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Church of Evil

Father Thomas sat in the small cubicle of the
confessional, listening to the confession of the
lovely Miss Diane Beinert. As Diane had been a member
of the church from her youth, Father Thomas had
watched the pretty little girl turn into a most
beautiful young woman. Now a lovely young woman, at
age 22, with long red hair and porcelain white skin.
Father Thomas could picture the lovely woman who stood
only at 5’3″, whom he towered over in his 6′ frame.

Never had any woman given Father Thomas a lewd nor
sinful thought since he took his vows nearly forty
years ago. But, all that ended a year ago when the
lovely Ms. Beinert returned home from college. Now a
matured young woman, she was even more beautiful than
ever. And the beauty did not escape the eyes of the
Holy Father.

But Father Thomas’ thoughts were far from holy when he
greeted the young woman, holding her soft dainty hand
in his, feeling the powerful stirrings generating
between his loins.

Never had the Good Father
experienced such an awesome feeling. How he wanted to
hold her dainty white hand forever and wondered if the
lovely beauty was so soft and tender throughout her
lovely body.

In the past year, Father Thomas began to have lewd and
lustful thoughts every time he got a chance to see the
lovely beauty. And then it continued at night, when he
would dream of the lovely young woman, wishing he
could possess her for himself.

Then, his dreams led
further, causing the Good Father to sin repeatedly as
he resorted to relieving himself by masturbating his
pulsating cock.

Then just last week, Father Thomas did the
unthinkable. Before entering the confessional, he had
observed the object of his lust sitting in the pew.
When she entered and spoke, he recognized her sweet
young voice immediately. He listen intently as the
beautiful young woman explained that her boyfriend had
just proposed to her and she had accepted.

Then there
was silence.

Breathing hard, Father Thomas asked “Have you sinned
with your fianc , my c***d?”, hoping to hear a
negative response. Diane’s sweet voice was obviously
nervous and hesitant in her response “I-I… let my
boyfriend touch my breast for the first time after he
proposed last week. I-I… also touched him…”

“Don’t be afraid to tell me, my c***d, I have heard
everything in this confessional.

Tell me exactly what
happened,” he reassured her.

“Well, Father, I was so happy after accepting his
proposal that I let things get carried away a bit,”
she confessed.

“Did you and your boyfriend have intercourse?” came
the Good Father’s question.

“Oh, no, no, Father. I’ve never had intercourse. Not
with my boyfriend, not with anyone!” she blurted in
response. Meanwhile, on the other side of the
confessional, the Good Father’s robe was tenting in
hearing the response, which told him she was still
pure and virginal.

Hearing a shuffling on the other side of the
confessional, Diane paused in puzzlement. “Please
continue, my c***d. Give me all the details of what
happened last week, so then I will be able to absolve
you of all your sins, my c***d,” she heard the
priest’s commanding voice.

Still, Diane was hesitant, ashamed to telling anyone
of how she had sinned. “I… well… after Michael
proposed and I accepted, well, we began to kiss and…
I let him touch me…” Diane stammered.

“Please continue… all the details, my c***d!” Father
Thomas spoke firmly.

“I-I… let him touch my breasts, father! I…
couldn’t… I didn’t stop him, father!” Diane choked

“Be calm, my c***d, do not fret! Everything is fine!
Please continue so that I may give you absolution. Did
you allow Michael to put his hands under your
clothing?” Father Thomas asked.

“Y-yes, Father, I let him caress and play with my

Oh, Father, I’m so ashamed!” Diane sobbed.

“There, there, my c***d, all is fine, do not worry!”
the Good Father reassured her. “Did anything else
happen, my c***d? Tell me everything that happened. I
am here to listen. Do not be alarmed… take your
time, I shall not interrupt you further. ” Father
Thomas advised.

Diane was relieved that the Good Father was so
understanding, she had pondered the entire week on
confessing her sins, not thinking that Father Thomas
would be so understanding, “W-well, Father, I touched
Michael also… touched him for the first time ever.

I-I… put my hand on his bare penis. A-and, Father, I
stroked it with my bare hand… I kept stroking it…
and… well… then it spurted all over his parent’s
sofa. Oh, Father! I’m so ashamed!” she sobbed.

