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College life 25

Waking here at college on Monday, both Kris and I were dog tired after one
long talk before we headed off to sleep. The weather didn’t help matters
much with a light drizzle falling while we headed to our first classes.
The drizzling rain was still falling after my last class. Reilly spoke to
me but very briefly. I think he wanted to keep his foot in the door, so to
speak, but I had yet to tell him that I was back with Corey and had my
needs more than satisfied with him.

Kris came walking in with his blond hair damp and hanging down in his face.
He pushed it back. “Matt, I’m very tempted to get this shit all cut off,”
he stated.

“I’m about to that point as well. I’m about tired of messing with it. “

Kris dropped his clothes right there signaling he was ready to work out. I
took the hint and did the same.

He applied some cream on his tattoo which
looked great but not great enough to tempt me to get one. My brow piercing
was enough for me at this point.

“It’s going to be different without Colt,” Kris said. “I guess I better
text Alex to tell him to meet us there or come over here. ” Kris texted
away while I packed my bag. Kris packed his bag and we were out the door
to see who else was up for working out.

Scott and Juan were ready and
waiting as was Jess.

Coming out of Jess’s room, we all saw Colt. He gave us a hard stare.

“Colt, you’re more than welcome to join us,” Kris stated.

“Fuck you, Kris!” Colt hollered along with flipping us the bird. “Fuck all

“At least you tried,” Jess said. “I really need to talk to him. I tried
yesterday but never could catch him around.

“Forget him if he wants to be an ass,” Scott said. “We made it before
without him and we will make it now without him. “

We headed off in Kris’s ride to the rec center. We didn’t see Corey around
before we headed to the weight room where Alex was waiting on us. We split
up into groups of three to make the work outs go faster. That didn’t
matter much since it was crowded and took over an hour and half to complete
our routine.

With sweat running down our bodies, we headed to the locker
room to shower. It was my first chance to see Alex naked. His cock was
uncut and not very big but did have one hell of an ass. We showered and
carried on a conversation while doing so.

The hot tub was too tempting to pass up for all of us. We stepped in the
warm water to relax. We talked about Colt before moving to the ski trip
before we were joined by another student who had an impressive cock
swinging and wasn’t shy about it either.

Kris looked at me and smiled.
The guy was friendly before we all got out to dress and head back to the

Exiting the locker room, I spotted Corey mopping up some water. I said hi
and told him about our brief encounter with Colt.

Kris and I chilled in our room while Jess said he’d make his best attempt
to talk to Colt. Kris and I got on Facebook, a rarity for Kris, to catch up
with things outside our campus.

“Damn, did you know Juan has a birthday tomorrow?” Kris asked me.

“I missed that,” I replied. I moved back up and went to his profile to see
he would be twenty tomorrow.

“We need to do something nice for him,” Kris stated.

“We do. He’s still not the same Juan with his grandmother sick but I don’t
guess I would be cheery if Mom was in her condition,” I said.

“If nothing else, I’ll get Liz to go with me and buy a small cake. That’s
the least we can do for him,” Kris said. “I wish there was some way that
dude could go with us skiing. “

“He really does need to get a job but he said he can’t right now and may
have to leave any minute if his grandmother gets worse. “

Jess came in the door.

“That dude is fucking hopeless,” he said after
talking to Colt. “I tried to talk some sense into him but he wouldn’t
listen to me. “

“Did you tell him she was fooling around on him?” I asked.

“No, I should have but he is dead set that Kris was flirting with his girl.
Kris, did you put your hand on Monica’s thigh during the movie?” Jess

“Not hell no but fuck no,” Kris said, raising his voice.

“Does he think I’m
crazy or what?”

“More shit Monica’s feeding him,” I surmised. “My guess is she added that
after you two fought to add fuel to the fire. “

Kris stood. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“The bathroom, where else?” Kris replied. He headed out the door. Within a
minute, the door flew back open with Kris manhandling Colt. “Sit your ass
down and listen to us for one fucking minute!”

“Fuck you, Kris! I know the truth!” Colt said with Kris holding Colt by
the arms and showing his strength.

“Look bitch, your girl is feeding you full of so much shit I can see it in
your eyes!” Kris shouted with rage in his eyes and his neck veins bulging.

“Kris, calm down for one second,” I said. “You’re scaring me. “

Kris let go of Colt and back up. Kris took a deep breath.

“I’m getting the fuck away from you queers,” Colt said.

With that coming out of Colt’s mouth, Jess and I had to step in before Colt
got dismantled with rage coming all over Kris’s body.

“Bitch, don’t come crying to us when you find out the truth that Monica is
fucking around on you and filling your ass full of pure shit!” Kris
screamed with Jess and I doing all we could to hold Kris back at this

“Lies! That’s all you are, Kris. Why did I ever fucking believe all your
shit in the first place?” Colt said at the door. He slammed the door as
hard as he could leaving our room.

