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About a month ago, I was talking to a friend that I hadn’t talked to in a
while, nor had we ever really hooked up before. Though, I guess I should
tell you a little more about us before I get into the story. My name is
Matt, I’m 18, and a student at the college in my state. I’m about 5’9,
165lbs, brn/haz with a 6. 5-7 in. cut cock. Jake is 21, hot body.

probably more around 150, 6 in cut cock, hot bubble butt, really hot chest
and stomach, I could go on forever about him. However, back to the good

We were chatting late on the computer one night, probably around 2:30AM,
both extremely horny, not really cybering, though getting each other heated
up. One thing led to another, and I found myself getting into my car to
make the half hour drive to see him, though let me tell you, it was worth

I arrived probably around 3:30. He was waiting outside for me in a shorts
and a white wife beater. I could feel my cock stirring in my pants already.
Jake had set up a blanket on the ground outside of his house, as it was
really warm inside, and it’d be hot to do it on the back lawn. I put my
things down and he pulled me right in for a hot kiss.

His tongue leapt into
my mouth, searching around. I pulled him tight into me, felling is raging
cock squeeze against mine. I reached under his shirt, allowing my hands to
run up and down his firm stomach and chest, still passionately kissing.
Reaching my hands around the back of his shorts, I gently pulled them off,
exposing his hard cock, though him doing the same to me. Both standing now
completely naked, I couldn’t resist.

I dropped down to my knees and took
his leaking manhood down my throat, sucking down all of his precum. The
sweet liquid engulfing my mouth. I was lost in the moment, sucking his cock
hard, and sniffing his man scent from his hairy pubes. I came off his meat,
working my way down to his balls. Jake started squatting, as his legs were
giving way, letting me know that he was enjoying every minute of my hot
tongue, swirling around his huge balls, taking each one into my mouth.

Jake came down and pushed me on my back. Starting with my neck, he started
licking and sucking. Going to up my ears, which completely drove me wild,
the whole time grinding our cocks up and down. I could feel his hot hands
running up and down my body. He went down my body, sucking and swirling his
tongue around my hard nipples. Still, moving down my body, deep throating
my throbbing cock.

I just closed my eyes, laying my head down.

“Fuck yeah … take that down your throat. Mmmmmmm fuuuuuck!!!”

I starting thrusting my hips up, making sure that he took my entire cock
down his throat. I could hear him gasping for air, but seeing that he was
enjoying every second of it just got me hotter and wanting more of him.
“Hey… turn over… my turn” I told him, lifting him off my cock, grabbing a
quick kiss, before turning him over, and repeating what he did to me.

“MMM.. fuck yeah Matt.. mmm.. feels so fucking good. Fuck” I came off his
cock, and just sat over him, rubbing his body up and down.

“Fucking piss all over me…. Let me feel your hot piss covering my body. “
With that said, I sat up and let the built up piss from my 4 bottles of
water on the way over, spray all over him. I aimed it all over him,
covering his chest and cock.

My cock was hurting it was so fucking hard,
covering him.

“That’s right.. Fucking piss all over me” He was muttering to me while he
pulled at his cock in complete ecstasy.

When I was done, without word, he just pushed we down on my back and got on
top of me. “My turn”

With that, his hot stream of piss shot from his cock. I could feel the hot
stream falling all over my neck and chest.

Moving back, he soaked my cock
and pubes. I would feel it running back, over my balls, and dripping over
my ass crack. “Mmmm.. fuuuuuuckk” was all I would whisper, as he drained
himself. When the last drips were coming out, he laid on top of me and we
just began kissing once again. Slowly, we turned into a 69 position, taking
our piss soaked cocks into each other’s mouths. His cock felt sooo fucking
good, gliding in and out of my mouth.

Licking down his shaft, taking his
balls once again in my mouth, then moving further down to his hot, sweaty
hole. I ate his ass out completely. “Ohhh fuuuuuuck” I heard him say,
pushing his ass further down on my tongue.

Jake began doing the same. I could feel him tongue fucking me as hard as he

I wasn’t going to be able to hold it any longer.

“Fuck dude.. I’m going to
cum any second. “

We grabbed each other’s cocks, and started jacking them as hard as we could.
… all over his face, coving his mouth and chest, just as he was exploding.
I caught some of his sweet cum in my mouth, but then let the rest squirt all
over me.

I turned him around and just took to his hot mouth again.

It was an incredible night.

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