After a couple moments of silence, Father Thomas
advised the lovely bride-to-be that she needed to keep
her virtue intact till the wedding was formalized. He
advised her that she must try to abstain from physical

But he understood the weakness of the
flesh. That should she sin again, she should not be
ashamed to confess her sins to him and then made her
promise to see him if she did sin again so he could
absolve her of her sins. He then gave her a number of
Hail Marys’ to say that evening and gave her

Diane was so thankful and expressed her appreciation
to Father Thomas, for listening and understanding.

When Diane left the confessional booth, Father Thomas
leaned back in his seat and took a deep breath. He
then panted in his exhaustion. He had to take a break.
Had to get away and change into a new robe. The robe
he wore was totally soiled and saturated, soaked from
the biggest load of cum he had ever generated by
stroking his cock.

While the beautiful Diane Beinert was confessing all
the details of her sins, the Good Father had been
picturing that it was his cock that Diane’s dainty
white hand had been stroking till she made it explode.

And explode it did, causing the Good Father to bite
his lip to keep from groaning as he sprayed the inside
of his holy robe.

That night, Father Thomas relived the afternoon in the
dark confessional, hearing Diane’s sweet voice and
description of what had taken place. How he wished he
could have been the one to touch her lovely breasts
and her dainty hand shucking his pulsing old cock.

then the Good Father’s cock spurted a huge stream of
holy fluid, like a volcano erupting.

Closing his eyes, Father Thomas tried to picture the
lovely Diane Beinert being stripped of all her
clothing. Dreamt of how it would feel to be the man in
her life, the man to take her virginity. He licked his
thick lips, wishing his lips could taste the nectar
from between her sweet loins.

But he knew he would
never be allowed to have such an unthinkable pleasure.


For the next six weeks, Father Thomas had only seen
the object of his lust during regular services. Once
he had seen her entering the confessional where
another priest was and despair set in wishing he was
the priest in there. But Diane’s confession time was
quite short, giving the Good Father a sigh of relief
in knowing that she obviously had nothing of interest
to tell the other priest.

On this day, he observed the beauty in the pew again
with a bit of concern on her face, causing him to lick
his lips as he entered the confessional. His cock
twitched in anticipation of hearing her confession.

When Diane did enter the confessional, she would have
been shocked to know that Father Thomas was already
waiting for her. Waiting in the adjoining booth with
his fist wrapped around his thick old cock, jerking it
slowly till it was rock hard.

“F-Father, I have sinned again. I waited till you were
hearing confessions, since you are so understanding
and know what occurred, the last time I confessed to a
sin of this nature. I don’t know why I let it happen,
Father. I told myself to behave before going out with
Michael but we had such a good time on the date that I
let things get carried away again.

I-I… feel so evil
for what I did… I-I…” Diane began to stifle a sob.

“There, there, my c***d, nothing is so bad that you
cannot tell me. I will understand. ” Father Thomas
reassured her, eagerly anticipating what sin she had

“Well, Father… I allowed Michael to but his hands
under my clothing and let him fondle my breasts again.
And I also touched his bare penis again.

But… but…
this time…” Diane could not finish her sentence.

“Go on, my c***d,” came the reassuring voice.

“This time… this time Michael f***ed my head down. I
tried to push away but he was so strong. Father, he
f***ed his penis into my mouth,” Diane sobbed. “And…
and, Father, he shot his filth into my mouth!” she

“Ohhhhh, my c***d!” groaned the Good Father, as his
stiff old cock sent a geyser of hot white lava up into
the air.

Breathlessly, he reassured the young woman,
“There, there, my poor c***d. Rest assured that you
were f***ed to perform that last act and that would
not be considered a sin. It is Michael who sinned, by
forcing you to perform that act, my c***d. “

“Oh, I still feel so ashamed for having done such a
thing. I never thought Michael would expect me to do
something so filthy.

Perhaps I should give him his
ring back and call off the wedding, Father,” Diane

“My c***d, the pleasures of the flesh should be
enjoyed but only when you are joined in holy
matrimony. You should not do such a drastic thing,
especially if you love Michael, but merely put off
intimate acts till after the wedding. ” Father Thomas
advised, not wanting the young beauty to break off her
relationship, for then there would be no further
confessions such as this.

“Oh, thank you, Father! You’re so understanding, I
knew you could counsel me. It was so horrible, Father,
never had I tasted anything so awful. I still love
Michael though. I know he just got carried away. But I
guess he learned his lesson too, Father… I…
well…” Diane paused.