“Wow, he is about as hard headed as I was. Wait until he finds out the
truth,” I said with Kris steaming. Kris punched his bed as hard as he

“That fucking pisses me off. I’m finished with his ass. I’m gonna wipe my
hands clean,” Kris said and gestured wiping his hands.

“Kris, we know you’ll be friends with him when he realizes the truth,” Jess

“I wish Liz could talk some sense into him. All of us have tried our
best. “

“Is he really worth the trouble?” Kris asked. “We may be seeing the true
Colt come shining through here. “

“Corey was worth the trouble,” I commented.

Nothing much really happened after that this Monday night other than Liz
came over to be with Kris. I hung out with Scott and Hayden most of the

I did see Corey about ten but he needed to study so our encounter
was rather brief.

I came back about eleven and knocked before I opened the door. Kris and
Liz were under the sheets and grinning from ear to ear. I rolled my eyes
and smiled back at them.

“You two are amazing,” I laughed and grabbed a seat at my desk.

“Yeah, Liz said how amazing I was about ten minutes ago,” Kris laughed with
Liz poking him in the side.

“Well, you were fucking amazing tonight too,
hun. “

Liz laughed as well, “I guess I better get dressed and get back to my
room. “

“I wish you didn’t have to,” Kris said.

“Me too but I should get going,” Liz said and started to get out of bed. I
turned around and look at the wall.

“Hey Matt, you need to turn around and see this beautiful thing,” Kris

“I’m okay,” I stated.

“No, turn around and feast your eyes on my gorgeous girlfriend,” Kris said.

“Stop it, Kris,” Liz said.

“Liz, I want Matt to see what I make love to,” Kris said. Now I wasn’t
sure what had gotten into him.

“I know what you make love to. I’m gay but not stupid,” I said. “I’ve her
naked before plus you’re embarrassing her.

“Alright then. I was just so proud to show my best friend my hot naked
girlfriend,” Kris said. “Better yet, take a picture of us so I can have
one of us. “

Shaking my head, I found my camera. I turned around and took a few
pictures of them naked to appease Kris. The best one was of them kissing.
Liz did get dressed and viewed the pictures I had taken.

I emailed them to
her before she left. Kris did give her a long wet kiss before Liz headed
out the door.

“You were acting so weird,” I stated.

“Hey, I wanted to show her I’m so in love with her like you are with
Corey,” Kris stated. “I guess I do weird shit when I’m in love. Actually,
I was sort of joking around with you. “

“Kris, you were embarrassing her and making her feel so uncomfortable,” I

“Hell, I did show my shit to one of her friends in a heartbeat if she
wanted me to. “

“I know but girls are completely different. I know you just had sex with
her and were feeling so good afterwards but show a little respect and
decency towards her. “

“Matt, I would never do that with any other guy,” Kris said.

“Yes you would and be proud of it,” I said.

“Kris, remember we’re not in
high school any more where it was a big thing to get laid and brag about
it. We’re in college where it is almost normal to have a sexual
relationship with someone. “

Kris laughed, “Maybe you’re right. I better grow up or else, right?
Sometimes I think this is high school extended but way better. I better
call Liz and do some damage control. “

“That’s not a bad idea,” I said.

Kris made his call and thanked me for setting him straight. We headed to
bed without much talking.

The next day Tuesday, Kris was hell to wake up. I gave up and didn’t want
to be late for my first class. When I got to history, Kris was there with
a cap thrown on his long hair. He said he barely got up in time for this
class. I laughed and said I didn’t see why he made for this class since I
always took our notes.

At the end of class, the professor proudly
announced a test next Tuesday. It was his arrogant way of getting us to
class before Thanksgiving break.

Kris and I headed back to the room after grabbing something to eat with
Alex and Juan. Opening the door, I could see our room needed to be picked
up. Kris said it looked okay with him. I didn’t beg and started cleaning
up our room and sweeping it out so it would be half decent.

I was sweeping
under his bed and found his used condom.

“Kris, do me a big favor and throw this shit away,” I said holding the

“My bad, Matt,” Kris said. I moved and tossed it in the trash.

“Kris, I’m glad you use them and all but try to remember to get rid of them
when you’re done,” I said. “They can smell up our room.

“Yes Mom, I will try,” Kris joked.

“I bet you flushed those suckers down the toilet at home,” I said and
continued to sweep.

“You bet I did. Mom would freak out but Dad would be glad I used my head
and covered my shit up,” Kris said. “You know Dad was pretty cool about
that in high school and bought me some condoms. “

“I know you called me the second he did it,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot I did. Did your mom buy you condoms?” Kris asked.

