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When I was in college, a girl I knew started coming on to me. That wouldn’t have been a problem, except she was, 1, very aggressive, and 2, married. I’ll call her Meg and her husband Josh. I’d met them through a good friend of mine, a woman I’ll call Ashley.

When I say Meg was aggressive, I mean aggressive. I worked in a dry cleaners, Meg’d come in, ask to see me, and proposition me at the front desk.

Customers would be waiting, and Meg would be leaning over the counter, saying “Come on, Mark, I want your dick! Fuck me right here!” All I ever did was tell her to go away, but even so my boss was threatening to fire me if it was the only way he could keep Meg away from his shop.

One night, I was at a party at my friend Ashley’s house. Meg was there.

Of course she was there- if I couldn’t keep her away from my work, how could I keep her away from a party? Anyway, she showed up with her husband. She was following me around, grabbing at me, and loudly suggesting that we go to a bedroom. Josh was sitting by himself on a couch in the corner, looking miserable. Everyone else was very quiet and obviously uncomfortable. Ashley was fidgeting around, trying to figure out what a good hostess should do in this situation.

I couldn’t get away from Meg except by going home, and I was tired of doing that. And the word “no” was not part of Meg’s vocabulary. I had an idea. I went over to the couch where Josh was sitting, and sat next to him. He was startled, and sat upright. I put my arms around him, and planted a hot, passionate kiss on his lips. When I was done, he and almost everyone else burst out laughing.

In fact, only two people didn’t laugh. Meg was furious; she stood there and glared at us. I didn’t laugh either, because it dawned on me that Josh was one hot dude. At first I was just trying to get rid of Meg, but now I wanted Josh. I wondered if everyone could see that I had a big hard-on. Probably not, they wouldn’t have laughed so much. But I did, and it was all for him.

I was even willing to put up with Meg if it meant I could have sex with Josh.

The party came to life after I kissed Josh. Meg was sitting in a corner glaring at everyone, I was sitting next to Josh flirting and making people laugh, everyone else was joking and dancing and having a good time. After a while Meg came over and tried to start propositioning me again. She stood in front of me, stuck her chest out, and demanded I stick my hand down the front of her shirt.

I said something like, “Oh Meg, you can’t interfere with true love!” and stuck my hand down the front of Josh’s shirt. Josh and everyone else went into gales of laughter. Meg stepped forward and straddled my knees. “Come on Mark, take my pussy!” I reached over and stuck my hand down the front of Josh’s pants and grabbed his cock. Meg retreated, and I noticed that Josh had a thick, stubby cock, perfect for a sensual fuck.

Meg was red-faced, I was horny, everyone else was roaring with laughter.

A few minutes after that Meg insisted Josh take her home. I stayed at the party. I was still horny as hell. I was dancing with some girl I didn’t know, she asked me if I wanted to go back to her place, I said yes. While I was fucking her, I was thinking about Josh’s long lean body and his short fat cock.

I came quickly, fingered her off, then left. If she’d told me her name, I’d forgotten it by the time I left. I was back at my place by 2am.

That was Friday night. Monday afternoon, I didn’t have anything to do. I ran a couple of errands and wound up by Josh and Meg’s apartment. I wondered if Josh was there. There was a danger that Meg would be there alone, but I was willing to run that risk rather than miss a chance at sex with Josh.

I knocked on the door.

It was the worst-case scenario, or seemed to be. Meg answered, Josh wasn’t there. She said he’d be back soon. I was frantically trying to think of an excuse, when Meg said, “Why don’t you come in, Ashley’s here. ” Well, okay, Ashley’s okay. Sometimes she can keep Meg under control. And Meg was being very sweet and calm, not at all her usual “Hey, Mark, fuck me now!” self.

So I went in.

The only furniture in the living room were two couches facing each other. When Meg showed me in, Ashley was sitting on one. I sat next to her, Meg sat on the other. Meg sat across from us. We had a very pleasant conversation; Ashley asked me who that girl was I’d left her house with Friday night, I said I was meaning to ask her that same question.

I hadn’t gotten her name. Meg asked me to describe her, I said she was a short chubby blonde. Meg mentioned a girl I knew slightly who was short and chubby and had dyed her hair blonde. No, it wasn’t her, I knew her, I said. Besides, this girl was a natural blonde. Meg and Ashley looked at each other, their eyes wide. They laughed. “Well, okay then!” said Ashley. I was surprised, I thought they knew that I’d had sex with her.

It was all so relaxed and comfortable that I didn’t change seats when Ashley got up and left the room for a moment. Meg swooped in. She was there next to me, talking in a very sweet voice, telling me how attractive I was, when Ashley came back in and sat on the opposite couch. I figured I could use the same method I’d used at the party, so I replied by making a joking suggestion that Meg, Ashley, and I have a threeway.

Meg was up for it, which made Ashley uncomfortable. The door opens, and there’s Josh.

Ashley saw her opportunity for escape. She said something in the way of an excuse, grabbed her bag, and rushed out the door. Josh stared at his wife curled up next to me. He stood there motionless, the color draining from his face.

It was now or never. I got up and walked to Josh.

I took him in my arms. I kissed him. I pressed his back, squeezing our chests together. I moved my right hand down to his ass, cupping first one cheek, then the other. I stroked his back with my right hand, still kissing him with closed lips. My right hand was at the top of his back again, holding him, when I moved my left hand to his hip. I opened my lips and moved my tongue into his mouth.

I moved my hips back an inch and unzipped his pants. His tongue made a few tentative little moves in response to mine. I reached into his open fly. He was hard. I took hold of his penis with my left hand. I turned around, and led him to the bedroom by his erect cock.

I looked at him again when we were in the bedroom, standing next to the bed. He looked confused, but so fucking beautiful I couldn’t believe it.

I kissed him again, then fondled his dick. Meg was behind us, she was talking, I don’t know what she was saying. I went down on my knees and sucked Josh’s sweet fat dick until I felt the precum dripping on my tongue. I stood back up and kissed him some more. I don’t know why I wanted to kiss him so much, I just couldn’t stop.

Meg said something, and Josh broke our lip-lock to talk to her.

“You want to do something, okay, undress us!” It was the first time I’d ever heard him speak up to her, and it was arousing. Meg stopped talking, and did as she was told. First she took Josh’s clothes off him, then mine off me. Josh and I got into bed. We held each other and rolled from side to side, pressing our cocks together, getting harder and harder. I looked into his eyes.

“Do you want it?” I asked. He nodded. I sat on my heels, pushed his knees up to his chest, spat on my finger, and massaged his fuckhole. It was gorgeous, it really was.

Suddenly Meg was on the bed with us, naked. She swung a leg out, and was squatting over Josh’s face. While I put a condom on, she settled down on him. He started licking her pussy. I popped my dick in his ass.

I fucked him slow and steady. When I felt I was about to come, I looked at Meg. Her big boobs were bouncing up and down, she was staring at me, if she’d been any other woman it would have been sexy, but it was Meg so it kept me from coming. When I started getting soft, I looked at Josh’s dick getting hard while I fucked him.

I must have been inside him a good 20 minutes.

Meg had come, left Josh’s face, climbed back on, and come again before I finally shot my load. Then I stood up beside the bed, knelt down, and sucked him off.

Meg didn’t bother me at work any more after that. She only complained when Josh and I had sex without her, which I suppose she was within her rights to do. So we usually included her.

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