“Go on, my c***d, go on!” Father Thomas advised, still
stroking his shrinking old cock.

“Well father, we were in Michael’s car at the time.
When he made me do that awful thing to his penis, I
threw up all over his lap. It took him days to clean
up the filthy mess!” she said.

“Well, my c***d, it appears that Michael has also paid
for his sins. ” Father Thomas advised, giving the
lovely woman a small number of Hail Marys’ for her

Premarital classes were attended by the loving couple,
with Father Thomas meeting with them on each occasion.
How he envied the young man, wishing it was his own
cock that had been f***ed between Diane’s lovely pink
lips. He wouldn’t care if she threw up all over him,
it would be an even more exciting event in itself to
have the lovely Diane Beinert unable to hold down his
load of thick cum.

To make her so horrified by forcing
her to take his creamy load that his old balls could
churn up.


Three weeks before the scheduled wedding for Ms. Diane
Beinert and Mr. Michael Osborne, while Father Thomas
was at his desk, the church secretary came in to
secure his approval of allowing someone to come into
the church the next evening. As the church had no
events that next evening, the spare key would need to
be released to that person.

In questioning the secretary, Father Thomas learned
that it was Miss Diane Beinert who wanted to view the
church for the wedding preparations. Apparently she
wanted to do some measurements for the amount of
ribbons to order and to be certain on the amount of
flower arrangements for the corner of the pews leading
down to the alter. The Good Father readily gave his
approval to release the key to Diane.

That night, Father Thomas tossed and turned in his
bed, wide awake with his lusting thoughts of the
beautiful Ms. Diane Beinert. How he wanted to be close
to the young beauty. And he knew she was going to be
alone in the church the next evening.

A devious thought entered his mind, wishing that
somehow he had possession of that ‘date ****’ d**g
that he had read about.

But he had never encountered
the d**g nor did he have the faintest idea where it
could be obtained. Furthermore, how would he
administer the d**g even if he did get. All this going
through his mind, stroking his cock, while picturing
the lovely beauty in his mind.

Having shot his load and fallen asl**p, the Good
Father suddenly awoke. He must have been dreaming of
the lovely beauty in his sl**p.

It was like an
inspiration from above that hit him. He had taught
high school biology two years ago when the nearby
Catholic high school had run short of teachers.

Of the items he had taken from the classroom to store
at the church, should he again be called upon to teach
biology, was a bottle of c*********. He had obtained
it to put small a****ls and insects permanently to
sl**p, prior to conducting necessary dissections for
the biology class.

A cloth dampened with that liquid would easily put the
lovely Diane out like a light and wouldn’t harm her if
removed once he got her into the u*********s state.
Quickly, he got up and went to the storage room to
obtain this precious liquid.

That evening, after work and doing some shopping,
Diane stopped at the church as planned. Not having
gone to the church at night before, she was unaware
that it was darker than normal, a couple light bulbs
had been loosened so it would not come on when the
automatic switch kicked in.

In the darkness, Diane had
trouble seeing exactly where the keyhole was and all
her concentration was focused on opening the door.

Just as she inserted the key and opened the door, a
damp rag and f***eful hand covered her nose and mouth.
She tried to scream as another arm held her tight
against her attacker. Three frantic attempts to
breathe and scream cause her world to start spinning
about and her strength waned quickly from her petite

Assured that his victim was out from the c*********,
the Holy Father carried this lovely virgin to the
alter. She would be the virginal sacrifice to the
Gods. Turning on the spotlights above the alter,
Father Thomas gazed upon the lovely beauty. His hands
trembled as he removed her trim white heels, revealing
her lovely feet, which he began caressing and then
slid his hands up her long ivory legs.

He then turned Diane to the side so he could undo the
zipper to her light yellow dress. He then dragged the
dress off her shoulders, stripping it down and off her
entire body to drop onto the floor. The u*********s
beauty was now clad only in a matching pair of light
yellow bra and panties, with the Good Father panting
in anticipation.

In a moment, the lovely Ms.

Diane Beinert lay upon the
alter in her full glory. Father Thomas thanked the
Lord for providing him with this exquisite morsel for
his pleasure, for having served the church so well in
the past forty years. It was only fitting that he had
some physical pleasure of his own and this virginal
bride-to-be was the woman of his dreams. Then a kiss
to the sweet pink lips of the u*********s beauty,
delving his thick tongue into her sweet mouth.