“No but she did volunteer…” I said with Corey walking in our room.

“Hey guys, wassup?” Corey asked.

“Just cleaning up Kris’s shit. Found a used condom under his bed,” I

Corey laughed. “Matt, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me today.
They are doing test over at the health center.

“What kind of test?” Kris asked.

“STD tests,” Corey replied. “and for AIDS. “

“I’ll go for sure and need to do that for sure,” I said. “I saw the sign
last week and forgot all about that. “

“Now there’s something I’m glad I don’t have to worry with,” Kris stated.

“You do too,” I said. “Just because you’re straight doesn’t keep you from
getting STDs and AIDS.

Remember Jonathan in high school got gonorrhea from
some girl. “

“Hey but he was stupid,” Kris said.

“Kris, it won’t hurt if you did get tested. Scott and Hayden are going
with us since it is free to students here,” Corey said.

“Tell you what,” Kris said. “I’ll call Liz and see if she wants to go. “

“I see everyone would think you were gay if you went without her.

not bad thinking,” I laughed.

“Exactly,” Kris stated. He called Liz while Corey and I went to meet up
with Scott and Hayden. It was so cool that Corey took the initiative to
have us tested, which is something I should do more often. The line was
sort of long to get tested but the college did stress the importance of it
for sexually active students. Kris and Liz did show up and joined us in

The test were confidential and the results would be emailed to us
after Thanksgiving break.

After our tests, Kris and Liz headed out to her dorm or wherever while the
four of us went back to ours. Scott and Hayden laid on Kris’s bed while
Corey and I laid on mine. In no time, the four of us were asleep. I woke
first to see a nice sight of Scott holding Hayden while they slept.

It was
a nice sight and one hard to imagine a few months ago. Scott really was
serious about Hayden and never wavered much to everyone’s surprise.

Jess was the leader and gathered a few of us up to eat on campus. By now,
everything began tasting the same to me so it didn’t matter where we
landed. Back from eating, a few gathered in Jess and Robert’s room to hang

We did all wish Juan a happy birthday with Liz and Kris having a
small cake for us to celebrate the occasion. Corey and I didn’t stay long
before heading to my room. There I had a plan.

At eleven or so, Kris came in the room with Corey and me lying naked on my
bed. We had made love earlier and were waiting.

Kris looked at us oddly, “What’s going on here?”

“What does it look like?” I asked and stood with Corey.

“I wanted you to
see my boyfriend after we made love. “

Kris busted out laughing. “Damn you Matt. I get it now. “

“No, I want to take a real good look at this fucking hot guy that excites
me so much,” I said and tried not to laugh.

Kris grabbed my camera that was sitting on my desk with Corey and I
laughing. “Alright, let me snap some pictures of this.

Corey and I posed together. We did make sure Kris got one of us kissing on
the bed naked together. Upon reviewing the pictures, the one of us kissing
on my bed was rather erotic and actually a real beauty. These pictures
would not be emailed to Mom under any circumstances.

“Put some clothes on,” Kris said. “I have a little news to share with you. “

“Why?” I asked.

“The joke is over unless you feel comfortable that way,” Kris said.

“Alright, what’s the news?” Corey said after he and I donned some

“You’re never going to believe this shit but Monica texted Liz and said her
plan couldn’t be working any better,” Kris said after the little spat that
ongoing between him and Colt.

“Is she that dumb?” Corey asked.

“I think she might just be that dumb,” Kris said.

“Liz just left it at
that but we’ve got a plan… wanna hear it?”

“Nah, you just do it,” I replied.

“Well I’m telling your smart ass anyway,” Kris said, shaking his
head. “Tomorrow, Liz is really going to set the bait and see if Monica
responds. “

“How so?” Corey asked.

“If she’s dumb enough to text about her plan, then she might answer Liz’s
question…” Kris said.

“What fucking question?” I asked with great anticipation.

“Oh yeah, Liz is going to text her to see if she’ll admit fucking around on
Colt. I told her to ask like is she still with that other guy or does she
plan to have them fight for her love,” Kris stated.

“Okay but how are we going to get Colt to see this and believe it?” I

“I don’t know but somehow some way Liz said she would,” Kris said.

“I know if he was to catch her in the act with the other guy. That would
really do the trick,” I said.

Kris smiled at Corey, “It would. Right, Corey?”

“Damn right it would. You’re left totally speechless,” Corey laughed.

“Knowing Monica she’d say she had it planned to have a threesome with Colt
with that guy,” Kris said.

“Colt’s dumbass would fall for it in a
heartbeat. “

We talked just a little more before Corey left and kissed me goodbye.

