – if and when I acted on them”

Katie confesses the beginning in detail to me: “he was very interested in my first kiss and so on”
Katie confesses me: “we had a few sessions just on that first kiss and then he got more personal”
Katie: “he commented on how embarressed my face looked when he started to question about more …”
Katie: “then a kiss … ” – Katie now seems confused by my questions but she contiunues to confess

Katie: “he kept reassurring me that it was normal and that what we talked about stayed between us”
Katie did you already have solo orgasms when the sessions started age of only f0urteen, Karie?
Karie: yes, I am thinking back now to the first time he said to me as he was questioning me …
Katie: “… and asked why my nipple appeared to be hard under my shirt” … Katie blushed badly!

Katie tells me more: “after that session our next session was full of very sexual questions”
Katie: “yes he already knew that I was a virgin but he probed deeper and deeper into it …”!
Katie tells me: “my shrink wanted to know what I had done with my first boyfriend I ever had”
Katie adds: “my shrink asked me a lot about where I touched him – yes I performed oral sex”

Katie knows very well how hot her shrink got hearing it: “my shrink liked hearing about that
Katie admits in my meta-level question “yes I am a bit arrroussed and yes I am fully dressed”
Katie soon silences – she amazes me by her sudden unexpected disappearance from our sexy chat
Katie even blocks me from further private talks – I did treat her with courtesy – she stressed?

Katie will read my account of her cute confession to me for sure some day, sooner as she imagines
Katie will regret her misclick here – she will re-read our sexy story rubbing her thick cute clit
Katie will come hard over and over again regretting how she blocked me out of reach for more love
Katie will come to wonder how to get back at me as her hottest best talented friend and admirer!.

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