Moving down slowly, Father Thomas paid homage to the
soft pink nipples, sucking at the tender flesh and
nipping the sensitive nipples with his teeth. And then
to taste the sweet nectar of her golden treasure,
where the Good Father would be the first to sample
this sweet virginal treasure.

The Holy Father stood back to gaze upon the lovely
beauty, as he prepared to make her a true woman.

In a
moment, he had removed all of his clothing and climbed
onto the alter, shuffling up between Diane’s long
white legs. Laying his heavy pudgy body on the petite
beauty, Father Thomas took a deep breath to savor the
unbelievable feeling.

Reaching down he moved his rock hard cock up and down
in search of the treasure it sought. He gasped as the
soft slick lips parted a bit to allow entrance to the
tip of his drooling cockhead.

He had now found the
entrance to the golden gates to heaven. He had to hold
himself still for fear of erupting prematurely.

Then the thick cock was pushed forward, meeting an
extremely tight resistance, then the pudgy old priest
give a loud groan as his cockhead was fully enveloped
by the tight grip of the bride-to-be’s vagina lips.
The petite beauty was now having her lovely untouched
body violated by the very priest whom she had come to
trust with her most intimate confessions.

Pumping back and forth, the Holy Father f***ed four
thick inches of his pulsing cock into the lovely young
woman, whom he had spent so much time dreaming of.
Then he gasped, feeling a barrier that prevented him
from further entry. A few more thrusts and still he
could make no headway. Pausing, Father Thomas realized
that he was encountering the precious prize that this
lovely woman was preserving for her loving Michael.

The prize that she had planned on surrendering three
weeks from now, to the groom on their wedding day.
“Oh, thank the Lord!” Father Thomas muttered at his
good fortune. Rearing back, grasping tightly onto
Diane’s trim white hips, he slammed forward with all
his might. “Uhhhh!” he groaned as he broke through the
hindering barrier.

Laying upon the soft white body, Father Thomas was
buried to the hilt of his throbbing cock.

His pulsing
cock felt engulfed in a warm wet tunnel, then he felt
a warm wet dampness where he was joined to the ****d
beauty. As the sticky wetness spread through his pubic
hair area, he raised up to slowly withdraw his pulsing
cock. He gasped as he observed the bright red bl**d
that matted his pubic hair and covered his thick cock.
He had stolen and destroyed the lovely bride-to-be’s
precious jewel that she had saved all her life for her
wedding night.

So excited in the pleasures of possessing a woman for
the first time ever, Father Thomas was on the verge of
cumming. He held absolutely still for fear of
unleashing his pent-up balls prematurely. After
several moments of keeping absolutely still, the Good
Father stemmed the urge to unleash his holy fluid.
Grasping the trim hips again, Father Thomas began to
fuck away at the lovely bride-to-be.

Unaccustomed to the thrill of the fuck, it took only
about 20 rapid-fire plunges and withdrawals before the
pudgy old priest gasped and kept his cock deeply
buried in the tight vice, erupting his holy fluid deep
in the once virginal womb. Exhaustion set into his
pudgy body as the Holy Father fell asl**p on the
lovely woman, his cock still oozing its holy fluid
into her womb.

Twenty minutes later, a startled Father Thomas awoke
as the lights to the church came on. In his total
exhaustion from the exhilarating fuck, he had not
heard the door to the church open. He glanced around
and realized he had literally been caught with his
pants down. Caught with his cock still buried in the
u*********s bride-to-be. Caught right in the act of
r****g this lovely woman.

He groaned as his life
passed before his eyes, realizing the shame he had
brought to the church and the humiliating future of a
trial and the rest of his life in jail.

“Oh, my God, Father!” exclaimed Amos Simpson. Normally
old man Amos came to clean-up the church during the
days. As the janitor, he had a set of keys to all the
church doors and adjoining buildings.

Obviously the Good Father had forgotten his request
last week to do the cleaning this evening verses the
day, due to a youth baseball game that his grandson
was playing in. He couldn’t believe his eyes, seeing
the ugly fat body of the Holy Father lying atop the
beautiful Diane Beinert. He himself had lusted for
this lovely beauty, whom he knew would soon be wed in
this very church.

Amos couldn’t believe the old priest
had done what he himself only dreamt of doing, r****g
this beautiful young morsel.