“Matt, you little sneak,” Kris laughed. “I bet you didn’t even fuck him. “

“You’re right there. He fucked me,” I said with a smile.

“Liz, how does it feel?” Kris joked.

“Oh god, I loved it,” I laughed but really I did.

“His thick dick felt so
good in my ass. “

Kris snickered, “Matt, do you know how lucky you are? Any other guy would
be beating your ass bout right now. “

“Yelp, I wouldn’t tell that to any other guy. Just my best friend even
though I wouldn’t have told you that if hadn’t asked me,” I said. “We are
so high school, aren’t we?”

“Damn right we are,” Kris said and rubbed my long brown hair.

Wednesday it was back to the rec center with our gang of work out freaks.
Having six of us made it easy for us to separate and conquer our lifts.
Today a few did some cardio while Kris and I talked with Corey for a few
minutes. We did our shower thing before heading back to the dorms.

Entering our hall, we saw Stephan coming out of his room with this really
cute guy.

“Stephan, we thought your ass had died,” Kris commented to him.

“I have basically,” Stephan replied. “This is Grayson. “

“Nice to meet ya, Grayson,” Kris said and shook his hand. We did all
introduce ourselves to Grayson, who was rather tall with lots of piercing
and a visible tattoo on his inner arm along with short reddish hair.

“See ya, Stephan,” Jess said. We headed to Jess’s room to chill.

his room was like going into a jungle with trash and clothes everywhere.
Jess had to move things around for us to grab a seat.

“Now I see why we never come here,” Kris laughed.

“Now you see why I never invite you here,” Jess said.

“Got any new porns?” Alex asked.

“Actually Robert just got some in Monday,” Jess said and walked to saw the

“Here Matt, you and Corey might enjoy this one. “

I grabbed the box to see it was a bisexual movie. I laughed.

“Why are you giving it to him? I’m the fucking bi around,” Scott said and
took it out my hand.

“Dude, stop kidding yourself there,” Kris said. “You’re no more bi than
Alex. “

“Hey watch it there, Kris,” Alex laughed.

“I just so happen to have a boyfriend now.

That doesn’t mean I still
wouldn’t enjoy some pussy every now and then,” Scott stated.

“Scott, who cares if you are gay or not? Right now, you’re happy, which is
all that really matters,” Kris pointed out.

“I was just saying,” Scott said.

We hung out in Jess’s room for a while until the clutter and mess started
to get to me. I conveniently left and headed to my room.

Once there I did
notice a missed call from Mom. I did call her back but she was just
checking up on me.

Thursday was rather boring with me studying for a few classes while I had
the chance with Kris here and there and Corey working. The nice part of
the night was seeing Stephan and Grayson. I really did like Stephan’s new
guy, who was the guy I saw him making out with at the party Halloween

The guy seemed very likable and a nice match for Stephan. The best
part was Stephan appeared to be very happy.

About nine or after, Kris came bouncing in the door before Corey
arrived. Kris seemed giddy almost but wanted to wait until Corey was there
so he didn’t have to repeat himself. Corey was there fifteen minutes later
and greeted me with a long wet kiss.

“Kris is about to bust a gut to tell us something but I’m sure it’s all
about setting Monica up,” I said.

“This is really getting childish though. “

“It may be but check this shit out,” Kris said. “Monica fell for the bait
hook, line and sinker in one bite. The bitch said she was still fucking
around on Colt… well not those exact words. Matter of fact, she had been
with that dude earlier. Liz asked who was better… check this shit out.
Monica said no contest since Colt was small compared to the other guy.

“Size queen,” I commented.

“That’s all great but we saw Colt ain’t listening to a soul around here,”
Corey said.

“He will one day,” Kris said.

“Seriously, does it really matter that much anymore?” I asked.

“Yes it does Matt. Colt is or was a friend of mine. It was wrong that he
accused me of shit I didn’t do but he’s getting feed a lot of shit from
someone is not right for him,” Kris replied.

“Colt is really a very cool
guy who is in way too deep with a girl. I’ve seen it before and sure I’ll
see it again. That pussy gets a stranglehold on your dick and won’t let
go. Right now, it has me by the fucking balls, too. “

“Kris, you’re smarter than Colt has been… or at least I’d hope you’d be,”
I stated.

“I don’t know, Matt. I know I shouldn’t worry and act like this but the
dude is a friend just like Scott, Jess and Juan are now.

I hated like hell
when Corey tore your heart out since he hurt one of my friends…”

“Yeah Matt, they did give me the cold shoulder for a while even though I
didn’t come punch Kris in the lip. Kris has a big heart yet a quick temper
to go along with it,” Corey said.

“Damn right I do on both and know I have a quick temper,” Kris laughed. “I
guess now we’ll just have to see what happens.

“Yeah, we will,” I said.


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