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Church GILF fantasy fulfilled

As a young teenage boy, I was raised in a very strict church. There was a family that were members there and the mom was a stunning MILF fuck fantasy for me. Protecting her real name, I will just refer to the now GILF as “Kat”. Kat always wore a very long dress but nine times out of ten, she wore a low cut top along with her dress to church. There were times that I would walk into the kitchen during potluck and she would bend over to take food out of the oven and I would see her big voluptuous Double D breasts cleavage and part of her bra as she bent forward picking things up.

After church was over, I would go home and masturbate imagining what I saw, Kat’s lovely big breast hanging down and that hott cleavage! I was cumming while fantasizing Kat almost every night in bed for three years. Many years later and after many families separating and growing apart from the church, I have found Kat on Facebook and reconnected with her. We both chatted about how life is now and she mentioned that she was recently divorced.

A single mother. Now, after so many years I am no longer a teen boy but A MAN!

By this time, I have gained experience from many flings and hott dates I have had since being a teen boy. Now in my mid twenties, I am fully confident and totally ready to at least solicit some topless pictures from her somehow but how do I do it? Well, I just took the plunge, was bold and asked her tactfully what she was wearing and we both had some discrete banter.

Kat sends a big busty bra picture! I was stunned already hard and complimented her lovely body. She now lives out of town from the state we were both living but told me she was eventually coming to visit soon.

Kat has long lovely red wavy hair, long black eye lashes, thick lips, soft light weight 38DD breasts with hard nipples, a small waist, baby bearing hips, a round large ass and insane sex drive for a 50 year old grandmother.


Kat came back to my state to visit so I invited her out for a “drink or two”. Her and I had a few cocktails and both sang karaoke having a great time downtown! The alcohol kicked in quite well for her and I and so when we got back to our vehicles, we kissed and kissed very long and good, both sitting in my car. Kat then worked her fingers closer and closer up my leg unzipping my pants as she licked my lips and nibbled my bottom lip, kissing so soft and tonguing me.

Kat unbuckles my belt then compliments my now extremely hard and large cock.

She said, “What a lovely instrument” winks at me, then slowly moves her head down tightening her lips nicely wrapped around my cock and sucks up and down while stroking me all nice and slobbery wet. She then lifts her head and slaps my hard cock against her tongue. Kat then goes down as deep down her throat as possible! Me, sitting in the drivers seat in a hospital parking lot, where we met up that night, was having a fantasy fulfilled in public! I thought to myself while getting head from Kat, “Oh my god! Yumm!” Kat would dirty talk me whenever she took my cock out of her mouth telling me she has a very tight pussy and wants to feel me deep inside as I grip her waist so we got a hotel room that night..


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