Approaching the alter, Amos looked at Father Thomas,
who could only stare at him with his mouth open.
Taking in the entire sight before him, Amos smiled at
the Holy Father “My God, Father! You copped the little
bitch’s cherry! Relax, Father, don’t have a heart
attack! This will be a secret between just you and

” Amos reassured him. Amos watched as Father Thomas
turned to his side, his bl**dy cock popping out of the
once virginal young woman.

“Move up above her head, Father!” Amos advised the old
priest. As the pudgy priest obeyed the command, Amos
quickly disposed of his clothing. Amos looked younger
than Father Thomas, but in reality was 5 years older
at the age of 65.

His janitorial job at the church had
him doing all sorts of odd jobs and really kept him in
good physical shape.

He began to stroke his long black dong while looking
at the lovely white body of the u*********s Ms. Diane
Beinert. ‘God, even though he missed copping her
precious cherry, he was going to bury his ole black
cock deep in her fertile womb, far deeper than what
the Good Father could do.

Father Thomas watched with his mouth open, astounded
at the size of the janitor’s black cock. ‘My God,’ he
thought ‘It’s twice as long and twice as thick as
mine!’ ‘Oh, this poor little c***d will die from that
big cock… he’ll definitely ‘ruin’ her with it!’ He
continued to watch as Amos grasped the u*********s
Diane by her hips. The black hands on her lily white
hips caused Father Thomas’ cock to twitch in

He realized that Amos was intent, as he
had been, on r****g this lovely young woman. He
watched the young beauty being dragged to the edge of
the alter and realized that she was just at the right
height for the janitor to fuck her without climbing
onto the alter.

Amos grasped both of Diane’s trim ankles, one in each
hand, spread her long ivory legs apart and upward into
a ‘V’.

“Come closer, Father, hold her legs for me!”
Amos advised the stunned priest. Amos grinned as he
watched Father Thomas shuffle forward to take over
holding the wide spread legs. Amos laughed as he saw
the Good Father look down to realize that his shrunken
old cock now lay just above the beauty’s pink lips.
“Yeah, Father, let have a taste of your holy cock!”
Amos laughed, watching the priest’s cock begin to coat
the pink lips in a clear glossy film of filth.

Then Amos set about to breed the beautiful young
bitch. His first stab into the u*********s beauty
brought a gasp of pain from her lips, which opened
enough to admit the drooling cock of the Holy Father.
“Ah, God, she’s so fucking tight!” he exclaimed to the
watching priest “Oh, God, Father, when this little
bride-to-be is comes to the alter again, a little
baby’s going to be growing in her sweet white tummy.

Wonder if it’ll be a holy baby or one from this black
devil of a cock, huh, Father?” Old Amos had his share
of women in his lifetime. But, never had he ever
fucked such a pure and innocent white bitch. And the
thought of him laying a black bastard baby in her womb
was just too much, especially with the Holy Priest
holding her trim legs apart for the sacrifice, to save
his own ass.

Amos began to fuck with long fast strokes, burying his
black cock deep into the fertile womb. What an obscene
fuck this made for the humping black janitor, never
had he ever participated in such a mind-blowing
situation. Here lay an u*********s white beauty on the
very alter where her wedding would soon take place,
the priest to marry her holding her innocent legs
spread wide so the church’s black janitor could ****

Finally, buried himself to the hilt, excited beyond
belief from this obscene fuck, Amos unleashed a pint
full of hot black baby jism where it could do the most
damage. He looked up to see the Good Father as he also
gave a grunt, filling the bride-to-be’s mouth with his
slimy communion wine.

Having cum twice, Father Thomas was totally exhausted.
But he was still excited at watching the lovely Diane
being ****d by old Amos, the contrast of his jet black
body on Diane’s petite ivory body had his shriveled
old cock twitching and drooling.

Rushing to the nearby
study, he obtained the church’s camcorder to record
this memorable event. He recorded the black janitor
again stick his long black cock, streaked with bl**d
stains, back into the now well-stretched womanhood of
the u*********s young beauty.

He recorded the long hard fuck and Amos burying his
cock the full 12″ as he unleashed his potent load.
Then the bl**dy cock was withdrawn and the dainty
white feet of the u*********s beauty were wrapped
around the bl**dy pole, as it continued to ooze out
its slimy goo to cover the dainty white soles in the
thick mixture of cum and bl**d.

Later, the church lights were dimmed so it would take
the young beauty awhile to focus her eyes in the
darkness when she awoke. Using the smelling salts,
purchased by the priest that day, the young beauty
came back to conscious. It took her several minutes to
even realize where she was. Then the pain in her ****d
vagina registered and she began to sob uncontrollably.

She looked fearfully about and thanked God that her
r****t had left. Diane cried from the pain, her eyes
began to focus and she cried even more upon seeing the
bl**d between her thighs and on the alter. Her careful
preservation of virginity, the prize for her beloved
Michael, had been brutally taken from her.

Hidden in the church balcony, the two old r****ts
watched the young beauty in her distress.

Their eyes
accustomed to the darkness, they could clearly make
out the lovely white form struggle to get up from the
sacrificial alter. They watched Diane nearly collapse
from the pain emanating from her bl**dy thighs. They
saw the young beauty struggling to gather her

Just as Diane was about to put her dress on, they saw
her pause and look at the soiled alter.

Then the dress
was used to clean up the bl**dy mess. It was obvious
that the young beauty did not want anyone to discover
the messy alter, for the church records would show it
was she who had been in the church on this evening.
That she did not want her humiliating **** from being
discovered, that she had been viciously ****d and
would not be walking down the aisle in three weeks, as
a pure virginal bride.

Three weeks later, Father Thomas took great joy in
officiating the wedding between the lovely Diane
Beinert and Michael Osborne. Even Amos came in, on his
day off, to view the special ceremony. When the groom
had been awaiting in the hallway for the time to enter
the church, Amos made a point of going up to the young
man to shake his hand and congratulate him on marrying
such a beautiful young bride.

The lovely bride was
dressed in a long beautiful white wedding gown. Diane
looked so radiant and virginal, as she took the long
walk down the carpeted aisle.

Only three people in the church knew that ‘virginal’
description no longer applied to the bride.


Three months later, Father Thomas sat in the
confessional when he heard the sweet voice of Mrs.
Diane Osborne.

She was a bit distraught, having to
confess her sins. He listened as she told him that she
had recently had to lie to her husband. She had
discovered that she was pregnant but her husband was
not the father.

Diane went on to explain that she had been brutally
****d several weeks before the wedding and the r****t
was the father of her c***d. But no mention was made
of where the **** took place, for it was apparent that
Diane did not want to tell how she was despoiled right
in this holy church itself.

Diane explained that she was allergic to the pill and
that she and her husband had agreed to use condoms for
a year till they decided to start a f****y. She
explained that she lied to her husband telling him
that a condom must have failed on the honeymoon.

Father Thomas consoled they young wife and mother-to-
be. He reassured her that she did nothing wrong.

was a good lie and that she was to be absolved of any
sins, for such a lie only served for the better. He
counseled her that it would be sinful to think of
getting an abortion for she would be taking a life. He
told her he would pray for her daily and that all
would work itself out in the end. He asked her to come
to him for counseling any time and would be only too
happy to help her in her need.

That night, while wanking his old cock while picturing
the lovely Diane, Father Thomas prayed for her. Prayed
that the baby be his holy baby rather than that of the
old black devil. ‘Oh, God!’ he prayed ‘Let me be the
one to have fathered that little baby growing in that
lovely beauty! Let her have my holy baby!’


Months later, going to St.

Martin’s Hospital, Father
Thomas strolled to the maternity ward. At the window
to the room housing the babies, he asked the nurse to
see the Osborne baby. He smiled proudly when the nurse
pointed to the baby carrier of the Osborne baby. He
thanked the Lord, the baby had indeed been conceived
from his holy seed, his holy seed had beaten back the
assault of the evil black devil seed.

The Good Father went to the room where the mother of
his c***d was resting. He greeted her and Michael,
congratulating them both on a beautiful baby boy.
Michael was so excited, saying that his mother told
him that the baby looked exactly like him. Father
Thomas noticed the lovely Diane hesitantly bite at her
lower lip, blinking back tears, upon hearing that

When Michael went to the restroom, Diane told him,
“Oh, Father, thank you so much for helping me all
these months.

Your counseling throughout the last six
months helped me get through this ordeal. I’m so happy
I followed your advice and had the baby, he’s so cute
and adorable, although created in such a despicable
way. You saw how Michael even thinks the baby looks
like him. Father, I’ve named the baby ‘Tom’ after you.
I want him to be just like you!” she said, pulling his
arm down to give him a kiss on the cheek.

End of Story.

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